Lush South Africa launches their new Christmas goodies for 2014

Oh hey there Lush fans – the store’s Christmas goodies are now available in store as well as online*! Squeee! It was held at Suprette in Woodstock and we all left with a pressie, hot choccie and a gingerbread ninja – my kinda launch.

Lush launch

Pictured on the left is Holly Golightly, a yummy clove, cinnamon and patchouli bubble bar.

I’m a huge fan of Lush in general, but their Christmas goodies always seriously float my boat ‘cos, for the most part, they make use of warm, spicy, comforting fragrances – think cinnamon, and ginger – that I love. Keep that in mind when I show you my favourites as the bias is pretty obvious, starting with Hot Toddy, a ruby red, cinnamon-scented shower gel that smells exactly like those fireball sweets my sister and I used to love when we were little. (Hell, I still love ’em today.) I remember my sister used to wuss out and wash hers under the tap before eating them, but I was a balls to the wall fireball eater which makes Hot Toddy my new shower BFF. It’s also a big bottle o’ solace that, as I no longer have a bath, can’t use Cinders, Lush’s epic, similar-smelling cinnamon fizzing bath bomb or Melting Snowman bath melt (R45).

Hot Toddy shower gel to the left and Melting Snowman to the right.

Hot Toddy shower gel to the left and Melting Snowman to the right.

Yog Nog (R45.50 for 100g) is a creamy, dreamy soap inspired by Egg Nog, one of my favourite drinks in the world which I’d probably live on if it weren’t so bloody fattening. Insert sad face here. By the way, did you know you can by Egg Nog by the litre at supermarkets in the states? Ermigoddd! But ja, to get back to Yog Nog – it’s made using soy yoghurt and clove spice and sprinkled with cocoa and nutmeg powder. In short, it’s good enough to eat.

I want to melt Yog Nog on my stove and rub it all over my skin like lotion but that probably won't end well, hey?

I want to melt Yog Nog on my stove and rub it all over my skin like lotion but that probably won’t end well, hey?

Snow Angel (R65) is a marzipan-scented bath fizzer that, to my nose, also boasts the teensiest, tiniest drop of pine that makes it smell just like Christmas. Seriously. I picked this dude up and BOOM, I was transported to Kersfees in li’l ole’ Port Elizabeth, complete with my Ouma’s boozy trifle and Boney M. Very, very nice. I nearly deleted my piccie of it on Instagram (I’m lipglossgirlxoxo) as it was a bit blurry and I’m riddled with OCD but didn’t as it turned out to be a real hit. I also discovered two of my fellow beauties, Lauren from Dear Heart Beauty and Emmy from Rouge Beauty are also total slette for marzipan.

I don't mean to sound like a snob, but once you taste marzipan in France everything else is a big ball of kak.

I don’t mean to sound like a snob, but once you taste marzipan in France everything else is a big ball of kak.

The Golden Wonder bath bomb (R65) is another serious goodie so I was thrilled to get one in the Golden Wonder gift box, along with a golden Fun (R89), that Lush was kind enough to give me. Shaped like a ribbon-bedecked pressie, it’s all about uplifting sweet orange, lime and cognac oils and promises ‘champagne-scented skin’. Er, sold! I’m probably going to end up buying these en masse to give to my fellow ‘Brat Pack’ members for Christmas. A fitting gift as we’re always celebrating Champagne o’ Clock together.

Golden Wonder bath bomb and 'Fun' a multi-tasking play-do-like cleanser that smells like Honey I Washed the Kids soap, another Lush favourite of mine.

Golden Wonder bath bomb and ‘Fun’ a multi-tasking play-do-like cleanser that smells like Honey I Washed the Kids soap, another Lush favourite of mine. You can break it off bit by bit and use it to wash your body and hair.

Anyway, I hope you’ve spotted a few items you’d be keen to try yourself. If not, there are loads more Christmas-themed goodies sitting in store just waiting for your sniffage. And, if you’re not a spice girl like me, know there are loads of other scents – from the cotton candy sweetness of Snow Fairy shower gel to the citrusy Satsuma-scent of the Dashing Santa bath bomb.

Love, love


*I couldn’t find everything I saw at the launch in the online store but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until it filters through.

Guess who’s back… back again… (possibly from the dead)

Hello, hello!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week – I’ve had my hands full with wek, wek, wek – freelancing at an agency in the avies and scripting on weekends. You can catch my shizz on Top Billing if you’re interested. I’ve been writing the voice overs for two or three segments for the past while now. Super fun and I get to do it from my bed, clad in a tatty old gown while shoving Lay’s Sundried Tomato & Olive kettle cooked chips into my face. Don’t let anyone tell you working in TV isn’t glamorous.

Anyway, my agency stint ends today so I’ll have a lot more time on my hands and can get back to posting daily. As it is, I have a bit of a backlog of shizz I want to tell you. In the meantime, as it’s Halloween, I leave you with my zexy zombie look that I’m looking forward to terrifying co-workers with later.





What do you mean I have something in my teeth?


I never feel truly alive until I've had my coffee

I never feel truly alive until I’ve had my coffee

If you’re going to a Halloween party later and want to emulate the look, you’ll find my zombie tutorial over here.

Love, love (and a dash of vengeful zombie evilness)



Okay, I spoke too soon. Turns out I’m needed in the ad world for another two weeks. Might only post three times a week. We’ll see how it goes. I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself at the moment ‘cos I’m feeling pretty burned out right now. (For those who don’t know, I spend my morning’s doing fashion and beauty editing for a website and write for various websites, mags and PR companies on a regular basis. (Aside from the odd advertorial, my blog isn’t my income and that’s how I prefer it.) So ja. Busy, busy times. But it’s not forever – it’s just for now.

Cintron Pink Polo at Val de Vie 2014 – A glam day out for a very good cause

Val de Vie Estate in Paarl plays host to a number of prestigious horsey events but the Pink Polo is now a new favourite. Essentially, it’s a glamorous polo match held to raise funds for breast cancer, with a good chunk of the proceeds going towards CANSA.

Fun, fun, fun!

Fun, fun, fun!

This year, the event’s main sponsor was Cintron, a premium energy drink available in three flavours – original, cranberry and pineapple. I tried all of them and really liked the original. It tastes a lot like Red Bull but uses more natural ingredients. Think real fruit juice, mineral water and organic cane sugar. Yumness!


Elrico was obsessed with the pineapple flavour. Obsessed!

Rokkie-wise, you don’t have to wear pink – the dress code simply says ‘polo chic’ – but most people do and this makes for super pretty photos. As I didn’t have anything pink in my cupboard save for Hello Kitty panties, I dashed out to Woolies the day before and found the mooiest li’l maxi dress in their Studio.w collection.

From left to right: Jacques

From left to right: Designer Kobus Dippenaar, Clouds wearing one of his creations, celeb stylist Duncan Pape et moi. (Piccie by the talented Werner Ryke.)

I spent most of my day with fellow bloggers Clouds, Elrico and Ritza (apparently certain media have affectionately dubbed us ‘The Brat Pack’ which is something we’re embracing), Duncan Pape, model/all round ‘kiff chick’ Brigitte Williers and Associated Magazines’ PR Jaco-Louis Groenwald.


Clockwise: Ritza and Clouds; Duncan and I; a yummy Cintron cocktail and Jaco-Louis and Brigitte. 

How much do we love what Ritza’s wearing? She totally deserves her own piccie:

Those spangly glasses were sooo Elton John and I drove her a bit mental by forcing her to endure my sing-screaming rendition of Tiny Dancer.

Hold me closer, tiny dancer! Those spangly glasses are sooo Elton John! (Another Werner Ryke piccie.)

Other peeps on the scene included Ryk Neethling and TV and radio’s Tracey Lange (aaaargh! I didn’t get that pic of you – so sorry!) as well as this lot:

Clockwise: Surfer girl Roxy Louw, Elizabeth Arden spokesmodel Adeola Ariya and the brand's communications manager Alice Cardarelli, actress Natalie Becker and TV's Tanya Neft and Fairlady PR Roxanne Cloete.

Clockwise: Surfer girl Roxy Louw, Elizabeth Arden spokesmodel Adeola Ariyo and the brand’s PR manager Alice Cardarelli, actress Natalie Becker and TV’s Tanya Neft and Fairlady PR Roxanne Cloete.

Aside from the polo, guests were entertained with a Jenni Button fashion show but I don’t have any piccies of that as my camera doesn’t handle people moving very well. You’ll find some nice one’s over here. There was also a display of very sexy luxury cars and, during what could best be described as ‘half time’, guests got to walk out on the field to ‘stomp divots’, a fancy term for flattening the grass again. This is actually super fun ‘cos you get to pretend you’re a ‘classy lady’, channelling your inner Julia Roberts (remember that scene in Pretty Woman?) while trying to not have your wind-buffeted hair track lip gloss all over your face.

Stomping up a storm with Elizabeth Arden's Alice Cardarelli.

Stomping up a storm with my lovely Alice.

Still, for me, the real draw card was the food AKA as the joy of living it up in the VIP section. The last time I saw so many decadent pink eats all in one place was like my 8th birthday party, but this time round we’re talking gooey, gilded, petal-bedecked mini rosewater cheesecakes and organic beetroot and feta tarts as opposed to Zoo biscuits and Fizzers. I can’t tell you how many of those li’l cheesecakes I ate, but let’s just say I might as well start cruising Groupon for a good iLipo package. They were so good I just couldn’t stop! And then there was the cheese – the beautiful, heavenly cheese!

I'd look even more excited if I didn't have ten litres of Botox in my face.

I’d look even more excited if I didn’t have ten litres of Botox in my face.

Towards the end of the day, what with all the free-flowing Pongraz bubbly and yummy Cintron cocktails (served up by the cutest, most efficient barman), things got a little blurry around the edges but I managed to retain my classy lady-ness throughout.

Classy, classy!

What do you mean my horse didn’t win?! Bring me its head on a plate…

Also, thanks to Cintron, I even managed to hit up a friend’s ‘big girls’ night in’ party later that eve when, already that morning, I was considering pulling out as I was convinced a day at the polo would’ve wiped me out.

Later, when I lay in bed twitching with eyes like a nag aapie, riddled with energy drink-induced insomnia, my thoughts were as following:

1. ‘Guess you shouldn’t have had that fifth Cintron, but damn it was delish….
2. ‘What an awesome day out – and for such a great cause!’
3. ‘Why didn’t I shove more of those blerrie cheesecakes into my handsak? Whhhhhy?!!!’

A big dankie, dankie to The Little Black Book PR for having me. Your event was picture perfect and I had a total blast.

Love, love


So who’s going to win that Karl Lagerfeld watch?

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I was given a gorgeous Karl Lagerfeld watch to give away and have been running a comp called My Pet’s Cooler than Choupette. (Choupette is Karl’s super spoiled, first class-flying, caviar nibbling kitty.)

Zexy, zexy!

A Karl Lagerfeld ‘7’ watch, it’s worth R4 700.

To enter, you had to send me a piccie of your pet living the high life and while many of you did just that, the majority of the entries were a bit poor. We’re talking blurry cell cam shots of cats sitting on couches looking utterly bored with zero styling to indicate le glam le vie. In fact, the shots looked like those that people happened to just have at hand sommer. Those all totally didn’t cut it people. This is a Karl Lagerfeld watch and I want you to work for it.

Anyway, there were a few gems and I’ve selected them as the finalists. Take a look:

King London

King London

















cropped collage final



King dog


Cuteness, ne?

Now, in order to pick a winner, I’ve gone all Idols-y and selected ‘four’ judges. The first two are my mom and sister who are both fur baby crazy. (Our whole family’s actually big into animals.) The ‘third’ is the peanut gallery at the ad agency I’m currently freelancing in and the fourth is you. Please drop me a comment (not an email) to let me know your top pick. The cut off point is 3pm today and the pet that gets the most votes will count as the reader’s choice. Ultimately, I’ll then take a look at those four ‘picks’ and hope to God we don’t end up with four different choices. But either way, the process will be pretty transparent.

So, let me know what’s floating your boat – we’ve got a watch to give away!

Love, love



A big congrats to Princess on winning the watch. The four finalists, chosen by my judges, were Reese, King London, Pumba and Princess (the latter two were a tie as voted by readers). I then handed them over to Barabara, the PR, who acted as the penultimate judge and decided that Princess got an A+ for effort.

Again, congratulations to Alizanne Mohr, proud owner of Princess and now that hot Karl Lagerfeld watch.

Reviews: John Frieda Sheer Blonde Everlasting Blonde, Justine SheerVelvet BB cream and Good Things’ Manuka Honey line

Ready to jump in?

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Everlasting Blonde Colour Preserving shampoo and conditioner

John Frieda, exclusive to Clicks, has just launched yet another range that specifically targets blondes. (FYI, their Go Blonder range, the one that lightens up your locks is lovely, as is their tone-correcting violet shampoo, but I’m not sure if the latter’s still available at Clicks as I haven’t seen it for a while.) Anyway, let’s talk about the newbies – Everlasting Blonde Colour Preserving sham and con (R95 a pop).

John Frieda Everlasting Blonde sham and con

John Frieda Everlasting Blonde sham and con

If you’re a blonde poppie soos ek, you’ll know you can step out the salon with light, bright locks, but these eventually ‘dull down’ as time goes on. John Frieda’s new line reckons it can help prevent this by removing the mineral deposits (found in water) that make your hair look ‘meh’ and makes use of ‘water-resistant technology’ to minimise the amount of water that penetrates into your hair shaft. I have no clue what kind of tech that is. A coating of silicone? Either way, I really like these guys. They’ve got a lovely fresh-floral scent and leave my hair feeling clean but easy to brush when wet and bouncy and light when dry.

I can’t comment on the colour-preserving aspect just yet as it’s been about six weeks since I last got highlights, so any oxidation and what not’s already taken place. But I’m now going to pop Everlasting Blonde into my bathroom cabinet and bring ’em out again after my next salon session to see if I notice any difference in how long I can keep my colour-looking ‘bright’, after which I’ll update this post.

Justine Colour Studio SheerVelvet BB Cream SPF 15

Between you and me, I don’t think South Africa has many true BB creams. The whole idea is that they’re supposed to treat while covering and, while many of the BB’s do have active ingredients in them, for the most part, the concentration is minimal which, in my eyes, makes them tinted moisturisers or light foundations.

Justine’s new BB (price TBA) is one of those products – it’s really more of a light, hydrating mineral-based foundation than a BB. But in saying that, it’s a fabulous one. The medium shade is actually quite dark but as it’s nice and sheer and blends like a dream, I can get away with wearing it and it gives my skin a healthy-looking glow. Also, as the formula contains lots of Alumina, a light-reflecting pigment, the radiance-factor’s boosted even further.

Justine SheerVelvet BB Cream SPF 15

Justine SheerVelvet BB Cream SPF 15

Another plus? It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on my oily-combo skin, something other more ‘hydrating’ BBs and tinted moisturisers have done in the past. But to wrap this up, in short, this is luuurvly stuff.

Good Things’ Manuka Honey line

Another Clicks exclusive, Good Things is an inexpensive skincare line aimed at a slightly younger audience that hails from the UK. Created by award-winning beauty writer Alice Hart-Davis, it prides itself on being free of foaming agent sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens and mineral oils. (But between you and me, none of those ingredients bother me in the least.)

The line’s latest collection is called Manuka Honey and makes use of bee-related ingredients like hydrating royal jelly, beeswax, honey and propolis (a mix of beeswax and resin) as well as the teensiest drop of ‘venom’ that, the brand reckon, can help boost collagen production.

Good Things' Manuka Honey collection, exclusive to Clicks

Good Things’ Manuka Honey collection, exclusive to Clicks

Of all the items in the line – a Daily Moisturiser, Cream Cleanser, Refining scrub and Radiance face mask – I reckon the cream cleanser would be the winner in regards to making promises and delivering.

As far as natural ‘actives’ go, it makes use of hydrating glycerin, beeswax, honey (also a good antibacterial ingredient) and royal jelly as well as antioxidants vitamin E, honeydew melon and black raspberry juice. It’s also got a subtle floral-honey scent that reminds me a bit of The Body Shop’s Honeymania line and did a nice job of dissolving make-up before I wiped it off with a hot cloth. Afterwards, my skin felt cleansed but without being stripped of moisture.

The Radiance face mask, essentially a kaolin (white clay) mask to absorb ‘impurities’ and excess oil from your gesig is also rather nice. It also makes use of beeswax, honey, melon and black raspberry as well as the teensiest dash of papaya to ‘brighten’, although I wouldn’t rely on it as my sole source of exfoliant. If you really want to peel and reveal using papaya specifically, I’d rather invest in something like Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel. Or you could just go hard guns like I do with the AHA’s in Optiphi’s awesome Classic Refine-Foliant kit or Environ’s Intensive Alpha Hydroxy Gel.

But ja, if you’re looking for a lekker kaolin mask that won’t break the bank – and is also cost-effective in that it’s not being sold to you in a single use sachet – Good Thing’s Manuka Honey variant is a very nice option. Also, here the pretty scent is super duper evident.

See anything you like?

Love, love


Fragrance review: YSL Black Opium EDP

I’ve never been an Opium fan. I find it a bit too spicy but, more than anything, kind of musty. It’s just not my bag. Many of the subsequent interpretations, however, have been lovely. The sheer citrus and warm vanilla concoction that is Vapeurs de Parfum is one of my favourites and you can check out my review over here.

The most recent Opium spin-off is a sexy little thing called Black Opium Eau de Parfum.

Opium Black - how much do we love the black glitter bottle?

How much do we love the black glitter bottle?

Brit model Edie Campbell is the face and the vibe it’s going for is ‘dark, devil-may-care rock chick’.

Edie Campbell for YSL Opium Black.

Edie Campbell for YSL Opium Black.

FYI, the moment I saw this pic, I was all ‘Oh, looky, looky! It’s my friend Tracy in a black wig!’



Aside from being a Hottie MacHottie and my favourite person to hit up Ocean Basket with (fried haloumi top ups and creamy feta all the way, bietse!) Trace also has her own tres mooi lifestyle, fashion and beauty blog, Tales of the Fashion Fox. On twitter she’s @TheFashionFox.

But ja. Let’s get back to Black Opium… Seeing the campaign, you’d expect a deep, smoky scent steeped in mystery – the kind of scent that Kesha chica, the gal who brushes her teeth with a bottle of Jack, would wear. But, as it turns out, it’s a sweet, chocolately hug from a labrador puppy. Because of this, many original Opium fans are up in arms and consider the scent an abomination of sorts. But for me, the girl who rather likes gourmand (but not too sweet), comforting scents, especially in bleh, overcast, jersey ‘n boots weather, it’s absolutely awesome.

Officially, the notes are as follows: pink pepper, orange blossom and pear up top and a heart of coffee (yum!) and jasmine resting on a bed of vanilla, patchouli and cedar. To me, however, I get a fresh burst of sweet orange blossom soon followed by jasmine, vanilla-patchouli, marshmallow and the teensiest bit of coffee.

In a way, it reminds me a lot of Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle and, as it turns out, they share a lot of the same notes. It also makes me think of something Lush would make and we all know I’m a total slet for their stuff. For me, it’s a great night-time/cold weather fragrance when you’re feeling a little bit flirty. I also like that it smells ‘expensive’. Like I could see my German friend’s uber glamourous, ex-model mom who dresses the teensiest bit too young for her age but gets away with it ‘cos she’s a total MILF and has that whole permanently tanned and gelished, drowning in Versace, Real Housewive’s thing going on. I realise this sounds utterly dreadful but I really do mean it as a compliment. My college friends and I all aspired to grow up to be Caroline’s mom.

Anyway, to wrap things up, I’m not really all that young anymore. I don’t have a tongue ring or lie in bed listening to vintage Daft Punk while smoking. I don’t wear smudged black eye liner and date angsty, tatted up boys who play the drums. (They simply don’t earn enough money to put my kids through Reddam. Sorry darlings!) In short, I’m not the least bit ‘rock chick’. But to me, that’s not who Black Opium really is. And I really, really like it. A lot.

If you’re interested, please do give it a sniff and let me know your thoughts. It’s in store now going for R695 for 30mls.

Love, love


Review: Yardley’s new Metallic Fusion collection

Yardley has a new colour collection out called Metallic Fusion, inspired by this season’s metallic fashion trend, and sent me the prettiest press drop to show it off.


A bouquet full of Yardley mooiness!

Overall, I find the colours a bit wintery-looking, but hey, I’ve never dressed up my face according to the season – I wear the colours that suit me best all year round. The heroes of the line, I reckon, are the two Stayfast lip products – Liquid Matte Vinyl lip colour (R79,95) and High Definition lipgloss (R79,95). The fruity scented lipgloss is nicely pigmented to the point where it could almost step into liquid lipstick territory. Despite being non-sticky, it’s got decent staying power. Of the two shades, Cast Iron Coral and Pink Alloy, the latter’s my favourite in that it’s a nice ‘nude’ with enough pink in it to not wash me out. In this way, it reminds me a helluva lot of a Rimmel lipgloss called Snog that I used to love and adore back in high school (which now feels like a zillion years ago, like back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.)


Going clockwise you’ve got Cast Iron Coral, swatches of Pink Alloy on the left and CIC on the right, the Liquid Matte lippies and then swatches of Electric Tangerine and  Engine Red. No prizes for guesses which is which.

As for the Liquid Matte Vinyl colours, these are definitely in the liquid lippie zone. Initially, they go on with a bit of a shine which will give matte-cravers an initial burst of disappointment, but if you blot this off with your finger you’re left with a long-lasting matte colour that doesn’t feel like it’s going to dry out your lips and it’s back to happiness. I don’t wear orange or yellow-based corals – it’s blue-based all the way in a bid for even whiter-looking teeth – so Electric Tangerine isn’t for me. Engine Red, however, is a winner. Amazingly pigmented, ultra lightweight and almost a little bit stainalicious.

Eyes-wise, I didn’t fall in love with Yardley’s Lash Plumper Mascara (R99,95) – it adds colour, like ink, but doesn’t build to create volume- but the Kajal Pencil (R89,95) is great – a soft black, it glides on beautifully and can be blended to create a little smoke before it sets. As for the Stayfast Single Shadows (R69,95), I found Mineral Mauve to be the winner in regards to quality. It’s fabulously pigmented and stokes on a lot easier than the other two.


The shadow swatches going left to right are Copper Ore, Stripped Gold, Mineral Mauve and Gunmetal Green.

If you check the collection out yourself, let me know your thoughts.

Love, love