Looking for a doggy? Consider the Lucky Lucy foundation

So I’m sure you all remember Bruno, the little puppy I bought from those tik kops outside of Harley’s Liquors? You’ll be happy to know he’s now as happy as a clam, living with my friend Paige and her family.  

Miss you my baba! (He was so soft and used to sleep on my chest, his little face curled into my neck and I'd wake up to puppy breath. Waaaa....)

Anyway, like I said in a previous post, I’m super grateful for all of who helped me place him. A big up to fellow hondtjie lover Brigitte Williers for offering to foster him while I ran around overseas. (She’s got her own fitness blog, The Jog Blog, have you seen it?) Another thanks goes to Ornella de Rose who also offered to help him find a home. Ornella’s involved with the Lucky Lucy foundation, which I’ll tell you about, but only once you’ve rukked those tissues out of your handbag… Ready? 

Meet Lucy:

This is the 'after shot'. I won't post the 'before' as its pretty frikken terrible and sure to upset you.

Lucy was heavily pregnant when some evil peeps tied her to a railway line. Despite being run over by a train, Lucy survived, but was very badly injured and lost a paw. Fortunately, good people took her in, nursed her back to health and started the foundation in her name which now rescues and rehabilitates other little doggies. To find out more about them, you can visit their Facebook page or website. If you’re a sensitive soul like me, I suggest you opt for Facebook. Their website isn’t shy to show piccies of the doggies they’ve rescued and its pretty heart wrenching stuff. Think little boos that have been starved to the point that you can count their ribs… 

In regards to how you can help, if you go to their website you can view their wishlist, get donation details and learn how to become a Gaurdian Angel to rescue doggies for just R50 a month. You can also check out their adoption guide and take a look at all the li’l ‘orphans’ they’re currently trying to place in good homes. Here are a few that make me wish to goodness I could just reach into my computer screen and scoop them up…

This is Herbert, 7 months:

The Lucky Lucy peeps lovingly refer to him as their little 'nerd'.

He was thrown out as unwanted ‘rubbish’ when he was just a baba and he got very malnourished so his bones didn’t grow as they should. That’s why he looks a little wonky.

This sad eyed boo is Billy, 7 years:

Billy loves his tennis ball more than anything.

Billy’s a special needs baba ‘cos he has the occasional fit. I had epilepsy for a year or two (ja, it turns out you can just get it sommer, you don’t have to be born with it) so I feel a li’l connection to this boy.

Still, not all rescue dogs have issues (my heart just tends bleed especially for the ones that do). There are lots of gorgeous, perfectly happy pups looking for homes too… doggies like Greeny, Pinky and Blacky:

So ja, if you’re thinking about getting a dog, please consider Lucky Lucy. They’ve got loads of potential pets who all just cant wait to be placed in loving homes.

Love, love


Luxottica reveal their summer sunglasses collection

Before leaving for France, I popped into Luxottica’s media day to take a look at their new summer sunnies. It was held at Maremoto (the cutest little hotel/restaurant in Long street that I’d never noticed before) and they went all out, even paying attention to the steps that led you to the floor on which the bash wash held:

Sweet, ne?

They’d laid out all their eye wear by brand on little stands and hand lots of hand mirrors available so you could try them on and check yourself out.

Oooh, where to start... Wallet. Is. Trembling...

I was quite taken by these Burberry babies. They’re model number B4107 from the brands new ‘Nude Collection’ and I’m currently trying to find out their price:

Whatcha think? Too big? (And is there a way to take a snap of yourself in sunnies without feeling like a total doos?)

I also liked these purple Vogues, but didn’t get their name or a price either. Drat. As it turns out, I’m actually looking for a nice pair of regte, egte boring-use-em-to-see specs at the mo ‘cos the laser eye surgery I had ten years ago is wearing off and I’m merrily degrading into blindness. My only real concern is that all the squinting I do while watching TV at night is giving me crow’s feet – quelle horreur!

You dig? Or do I just look like my gran?

Otherwise, peeps out and about included Oakley ambassador Roxy Louw and Jack Parow. 

Roxy'swearing the 'watermelon' version of Oakley's new Pampered shades, R1 100. (I tried them on too in 'Cucumber melon', a translucent green colour, and they're super flattering).

Jack was there ‘cos he recently teamed up with Ray-Ban (who’ve been getting jiggy with a bunch of local musos in regards to their new marketing strat) to create a pair of custom folding Wayfarers. Take a look:

They're supposed to be leopard print, but to me they look more Swiss cheese-inspired...

Other interesting sunnies? Oakley’s new Black Light Frogskin’s collection. They’re R1 200 a pop and ‘glow’ under UV lighting:

I can sooo see these making their way into a Gazelle video...

Oh! And just when you think oversize sunnies couldn’t get any bigger, take a look at Prada’s new ‘shield shades’. As they’re so big and I have a teensy square little gesig, I could never pull ’em off so I got Jayde, one of Luxottica’s friendly brand managers, to model them for me.

Gorgeous, right?

I’d have liked to have lingered a little longer, but was hung like a donkey and that neon lighting was threatening to cause my head to explode, so I slithered home to climb back under the duvet. (This is one of the upsides of being retrenched – you can binge drink during the week and then sleep it off while everyone else is tap tap tapping away at their desks. Yay for me! I think…) Still, I didn’t leave without snapping up a fat press kit that included a new pair of Vogue sunnies.Thanks Luxottica, you’ve got some seriously sexy shades!

Love, love


P.S. Do YOU want to get up close and personal with the new collection? Simply pop into your nearest Sunglasses Hut – just make sure it’s after pay day…