Essie helps brighten up the last days of summer

Ola meninas! Last week Essie sent me three shades from their Braziliant summer collection:

I received Braziliant (a pearlescent orange), Shore Sailing (glimmering azure) and Too Too Hot (an orangey red).

If this week’s rain has been anything to go by, it’s pretty clear that summer’s on it’s way out and , being a summer baby, it makes me pretty miserable. Still, I’m the defiant sort, so I’m working my last few days of sunshine to the max with superbright manis and pedis. I’ve only got so long to show off my toes before they’re relegated to ankle boots…

Of all Essie’s Brazil-inspired shades, I most like Too Too Hot, a sexy maraschino cherry:

As it leans so far into red territory, this is a coral that actually flatters my skin tone.

Smooth Sailing’s rather pretty too:

It's slight shimmer sets it apart from other dove's egg blue hues on the shelves.

It makes me want to team it with a white sun dress and float around pretending I’m in Greece or Turkey or wherever it was that they shot that Mama Mia! flick.

Thanks Essie!

Want to take a look at their winter collection, pop on over to my friend Tori’s blog; Kiss, Blush & Tell.

X x x