Self-tan and saffron…

Remember that white rokkie I wore to the Ryk Neethling do?

Hola bietsa!

Yes, yes… I looked fabulous… I know… but please don’t think I got home from work and slipped into it sommer so… You have no IDEA as to how much self-tan a naturally pale, Casper-like gal soos ek had to slap on to pull that baby off… And the worst bit? My resident self-tan bitch boyfriend was out of town that night, so I had nobody to do my back for me.

Luckily, I was invited to a regte, egte Indian supper at the home of two of my besties, Dani and Fabian. (I looove doing anything with diva-ish Dani ‘cos she’s tres mentalistic about living the fab life… We once had a tea party at her place and she ensured we had ELEVEN different types of tea. She’d even printed out the names of each one and created a pop-up name card for them… And don’t get me started about that one birthday party where all her guests got a cupcake with a piccie of their face printed on it… )

Anyhoo,  in true Dani style, we were treated to a huge array of Indian starters, THREE different curries and FIVE sambals washed down by copious amounts of champers and vino.

Bukhara can vlieg in their moer...

And lets not forget the chai tea shooters in between courses…

Why thank you, my beautiful Ash.

Girls, if you want to have children one day, best pray to Jesus they turn out like little Ash. Last year, despite being a mere 7, girl made over 150 vodka-infused jello shots (‘grown up juice’) for one of her mom’s parties. Next year she’ll be flaring on the bar! 

Once stuffed to bursting, I stripped off so Dani could give me a good basting with Caribbean Tan. I love the Tanning Spritzer in shade B and prefer it to the aerosol as it delivers a more ‘targeted’ spray. I also find I get more ‘tans’ out of the spritzer bottle as opposed to the aerosol.

This is shade A, but I like to use B as it's darker, but not too dark.

Initially, Dani was horrified by the dark colour of the tanner and said it looked like ‘pooh’. (Being Indian, she’s not used to having to muck about with things like self-tan…) Once she’d gotten over the ‘miffness’, she managed to give my back a good two coats. Alas, during dessert, my hair, which was wet from swimming, came loose and started to undo all her hard work… so my Best Guy Friend, Al, decided to help me out. 

Come and get it ladies...

He actually did quite well (as he’s an artist, he’s one of v. few guys I’d trust to ‘paint’ my bod), but his inherent wickedness took over towards the end when he sprayed a pool of it into his hand and rubbed it – hard – into my left ARMPIT!

Naturaly us girls were on him in a flash, pinning him down so as to get our sweet, Caribbean-y revenge…

Who's sorry now? Nyhahahah!

Still, the next day I woke up (hung like a donkey) with one underarm the colour of Snooki from Jersey Shore! Eek!

Thankfully, this didn’t last long as I’d recently invested in a Sh’zen Skin Stimulator sponge, R129,99.

Looks hideous, works like a bomb...

NOTHING and I mean NOTHING scrubs your bod like this dude. He’s so fierce that when I use him on my hips and thighs, they TINGLE and TWITCH deep down for minutes after you’re done. I only needed a little shower gel and a few sweeps of this boy and I was right as rain – a prime shade of faux bronze to stalk Ryk Neethling and pull off le unforgiving evil that is a little white dress… Phew!

Love, love


x x

P.S. Al – I forgive you, my love. But only ‘cos I couldn’t give up visitations with my your beautiful doggie…

It's... Connor!

Nab this month’s ELLE and score a free mascara!

While at the Camps Bay Pick and Pay, I picked up the March issue of ELLE, delighted to see it came with a free L’Oreal mascara. In fact, they had two different L’Oreal mascaras to choose from; Extra-Volume Collagene and Telescopic Explosion.

This dude's worth over one hundred bucks in the shops, but you can snap him up for free with a R30 ELLE magazine.

I opted for the volumiser as I’ve tried Telescopic Explosion before and found it gimmicky and kak. Will try the Extra-Volume one and let you know what I think, but for the record, the best L’Oreal mascara I’ve ever used is Voluminous, the one in the dark gray tube with the gold lid. It volumises without a drop clumpiness and is v. easy to use – just two slicks and you’re all set. That and Maybelline Full N’ Soft are my ‘go to’ mascaras at times when I’m too broke to shell out for Lancome Hypnose or Clinique High Impact.

Another reason to buy the new ELLE? My fabulous eight page push-up bra insert is in it!

Jenna Pietersen rocking a lace balconette.

Gorgeous, right?

Gina Athens looking like royalty.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a copywriter on the Woolie’s account at The Jupiter Drawing Room. (It’s fun ‘cos we’ve got a bar that opens at 5pm every day – and the drinks are free! Also, I think we’ve got an Investec-like policy in that we only hire hotties… You should SEE some of the boys I get to work with… you’ll DIE!)

Still, my team works so hard that often the stuff I do just whizzes off my desk and then, because I’m so caught up in the next project, I never get to see it out in public. (I’ve written scripts for TV commercials that I’ve yet to see outside of an editing suite!) So ja… was v. nice to stumble across work that I could take to my boyfriend, point to and go ‘See that?! I did that! This exists because of me!’

He didn’t say much, mostly ‘cos he was hypnotised by Gina’s, er, assets, but I could tell that his glassy little stare was infused with pride… 😉

Love, love


x x

UPDATE: Bligh. I can see why they’re giving away Extra-Volume Collagene – the huge brush makes it awkward to use and the formula itself is sticky-feeling and gross. But don’t be put off L’Oreal mascara in general. Like I said, their Voluminous one is seriously awesome.

Oh dear…

Darling Jeannie D put me on her guest list for the Audi A1 launch tonight. The PR co, Total Exposure, sent me an invite and took all my deets – but negleted to tell me that they decided to cancel the event earlier today due to the crazy-ass wind we’re having. Thus, I rearranged my whole day, got all dolled up and rocked up at the Table Bay hotel  – only to be told that the event was a no go.

Ag nee! Can you say, seriously unprofessional?

Even Michael Mol wasn’t told about the cancellation so he also pitched up and had to be sent away… (Dude’s far too nice to complain about it though. Seriously. You’ll never met a sweeter bloke. And interviewing him is a total dream – he literally sits down and writes half the article for you and then keeps in touch religiously to ensure you have everything you need. Love that!)

Anyhoo, the evening wasn’t a complete waste of make-up… Nickle Pickle (my partner for the would-be event) and I ended up having a v. nice meal at The Kove.

Could we look more like German tourists if we tried?

Their calamari and chicken liver starters are both fabulously tender and the haloumi salad (served with nummy caramelised peanuts) was delish. The cherry on top, however, was their amazing Peppermint Crisp cocktail. Served in a martini glass, it’s made up of peppermint liqueur shaken with kahlua, natural white choccie extracts and fresh cream. Tres delish!

Next time you’re on the strip, go treat yourself. I know you’ll love it.

x x

Update: Got hold of Total Exposure. They said they weren’t in charge of calling up people to cancel and blamed a Jozi co called Provantage Media. However, Jason at Provantage said his co was in charge of canceling on customers and suppliers etc, while Total Exposure was supposed to cancel on media and celebs. Sjoe! To Total Exposure’s credit, they then apologised for the dramz… but only after I played phone tag and pretty much asked for it. Sigh…

Clicks new and improved Skincare Collection

A while back, I was sent a few products from Clicks new and improved Skincare Collection range.

It’s now available in four variants – Rooibos and Antioxidants (for normal/combo skin), Tea Tree and Cucumber (for oily skin like moi), Vitamin E and Orchid (for dry sensitive skin) and White Tea and Q10 (for those wanting skincare with anti-aging properties).

Being an oily-skinned girl, I appreciated the Tea Tree and Cucumber collection the most. (I was given the face wash and mask). I like that the face wash takes off both foundation and eye make-up with ease, but didn’t leave my skin feeling dry or tight like many other cleansers aimed at treating the oilies. (Ironically, if you end up over-drying your skin, it creates even more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture.)

See how the mask is almost gone? I really got stuck in there...

The mask, however, is awesome. It’s choc full of kaolin to help draw out impurities. After using it, you can genuinely feel a difference in your skin.

I wasn’t blown away by the facial scrubs. I found they didn¹t have enough ‘scrubbies’ in them to make a visible difference to your skin. Still, I’ll keep them and use them as facial washes. The White Tea and Q10 variant is particularly nice and creamy-feeling.

As for the face creams, I only gave the Rooibos and White Tea variants a bash as I didn’t receive the moisturiser from the Tea Tree line and thought Orchid, which is geared at drier peeps, wouldn’t suit my skin type.

The moisturiser and scrub from the Rooibos & Antioxidants line

Scrub and day and night cream from the anti-aging range

Both the day and night versions of the Rooibos and White Tea variants have a nice, creamy texture. So much so that I worried they’d be too rich for my skin. I needn’t have, however, as they absorb in a flash (even the night creams) and make a good base for foundation. I also liked that the day creams contain an SPF of 15. This is a big plus over Clicks’ new mySKIN range, which doesn’t.

Now, in regards to the effectiveness of the anti-aging range… White Tea and Q10 are both great antioxidants. Q10 is also much like vitamin C in that it’s also able to reduce the effects of UV damage and help stimulate collagen to help keep your skin looking nice and firm. Still, I think you might want to supplement this with a dash of retinol in the evening so as to combat surface wrinklies too. 

Next time you’re in store, go take a look.
The prices are fab and range from just R29,99 to R79,99.

Love, love


X x