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Cape Town Playboy Playmate launch party

10 May
You know you had a rocking party over the weekend when your Monday morning inbox is overflowing with messages that run along the lines of ‘Hey girl! How about that wild night, eh? Can’t believe I ended up doing <TOTALLY UNPRINTABLE ANTIC GOES HERE…> Those pics we took were totally awesome, but please, PLEASE don’t post them up your blog! My respectable marriage/life/v. public media career would be, like, totally dunzo…

Jaaa Mr. X... as promised, I'm only posting this one 'cos my hair looks frikken awesome. Now when are you buying me lunch? ;-P

Because I’ve now wrangled bribes from half of Cape Town’s media elite am a nice, young lass, I’m not really able to show you all of what went down, but can tell you to trust me when I tell you that Karis Piss and I had a super-fun time at the Playboy Playmate launch party that took place at the Fez Vaudeville night club.

Upon entrance, we were greeted by a host of regte egte bunny girls…

Hello boys!

…and were escorted up to the VIP section where more hot chicas plied us with a new caramel-flavoured shot they were promoting. Must say, it was a bit too sweet for me to drink it sommer so – it tasted more like something I’d pour over pancakes than down my throat, but after we’d klapped the complimentary vino, it went down like cooldrink. (Still, I’d be v. keen to whirl it into a bit of ice cream. Reckon it’ll make for the most decadent caramel-flavoured dom pedro…)

Anyhoo, this was the first time I’d been to the new-ish Fez. Was impressed by how big the place is. Seriously. You could park a bloody boeing on the main dance floor. Still, we spent most our time holed up in the VIP room as they were serving delish canapes like these yummy mini biltong salads…


And look how cute the waiters’ tees where…

Bunny Chow... ha!

The best canape on offer, however, was a droolicious stukkie of lamb nestling on a pesto mousse-bedecked crostini. Was so good, in fact, that every time a member of our groepie spotted it making it’s way through the crowd, they’d shriek ‘LAMB ALERT’ so the rest of us could descend upon the tray like a pack of hungry, rabid wolves (with rilly, rilly good hair…)

Peeps-wise, K and I spent most of our time with local actors Lee-Anne Summers and Bjorn Steinbach. The two will be appearing in a play called the Mercy Seat that should open mid July at Grooteschuur High’s Nassau Theatre.

Lee-Anne and fellow socialista/blogger Clayton Morar

KP and Bjorn 'Lamb Spotter' Steinbach

Oooh, and all this talk of lammetijies just reminded me… how much do you LOVE the shearling booties Lee-Anne was rocking? Just had to snap a piccie to show you…

They're Burberry, dah-ling...

After getting our fill of canapes, we made our way to the balcony to take in the party that was going on beneath us. By now, the dance floor was starting to fill up and a seriously hot DJ dude was ripping up the decks. (Lee-Anne says she knows most of the DJ’s on the scene, but had no idea who was playing. He was a total hottie though and we decided he looked like an ultra-zexy version of House’s Huge Laurie… Tried in vain to take a shot but the place was seriyasly smokey…

See, what I mean?

Other interesting folk on the scene included Bheki Dlada, the choccie contingent of local band Ice Cream and the Chocolate Stix…

Moi and Seksi Bheks

Bheks is mates with my little sis, Mandy, so we had a nice, li’l skinner session about her behind her back. (Love you Mands!)

Tammy-Ann Fortuin was also out and about, sitting pretty in a cutesy set of bunny ears…

Tammy Ann Fortuin

Ag soet man...

And on that topic… get a load of this month’s Playboy covergirl Tshego Seakgoe…

Gorgeous, right?

You can’t really see it in this pic, but girl has a seriously rocking bod; I could totally fit both my hands around her waist! This is her on the cover, but honestly, she’s ten zillion times more striking in real life:

How'd HUGH like me now?

April cover star Tracy McGregor was also there, but every time  I caught a glimpse of her, she was all the way over on the ooooother side of the room. It was also much later into the night and all those caramel shots started to kick in. Evidently…

Bjorn's killer abs. You're welcome...

It wasn’t long before KP and I ended up doing our semi-lesbo attention-seeking slet dance carefully-choreographed signature moves up against anything we could find. Think walls… poles… Relax With Dax… and this person…

Fiesta... Lambada...

Lee-Anne also made a new friend…

The girls get cosy with Pan, the God of Tequila...

Eventually, I got to the stage where I blacked out in the laps of boys I know that are too nice to molest me while I snooze and ended up being semi-carried home by the ever responsible Dax. But not before I tripped down a set of stairs and added yet two more bruises to my zexy collection. Vok.

Thank you snoekie!

It was worth it though… the Playboy party gets two lipgloss-y thumbs up.

Thanks to all the lovely chicas from Marcus Brewster PR, you threw a bash to remember.

Love, love


X x x

Glamour/GQ J&B Met pre-party

31 Jan

K, so let me tell you all about this little particular little opskop

Held at The Table Bay hotel, this is THE pre-Met party you want to go to. Think zexy celebs, cutesy canapes and litres of booze a la vino and J&B. I arrived with Lee-Anne Summers, but soon abandoned her to get my drunk on and stalk celebs lost her in the crowd.

The first person of interest I ran into was our new Miss South Africa, Bokang Montjane. I’ve seen pics of her in the media and have always thought she was hottie, but you have no idea how gorgeous she is in the flesh. I actually didn’t want to snap a piccie with her as I thought I’d look like a runty white rat next to her tall, dark chocolatey-ness.

Love her gloss? It's Bourjois Effet 3D in Rose Lyric. (I made a point of digging it out of her stunsville Jenni Button clutch...)

Gorgeous, right? I told her I thought she looked like a young Naomi Campbell, but she laughed it off. Still, l really do think that she gets that all the time…

Another fellow ‘gloss girl’ on the scene? eTV’s Tanya Nefdt. She and I have the same taste in lip gloss and I though she’d fall in love/die with envy upon trying my swanky new YSL Golden Gloss in Golden Fucshia

Okay, okay... you've had your fun... hand it back now...

It’s contains 24 karat gold flakes *Leigh flicks her hair* and has the yummiest juicy mango scent. (I got it just the other day thanks to the gals at the Beauty Bulletin. For my full review, go check out their site on Friday…)

3 Talk’s Noeleen was also out and about.

I’ve never been intimidated by celebs as working with them is part of my job as a journo, however, there’s something about Noeleen that just freaks the shizz out of me. I have no idea as to what it is, but ja… I often see her at partyties and just never have it in me to go up to her and ask her something as frivolous as ‘so, what’s in your make-up bag’. Still, I decided that tonight was the night I’d get over my ‘Noeleen Terror’ and even knocked back a little J&B to rustle up some (Dutch) courage. But I really shouldn’t have worried… she turned out to be uber-nice (sjoe!) and told me that her top beauty must-have for the Met was sunscreen. (Her favourite is Dermalogica, which she calls ‘excellent’.)

Oh! And Jen Su was there too, looking fab in a feathery hat she picked up in Thailand.

Love her rokkie? It's a silk, lace and ostrich feather confection courtesy of Elbeth Gillis.

Jen says she’ll also be wearing sunscreen at the races, La Mer The Spf 18 Fluid, nogal… She also told me you’ll be able to spot her on TV again towards the end of Feb. She’s got a cameo on Jacob’s Cross playing ‘an evil Chinese businesswoman’…

Now let me show you one of the best things there… a veritable mountain of chicken liver pate!

Woop, woop!

I can’t tell you how much I love this stuff… it’s actually kinda sad how happy it makes me… My dad’s also a liver pate freak and even makes his own, which is tres divine. Thus, I decided to take a snap to show him it’s awesomeness. (My photographer friend, Darren, happened to be passing the buffet as I took the shot and peered over my shoulder to sniff ‘Tsk, tsk… you’ve got one bar of battery left and you’re shooting pate… Nice to know you’ve got your priorities straight…’ Hee hee hee… )

Anyway, I still had enough battery to capture the hotness that is Catriona Andrew. Can you BELIEVE this woman has just had a baby?!  Just the other day we had dinner together at a Thierry Mugler do and she looked like she was about to pop. Now she’s as skinny as a twig!


According to Cat, her secret to slimming down fast is breast feeding which helps burn, like, a zillion kilojoules.

Liezel van der Westhuizen was also there, dressed in a pretty Gert Johan Coetzee rokkie and hanging out with Langley Kirkwood. Langley’s playing the baddy in the new Judge Dredd flick, Dredd.

Love her nails?

Apparently these are Sheekee nails that she got done at a salon called Girlz in Blouberg. How it works is that you get a little design decal plakked under your acrylic or gel, so it lasts for ages and reflects the most gorgeous shine.

I also spotted Lux lovely Jo-Ann Strauss hanging out at the back of the room.

She was also dressed up in Gert Johan Coetzee (dude clearly gets around…) and told me that her Met hand bag essential is a tiny, battery-powered fan to ensure her make-up doesn’t melt in the heat.

As the night came to an end, guests were treated to a performance by Lindiwe Suttle. I’ve known she could sing for a while now, having heard the demo for Man-made Moon, her first single, late last year. However, seeing her live was great as the girl’s got a rockin’ stage presence.

After a fun, pate-addled night, I picked up my goodie bag and hit the road. (Want to know what was in it? Come on, don’t play coy with me girls… I know you’re just as desp to peek inside of it as I was… This was an event put together by PR queen Jill Grogor – and we all know Miss G doesn’t skimp when it comes to swag…)

Check it out:

Celine Dion Pure Brilliance perfume and body lotion, a 20% discount at hot boutique A-List, Sally Hansen nail polish, The Body Shop Earth Lover's Lemon & Thyme shower gel (more info on this guy later...) and a Calvin Klein PJ set. Jealous?!

Thank you Jill, I had a fab time as always… ;-)

Love, love


X x x

Lee-Anne Summers gets glam for the Glamour/GQ Met pre-party

30 Jan

The other day, celeb publicist Andrew Farr called me up with an offer that was simply too good to resist… He wanted to know if I’d be keen to hang out with actress Lee-Anne Summers and watch her get glammed up, celeb-style, before the Glamour/GQ J&B Met pre-party.

Thus, I rocked up at the Summers’ spot in Camps Bay and pulled into their enormous 20-car garage which looks like something out of a Bond movie. (My poor beat up Ford Fiesta, quivered with embarrassment, having to park behind Lee-Anne’s zexy Porsche Cayenne, which, to put things in perspective, may well be the ‘kakkest’ car in the garage – after mine, of course… ;-P)


Lee-Anne came out to meet me sans make-up and I was impressed by her lovely skin. ‘I use SK-II’, she says. ‘You can’t get it here, so I pick it up when I travel…’ This is something Lee-Anne’s been doing a lot of lately, but she’s going to be home for a while now as she’s busy producing a play called Fat Pig which will run in Cape Town in September. ‘I’m playing a bitchy ex-girl friend, which is actually a lot of fun’, she says.

Lee-Anne without a stitch of make-up on.

I was then introduced to Khandiz, her make-up artist. The two met on the set of Big Fellas, where Khandiz was doing the make-up and now, whenever Lee-Anne has a big event, she calls her over to the house to help her get her glamz on. (FYI Khandiz has worked on so many celebs that she can’t remember half of them, but I did manage to wheedle out names like Minki van der Westhuizen and Gina Athens…)

Make-up guru Khandiz. And yes, she only has one name a la Madonna and Cher.

She also has her own line of pure mineral cosmetics called Mukup. Currently, she’s only showcasing her brush sets online, but soon you’ll be able to peruse her entire make-up collection, most of which she’s happy to customise to flatter your complexion.

Of all the Mukup goodies I got to play with, I was most impressed with her incredibly silky-feeling mattifier, No Time to Shine HD Powder, R150,00, and Mineral 3 Point foundation, R195,00. The latter (see the piccie below) is a pigment that can be buffed into your skin like a mineral make-up. However, should you want a little more coverage; you can add it to any cream to create a tinted moisturiser.

Clever, right? The more pigment you add, the greater the coverage.

Lee-Anne, however, was cray-cray for this customised Lip Glaze in Bronze Rose, R75.00.

Bronze Rose looks v. dark in the pot, but it goes on sheer and feels like a lush cream on your lips.

To get your mitts on Mukup cosmetics give Khandiz a ring on 084 7733760. Her prices are tres reasonable. For example, existing Lip Glaze colours are R75.00, while a custom colour will only set you back R100,00.

Now let’s get down to the business of fabulizing Lee-Anne…

After a quick application of Bobbi Brown Skin foundation and a few slicks of Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach (this is great to blitz any blue tones, like circles under the eyes), Khandiz used her Bobbi Brown shadow pallete to dress Lee-Anne’s eyes up in nudes.

Khandiz's Bobbi Brown shadow palette. The shades she used on Lee-Anne's eyelids are called Camel and Rich Brown - they're the top and bottom shades on the left hand side of the palette.

To create a sexy winged liner effect a la Angelina Jolie, she used a mix of Bobbi’s Smoke and Navy eye shadow (the two shades on the bottom right of the palette).

Mooi, ne?

After a little contouring with Benefit Hula bronzing powder…

…she applied a custom Lip Glaze in Dune, a sheer bronzy hue, and gave Lee-Anne’s lashes a few slicks of Dior Show mascara in Black. ‘I love this mascara’, said Lee-Anne. ‘It makes me feel like I’m wearing falsies and we all love falsies… they do for your lashes what stiletto’s do for your legs!’

Ta da, bitches!

Once made up, we decided to crack open a bottle of vino while waiting for her dress, Gert Johan Coetzee, which was to be delivered to the house. I also decided to snoop around and take a few shots… Thus, I bring you the INSANE view of the bay from Lee-Anne’s bedroom window.

Hard life, hey?

And get a load of (just some of) her designer shoe collection…

Sickening, right?

See the red soles? That's 'cos they're Louboutin's, baby... In fact, half the shoes in her cupboard boast zexy rooi solletjies...

Oooh, and look at her make-up draw! It puts the product room at Beauty Bulletin’s head office to shame!

Would totally hate this girl if she wasn't so darn 'down to earth' and 'nice'... (Vomit...)

Oh, and take a peek inside her fridge!

Water, beer and Mrs. Balls... girl wasn't joking when she said she felt like she lived on planes and in hotels...

I also got to check out the dress she plans to wear to the J&B Met. It’s a Nicole Miller from Callaghan.

'It's actually a shirt, but I'll be wearing it as a dress. The people at Callaghan added a bit of black lace to the gaps in the side - so I don't look like a ho', said Lee-Anne, laughing.

Eventually, the rokkie for the night made its grand debut.

Gorgeous, right?

Alas, it was made for an anorexic extra from The Black Swan and Lee-Anne, despite being teeny tiny, struggled to get into it. Instead, she opted for something out of her closet, a pretty green dress from the Kate Moss collection at Top Shop. (You can see it in the very last piccie…)

She paired it with these Peter Lang earrings…

and OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques.

Khandiz's top tip to check if your nails are done? Simply lick it. If it still tastes like polish, it's not dry yet.

To ensure her look matched her new dress, Khandiz mixed up the blue and yellow of her Inglot shadow palette to create a pretty sea green shadow.

Then came the moment I had been waiting for… getting to see just how exactly Lee-Anne styled her hair. (As you all know, I’m insanely jealous of the girl’s beautiful, thick, Cheryl Cole-esque hair and can’t believe it’s actually real). ‘Right! Hair time’, I clapped. ‘Show me, show me, show me!’

‘Oh, I just do this…’, said Lee-Anne, before simply pulling off the elastic that had been keeping her locks in a messy bun on top of her head. And just like that, her hair came tumbling down her shoulders, landing in a mass of perfection.

This shot is not styled AT ALL. All she did was pull out her hair band. And yes, when I saw this, a little part of me died…

As a finishing touch, Lee-Anne spritzed a little Stella McCartney Stella EDT onto her wrists and we left to hit up the partytie at The Table Bay hotel. Below is a shot of Lee-Anne all dolled up, chatting to the media.

‘This old thing? I just pulled it out of my closet… no, really…’

This isn’t my only piccie of this particular bash; I took loads and will be sure to slap up a post about it tomorrow. Right now, however, I’ve got to go pack for my friend’s wedding out in the sticks where I’ll be staying in a cottage with no electricity (gasp!) This is absolutely shocking to me as one of my cardinal rules is to never go anywhere where I can’t plug in a hair dryer. But hey, the things we do for love…

Later girls,


X x x

Le Maybelline launch

21 Jan

Hey girls!

Last night I hit up the Maybelline bash. It took place in a fancy loft-type thing in town (v. NY, NY) and involved specially made-up models, a very busy bar and tray after tray of Lindt choccie. Took a zillion piccies to show you, so let’s jump right in shall we?

Upon arrival, I ran into two fellow bloggers; celeb journo Clayton Morar and fashionista Jasna Zellerhof. They were hanging out with Seventeen ed Khwezi Magwaza, model Lieschen Botes and actresses Lee-Anne Summers and Tamryn Spiers.

Lieschen, Tamryn, Lee-Anne and Jasna looking mooi.

Clay clay, Jasna and Khwezi.

Love Lieschen’s rokkie? It’s from Long Street boutique, A List.

Aren't you glad you kept the belt on, cooks? It looks fabulous. x x

She was also wearing a particularly hot polish on her tootsies, so I snapped a piccie to show you.

Essie Punchy Pink from their 2009 Neon collection. If you think it looks cute here, you should see it in natural lighting - it totally POPS!

Ooh – and take a look at ll the yummy ‘sustenance’…

Dunno 'bout you, but I like my dop to look pretty...

Embarrassingly, many of the Lindt promo girls now know me by name... They pre-empt my greedy claw and simply hand it over, two at a time, sighing 'yes, yes, we know... "and another for your boyfriend..."'

Entertainment-wise, guests got to take in a sort-of fashion show featuring models dressed up to replicate the looks in the Maybelline’s limited edtion 2011 calendar. Check it out:

Who says being a teen mom isn't glamorous?!

Chica takes that 'choppin' wood' dance move v. v. seriyasly...

The models were all rocking Maybelline’s newest mascara, Lash Stiletto.

I'm actually wearing it today and can tell you it's just the thing to create long, defined-looking lashes without sacrificing the volume factor.

After the show, I ran into celeb make-up artist Elouise Dreyer. As we were too busy skinnering about industry shizz, I didn’t manage to snap a pic of the two of us together, but I did grab a shot of her impressive eye make-up. Check it out:

TWO glitter liners? Girl doesn't do anything by half...

Glamour mag’s beauty ed Margaux Knuppe and Carol MacCallum, owner of Just Skin Aesthetic Clinic in Green Point, where also in the mix.

FYI, Just Skin are running a fab special on their eyelash extensions right now. A full set will set you back a mere R500!

I also got to meet a ‘twitter friend’ in the flesh, Woman & Home’s beauty ed Chereen Gibson.

Follow this lovely lass on twitter @ChereenGibson. She's sweet, funny and just as make-up mad as I am.

Oooh! And looky looky… here’s Dagmar Jungbauer of Modern Design Jewellery, the darling designer responsible for my beautiful bling.

Moi, showing off my sparklies and Dagmar with an expression that could mean 'Oh God, maybe this was a mistake...' ;-P

Naturally, Dagmar was dripping in fabulosity herself. Check out her lovely chandelier earrings…

Twinkle, twinkle...

District 9 star Vanessa Haywood was also out and about.

Dagmar, Vanessa and V's model friend who's name I didn't catch.

Vanessa’s just landed a contract to be the face of !QMS medicosmetics. (Must say, I’ve got a !QMS Freshening Tonic and its awesome. I’m sooo not a toner kinda girl, but it was gifted to me and has become a night time staple of mine. Love how it’s astringent enough to sweep away any spec of make-up or oil your cleanser might’ve missed, but leaves your skin feeling fresh and plump as opposed to ‘stripped’). Vanessa’s a bit of a Maybelline girl too – she loves their bestselling Great Lash mascara. ‘I’ve seen it in the make-up kits of make-up artists around the world’, she says.

Love V's shoes? They're Errol Arendz, daaarling... as is her zexy rokkie.

Another celebbie on the scene? eTV news presenter Tanya Nefdt.

Furniture designer Maria Santana and Tanya.

Tanya and I are lip gloss twins in that we’re both cray-cray for Estee Lauder’s new Pure Colour gloss. This eve, however, she was rocking a MAC Lustre lippie in Plumful.

Towards the end of the night, once my Cosmo kicked in, my ‘date’ and I (Eulogi Rheeder, MarieClaire’s feature ed), got on down to business of being fab with le fans that were used to blow the models’ hair back.

Blue Steel baby, yeah!

I know… I know… it’s so hard, going to all these parties and having to be classy and elegant and refined… but someone’s gotta do it…

Oooh! Now let me show you the best bit… the stuffed-to-the-brim goodie bags! (Nyhahahahah!) Look how spoiled we were:

Reeee! Guests were treated to a groot sak of Maybelline awesomeness. Will be trying everything out over the weekend and letting you know my thoughts...

And it got even better (or worse, if you’re my ass)…

Woop woop! See that bag of chocolate Alphabet biccies? By 11am today, I'd finished every last one! They're that good!

In all, this was a fun night out. A big hug to Taryn Fritz and Marina Nestle for putting it all together. ;-)

PR queen Marina Nestel. And yes, her tan is real...

Love, love


x x

GQ online’s launch party

16 Dec
Did you girls have a fabulous public holiday? (I had to spend some of it at the office, wrapping up Woolie’s summer 2011 campaign, but there was light at the end of the tunnel… I got to go to Beluga with a few girlfriends and drown myself in their white chocolate martini. If you haven’t had one, you haven’t lived – it’s like a Milky Bar in a glass!)

Anyway, last night I popped into GQ’s pool party. (It was held at the Table Bay hotel’s pool deck to celebrate the launch of the mag’s new website). As my darling boy was out of town, I decided to take Meneer Dax (he of Relax With…) along as my date.

The weather was a bit overcast and ‘meh’, but The Party Man, Richard Hardiman, was there to whip up a vibe.

Cosying up to the DJ. Always a good thing if, like me, you're fave songs include anything by Bony M...

Richard says the three biggest tracks blowing up the dancefloor this summer are Example’s Kickstart, The Black Eyed Peas’ The Time and Stromae’s Alors on Danse. ‘Whenever I play them the people in the clubs go absolutely wild…’, he says.

Speaking of wild, I want you to get a look at this girl’s hair.

Don't you love how she's coordinated her eye shadow with her locks?

This is model booker Rhoda Davids. She told me her quirky ‘indigo girl’ streaks are actually the results of a happy accident. She tried to put in blonde streaks, but they turned out a little orange. Thus, her sister added a bit of mecurochrome to her locks to try and tone them down. Instead, they turned out a vivid purple that actually looks really striking.

You love?

Another fun hair trend I’ve picked up on is the ‘witblitz’ crop. Everywhere I go I see girls rocking messy, bleached blonde ‘dos. I reckon it’s v. sexy and would totally love to follow suit, but I’m worried that I’m too pale to pull it off. But look how awesome it looks when done right…

Gwen? Is that you?!

This is the lovely Lize Kay (above). You might recognize her from the telly – she’s a presenter on Supersport, but I think she could get work as a double for Gwen Stefani. Her fab red lippie is L’Oreal Colour Rich Boosting Serum lipstick in True Red. ‘I love that it’s super moisturising and smells like cherries’, she said.

Another extreme blonde? The Girl Who’s Much Cooler Than Me That I Run Into Everywhere, stylist Marguerite Oelofse.

That vrou from Roxette aint got nothing on me, bitches...

I asked her the secret to maintaining her crop’s condition and she told me it’s ‘sexy men, whips n’ chains and whiskey…’ Thank God she told me, ‘cos I’ve been getting it wrong for ages, drinking all this bloody vodka…

(FYI, Margs’s the little sis of the equally eccentric Arthur Malan-Murison, GQ’s Creative Fashion Director. He was there, looking sharp as usually, but we were too busy swapping recipes to snap a piccie. He also told me that Carlyle’s on Derry do the best chicken livers in Cape Town…)

I did, however, grab one last ‘seriyas blonde shot’, thus I give unto thee the lovely Liezel van der Westhuizen.

Liezel's blonde maintenance plan is somewhat less exciting - she likes Davine's hair mask.

Look how tiny Dax looks posing next to her! I simply refuse to be snapped with her as the last time we said ‘cheese’ together, I came off looking like a dumpy li’l tree stump…

Anyhoo, after hitting up the Jameson’s bar…

Dankie Jameson's bar people... you were lovely...

… I said my goodbye’s to Jill Grogor, the publicity whizz who put the bash together. She was chatting to Lee-Anne Summer’s who STILL won’t give up any deets about the new movie she’s shooting… She has, however, had to dye her fabulous hair jet black!

Lee-Anne and Jill.

This shot might be the very last of Lee-Anne’s hair before she crossed over to the dark side… Getting it back to blonde is going to be one moerse journey, so lets hope she’s got lots of whiskey and zexy men to take care of any split ends… Shiny T-sections, however, are something she’s never has to worry about – to keep the oilies at bay and create a photo-ready finish in a flash, Lee-Anne relies on GloMinerals GloMatte finishing powder. (Wellness Warehouse is a stockist).

Before leaving, we ran into Nicky Greenwall and her man, Robin Fryer. (Robin owns modelling agency 20 Management. I always see his models Z cards lying around our office…)

Nicky rocking her 'serious' specs...

Nicky’s lipgloss was very much in theme with a pool party – Dior Kiss Luscious Lip Plumping Gloss in Pineapple Cocktail. It smells just like pina colada!

All the yumminess of a poolside PC - sans the kilojoules and hangover...

Schmoozing and boozing accomplished, Dax and I said our goodbyes and grabbed our goodie bags. (Reee!) Now let’s not pretend you don’t want to know what we snagged…

Ta da!

A merry mix of Garnier, Maybelline and Carolina Herrera. Oh, and don't forget the GQ!

I used the Garnier Pure face wash this morning and can tell you it’s tres clever in that it can also be applied in a nice, thick layer and used as a masque.

Right, I’m off to hit the sack and watch the very last episode of Dexter. Is it wrong to have a thing for a character that’s essentially a semi-ginger serial killer?

Later girls,


x x


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