Crabtree & Evelyn’s mid season sale is now on

If you’re a Crabtree fan, take note that they’re running a big online sale right now that ends at midnight tonight. It then pops up again on the 9th of Feb until the 10th (of Feb.)

Sale Image NEW

Alternatively, you can shop the sale in store. It’s a little tricky as each store runs it on different dates but I thought I’d cut and paste them from the press release for you:

29 January – 8 February

29 January – 8 February

30 January – 8 February

15 – 25 January
Phone: +27 11 467

15 – 25 January

23 – 25 January

Hope you grab a killer bargain!

Review: Noreva Trio White Corrector Pen Targeted Action and Aquareva Moisturising Cream 24H

Now exclusive to Clicks, Noreva is a French dermaceutical brand with a pretty extensive line up that offer something for everybody – anti-aging, pigmentation-busting, hydrating, acne-improving, you name it, the line is there.

zThat French shizzle basically means 'developed by dermatologists'.

zThat French shizzle basically means ‘developed by dermatologists’.

I really appreciate that 99% of their products aren’t in jar packaging. This way, your ingredients are going to stay more potent for longer. While the concentration of their active ingredients isn’t salon-strength high, they sit a lot higher up in the ingredients list than the vast majority of other drug store skin care brands.

In terms of bang for your buck (out of the products I was given to try), I reckon Trio White Corrector Pen Targeted Action (R279,95) is a good pick.


Noreva Trio White Corrector Pen Targeted Action

It contains a higher concentration of pigementation-blitzing vitamin C than the brand’s Iklen anti-brown spot concentrate as well as alpha-arbutin (another proven melanin-inhibitor). It also claims to have an AHA in the mix but I’m uncertain as to what they’re using for that effect. (I’m not saying it’s not there, just that I can’t spot any of the ‘big 5’ AHA’s in the ingredients list and don’t have the time to google each and every ingredients to see which one they’re relying on to exfoliate.)

Exfoliation is especially important for anyone struggling with pigmentation. You want to ensure your cellular turnover rate’s nice and high as that speeds up your results. Essentially, you’re sloughing away the pigmented skin and wanting the clear, non-pigmented skin to rise to the surface and then keep it that way with a seriously good sunscreen.

Another goodie is Noreva’s Aquareva 24 Moisturising Cream Rich Textured (R199,95).


Noreva 24 H Moisturising Cream Rich Textured (FYI, a lighter textured version of this is also available which would be best for oily-combo skins needing hydration. And yes, it’s very possible to have oily dehydrated skin.)

So many brands equate dry skin with needing a heavy, body butter-like texture and that’s total bull. Formulations have come a long way and can now make use of hydrolysed (when the molecules have been made smaller) hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid that penetrate deep into skin to quench and plump it from within as opposed to slop around on top of it.

Aquareva 24 is one of those products and relies on mostly glycerine, hydrogenated coconut oil and mango seed butter as well as a dash of the aforementioned hyaluronic acid to get the job done so that now, when you feel like you need a bit more hydration, you don’t have to walk around feeling like you’ve rubbed the contents of Nivea’s little blue pot on your gesig.

To learn more about Noreva check out their site and give their goodies a squizz next time you find yourself in Clicks. And yes, I can’t believe I just used the word squizz! I feel like a dorky banana clip-wearing Grade 5 teacher but hey, it’s going to have to stay that way. I’m still riddled with flu and dying to hit ‘publish’ so I knock back two more Corenzas and black out half way through a podcast.

Love, love


Review: HASK Argan Oil from Morocco Repairing deep conditioner and shine oil

For those of you don’t know, HASK is an American hair care brand that’s now exclusive to Clicks. Their big angle is the use of natural exotic oils from zexy far-flung places. Think ‘repairing’ Argan oil from Morocco, ‘moisturising’ Macadamia oil from Australia and ‘nourishing’ Monoi oil (a blend of coconut and gardenia petals – yum!) from Polynesia. There’s also a ‘smoothing’ Keratin Protein line but they don’t mention where that’s from so it’s safe to assume its from a shit hole destination like North Korea. (Kidding!)

Anyway, I got to try a few goodies from the Argan oil range and really, really liked them. It’s focus is to ‘strengthen and restore’ making it appropriate for just about anyone.

Hask's Argan oil range

Hask’s Repairing Argan oil range

Anyway, of the Argan goodies I tried, I adored the Intense Deep Conditioning hair treatment mask (R49,95). It did a great job of hydrating my fine, colour-treated hair without making it feel heavy or greasy. I got a good three uses out of the packet and loved that it, along with all the other Argan products, had a yummy sweet orange oil scent.

Another gem is the Shine Hair Oil. At R49,95 for a tube that’ll last you forever it’s a serious beauty score. Like most hair serums, it’s 90% silicone with a dash of oil – but in all fairness, this one contains more argan oil than many of it’s competitors. I enjoyed smoothing a drop on my wet lengths to ensure a sleek-looking blow out and yep, there it was again, that refreshing, pretty citrusy scent!

Next time I spot HASK goodies in store, I’m going to give all the other ranges a sniff and probably toss a Monoi oil item into my basket. I’ve read online that it smells like mango coconut. Errrmiigoddd!

Seriously though, the packaging is just too pretty.

Seriously though, the packaging is just too pretty.

Other HASK pluses? They don’t test on our furry friends and free of sulphates, parabens* and pthalates.

Have you tried and any HASK goodies yourself? Chat to me in the comments section down below.

Love, love


*For the record, I don’t really have an issue with parabens but know many of you do. So there you go.

Best of the big ass Wet n Wild box

A little back Wet n Wild sent me a nice, big box of their goodies. Like all cheap and cheerful drug store brands, some of their items were cool and some were a bit kak, but overall I was really impressed and found several favourites, the first being this awesome eye shadow trio, Wet n Wild Color Icon in Walking on Eggshells (R69,95).


I ignored their ‘browbone, crease and eyelid advice’, choosing to live on the (wet and) wild side by doing my own thing. I’m a gangsta like that.

Quality-wise, I find Wet n Wild’s eye shadows are best comparable to Maybelline – nicely pigmented, but not crazily so and very easy to blend, blend, blend. Speaking of Maybelline, this particular shadow trio reminds me a helluva lot of one the brand used to make called Chocolate Mousse. I wore that pretty much every day in my teens and early twenties so Wet n Wild’s set kind of felt like coming home.

As far as mascara goes, I was given two to try – Mega Impact (R79,95) and XXL Lash (R84,95).


Wet n Wild Mega Impact mascara boasts the slightly more tapered brush (bottom right).

To be honest, when it came to results, I really struggled to tell the difference between the two but have decided I prefer Mega Impact as it’s tapered brush makes it the teensiest bit easier to get into corners. Just two coats results in decent enough volume, a little more length and good definition.

Walking on Eggshells (dark colour on my lid and the 'mid' shade in my crease) and mascara

Walking on Eggshells (dark colour on my lid and the ‘mid’ shade in my crease) and Mega Impact mascara.

Moving on to lippies – I really liked these boys.


Megaslicks Balm Stain in Red-dy Or Not (R49,95) and Wet n Wild Mega Last lip colour in Coral-ine (R44,95).

The stain goes on much like one of Revlon’s more moisturising ‘chubby sticks’ and yep, it really does stain your lips with colour. The only downer is that the cap eventually gets ‘loose’ and perpetually pops off in your handbag, turning everything you own a lovely shade of rooi. Still, I like this colour enough to relegate it to a separate compartment in my bag.

As for the coral shade, Coral-line, this is gorgeous as it’s long-wearing and blue-based. Meaning it won’t bring out the yellow in your teeth – the sole reason for me avoiding 99% of coral hues on the shelf. While it’s not as hydrating as the Balm Stain formula, it still feels comfortable on your lips. My only gripe, again, is the packaging. The colour won’t twist all the way down into the tube (you’d have to wear it down via use) so I often clip and chip it when trying to put the lid back on in a rush.

Wearing the aforementioned goodies on my eyes and Coral-ine on my lips.

Wearing the aforementioned goodies on my eyes and Red-dy Or Not (the Balm Stain) on my lips. I love how the latter’s an easy way to wear red in the day due to it’s sheer, juicy finish.

Other gems? Wet n Wild Wild Shine nail color in Red Red, a mere R24,05!

Wet n Wild

Excuse the shitty paint job. I’m a busy girl, okay?

Yes, it was shiny when dry, but then it chipped like crazy. But with a top coat it gets a two thumbs up. I liked that you only needed two coats to get the desired opacity; it dried fast and the colour is the perfect cherry red that’s super flattering for cool-toned peeps like myself.

One last thing – Wet n Wild Coverall Pressed Powder (R54,95) is fantastic! I’ve accidentally deleted my piccie and don’t want to photograph it now as it’s been living in my makeup bag for a while and now looks a bit nasty thanks to a cracked cover, but this is seriously good stuff considering the price tag. I like that the coverage can be as sheer or heavy as you want and, unlike most cheap powders, the texture isn’t chalky in the least.

Keen to try Wet n Wild cosmetics yourself? Keep an eye out for them in selected Clicks stores.

Love, love


I’m ba-aaack! (Almost)

So it’s 2015. Thank God! I don’t know about you, but I worked like a dog in 2014 and it felt like nothing came easy. Sure, I got the things I wanted. But I had to fight, fight, fight for every bloody thing. And nothing came without drama. A big fight with a douchery that is Cell C. My Telkom line imploding. My bag o’ dicks rental company trying to hike things up beyond the parameters of my contract… Pretty much everything was a giant las. So ja. I’m glad 2014 is gone. Ashes to that. I’m ready for 2015. Almost.

I’ve spent the last three days lying in bed with extreme fatigue, body aches and pains, a raging sore throat and dripping with snot. My friends are worried about me. They’re convinced I’ve picked up some horrid tropical disease while on holiday in Thailand (which was amazing – you can check out my pics on Instagram) but I know my body and I know flu and that’s exactly what this is.

From hero...

From hero…

.. zero.

…to zero.

Today’s the first day I’ve started to feel human again but now I’m swamped with crazy backlog – all the random adminny things I should’ve been doing instead of lying in bed watching an odd amount of Bradley Cooper movies. (Is it just me or is he in pretty much everything these days? Either way, American Sniper is a goodie even though I had to watch the ending a gazillion times ‘cos I kept on falling asleep/blacking out.)

Anyway, let’s see how I manage to roll this day out. I have a few draft reviews I can bash out so we can get back into the swing of things. I don’t care to bore you wanky New Year’s resolutions or anything. I’ll just dive right in. Still, this is me wishing you a kick ass 2015. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a really good feeling about this year, (despite it’s snotty, Corenza C-addled start.)

Love, love


Bye for now and see you again in 2015

Right! I’m finally off to Thailand to island hop and shop til I drop with a group of seven besties. This is me saying ta ta for now and good bye to 2014.

Our first stop is Bangkok but I'm counting the seconds til we hit the islands.

Our first stop is Bangkok but I’m counting the seconds til we hit the islands.

I hope you all had a relaxing Christmas and wish you all a kick ass New Year. (I’ll be at the Full Moon party, possibly waving a glow stick) and we’ll ‘chat’ again after my return to South Africa on the 8th.

Love, love


Reviews: Moroccanoil Weightless Hydration Mask, Vivabox and Revlon Gel Envy polish

It’s almost time to wrap things up for the year, but not just yet – I’ve got a few beauty bits and pieces I want to chat about, the first being Moroccanoil Weightless Hydrating mask (usually R420 but now just R336 from

A small scoop with three fingers goes a long way. A small scoop with three fingers goes a long way.

A small scoop with three fingers goes a long way.

It’s been formulated for fine hair in need of a little more hydration (i.e. me after I’ve tortured my hair with too many hot styling tools) but I was a little nervy about trying it as my hair’s super fine and Moroccanoil’s volumising conditioner, which should’ve been ideal, was a bit too heavy for me and left my hair feeling greasy. It would be only natural to assume that the mask would then be even heavier but – surprise – it worked like a bomb.

I waited for a day where I could afford to rewash my hair if I needed to and massaged it all over my hair, from root to tip. I then waited five minutes or so before washing it out and the result was bouncy, clean-feeling hair that was easy to comb while wet and soft and shiny while dry. It also gave my hair that yummy, musky Moroccanoil scent that I never used to appreciate but now just can’t get enough of.

While I wouldn’t rely on this mask to ‘repair’ any kind of damage (for that you need to look out for keratin), it does do exactly what it promises – extra hydration for fine, dry hair.

Now let’s chat about Vivabox (R990, exclusive to Red Square). If you’re currently running around with crazy eyes trying to find a last minute gift this one could be a goodie. Essentially, it’s a beautifully packaged box of six fragrance samples that includes a voucher to snap up the full-sized version of the scent.


Pretty packaging, right?

The scents in the box are as follows:

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP, Robert Cavalli Nero Assoluto (yep, I’d never heard of that one either), Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle, Eau De Lacoste, Calvin Klein Reveal, Paco Rabanne Lady Million and Davidoff Cool Water Woman.

Vivabox, isn’t just for girls – there’s a guys version too. For more info, pop on over to Red Square online.

Last but not least, I want to tell you about Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy longwear nail enamel (R110). Available in 30 shades all inspired by the casino, they combine a base coat and colour in one, but I’d still suggest you use a base coat anyway to prevent staining.

As far as promises go, when used in conjunction with the Diamond Top Coat, the polishes aim to serve up long-wearing vibrant colour with a gel-like shine.

Revlon Gel Envy in SHADES NAMES.

From left to right: The Diamond Top Coat, Beginners Luck, All In and High Stakes.

While it’s true, the colours do look just as glossy with gel on day one of wearing the top coat, this eventually diminishes as the days roll on and by day three the colour I’d trialled (All In) had started to chip. Still, I’m always typing which is hard on your nails so, if you’re me, three days is pretty good. I also liked the nice, long brush which I didn’t photograph ‘cos I’m a moron which made the colour very easy to apply. Being a nice ‘opaque’ formula, you only needed two coats to get the full effect – and this goes for all the shades, even Beginners Luck.

In all – or All In – I reckon Revlon’s doing themselves a disservice by comparing this to gel ‘cos it’s nothing like that and if you go in expecting that you’ll be disappointed. However, if you’re looking for a long-wearing nail colour, you’re going to be impressed.

See anything you like?

Love, love