Indigo Brands: Best of the Box

Remember that nice big box o’ product love the Indigo Brands girls dropped off the other day? For those who missed it, here it is:

I acted sooo cool when they dropped it off, all ‘thanks guys… this was sooo sweet of you… I totes get huuuge boxes of swag dropped off, like, alll the time…’ but the moment they left I did an embarrassing little jig and proceeded to spray, sniff, swipe, test and just plain old revel in the kiffness that is free shizz. (Seriously tho, free beauty goodies NEVER gets boring. Like ever…) Anyway, of everything I got to play with, these guys are my favourite:

Sally Hansen Acetone Free nail polish remover

When I buy nail polish remover I always look out for the Super Quick Extra Harsh Paint Stripper variety. I don’t care if it damn near dissolves the top layer of my nail bed, this biets has places to go. Thus, I immediately assumed a non-acetone remover would be all namby pampy and take flippen years to remove anything… so imagine my surprise when I discoverd that it works just as fast while being a little more kind to your skin and nails. Will definitely be dropping this in my trolley as of now.

Yardley Speed Finish nail drying spray

I have no clue how this works, but it does. I even googled nail drying sprays in general and can’t find a straight answer anywhere. But hey, if it works, it works… Just bear in mind that it CUTS down your drying time, not eradicate it. This way you paint your toes and hop into bed that much faster without worring about them pesky ‘sheet marks’.

Rimmel Glam’Eyes Day 2 Night mascara
If you’ve always wanted to try MAC’s Haute and Naughty mascara, but are this close to eating from the bins outside McDonald’s on Kloof street (yip, Jan’s a shit month for us freelancers…), try this guy instead ‘cos he’s pretty much the same thing at half the price. The ‘magic double tube’ allows you to choose from ‘two’ different brushes. I put two in inverted commas ‘cos really it’s the same brush. If you opt for the voluminous look, it gets pulled out of the tube with lots of mascara on it so you can create a fuller, more luscious effect.

The volumising 'setting'.

See the black bit of the wands handle/the cap? You pull that out to strain the brush through the long black narrow tube. This removes most of the product.


Using it this way helps create a more ‘refined’ look. (Personally I like to use the volumising ‘setting’ at all times; life is too short for anything less than maximum impact. That and eating Myoga frozen yoghurt all day, everyday…) In all, this is by no means my new favourite mascara, but its definitately one of the more interesting ones I’ve tried in a while.

Adidas Ice Dive EDT for men
I’m not a major perfume snob… (Okay, that’s a total lie… I sooo sooo am… Even as I wrote the second word of that sentence I was like ‘oh please you big liar… the last “drug store” non-labelly scent you wore was blimmin’ Exclamation… and you were all of twelve, wearing braces and a scrunchie… so ja, I best confess that I’ve kind moved on to liking my Tom Fords… loving my Narciso…) Still, Adidas’ new scent for men is actually pretty decent. If you’re looking for an inexpensive every day scent your man can keep in his gym bag, this is actually rather sexy. It ain’t no T’erre D’Herme’s, but I quite like it and if you’re keen on fresh citrusy ozonics like Aqua di Gio or Coolwater, you might like it too.

Love, love