Stuff I liked: GOSH’s Kiss Me! lip balm, Rubybox’s Smooch Stick, TRESemme’ Naturals Nourishing Moisture shampoo and conditioner and Justine’s Tissue Oil body butter and skin repair face cream

3 Feb

A lot of new beauty booty crossed my desk this month. Some items were cool, some were kak, but I thought I’d focus on a few of the goodies I liked best, the first being GOSH Kiss Me! moisturising lip balm, R99, selected Edgars and Red Square stores.

Available in six shades, this hydrating, unscented lip balm crayon is kind of like a less pigmented, non-stain-y version of Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable lip stains. I love how it goes on nice and smoothly, feels like almost nothing on your lips and yet the colour doesn’t slide off your lips the moment you crack open a Coke Zero.


GOSH Kiss Me! moisturising lip balm in Hot Kiss.

The best bit, however, is that the shade I was given, Hot Kiss, makes wearing red lippie all too easy in that it goes on nice and sheer. I’ve always avoided red lipstick in the fast as I felt it looked too severe against my pale skin and created the illusion of smaller looking lips. This is why I’ve only ever worn sheer red gloss like MAC’s lipglass is Venetian. GOSH’s lip balm, however, is another item that delivers a zexy red pop without looking too harsh or opaque so it’s become a handbag staple.

Now for the bad news: This is a limited edition item that launches in February. Insert sad face here.

So, I’m most definitely going to stock up and buy another of these the moment it hits the shelves and hope to God they sell so well that GOSH decides to keep them as a permanent part of their line up.

Another lip pencil to love? Rubybox Beauty Smooch Stick, R129,95, The beauty sample box brand have created their own in-house beauty line, Rubybox Beauty, which is currently pretty small but is sure to grow. One of their newer products is a lip crayon available in just one shade, Tangerine Tango, a bright summery orange.

Rubybox Smooch Stick

Rubybox Beauty Smooch Stick in Tangerine Tango.

Alas, this colour doesn’t really work for me, I’m just not a coral kinda girl. Still, I could judge the pencil’s quality and it’s impressive in that it packs a serious colour punch. In fact, the pay off is pretty much the exact opposite of GOSH’s lippie; if you don’t want sheer and are looking for a bold, opaque lip colour this is it. Thanks to hydrating beeswax, it feels nice and comfy on your lips, like a hydrating lipstick. There’s also the teensiest dash of antioxidant vitamin E in the mix.

Like I said, Tangerine Tango isn’t for me but if rubybox every whipped this product out in another hue, say a bright fuchsia, I’d be pretty excited to try it.

Next up? TRESemme’ Naturals Nourishing Moisture shampoo and conditioner, R75 for 750mls each.


TRESemme’ Naturals Nourishing Moisture shampoo and conditioner.

TRESemme’s Natural’s Nourishing Moisture line isn’t all that new but it is new to me in that this is the first time I’ve tried it. While the Naturals Radiant Care line targets those with ‘normal’ hair, Nourishing Moisturise is for those with a slightly drier hair type or anyone who needs a bit more TLC; think highlighted blondes like me.

While the shampoo’s low sulphate so it’s less likely to ‘strip’ your hair (great for those who colour), the biggie here is the fact that both products are silicone-free. While I don’t mind a few silicone’s in my sham and con, there are women who have an issue* with them and having this as an option on the shelves is awesome. They also make use of hydrating organic avocado oil and aloe leaf juice but these are listed pretty low in the ingredients list. Your main moisture sources are the (non-drying) fatty alcohols common in just about every conditioner on the shelf.

But ja, formulation aside, I like this hydrating duo as they give my fine blonde colour treated hair just enough hydration so that it’s easy to detangle while wet and doesn’t feel weighed down when dry. I also like their fresh, clean, ‘green’-smelling scent. I’m thus very happy to keep them in my shower and rotate them with more hydrating, sleekening, silicone-riddled shampoos to avoid silicone build up without having to resort to a harsh, ‘stripping’ clarifying shampoo.

Now let’s chat about Justine’s awesome new tissue oil range. I’ve always known about Justine’s tissue oil but hadn’t realised that the range had grown to become so extensive. You can now buy their tissue oil with SPF 25 (R210), a tissue oil hair mask (R99), a tissue oil body scrub (R99), a tissue oil lip therapy (R115) and the list just goes on and on. In fact, there are seventeen different tissue oil items to choose from!

Justine Tissue Oil Softening body butter and Skin Repair face cream SPF20.

Justine Tissue Oil Softening body butter and Skin Repair face cream SPF20.

Of all the items I was sent, I most enjoyed using the Softening body butter (R195). It contains a huge amount of hydrating sweet almond oil and I love how it simply melts into your skin leaving it feeling supple and soft. Also, thanks to the inclusion of collagen-encouraging antioxidants vitamin E and retinyl palmitate, it’ll do a little more than just moisturise.

Another goodie? Justine Tissue Oil Skin Repair face cream SPF 20 (R245). A lightweight lotion, it’s also infused with vitamin E and retinyl palmitate plus hydrating rosehip and sweet almond oils. Then there’s the SPF of 20 and the fact that it’s packaged in a nice stable pump bottle as opposed to a jar. All this means Justine’s new face cream is a very viable option if you’re looking for a good daily moisturiser that you can team with a more intensive anti-aging serum should you wish to fend off Father Time.

To view Justine’s latest brochures online and get in touch with a rep in your area visit them on Facebook over here. You’ll also find more details on a tissue oil-related Me-Minutes comp they’re running in which you can win a day in the life of a celeb worth R20 000 which includes products, a spa, shopping and fine dining experience plus luxurious overnight accommodation and a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini!

So, you see anything you’d be keen on trying yourself? Feel free to chat to me in the comments section below.

Love, love


*Contrary to the popular myth, shampoos and conditioners that contain silicones aren’t bad for your hair. You only get into trouble if the product has a crazy high silicone content. In this case, especially if you have fine hair, it can build up fast, resulting in a coated hair shaft that battles to absorb hydrating ingredients and limp looking locks due to the excess baggage. Still, if you use a clarifying shampoo every couple of days to remove excess silicone, this isn’t going to be a problem. In fact, for the most part, especially for those who have dry or frizz-prone hair, silicone’s a total God send.

Review: BioNike Defence Hydra5 Radiance illuminating moisturising cream and Defence Tolerance Essential cleansing water

31 Jan

So let’s talk about BioNike! For those of you who don’t know, BioNike is a very well-priced Italian brand that’s exclusive to Dis-Chem. The company prides itself on being suitable for those with sensitive skin and uses the lowest number of ingredients needed to get the job done.

While their ingredient ‘no no’ list includes all the typical ‘baddies’, things like fragrances and parabens, they take things a step further by excluding nickel, preservatives and – wait for it – gluten!

Now, to be honest, I had no idea that your skin could have an ‘ish’ with gluten. Sensitive stomachs, for sure. But skin? Learning this at the brand’s recent media day raised a lot of questions. For example, how do you know if your skin is gluten sensitive? And if you’ve got a gluten intolerant tummy, do you probably have a gluten-intolerant face? Also, is it possible to have skin that hates gluten but be a-okay with eating it? And vice versa?!

I kind of felt bad for the expert who BioNike had chat to us ‘cos myself and all the beauties ended up bombarding him with gluten q’s, not all of which he could answer. In fact, it kind of looks as if the studies around gluten and skin allergies are still kind of in their early days. On the upside tho, if you’re a total allergy baby and struggle to find things that play nicely with your face, you can rest assured that most BioNike goodies err on the side of caution. I say most and not all because their Acteen Purificante cleansing gel (face wash) contains menthol and, while I’m not an especially sensitive sort, anything minty has always made my face turn red.

But ja, to move on, BioNike’s range is huge – HUGE – so let me do my best to break it down. If your eyes glaze over half way through just skip on down to review time to get my thoughts on two of the products I’ve tested.

The Defence range is a line of EIGHT different cleansers.
Acteen is a line for oily, acne-prone skin.
Defence Hydra5 MAT is a line of moisturisers for oily/combo skin.
Defence Hydra5 is a line of moisturisers for normal/dry/ skin.
Defence Tolerance is a line for seriously hyper-sensitive skin.
Defence Rosys is a line aimed that those with rosacea.
Triderm and Triderm Baby are for dermatitis affected skin while Proxera is for those with very dry, xerotic skin.
Defence B-Lucent is a line focused on skin tone evening.
Defence Eye is a whole bunch of different eye creams, each one targeting a specific eye issue, like puffiness or wrinkles or soothing.
Defence Colour is a make-up line, Defence Man is for the boys, Defence Body, Defence Sun, Defence Deo, ONails and Defence HairPro are all pretty self-explanatory, I reckon.

Anti-aging-wise, you’ve got two lines to choose from; new Defence XAge infused with skin growth factors and the slightly more ‘premium’ Defence Elixage which makes use of retinyl palmitate, a mild version of my beloved retinol. While retinyl palmitate can’t give you the same results you’ll get from retinol, it’s much more likely to be tolerated by those with sensitive skin.

Review time!

I was given a few BioNike items to play with and have most enjoyed using Defence Hydra5 Radiance illuminating moisturising cream SPF 15.

Defence Hydra5 Radiance illuminating moisturising cream SPF 15.

Defence Hydra5 Radiance illuminating moisturising cream SPF 15.

I like that it comes in a tube as opposed to a jar and features an SPF. Also, even though it’s aimed at a normal/dry skin type and I’m a combo girl, it doesn’t make my face feel greasy in the least. Hydration-wise, you’re getting a good skin plumping effect thanks to a mix of 5 active water-binding hyaluronic acids while other hydrators include good old glycerine and Shea butter. Last but not least, it makes use of soft-focus powders to reflect light in a way that flatters but, to be honest, I didn’t really notice a visible ‘illuminating’ effect. In all, it’s a great ‘slap it on under your make-up and go’ kinda moisturiser and, texture-wise, it reminds me a lot of Neutrogena’s bestselling Oil-Free Moisture SPF 15 moisturiser.

Another BioNike item I like? Defence Tolerance essential cleansing water.


BioNike Defence Tolerance cleansing water.

I’m now a bietjie torn ‘cos it reminds me a helluva lot of my beloved Bioderma Sensibio H2O cleanser in that it feels just like water on your skin yet removes even the most hardcore make-up with a few swipes. Love, love, love that!

Differentiators? While BioNike’s product makes use of soothing panthenol and distilled rose water, Sensibio’s uses cucumber extract and wrinkle-busting rhamnose. BioNike’s ‘water’ also feels ever so slightly more viscous whereas Bioderma’s is very much a ‘water’.

I’m now thinking that, should BioNike’s product turn out to cost less than Bioderma’s (I’m busy typing this without a price list on hand), I may well make the switch and that’s A Pretty Big Deal as I’m very much set in my ways. For example, it took me a zillion years to switch from buying random ‘inconsequential’ items like Lil-lets and Sunlight dish liquid on zombie autopilot mode to whatever else was on the shelf for less. In fact, I even remember the first time my hand reached out for those random ‘o.b.’ tampons and walked towards the tills. I was like ‘What! Are! You! Doing!’ ‘Turn around now!’ ‘Your vagina’s totally going to explode’. But get this; it didn’t. Yay! And I totally shouldn’t be typing this while my melatonin is kicking in…

But ja, to wrap shizz up; if you’ve got sensitive skin, please realise there’s a whole world outside of Cethaphil and Almay and that BioNike may well serve up some very nice options. Next time you’re in Dis-Chem, make a point of checking it out.

Love, love


The results of my sale shopping spree on, er,

29 Jan

Remember how we chatted about’s end of season sale the other day? They were kind enough to give me a voucher to blow on the site and I went a bit mal, snapping up goodies for my home as well as my wardrobe. I mean, at up to 75% off, how can you not whip out le credit card?

Anyway, ordering online was a total breeze and, within two days, my goodies were delivered directly to my door for free. For free!

So, what did I get? I’m going to show you, the first item being this super cute batwing top with shoulder patches for R200.

I picked up the necklace ages back from Sass Diva and just stuck it there for styling purposes.

The necklace is something I picked up ages back from Sass Diva. It’s just there for styling purposes.

Teamed with black skinnies and ankle boots, you’re looking at a super easy casual autumn get up, the kind of thing I’d wear to dinner at a friend or if I were to shop like a caveman and hit up an actual mall.

I also found Spree’s homeware section pretty browse-worthy as I’ve recently moved and am in the final stages of kitting out my new apartment. I’m looking for things like scatter cushions to decorate my currently bare couch. I’m also toying with the idea of getting a Swivel Sweeper to replace my broom ‘cos it’s the only thing my little sister seems to be able to talk about. (Seriously, that chick should be a rep for a Verimaak…) A cake stand, however, is the very last thing I need. In fact, it would be a pretty stupid thing to buy so obviously I fell head over heels in love the moment I laid eyes on this Pause Room birdie-bedecked cake stand for R198, marked down from R295.


I’m more of a savoury gal so I’m showing it off with a  Woolies chicken pie. Making the li’l birdie sit next to it probably isn’t very nice of me but hey life is tough, yo.

The fact that I’m buying cake stands as opposed to shoes is clearly a sign I’m getting dangerously deep into Old Bag Territory. To make matters worse, I now I feel obliged to host tea parties with all my Old Bag friends just so I can show off my kifftastical cake stand. It’s only a matter of time until we’re all wearing banana clips…

Moving on! I also snapped up a gorgeous Vanilla Concrete bullet vase for R124. This is something I actually really needed as my friend Clouds popped over with a ‘Happy New Year/flat warming’ bouquet the other day and I realised I had nothing to put them in.

No more flowers in the sink for me!

No more flowers in the sink for me! Enrique, my unicorn, approves.

Anyway, I’m completely thrilled with Spree and won’t hesitate to buy from them again. If you’d like to blow a little moolah in their store too, realise that now would be a good time to do it; the end of season sale is still on and they’ve just restocked the shelves.

Go get ‘em girls!

Love, love


Review: Wella SP’s new Luxeoil line. (The mask and elixer are lovely.)

29 Jan

I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not but oils are a huge beauty trend at mo. From those you can put on your hair (here’s looking at you Argan oil) to those you can cleanse or hydrate your face with, oils are big, big news.

Once such new oil-infused hair range is Wella’s System Professional (SP) Luxeoil collection which boasts a keratin protect shampoo, keratin restore mask, ‘keratin boost essence spray’, light oil keratin protection spray and the ‘oil’/serum itself which Wella call ‘reconstructive elixir’.

Pretty, pretty

Pretty, pretty

Each product promise to transform your hair’s texture while protecting, smoothing and softening without weighing down your locks. The hydrating oils in the mix are Argan (but of course) as well as jojoba and almond. There’s also a good dash of hair strengthening keratin.

Of all the products, I most like the mask (R287).

Wella SP mask

Wella SP Luxeoil Keratin Restore mask

You only need a small amount to massage through your hair and don’t have to leave it for ages for it to work its magic – a real bonus as my new spot only has a shower (and yes, I am having serious bath withdrawals). If I leave it on for just three minutes while I brush my teeth and wash my face, that’s all the time I need. After towel drying, brushing out my baby fine, super tangly hair is a total breeze. No huffing and puffing required. Once dry, it definitely lives up to its promise about not feeling heavy. In fact, my hair feels bouncy and light and smells great to boot; sweet and musky, but not overpowering.

My other favourite item? The reconstructive elixir (R449) which is the line’s star product.

Yes, this is pricy, but the bottle is huge and will last your for ages.

Yes, this is pricy, but the bottle is huge and will last your for ages.

It’s formula is similar to other popular ‘hair oils’ – think Moroccan Oil, Lee Stafford’s Argan Oil of Morocco and Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil – in that it’s mostly a light silicone blend with just a dash of oil, but this is all you need to sleeken, speed up dry time and protect your hair from heat damage without turning it into a major oil slick. Also, as the elixer’s an expensive salon product as opposed to something you could snap up at Clicks, its molecules are nice and tiny so they’ll better penetrate your hair.

To use it, I simply pump one or two squirts into my palms, rub them together and then run them down the lengths of my hair while it’s wet. Once it’s dry, my tresses definitely look shinier and have a smooth, silky feel.

Want to try the Luxeoil line yourself? You’ll find it in selected salons across South Africa. To find a stockist near you, call 0860 104 109.

Love, love


So I got to chat to Bonang Matheba about her new Valentine’s Day-inspired lingerie line for Woolworths

27 Jan

Top Billing presenter, Revlon spokesmodel and all round SA ‘It Girl’, Bonang Matheba, has created a sexy lingerie line for Woolworths’ Distraction label, just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Love this teddy body suit thing. Tres mooi.

To check out the full collection on Woolies’ website, pop on over here. Otherwise, these are a few of my favourite things:


Going clockwise: Animal print chemise R299; sheer stripe G-string R79,95 and satin and lace plunge bra R240, all Woolworths.

To help promote the line, I was offered a sit down chat with Queen B. We covered her involvement in the creative process and how she prepped for the shoot and then got down to the super important stuff, like her favourite lipgloss colours.

Ready to jump in?

You’re probably bored to death of this question but it’s the obvious one; how involved were you exactly?
No, I love that question because for me it’s always so much fun to tell people how it came about. I was approached by Woolworths and when they called me they said ‘We’d love you to be part of this wonderful photo shoot we’re doing…’ Then, when I got to Cape Town I was surprised to suddenly find myself in a meeting with all the marketing execs and they’re like ‘Actually, we’d actually like you to design a lingerie line for Valentine’s Day’ and I was like ‘What?!’ (laughs).

After that I flew to Cape Town a couple more times for design meetings and it was amazing. I loved looking at the lacing, the types of push up bras, the material, the fabrics, the hardware, the lacing… It really was a fascinating process and I loved being involved from day one.

They do a trend watch and show you a mood board of trends and fabrics and colours and ask that you kind of stay within those lines but create something that you absolutely love. So, I ended up creating a range that I would love to wear. Like, I love leopard print so I put in a leopard print two piece and onesie with pink lace. So Bonang! Everything has my handwriting on it ‘With Love from Bonang’. That’s my real handwriting, not a font.

What’s your favourite piece of the lot?
There’s a pink one piece corset that I love… obviously the leopard items… there’s also a Christian Louboutain-inspired piece which is black with red lining inside which is beyond amazing.

Now let’s talk prep. An underwear shoot is pretty hetic. You know every ex boyfriend and any girls who hated you in high school are totally going to see it. No pressure. So, how the hell do you prepare for something like that?
I was actually at the shoot going ‘I’m sooo out of shape! Please can’t you Photoshop me to look like Candice Swanepoel!’ (laughs).

Honestly though, I’m lucky that I’ve always been a small girl. I just made a point of eating healthily a few days before so that I just looked trim and lean on the day. Obviously I was very nervous, but I think I looked healthy. I didn’t want to be a twig. Twigs are gorgeous, but twigs aren’t sexy. And we’re in Africa. I wanted to look full and firm and have people see that picture and relate to it. I also wanted to look as ‘Bonang’ as possible. Signature hair, signature lashes. Black liner.

How did you calm your nerves?
Lots of champagne!

Now, it’s time for some quick hitters: satin or lace?

Onesie or nonesie?
Oooh, I love that! Onesie.

Sit ups or Spanx?
Spanx! Who has time to do sit ups?

If I had to turf out your mooi handsakkie what beauty goodies would I find?
Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss and liquid liner; the Revlon black liquid pen. They’re always within arm reach.

What’s your favourite lipgloss colour?
When I wear lipgloss I like to keep it natural so there’s a (Revlon) colour I use a lot called Never in the Nude. I also like a fuchsia pink every now and again.

Right. As the lingerie line’s a sexy one let’s talk about that; what’s your idea of sexy. So, sexiest date?
Take me out for dinner and then take me to the most amazing electro club so we can go dancing.

Sexiest accent?
British! I love it! I was actually joking around doing it earlier. (At this point Bonang whips out a few sentences in Brit speak. She’s surprisingly good at it.)

Sexiest city?

Sexiest SA celeb?
Janez, my (Top Billing) colleague. He’s so well mannered. I love men who open doors. Yes, he’s a beautiful person but his manners are fantastic. How he treats people is what makes him sexy.

Who is going to play you in a movie?
Vivica A Fox. She’s fire… flame… a spinner! She is uncontainable. Limitless. She’s just fierce. A strong black woman. She’s so unapologetic.

Nice. So, at the end of the movie, what song plays out as the credits roll?
Beyonce’s I Was Here.

If Revlon had to make a nail polish and name it after you what would it be called and what colour would it be?
It’s gotta be the hottest pink you’ve ever seen. Almost neon. And it’s going to be called ‘Have you ever in your life’.

Nee man, that name’s kak. Is there a story behind it?
(Laughs hysterically). You know… ‘Have you ever seen anyone in your life wear neon pink like that?!’ (more laughing). It’s about having the audacity and the confidence to pull it off…

Actually, Audacity’s a nice name.
Yes! That is hot. I love that.

When you’re on a shoot, what’s the CD you want playing in the background?
Probably, Drake. I love Beyonce. A lot of Skrillex and definitely some Rihanna. It’s gonna have to be a mix CD.

What do you want for Valentine’s Day? Chocolates, flowers? A disgusting teddy bear in a mug?
First off, I’m lactose intolerant so you can’t buy me any chocolate…

AND BOOM! My phone just stopped recording and I can’t for the life of me remember what she said. Oops! So if you’re an obsessive Bonang stalker you’re going to be in the dark as to what to leave on her lawn on the 14th. But at least you know one of those twee heart-shaped Lindt tins is a total no no.

Anyway, a dankie to Bonang for her time.

Want to check out her lingerie line? It’ll be in Woolworths stores come X February and I’m sure it’ll sell out fast so best you get a move on. If we cross paths in store please be aware of the fact that I may cat fight you for the leopard print shizz.

Love, love



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