Win tickets to Claudia Mohr’s album launch

Heard about Claudia Mohr? She’s an up and coming ‘contemporary soul’ singer that the girls at Greather Than PR have been raving about for months.

Ms Mohr. Reckon she could be, like, the next Louise Carver?

She’s just about to launch her debut album, Go It Alone, at a glam li’l bash at the Fugard Theatre this Saturday (th 19th) in Cape Town.

Win! Win! Win!

If you’d like to go check her out, drop me a mail on or send me a tweet (@lipglossgirl) using the hashtag #ClaudiaMohrComp. I’ve got five sets of double tickets to give away. Competition closes at COB this Monday, so get cracking.

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Duke and Dutch jewellery by Rolf Werndle

Meet my friend Rolf:


I’ve known Rolf for yonks ‘cos he’s the cousin of one of my best guy friends, Alex. He’s also the soon-to-be hubby of my beautiful Lucy (we’re a v. incestuous li’l crowd, just so you know):

For the millionth time, did you know that Lucy speaks MANDARIN?!

Aside from extreme planking…


…Rolf is a passionate award-winning jeweller. 

Rolf hard at work in his studio.

He’s now got his very own line which he’s divvied up into two collections, Classics by Rolf and Duke & Dutch

Of all his pretty things I’m most taken with his solid silver Bunny and Butterfly globe ring:

Sweet right? It costs R1 320 and I totes considered buying it and then that biets Karisa snapped it up.

I also quite liked this pretty li’l heart pendant:

Alas, I didn't get the price of this guy. Rolf, help!'

I must tell you, I actually gave Rolf a bit of kak about the red thread he’d used ‘cos I thought it looked ‘too flimsy’. He then went and got the thread out of his room and challenged me to break it. Despite the fact that I tugged and pulled until it pretty much cut up my hands, I just couldn’t do it. As it turns out, Rolf had run around town looking for the toughest thread money could buy and clearly he’s found it.

Oh! And check out this cute li’l penguin pendant:

Luce says his name is Humphey, just so you know... He's R400 on his own and R490 with the chain.

Wanna see more of Rolfie’s shizz? Go check out his site over here.

Love, love



Longevity Dermalogica ‘Beauty Through the Ages’ bash

The other night I popped into the Longevity Dermalogica ‘Beauty Through the Ages’ charity bash at the Table Bay Hotel. Aside from yummy canapes and vino, guests got to take in an informative interactive chat regarding ‘how to age gracefully’ with a panel of health and wellness pros as well as five former Miss South Africas.

Last year's Miss SA Nicole Flint, Michael Mol (our charming MC) and one of my fave ex-Miss SA of all time, Amy Kleynhans.

According to Amy, her top anti-aging tip is to not forget to look after your hands. There’s no point in having a toit-looking face and then you give away your age with a pair o’ pruney-looking mitts. The easiest way to do this is to look out for a nourishing hand cream that contains a good sunscreen and, if necessary, sneak off for the odd skin peel. (FYI, Dermalogica’s Age Smart range has a very nice vitamin-enriched hand and nail cream that has an SPF of 15.)

Another ex-beauty queen on the scene? Pharmacist/philanthropist Kerishnie Naicker:

Kerishnie's favourite anti-ager is optiPhi Protecting Revitaliser as its chocful of antioxidants.

The Dermalogica girls were also out and about; offering complimentary ‘face mapping’ sessions to the crowd and showing off their new face mapping app that you can download to your iPad or iPhone for just 99 US cents.

Dermalogica's Georgina told me that Michael Mol's a big fan of the brand.

After a bit of a schmingle, everyone sat down to listen to the skin experts and past Miss SA’s talk ‘eternal youth’. When asked what kept them young, the beauty queens’ answers all ran along the same lines; ‘you’re only as old as you feel… a positive mindset… lots of laughter… puppies, kittens and rainbows…’ The docs, however, where way more hard-core in their approach (which I totally appreciated) and threw ‘lasers’, ‘peels’ and ‘botox’ into the mix. 

Dr. Kamlen Pillay, (he gave me botox once, he’s good) the Medical Director at The Wembley Clinic,  made an interesting point about sunscreen*; many people think that using SPF 100 is going to save their skin, when really, you only need a factor 30 that you can reapply two or three times a day. If you opt for a super-high sunblock, being exposed to the chemicals it uses to help extend its protection time isn’t really worth the pay off, which is having to apply it less often.

Later, there was also an auction of luxury goods with all the proceeds going towards Dermalogica’s FITE initiative that helps poverty-stricken women by given them microloans to start up their own businesses. To learn more about it, check out this snappy li’l vid:

After the talk, I enjoyed catching up with Glamour beauty ed Margaux Knuppe: 

Margs et moi

For those who don’t know, Margaux is the brains behind Ruby Box which is pretty much exploding all over Cape Town. She says the December Ruby Box is going to be a serious goodie so I reckon if you’ve yet to join up, now’s the time. It’s also one of the nicest Christmas gifts you can give to anyone who’s big into beauty.

After downing one last chicken stir fry for the road…

These weren't the most elegant goodies to eat before air kissing and getting photographed, but their yumtasticness made up for it...

 …I said my good byes and ducked out early as I had to rush over to the Southern Suburbs for yet another do. Still, I didn’t forget to pick up my goodie bag:

A voucher to an online beauty store, Vital's new anti-aging supplements, a mini dark choccie and Dermalogica essentials starter kit.

 Look how nice and big the ‘sample size’ products in the Dermalogica kit are:

I've always liked the brand's Microfoliant and am going to have to hide it away from my boyfriend. Its the kind of product he'll sneakily use once, fall in love with and then mow through the entire bottle in a week.

Thanks Longevity, Dermalogica and Jill Groger (Jill’s the PR peep who helped put on the event); this was an informative, fun night out.

Love, love


*Just in case you didn’t know, an SPF determines how long you’re sunscreen protects you from the sun. The formula works like this: take the time it takes for you to burn when exposed to direct sunlight and multiply it by your SPF and you get the amount of time it’ll protect you for. For example, if you burn within 10 minutes and use an SPF 15, you’ll be covered for 150 minutes in the sun. (10 mins x SPF 15 = 150 minutes.) Got it?