Botox at Just Skin in Green Point

Tomorrow I turn the big three-oh… Eek!

As I’ve decided to be proactive in regards to fending off my demise into Oldsville, I popped into Just Skin Aesthetic Clinic in Green Point for a bit o’ Botox.

Was met at the door by darling Carol MacCallum, the owner, with a nice glass of Pierre Jourdan bubbly. (It’s delish and tastes a bit like honey…)

Cheers chica! I reckon facing up to nasties like crows feet and needles is much more fun when you're a bietjie dronk.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the lines I decided to zap…

This is my eye when I smile...

It's not terrible, but if there's something I can do that will slow down the rate at which my crow's feet become a permanent fixture, I'll do it.

Now this is my lovely new Botox doc, Dr. van Niekerk.

Such a sweetie... he blushed a tad when I said 'Right, I'm ready for you to come on over and steek me!'

Must say, I thought Dr. van Niekerk is absolutely divine and I recommend him whole heartedly. Dude really knows his shizz and could answer all my technical questions in-depth. He also gave me a top tip:

Next time you’ve got a big night out, or just want to look extra fabulous, apply your night cream nice and thick and place some cling wrap over your face for ten to twenty minutes. This will ensure the cream gets absorbed deep down into your skin to plump it up and give your face a lekker glow.

See how he’s did it to me?

Cling wrap - not just good for sarmies...

This helped the anaesthetic cream soak in super-fast. And it really worked too… I didn’t feel a thing! (The last time I had Botox, I bragged to the doc about how I had this super fly pain threshold. I was all like, ‘You can’t hurt me… I’m a migraine sufferer… Pain’s my best friend…’ and then felt like a total idiot while I lay on the bed wincing and squealing at each and every prick… )

Now, four days later, I can feel (and see) that the ‘tox has totally kicked in. Check out my eye:

You think they'll ask me for ID at my big birthday bash next week?

What do you mean I look too young to remember Thundercats?! ;-P

In these piccies (the first one taken with flash and the second without) I’m doing the exact same big grin I did while taking the ‘before’ shot. In fact, I’m trying to ‘smile with my eyes’ even harder than before in an attempt to make just to make a few linetjies, but I can’t. It’s, like, totally impossible… Woo hoo!

Love your work Dr. V!

So, if you’re looking to do a little wrinkle-busting, give Just Skin a call on (021) 433 1783 to make an appointment. In regards to cost, zapping my crow’s feet and a few frown lines cost just over R1 600. I can’t tell you what you’ll pay as each individual requires a different amount of ‘tox.

Just Skin is also running a rad special on laser at the mo; up until the end of this month, you can book a course of 6 sessions (for any area) at 50% off!

Love it!

x x x

Kiss All or One artificial nail remover

Remember how I used those awesome Broadway falsies the other day? I swore blind after putting them on that I wouldn’t resort to my usual removal method; pulling them all off the moment one starts to lift… but I totally did. And I regret it so much because I’ve definitely damaged my nail bed a tad and now have to wear polish every day to hide the wear n’ tear…

Wish to goodness I’d had this guy…

Kiss All or One artificial nail remover

This dude makes removing falsies ridiculously easy. He’s basically a big tub of acetone with an ergonomically  die-cut sponge in it. You can insert just one finger into the little round holletjie in the sponge and soak off the nail, or dip all of them into the comma shaped slot.

I haven’t tried it myself, but definitely will toss it in my trolley next time I buy a pack of Broadway Petites. It’s gotten great reviews online with peeps raving about how it takes fake nails off in record time without drying out your own.

Look out for him at Dis-Chem and Clicks.

x x

Desk elbow begone!

I dunno if I’ve mentioned this, but I suffer from a horrid little condition called desk elbow… as I rest my left arm on a rough wooden desk when I type, it’s resulted in a rough patch of skin on that elbow.

In an attempt to treat it, I used to make a point of rubbing whatever hand lotion I had on me onto it, but it never did anything aside from give the patch a brief moisture boost. As I was still inflicting the desk on it every day, it never got any better… until now.

Check out my rad elbow pad thing!

It feels like a squishy silicone implant and I can't stop fiddling with it.

Since getting it, I’ve made a point of ensuring it’s always under my elbow. Then, at night, I apply a bit of Environ Alpha Hydroxy Derma-Lac lotion.

Derma-Lac is brill. It’s like a clear, slightly oily textured lotion that contains AHA which help sizzle away dead, dry skin. I like to use it on those white patches I get on my knees and ankles when my skin dries out in the dead centre of a droog Kaapstad winter.

Now, two weeks into ‘treatment’, my desk elbow is, like, totally cured. Woop, woop!

x x