A MAC Master Class with Michelle Lee Collins

This afternoon I popped into a MAC Master Class to take in a make-up tutorial from their senior make-up artist Michelle Lee Collins. 

Michelle does all the make-up for local fashion weeks whenever MAC’s involved.

Now check out her ridiculously awesome skoene:


In regards to the class, the theme was how to create a timeless bridal look that lasts. Even though I’m not planning on getting hitched anytime soon and would never have the balls to offer to do a friends make-up for her wedding, I learned some interesting li’l tricks in regards to making your make-up go the distance.

Michelle worked her magic on Renee, another MAC make-up artist, who posed as our bride.

Again, I gotta show you her rocking shoes:

Clearly, kiff-tastic foot wear is a prerequisite for all MAC make-up artists…

While Michelle painted and buffed, we got to watch it all up close on hi-def TV screens:

Michelle applying MAC's Haute & Naughty Lash mascara over a pair of falsies. (You can do that, in case you didn't know...)

This is the result of all her work:

Ready to wed.

Like the look? Here’s a bit on how to get it:

A fab foundation

To ensure your make-up sticks around, Michelle advises you invest in a good primer like MAC Prep + Prime Skin Brightening serum which is especially formulated to instantly illuminate, firm and smooth while it hydrates. ‘Make-up will always last longer on well hydrated skin’, she says. 

MAC Matchmaster, available in 14 shades.

According to Michelle, it wears for ages while hydrating your skin and you’re sure to find a shade that suits your skin tone to a tee thanks to a formula that makes use of translucent pigments. ‘Imagine a wall of inflatable beach balls and some of the spheres are see-through while other’s are clear’, she says. ‘If you laid it over your skin, you’d get a bit of colour, but still be able to see your own natural colour showing through.’

Bridal eyes
To create a naturally beautiful, timeless-looking eye (the kind that won’t embarrass the shizz out of you ten years from now when you look back at your wedding snaps), Michelle advises that you stick to neutrals. On Renee, she used MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork, a very neutral-looking taupe, over the entire lid to act as a primer. Next, she gently patted on a bit of MAC Pigment in Tan, a shimmery champagne-type hue, gently patting it on as opposed to swiping to ensure the colour didn’t falls onto her cheeks.

MAC Pigment in Tan

She then lined the top and bottom of her eyes using MAC Fluidline eye liner gel in Dipdown, a chocolate brown, before blending MAC eye shadow in Handwritten, a dark shimmery brown, into her crease. As a finishing touch, she applied a set of falsies in #33. Michelle says these are her favourite to use, on brides specifically, ‘cos they create a glamorous, lush look that isn’t too over the top.

Stay, don’t stray
To ensure Renee’s look wouldn’t be sliding off anytime anytime soon, Michelle set her make-up with a bit of Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing powder, referring to it as ‘Photoshop in a jar’. As it contains zillions of teensy little optical diffusers, it blurs the appearance of imperfections, fine lines and large pores. I’d actually been considering getting my hands on this for a while, but was put off my the fact that it’s a loose powder which I find messy to use. You can imagine I was thrilled to learn that it’s now also available in a pressed version!

MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing pressed powder. Yayness!

This is definitely going to be my next MAC purchase and I actually wish I’d had some of this on me today; I’d test driven a new day cream that was waaay too rich for my skin and spent the day feeling like a miff greasy-looking train wreck. Was sooo tempted to brush this baby on right then and there.

Anyway, after a bit of a skinner with fellow bloggers Jasna (Fashion Jazz) and Tori (Kiss, Blush and Tell)…

Jasna, moi and Tori

…I said my good byes and buggered off home to pack. (Tomorrow I jet off to visit my sister in Paris. Oui, oui!)

Thanks MAC girls, this was a fun avie out.

Love, love


All aboard the Babor boat!

Babor is a luxurious German skincare range available from selected spas. They were the first cosmetics company to invest the beauty ampoule and are now the biggest producer of the cosmetic capsules in the world. Another of their best sellers is Hy-Ol, a bi-phase cleanser, that’s achieved cult status among die-hard beauty freaks.

Babor Hy-Ol: check out the rave reviews on Makeupalley.com if you're interested.

Babor was brought to South Africa back in the early 90’s by an adventurous, mountain-climbing couple, Lynn-Anne and Dirk Fuchsloch, and has been going strong ever since. In fact, this year they’re celebrating a good twenty years on SA shelves which is why they decided to treat a bunch of us beauty eds to a champagne cruise around the V&A harbour. Check out our slick ride:

Mooiness, ne?

Once we left the docks, we broke out the champers and schmingled about on the deck:

The beauty ed bunch et moi, shot whilst doing an awkward hunch that makes me look six months pregnant.

After the cruise I tucked into my goodie bag and was thrilled to find this super-luxurious li’l spoilage: 


Babor Beleza do Brasil energizing shower oil, R350 for 200ml

Beleza do Brasil is a part of their ‘Spa Worlds’ collection that also includes goodies inspired by Japanese and African spa rituals. Aside from being a mix of nourishing, mega-moisturising oils like sweet almond, jojoba and brasil nut, it also makes use of exotic Amazonian ingredients like cumaru which is known as a ‘medicine tree’. It’s vanilla-scented seeds are rich in essential fatty acids and are used to treat snake bites. They’re also said to have a hypnotic, erotic effect…

Still, what I really like about this baby is his super-sexy smell which, upon first sniff, I pegged as a ‘musky citrus’. Having read the press release, however, I can tell you its note include lime, coconut, white florals, musk and lush tropical woods. Delish, right? It makes me think of a day spent on the beach near a humid tropical forest. While I’m sure it’s only intended for use in the shower or bath, I like the smell so much I’ve dipped into it to massage it into my cuticles.

Thank you Babor for a lovely day out. Like your PR star Nadine said ‘It sure beats a day in the office!’

Love, love


Want to find a Babor spa that stocks the line near you? Hop on over here.

Skin Logic Collagen Infusion face mask review

The other night I hosted a ‘best dish’ dinner party. Essentially, you invite a bunch of chicas who know how to work it in the kitchen and ask that they each bring the one dish that they know kicks ass… the one thing that they make and everyone falls over themselves asking for the recipe. (Mine is homemade vanilla ice cream so good it makes Haagen Daz look stupid…) This way you’ve got a rocking dinner party full of killer food (that you didn’t have to make) and a whopload of fab new recipes!

Anyway nothing goes better with good food than fab vino and copious amounts of champers. Hence, I woke up the next day looking like this:

Yip, that's a California Raisin. Remember the show on Saturday morning KTV? My sis and I still maintain that it was deffo one of the most boring kids shows on TV, right after Top Cat.

Anyhoo, the fastest way to fix my face involved drinking copious amounts of water and plumping out fine dehydration lines with a moisture-boosting treatment. For the latter, I turned to a Skin Logic Collagen Infusion mask, R31,99.

See the oh-so-serious-looking drip? This baby means business...

Skin Logic is a new-ish brand exclusive to Clicks. It consists of six different face masks developed by Korean dermatologists. The Collagen Infusion mask aims to hydrate, improve elasticity and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. It makes use of hydrolized collagen and elastin, witch hazel extract (a soothing anti-inflammatory that prevents moisture loss) and antioxidant vitamin E. 

Now, as I’ve mentioned before, collagen and elastin is the bouncy, rubbery stuff that exists in your skin to give it a plump, youthful look. Alas, you stop producing it naturally in your 30’s and you can’t replace it unless you get jiggy with fillers. There isn’t a collagen cream in the world that can transpose collagen into your skin and have it bind to your own natural collagen. Still, it can live in your skin TEMPORARILY, giving it a lusher, fuller look before washing out your bod – and this is what this face mask does. It’s collagen and elastin have been hydrolized (meaning it’s molecules have been made super-duper tiny) so that it can be easily absorbed into your skin and give you an intense, if not permanent, moisture boost. 

They see me rollin'...

The mask, which is a cloth-type that’s been soaked in a clear, gellitanous collagen serum, is the type you don’t want your boyfriend to see you in. Wearing it made me look like a burn victim/flesh eating zombie who’s skin was starting to peel off.

Must... beee... prettttyy...

Still, after a mere twenty minutes, I can now see that my thirsty skin’s gotten the hydration it wanted, but couldn’t get from my very superficially hydrating daily moisturiser. The fine lines I spotted around my eyes and mouth have disappeared and I feel like I ‘got my pretty back’. Niiice.

Next time I’m in Clicks I’m going to look out for this again and keep it as part of my ‘hangover rescue beauty kit’ (this includes Clarins Liquid Bronze face self tan and Beauty Flash Balm, eye drops and The Body Shop’s baked to last blush in Petal). I also reckon it’s a nice li’l ‘beauty booster’ to use before a big night out.

Love, love


X x x