Clifton Shores

Ag nee! I’ve just found out my mate Dave and his bevvy of beauties will be joining Karis Piss and I on the Peroni ‘party yacht’ tomorrow…

Darling David, a TV producer, is busy shooting a new show called Clifton Shores, a Hill’s type realty series featuring a bunch of zexy Americans living it up in Slaapstadt.

Now chicas, you must SEE these girls! They’re tres hot! The kind that feel NOTHING to rock up on a boat in a pair of stilettos, fully made-up in a gold-spangled mini!


As I ‘speak’ Karis Piss and I are now e-mailing each other back and forth to ensure we don’t look like the ‘poor cousins’ of the crew… Initially, we planned to rock up in bikinis and random beach rokkies – the nice, exapandable kind that doesn’t show your pot belly after you’ve drunk half your bodyweight in free beer… Now, we feel obliged to make a plan… after all, the casting sheet wants to depict the Shore gals mingling with the ‘creme de le creme of South African society’… Hee hee hee.

David – I’m going to make an effort and curl my hair for this! I hope you appreciate it, my love… And now, next time I hit up one of your fancy pants Camps Bay mansion parties, I want my champers in a glass, not a bloody styrofoam cup. ;-P

x x x