Secret Studio 7

A week or two ago, Karisa, myself, Darryn and Mark popped into the launch of Slainte in Green Point. (Have you been yet? The food is seriously awesome…) I actually would’ve liked to have stayed until the bitter end, but Darryn had been invited to a ‘special gig’ and once we found it what it was, we immediately told him we’d de-friend him in a flash if he didn’t take us along. You see, as it turns out, he’d gotten wind of a v. low key, semi-underground  house party-type thing that peeps in the know refer to as Studio 7. Essentially, its a bunch of peeps who meet at the founder’s house in Sea Point every two weeks or so and get to listen to a local artist or band in an intimate setting. Better yet, the gig is sponsored by Bushmills, so free whisky (which I’m actually kinda getting into nowadays) abounds.

Now to level with you, I’m embarassingly shite with local music. After having my car radio stolen seven times (literally), I kinda gave up the dream and rolled around without one for years; hence the out of touchness. The reason why I was so keen to slither into this particular gig, however, was because it was rumoured that Kings of Leon was going to pop in. Seriously. Thus we simply had to go. Can you imagine being the girl who had the opportunity to attend their secret Slaapstadt cameo, but blew it off to apply self-tan and hit the sack? Exactly. So off we went…

Me, KP and Jon Jon, our friend who helped sneak us in. Like me, Jon Jon is devastated that McDonald's are nolonger making the Smurf shake...

Alas, KOL was a no show, but we kinda expected as much. Meh. Still, on the upside. I got to see this total guitar hero, Dan Patlansky, playing live. Dude’s got some serious skills and made a serious impression on Karis Piss who now thinks he’s, like, the ultimate ’emo-hottie’.

Dan Patlansky (left) doing his thing. I really liked the intimate 'so here we are, hanging out in the kitchen of some dude's house' kinda setting.

If you want to sit in on a Studio 7 session,  you can nab a few seats on Webtickets. Thing is, they have 30 members who get preference, so the few open spots go pretty fast. Patric Craig, the founder, says the December line-up is going to be ‘epic’ and includes YOAV and Watershed. To find out more, pay Studio 7 a vist on Facebook over here. Also, if you hurry, you can snap up at ticket to see Lonesome Dave Ferguson and Natasha Meister do their thing tomorrow night (Monday, the 7th) for R140.

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La Brasiliana Uno shampoo and Verde conditioner review

The other day when I attended the live filming of 3 Talk at The Table Bay I was given two generous mini bottles of La Brasiliana UNO Keratin After Treatment shampoo, R290 for 250mls, and Verde deep conditioner, R213 for 125mls.

These aren’t the first La Brasiliana goodies I tried. A while back I gave their DIECI All-in-one Instant Treatment, R213 for 125mls, a bash. I was excited about it ‘cos everyone else has given it fantastical rave reviews, but I found it too ‘rich’ for my hair and left it looking greasy. (To give you an idea of what I’m working with, my hair’s very fine and in pretty good nick, but the top T-section gets a bashing from regularly highlighting and requires a little TLC from nourishing, ‘damage repair’ products. Still, I have to make sure these aren’t too moisturising as they can end up causing the rest of my hair to look limp.) Anyway, I expected that my experience with this particular ‘sham and con’ duo would be much the same – that they’d simply be too much for my hair, but as it turns out, they’re not. Yay!

The shampoo is specially formulated to work with your hair after you’ve had a La Brasiliana treatment. (For the record, I haven’t had. My hair’s frustratingly straight already…) It’s sodium-free so it won’t dehydrate or cause your hair to break and is full of keratin and collagen to help strengthen and moisturise respectively. Importantly, the keratin and collagen La Brasiliana uses have been hydrolized, meaning their molecules are small enough to penetrate your hair shaft, not just sit on top of it like a silicon serum. I liked that it worked into a nice lather and rinsed out easily. 

La Brasiliana UNO Keratin After Treatment shampoo with collagen.

As for the Verde deep conditioner, it helps return your hair to its normal pH after any kind of chemical treatment. It makes use of soothing chamomile and camphor oil as well as more keratin and collagen. I was impressed by how it left my hair feeling well-nourished without a drop of ‘extra weight’ and I noticed that it was easier to brush out while wet. Also, as I’m not a fan of camphor, I was pleased to see that the scent wasn’t at all noticeable in my hair after washing and drying. Sjoe!

La Brasiliana VERDE deep conditioner with camphor and chamomile.

If you have a La Brasiliana blow out and your stylist suggests you take these babies home with you too, I’d totally go for it. Both are very good at what they’re supposed to do.

Love, love