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A fun night out at Blake’s Bar

13 Jun

Have any of you been to Blakes Bar? If not, pop round after work one day. It’s a nice little spot in Buitengracht street that’s set on three levels, so you can have dinner on one of them and them clamber up the stairs to the bar for a bit of a jol in their Late Night Lounge. Karis Piss, Nix and I popped in there a few weeks ago as they were having a Full Moon party. Been meaning to post about it for ages now, but the event took place just before I went on holiday and then I got sucked into a black hole of wek, wek, wek upon my return…

Anyhoo, Blakes pulled out all the stops so when we arrived, we were greeted by a talented, but none the less freaky-looking chica on stilts…

Wassup bietse...

…and all the barmen and hostesses were all dolled up in Harlyquin-style face paint.

That mooi meisie in the middle is the girl who painted everyone's faces for them. I now can't recall her name, but she's got mad skills and created the pretty lace effect with just a simple liquid liner.

Naturally, the first peeps we ran into were party boys Jeff and Omesh…

I've been asked a few times now if Jeff's my boyfriend, but to clear things up, we're just friends who like to get dronk and feel each other up for pics.

I also ran into writer/director Grant Roy, whom I adore.

Don't look so bleak Grant; you're dating Kelly Parkhurst!

Oooh! And look who I bummed a ciggie off on the deck; Nick Matthews AKA DJ Invisible from Gazelle!

Best lyrics ever? 'Papa ek moes die plaas verlaat as ek miss die disco ligte... te veel...'

KP’s, like, a MASSIVE Gazelle fan, so it only took her all of two seconds two wrap herself around the poor oke like sticky koeksister. As she’s a regte, egte Afrikaans poppie, she’s genetically programmed to seek out hot boys in avant-garde Afrikaans electro-bands. In fact, the last time I saw her so addled with Hot Afrikaans Boy Madness was when we stalked ran into Ryk Neething at his wine launch…

Yessiree, this was a fun night… However, as we were in the VIP section, the booze was free (woop, woop!), so we might’ve  gotten a little carried away towards the end of the evening…

'What do you mean you think we should call a cab?!'

Table dancing with Grant. Awesome when you're underage in a club, kinda sad when you're semi-middle-aged like moi and totally mortifying when you check your camera when you're sobre the next day...

Fun times on the floor...

To date there are still rumours flying around Cape Town that we had to be physically carried out the club. Naturally, KP and Nix, being Hardworking Businesswomen with Professional Images to Uphold find this most upsetting and would like me to let you know that that’s absolute rubbish. It was in fact just moi that had to physically removed… (snicker… snicker… ) Nix and Karis were able bodied enough to assist in dragging me out and we all got a lift home with MTV director dude Dave. En route, they stopped to wolf down prego rolls from the Woolie’s Engen, which they ate over my limp bod which was sprawled over their laps in the backseat. (I recall the two of them dribbling hot sauce into my hair and eyes before attempting to shove fistfulls of chips into my mouth. Nice girls… nice… )

So ja, this was definitely a fun night out. Thank you David (the owner, not the aforementioned designated Dave), we had a blast.

KP with her bra hanging out, Owner David doing a mean Tom Ford impression and me.

Love, love,

x x x


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