Oh look, it’s Warren Adler

Oooh, I actually forgot to post this piccie…

Sorry Wazza, my love, keep forgetting you’re a fancy pants celeb.

This is my mate Warren. We’re both proud PE expats and I’ve known this oke since he had braces on his teeth…

Just LOOK how gorgeous he’s turned out! I now totally regret not getting it on with him at a school disco… coulda been able to point to his piccie and go ‘See that girls? We once had a ‘thing’… (Nobody would’ve needed to know it involved ‘shuffling’ to Bryan Adams… or that I was rocking a lumo pink scrunchie and flop socks at the time…)

Anyhoo, aside from being an intrepid businessman/hottie, Warren is also an up and coming actor. (He played the lead in StringCaesar, a modern day take on the early life of Julius Caesar, filmed in Polsmoor).

Poor old Warren doesn’t know this, but, as my 30th birthday looms in the next two weeks, I’ve been thinking about him a lot… or more specifically, the bathroom at his mom’s house.

You see, yonks back, (like, when I was in high school), I attended one of his house party’s with my best friend in the world, Heather. (Love you, Smeth!) The two of us went off the loo to powder our noses… and that’s when we we saw it… the ENORMOUS bath shaped like that big clam shell in the Venus de Milo painting!

Oh! My! God!

To our innocent, small town gal eyes, it was the coolest darn bathroom we’d ever seen!

Then and there, we decided it was to be the scene of our grand demise. This is because at 15, Smethie-cakes and I were quite certain that we didn’t want to live past 30. (‘I mean, what could possibly be, like, awesome, after the big three oh? We’d be, like, ANCIENT!’)

Thus, we made a pact that, the week before our 30th, we’d go to this super-expensive boutique in our local mall, Don Marco, and use our parents’ credit cards to buy two amazing, skouspel-style evening gowns. (Clearly, we didn’t have the foresight to think we might actually be earning out own money by then.) We planned to dress up in the gowns, down a fat bottle of champers and then break into Warren Adler’s mom’s house. Once in, we’d hit up the bathroom,  use lippie to write ‘Leigh and Smethie rule!’ on the mirror and then climb into her tub and end our lives oh so glamorously.

Now that I’m pretty much on the doorstep of 30, I can’t tell you how good it is not to have shuffled off my mortal coil, particularly since MAC’s new Wonder Woman collection just landed on my desk. (Woop, woop!) Can’t wait to get stuck into it over lunch and take lots and lots of piccies.

Love, love



The Peroni yacht party – fun, fun, fun

This Saturday, Karis Piss and I got to experience a bit of la dolce vida, true Italian-style, at a Peroni yacht party.

Ciao bella, bitches!

The brands clever PR peeps invited a mixed bag o’ of interesting people and stuck them on a fleet of luxury yachts so as to liquor them up. But this wasn’t just any old booze cruise… oh no… it included DJ’s and personal chefs to ensure a delightful day of sun, fun and serious fabulosity. Celeb guests included the likes of Marc Boucher and Locnville.
Initially, we were a li’l bleak to discover we weren’t on the Locnville yacht…

This is as close as we got. By the the time we got round to hitting up their boat, they'd already headed off for the MK awards.

…but soon perked up on upon realising we’d been set up with indie rockers Ashtray Electric.

K and I with Andre Pienaar, lead singer for Ashtray Electric. This is how he rolls...

After being handed ice cold Peroni’s, we headed up to the top of the yacht to work on our tans. Things were looking good. We were, like, totally living le fabulous Peroni lifestyle… but then I struck a li’l patch o’ horror…

As I’m a slow drinker, the band boys didn’t realise I wasn’t done with my beer and started using at as an ashtray! I didn’t see this and took a big fat swig o’ two stompies and dreggs!

Oh! My! God!

After that, I was man down with an extreme case of naar… I could do nothing other than lie down on the back seat, willing myself not to ‘feed’ the dolphin’s that were following us. There was an upside though – I had a string of cute boys bring me fresh drinks before slipping zexy anti-nausea bands onto my wrists… I also got to take a few pretty scenery shots:


Even mooier

Once we arrived at Clifton and dropped anchor, we were allowed to jumped into rubber ducky-type things and hop inbetween yachts. This is how K & I ended up on the Nautilus, where our friend David, a producer, is filming a few scenes from his new reality TV show, Clifton Shores. Tres exciting!

The CS girls keeping it real...

Still, K and I weren’t impressed… Girls that got more attention than we did? Like, how is that even possible?

Usually, in order to restore the natural balance to the land of L&K, we’d whip out our sletterig dance moves… but in light of limited floor space, we came up with something new…

Take THAT!

...and THAT!

...and TH... Oh look, KP! We seem to be surrounded by every straight man within a 2 mile radius...

That last pic’s actually pretty blurry, but I’m being forced to publish it anyway ‘cos K’s abs look absolutely killer in it and she’s v. v. proud. So proud, in fact, that I practically wore my cam’s battery down to nothing by having to flick back to it every time we ran into friends.

K: Oh my God! You HAVE to see how hot my abs look in this shot. Leigh! LEIGH! Where’s the cam?!

Friend one million and seven: Oh my. Yes, they do look rather impressive.

K: I KNOW right?! I had the WORST stomach flu last week – was sooo evil, I was practically bed ridden, it was so bad. Like, seriously, how LUCKY am I?!!

Hee hee hee…

Anyhoo, our impromptu photo shoot soon led to another one starring our mate Jeff, the Bod God, but those piccies will be best kept for another time (like when I want to bribe him into doing something for me…)

A more innocent shot of Jeff with K and Omesh Chetty.

Natalie Becker actually walked in on the three of us cavorting on the big, fancy bed (and when I say ‘cavorting’, I mean posing it up to ensure our hair/abs/arms/butts looked fab from every angle. The main reason K and I get on so famously with Jeff, this year’s Mr Fitness, is ‘cos he’s the only person we know who’s vainer than we are…)

Then disaster struck once more… K got a bit too ‘jiggy with it’ and fried the shizz out of her back on a bedside lamp. Hee hee hee… (Sorry to laugh… I’m a baaad friend… )

Check it out:


Poor Natalie was actually in the en suite loo at the time of Karisa’s fry up. K’s blood curdling scream prompted Nats to shriek: ‘OMG! What are you people DOING in there?! I’m not coming out… I’m scared!’


Natalie Becker (prior to being traumatized) with David, our mate who's producing Clifton Shores. Look how official and fancy he looks with his director-y speaker things on. ;-P

Gotta say, Natalie’s mental well-being was a small price to pay for our l’il skouspel as it led to an offer to be extras on Clifton Shores. Woop, woop!

While the Clifton girls played out some dramz, K and I got to pretend to chat in the background. We were then filmed dancing on the deck. I have no clue if they’ll ever use the shots, but my brief flirtation with reality TV has given me a new respect for the ‘actors’… Dancing to music you can’t actually hear and ‘living it to the max’ is easy and fun for two mins, but gets a little trickier after 20. ;-P

This is Destiny Moniz, one of the leads.

I told her she looks a bit like 'The Hill's' star Lauren Conrad and she says she gets that a lot.

In Clifton Shores, you’ll see her working for PR and marketing company, Quintessensial. It’s actually not too far from what she used to do in Vegas, working as a high end event hostess and acting as a concierce for big name celebs when they’re on the strip. (Apparently, one of the nicest sterre she’s ever worked with is Leondaro di Caprio. ‘He’s also very smart and witty…’ she says).

Love her lashes? She uses Alila Power Lash mascara, R100,00.

Alila is a new local cosmetic brand. Their silicone-based-mascara, Alila Power Lash, lengthens and thickens with just two slicks.

As far her hair goes, Destiny says she tries to avoid the blow drier as it causes too much damage. Instead, she lets her locks air dry before wrapping sections around a hot barrel to create curls.

Must say, I have no clue as to how she’ll be portrayed in the show. Chica could be a total ‘Heidi’ for all I know… but the girl I met was a total sweetheart and I liked her to bits.

Anyhoo… after schmoozing, boozing and dining on delicious Italian inspired food (think pizza, prawn pasta, carpaccio etc), we pulled back into the V&A docks for a bit of ice cold gelato.


Thanks Peroni, this was a great day out!

Back on shore with Ashtray Electric. We're totally gonna be groupies now...

Ciao bella,


x x x

Clifton Shores

Ag nee! I’ve just found out my mate Dave and his bevvy of beauties will be joining Karis Piss and I on the Peroni ‘party yacht’ tomorrow…

Darling David, a TV producer, is busy shooting a new show called Clifton Shores, a Hill’s type realty series featuring a bunch of zexy Americans living it up in Slaapstadt.

Now chicas, you must SEE these girls! They’re tres hot! The kind that feel NOTHING to rock up on a boat in a pair of stilettos, fully made-up in a gold-spangled mini!


As I ‘speak’ Karis Piss and I are now e-mailing each other back and forth to ensure we don’t look like the ‘poor cousins’ of the crew… Initially, we planned to rock up in bikinis and random beach rokkies – the nice, exapandable kind that doesn’t show your pot belly after you’ve drunk half your bodyweight in free beer… Now, we feel obliged to make a plan… after all, the casting sheet wants to depict the Shore gals mingling with the ‘creme de le creme of South African society’… Hee hee hee.

David – I’m going to make an effort and curl my hair for this! I hope you appreciate it, my love… And now, next time I hit up one of your fancy pants Camps Bay mansion parties, I want my champers in a glass, not a bloody styrofoam cup. ;-P

x x x


I just saw the snippet on Top Billing of moi and Karis Piss at Ryk Neethling’s bash and all I can say is what a waste of PVR bandwith… 😉

To my darling friends who spotted the show’s promo and sent me messages along the lines of ‘OMG! I saw you with Ryk Neethling on the Top Billing ad… You’re looking oh so glamorous!’: Are you people BLIND or something? All I saw was moi telling le society page photo dude to hold on while I popped my boob back into my dress!

Hee hee hee…

Still, at least y’all got to see the trance-like look on KP’s gesigJirre jissus… do you SEE what I mean? Had to drag her zombi-ish, Ryk-possessed corpse around with me all night. Was tres exasperating…

Seriously though.. I don’t understand why the camera didn’t pick up all the interesting, juicy shizz that happened later on that eve… like when Ryk had a bit too much of his own vino and threw himself at my feet and begged to father my children… Or  ripped all the flowers out of those big glass vase-thingy’s and ran after my car screaming ‘But I’ve got my own jewellery line with Jenna Cliffoooord! I can get us a fat discount on a rock the size of your fiiiiiist!’

(It happened, really… I swear…) ;-P

Anyway, that’s enough ranting… my miso soup is getting cold. (Yes, yes… the supper of social climbing harlots champions… I’m still busy anorexorizing for the Peroni yacht VIP-thingymajig on Saturday. Dax was on board last mo and said it’s pretty awesome, so let’s see… )

x x x

Sugar Hut Club sushi fest

Hey girls!

The other night I attended the media launch of the Sugar Hut Club and despite a minor dramz, I had a good time. 😉 

Tomorrow (Friday the 25th) is the official launch… the ‘launch launch’ if you will… To celebrate, they’re going to be serving up FREE sushi from 7pm and half price cocktails. If you’ve had a stressful, kak week, I reckon this will be a nice opener to the weekend.

Love, love


Beaute Pacifique Creme Metamorphique review

A while back, I was given Beaute Pacifique’s Creme Metamorphique. As promised, I’ve been using it at night – for a whole month, nogal –  and now feel like I can chip in on it’s effectiveness.

Beaute Pacifique Creme Metamorphique

In short, it really does work. But you know I like to ramble… 😉

Initially I bitched about how I found the cream to be a little too rich, but I totally take that back. The first time I slapped it on, back in Jan, it was one of those disgustingly hot nights and pretty much anything would’ve melted off my face. (Cape Town peeps, you know exactly what I’m talking about…) Now, it sinks in within a minute and I actually look forward to it’s luxuriously creamy texture every night before bed.

In regards to wrinkle-busting, I can see it’s improved the fine lines around my eyes. Not enough to prevent me from hitting up my botox dude, but enough to make me feel less kak about being slack with making my appointment. Now as far as radiance goes… (FYI retinol and retinol derivatives help stimulate your cellular turnovert, so you can expect a more even-looking skin tone) I can see that my skin has a v. nice, ‘glow’ to it… this was something I noticed prior to having that delightful microdermabasion experience at Spoilt and the optiPHI glycolic facial peel.

My usual go to retinol gem is RoC Retin-ox Wrinkle Correxion cream. (Like, could they have picked a trickier spelling?!) I found that this exfoliates/brightens up my skin a little faster than Creme Metamorphique as it contains retinol, which is stronger than the two retinol derivatives in Beaute Pacifique’s product. Still my RoC ‘love in’ comes at a cost… if I use my RoC cream every night in a row, my skin starts to feel a little sensitive and can get a bit flaky – a total horrorshow if you want to wear foundation. With Creme Metamorphique, I can wear it every single night and not have to worry about the slightest tickle of irritation.

Oh! And one of the biggest plus points of using retinol and vitamin A derivatives is that the molecules are small enough to sink deep down into your skin and help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This plumps out your skin and essentially keeps it from sagging. Merrily, I’m still too young to see a visible difference in this regard, but would hope that with continued use, my face wouldn’t cave in (as much) when I’m old and gray.

In all, I’ve really enjoyed using this and will consider purchasing another tub when my current baby run’s dry. I love that despite having used it for just over a month (and tres generously too – as you do with things you didn’t pay for… ), I’ve only made a dip in the jar about half a centimetre deep. I feel this goes a long way towards justifying it’s price point – R870,00 for 50mls.

So ja…  a two thumbs up for Creme Metamorphique. I like, I like, I like…  😉

To find out more about Beaute Pacifique, click here.

x x x

Diorskin Nude Compact Gel Natural Glow Creme-gel makeup review

Hey girls

As you know, I was given a nice whack of Dior goodies the other day. I’m slowly making my way though the pile and think they’re all utterly fabulous, but I definitely have a few favourites… like Diorskin Nude Compact Gel Natural Glow Crème-Gel makeup, R530,00.

I love how luxuriously heavy this compact feels...

Must say, I’m v. v. glad that this was given to me as it’s just not something I would ever try on my own – I tend to associate crème compact foundations with heavy, cakey, tricky to apply coverage. This baby, however, couldn’t be further away from all that.

A lightweight cream-gel texture, it blends like a DREAM and dries to a perfect your-skin-but-better powder finish. Coverage-wise, it’s deliciously sheer and leaves my skin looking even-toned and radiant. (I do mean it when I say ‘sheer’ though – it’s not going to cover a hideous blemish, so, if you’re spotty, you’re going to need to invest in a bit of concealer).

Initially, I worried that the colour I was given, 030, was one shade too dark for me, but this has definitely worked in my favour. As the coverage is so diaphanous, it ends up adding a healthy, radiant-looking glow to my skin, much like a tinted moisturizer. (If you didn’t know, you can you can get away with going a little deeper when it comes to skin tints…) I also like that the finish really does lasts and lasts and doesn’t sink into the fine lines around my eyes. (According to Dior, it makes use of a new technology that allows the texture to imprison incredibly concentrated ‘Active Mineralized Water droplets’ to keep you looking dewy and fresh).

It comes with a double-sided applicator sponge – the velvety side picks up lots of the product, making it easy to apply to your skin, while the sponge side is to help you blend it in. Regardless of which side you use, it goes on nice and sheer, but I personally prefer to use an ellipse-shaped make-up sponge that I buy at Dis-Chem. It’s got a slanted curve that makes it easy to get into my eye sockets and around the sides of my nose.

Anyway, next time you’re near a Dior counter (preferably their sexy new one at the Waterfront) be sure to give this guy a bash. Just make sure you’ve got your credit card handy ‘cos he’s going to suck you in with his dashing good looks and crazy-good performance.

X x

P.S. Just looked at the back of my compact and see it also boasts an SPF of 20. Love that!