Katy Perry teams up with Eylure falsies (and might just be taking over the planet…)

I’m not a fan of blue hair on the red carpet. In most cases it just looks… stupid.

Here are a few cases in point:

Juliette Lewis AKA as exhibit A...

…exhibit B/Lady Gaga…

…and most shocking of all, Exhibit C:

Yip, that’s really Gwen Stefani… can’t imagine how much kak her first stylist must’ve had to put up with… 

But ja, like I was saying, blue hair’s not my favourite look. Usually I’m all ‘Girl, best you save that shizz for the Grahamstown art festival…’ which is why I’m surprised I actually kinda sorta almost like the look on Katy Perry. She wore Smurfy hair to the Grammy’s and managed to semi-pull it off:

Blue's the new black, y'all...

Anyway, I’m getting totally sidetracked here… what I actually want to tell you about are Katy’s new ‘falsies’. She’s teamed up with Eylure to create them and they’re going to be available from Foschini, Dis-Chem and Clicks next month. The collection boasts four different looks that range from super cute to totally glamtastical. If I wasn’t likely to blind myself upon application, I’d opt for opt for this set; Cool Kitty, R79,95.

Apparently these are Katy's favourite too and she actually wore them while on tour. Like for real. She swears she's not just saying that...

If you’re a Katy fan you’ll know this isn’t her first venture into the beauty biz. She’s also got a nail polish collection with OPI, was a ghd brand ambassador and, if you liked her perfume, Purr, you’ll be glad to know she’s just launched a flanker called Meow. (Yes, really…) It’s not available on SA shores just yet, but just you wait…

X x x

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