Radox brightens up my day

Oooh, look what just arrived for moi:

A little hamper of new Radox Nature's Spa goodies...

Thanks Radox – I can’t wait to get stuck in and will be sure to let all of you know my thoughts. As it is I’m already quite taken by the sweet berry scent of the natuRest herbal body wash with Juniper extract. Can’t wait to use it in the shower after gym.



X x x

Moo.com is the shizz

Being a lazy cow, its taken me this long to finally get around to making business cards for my bloggetjie

A pack of 100 MiniCards from Moo.com

Check ’em out:

'Leigh van den Berg - rampant beauty blogger and all round kiff chick'. Clearly I was having a bit of a 'day'...

I got my cards from Moo.com, an online printing company, thanks to a tip off from my friend Dax. Creating the cards was all too easy; I simply selected a design, filled in my copy and hit print. Postage was a mere R27 (they took about two weeks to arrive) and the cards themselves were only 10.12 pounds (plus minus R121).

If you’re looking to make your own cards, I can’t reccomend these guys enough – my experience with them was absolutely brill.

X x x

Spickernell Autumn/Winter 2012 preview: shoes to make you start saving

Last night myself and Mevrou And Lollipops (AKA Clouds) popped into the James Mudge Furniture Studio to check out Spickernell shoes’ new Autumn/Winter collection. Clouds was the perfect date for this particular event as she’s absolutely OBSESSED with skoene and one of the few girls I know who actually owns a pair of Louboutins.

The industrial venue served as a nice contrast against the uber-glamorous shoes.

Guests included Tori from Kiss, Blush and Tell as well as Tamara from Style Scoop.

Tori, Moi, Clouds and Tamara.

Upon arrival we got hooked up with champers and then got to peruse the collection that consisted mostly of tall and ankle boots in leather and suede imported from Italy and Spain.

So ja, it looks like ankle boots are here to stay...

Of everything I saw, these babies were my absolute favourites.

'Emily' in black suede and gold leather, R2 300

I also quite liked these guys, but know myself all too well to buy them; just one walk in the rain (with a pina colada) and they’ll be stuffed.

'Jane' gray suede ankle booties, R2 200

Designer Sarah Spickernell has just popped out a kid but you’d never know it; girl was  rocking leather pants and the kind of ‘pick axe’ heels with which you could climb Mount Everest. Respect.

Sarah with my beloved Emilys.

In the same way that many designer’s have a little signature (all Louboutin shoes have red soles), Spickernell’s all boast a rose gold interior.

Gorgeous, right?

Sarah says their price points sit ‘higher than Nine West, but not as much as Mui Mui’.

A list of reasons as to why I'm now considering marrying for money as opposed to true love...

Guests were able to put in a pre-order on the shoes that night, paying 50% now and the balance later. I was very, very tempted to snap up the black and gold numbers, but have decided to blow all my money in Paris instead. (Later this month I’m off to visit my globe-trotting little sister who’s currently living in France). If you want to get your mitts on a pair of Spickernells, get in touch with the brand on info@spickernell.com

Love, love


Blog lovin’ from Style Scoop

Oooh looky, looky… the mooi mense at Style Scoop did a little profile on me.

My hair's playing the game and the suit at my side belongs to LA Law hottie Blaire Underwood. An all round awesome pic. Oh and look - they spelled my evil clunky name correctly!

To check it out, pop on over here.

Thanks Dimi, I’m so flattered.

X x x