Help make a young girl’s matric dance super special with It’s Your Turn

As I tend to live and die at events, I buy a LOT of dresses. If I’m lucky, I can still fit into them make them ‘work’ the next season. If not, I usually give them to my super cool domestic. Now, however, I’ll be donating a few of them to It’s Your Turn, a non-profit organisation that sells second-hand matric dance dresses to young girls in townships. The profits are then used to buy school uniforms and shoes for township kids.
If you didn’t know, matric dances in the townships is just a big a deal as it is in wealthier areas. This puts a lot of pressure on the parents to buy an expensive dress; sort out hair, nails and make-up and even hire a limo! Fortunately, It’s Your Turn makes getting a pretty dress all the more accessible to struggling families. This way, even though they’re struggling to buy groceries, they’re able to give their daughters the gift of feeling totes amaze on her special day. 

So, if you need a little extra karma for that time you poured nail polish on the bonnet of that bitch’s car, or simply have a good heart and want to help, go dig that dress out of the back of your cupboard. To find out how to get it to It’s Your Turn, contact Ryan on You can also visit your nearest Store-Age to drop it off.

Love, love


Neutrogena’s new Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit oil-free moisturiser smells delish!

I love Neutrogena. So much so that the moisturiser I like to use when I’m not testdriving other products is their Daily Moisturiser SPF15 which I combine with a retinol serum. I like that it’s nice and light, doesn’t aggravate my oil T-panel and plays nice with my foundation. The only thing that could have made it better, in fact, was if it had the amazing grapefruit scent from their Visibly Clear line.

Thus, I was super excited when I learned that they launching this guy: 

Neurtogena Visibly Clear pink grapefruit oil-free moisturiser.

It’s existence means I can now get my daily dose of grapefruity ‘vrisness‘ not only from their face wash but a moisturiser too. Alas, it doesn’t contain an SPF. Cue sad face. While I know a lot of you apply extra sunscreen regardless and are very willing to ‘layer up’, I like to keep my beauty routine as simple as possible. As it is, I already use a retinol serum.

So ja… it’s due to the lack of SPF and that alone as to why he won’t be making it into my make-up bag. And it’s a real pity because, if you’ve got oily/combo skin like me, it’s a fabulous every day hydrator. Aside from offering 24 hour hydration that doesn’t feel heavy in the least, it’ll also help reduce and prevent spots (particularly blackheads) thanks to its salicylic acid (BHA) content. And then you’ve got that invigorating, bliss-inducing grapefruit scent…

In a nutshell, if you’re an oily/combo girl who wants a little hydration while giving blackheads the backhand – and doesn’t mind wearing a seperate sunscreen, you can’t go wrong with this guy. And the day Neutrogena bring out a pink grapefruit body lotion, I’m going to buy shares in their stock…

Love, love