Reviews: Bourjois Push Up Volume Glamour mascara, Avon’s new Skin So Soft Fusions body moisturiser and MAC x Brooke Shields Cream Colour Base

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Bourjois Push Up Volume Glamour mascara, R129,95, selected Clicks.

I haven’t tried loads of Bourjois mascaras but can’t think of any that have ever stood out. That is until I tried new Push Up Volume Glamour. It promises ‘uplifting volume without clumps’ and that’s exactly what it delivers.


Bourjois Push Up Volume Glamour mascara

It’s formula is pretty waxy, but ‘wet’ – so you can slap on a thick glob of mascara, but then ‘stroke it out’ to ensure each lash is coated but separated. The overall effect it creates is ‘neat’ and voluminous; a look that I love.



Avon Skin So Soft Fusions Soft & Nourish Dual Softening body moisturiser, price TBA.

I recently given a box of  Avon and Justine goodies (so expect more reviews coming shortly) and one of the stand outs was Avon’s new Soft & Nourish body lotion. It’s chockfull of hydrating glycerine, contains a bit of urea and a dash of  jojoba and sweet almond oil.

Avon Skin So Soft

Avon Skin So Soft Fusions Soft & Nourish Dual Softening Body Moisturiser

Personally, I like it because it feels great on your skin – almost like an ‘oil-infused lotion’, if that makes sense, so it leaves your bod with a lovely sheen. In a way, it reminds me a bit of Justine’s Tissue Oil body butters which is one of my favourite body hydrators hands down.

Scent-wise, I can’t put my finger on what it smells like but it’s a clean-smelling ‘demure’ green-floral. Something like lily of the valley or sweet pea. Either way, it’s not going to interfere with your perfume.

MAC x Brooke Shields Cream Colour Base in Cherished, R420.

MAC’s most recent celeb collaboration is with Brooke Shields. Remember her? I haven’t seen her do much of anything lately (although in all fairness, I don’t own a TV) but I still love her to itty bitty pieces. She’ll always be the beautiful girl in The Blue Lagoon. My sister and I used to loooove that movie to bits and watched it over and over again until the tape wore out. To date, I’m still terrified of walking in water where I can’t see ‘the bottom’ due to a fear of stepping on a poisonous stone fish. Ermigggaddd!

Brooke Shields. Still gorgeous after all of these years.

Brooke Shields, the original ‘bold brow’ beauty icon and still gorgeous after all of these years.

But ja, geting back to MAC… the Brooke Shields’ collection’s packaged very differently to any other MAC goodies I’ve seen – lots of grey plastic and orange, which makes me think of Hugo Boss In Motion, the brands’ sportiest male cologne. The overall ‘vibe’ is lots of lovely, flattering neutrals accented by pretty pops of berry, pink and coral for your lips.

I was given the Cream Colour Base in Cherished; two versatile cream colours (a bright pinky coral and dusty plum) that can be used as either a lippie or cheek colour.

Wearing the pinky-coral on my cheeks and the plum one on my lips.

Wearing the pinky-coral on my cheeks and the plum one on my lips.

I found both colours were super easy to blend out on your cheeks and did a great job of creating a lovely ‘lit from within’ glow. It didn’t work as well on my lips through as it did that thing where it separated and went ‘liney’. The plum shade, however, makes for a lovely lip colour in that it ‘covers’ well, lasts for ages and doesn’t feel ‘dry’, which is often the case with lip-cheek 2-in-1 colours.

To check out the full collection – and shop online – visit MAC’s local website over here.

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Review: Lipidol Cleansing body oil

Heard about Lipidol yet? A line up of six oil-based beauty products, its exclusive to Clicks and going for R80 a pop. It consists of two cleansers – one for face and one for body – as well as an after shower oil, sunscreen oil, after shave oil and overnight face oil.


Lipidol Cleansing face oil, Cleansing body oil, After Shower oil, Sunscreen oil, After Shave oil and Overnight face oil.

They all promises to do their jobs without stripping your skin of its natural moisture, actually hydrate a bit and then seal it in. (As you know, if you pour a little oil on top of moisture, you’re not going to lose it to evaporation and it’s the same deal with your skin.)

I attended the Lipidol launch the other day and learned the range was initiated by the creators of Bio-Oil and developed by a team of highly skilled scientists. They all banged on about how it was seriously next level tech but never really explained it so I don’t know how it’s any different or more advanced than other oil-based competitors but I can tell you this – the zingy lime-scented Cleansing Body Oil is very nice.

Lipidol Cleansing body oil

Lipidol Cleansing body oil

I was given it to try and, while it’s very clearly an ‘oil’, it still emulsifies with water to create a sort-of lather and I love that. (I never really feel like my skin or hair or whatever is truly clean unless whatever I’m using foams up a bit and while I know that’s just my brain being moronic it’s just the way it is. For this reason, I always reach for foaming facial washes as opposed to milky ones.) Once you wash it off, your skin feels clean, but not squeakily so.

Aside from containing natural oils like soybean and castor, it also makes use of interesting plant extracts like antibacterial neem seed and soothing holy basil leaf.

I also tried the After Shower body oil and, while others have raved about it, I wasn’t a big fan. It’s supposed to smell like chamomile, to me it smells like ‘nothing’, and that together with its kind of medicinal-looking packaging makes me feel like I’m using straight up liquid paraffin on my skin as opposed to what could be something indulgent.

I’m now keen to try the sunscreen as I love oil-based SPFs and have been told it smells like the Mediterranean. Has anyone given it a bash? Is that true? Also, if you’ve tried any Lipidol products yourself, please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Reviews: Maybelline’s Colorshow Crayon Kohl eye pencils, Bourjois’ new lip liners and Clinique’s Chubby Stick Baby Tints

Yep, it’s that time again – time for another review en masse

Maybelline Colorshow Crayon Kohl eye pencils, R34,95.

Maybelline have just launched a new line of eye pencils. I’m not sure how many shades are available in South Africa but each promises high intensity colour that applies smoothly and then, once set, stays put all day.

I was given four shades to play with – two ‘neutrals’ being Ultra Black and Chocolate Chip (brown) and two ‘metallics’, Edgy Emerald (green) and Sparkle Grey (silver).


Maybelline Color Show crayon kohl pencils in Ulta Black,  Chocolate Chip, Edgy Emerald and Sparkle Grey.

The metallics didn’t really pack a pigment punch and felt a little chalky but the black and brown pencil really delivered in that they where easy to apply – even on inner rim of your eye; were nicely pigmented and did indeed sit tight. For eye pencils that costs less than a McDonald’s meal, they’re good stuff.

Bourjois Levres Contour Edition lip liners, R95,95, exclusive to Clicks

These are without a doubt the best lip pencils I’ve tried in yonks. Infused with Shea butter and grapeseed oil, they glide onto your skin and are so damn creamy that you can easily colour in your whole mouth and wear it like a lipstick without fear of it drying out your lips.


The swatches (without and with flash) going left to right are of Cherry Boom Boom, Alerte Rose and Nude Wave.

The only downside here is, due to their seriously creamy, dreamy texture, they don’t really set and can be easily smudged but only in the way that any lipstick would. If you have a habit of touching your mouth you might end up in trouble, if not – you’re A for away.

For me, Nude Wave is the perfect nude lip pencil.

Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint moisturising colour lip balm, R230.

I’ve always liked Clinique’s chubby lip pencils. They’re so easy to use, feel nice and creamy on your lips and, as they go on a little sheer, you can opt for brighter shades than you might usually go for.

The new Baby Tint’s, however, are a slightly different story in that they work like those magic ‘mood’ lippies you can pick up at Chinese shops or in the sale bale at Dis-Chem. Each shade goes on clear but then works with your body’s pH to ‘bloom’ or develop on your lips, essentially lending them a very subtle tint.

Of the four shades available, Budding Blossom, Coming Up Rosy and Poppin’ Poppy are seriously subtle to point where many might not see a colour change at all. It’s the kind of balm you could’ve kept in your blazer pocket at school and used a zillion times a day and never gotten bust for wearing make-up.


Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint in Poppin’ Poppy.

Flowering Freesia is the most intense of the bunch and the tint it creates is every so slightly blue toned which makes it show up a little more on your lips.

I can’t show you a comparison swatch, alas, as I was only given Poppin’ Poppy but you’ll see what I mean about the look being super subtle.

Texture-wise, Baby Tint feels great on your lips – like you’re wearing a lip balm more than anything else. If you’re someone who loves lip balm and only wants the teensiest dash of colour, chances are you’re going to be a fan.

See anything you like?

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Win, win, win with Bergasol and Vogue sunglasses

So I got the most spolicious press drop the other day – some Bergasol sunscreen and a voucher to pick out a pair of Vogue sunnies. Woop woop! Now for those of you who don’t know, Bergasol is a relatively new suncare brand (well, to SA anyway) that hails from France, has been in the biz for 40 years and is now exclusive to Clicks. Their big claim to fame is that they have a special Tan Accelerator Complex that helps you tan faster and makes your new-found bronze last longer.

Now, while I’m not about to expose my face or chest to the sun without an SPF 50, I do like to tan the rest of my bod come summer (there, I said it – beauty editor sacrilege) and used the SPF 10 sun milk on my legs. It’s a lovely light, fluid that smells fresh and citrusy, absorbs well and doesn’t leave your skin with a whitish cast – a big plus point as I’m pale enough already.


Bergasol Sun Milk SPF 10 on the left and After Sun on the right.

The After Sun is a goodie too. A light weight lotion, it’s got that same citrusy smell and is full of lekker hydrating ingredients like glycerine and apricot kernel oil. It’s the kind of thing I’d happily slap on my skin, regardless of whether I’d been in the sun that day or not.

But ja. Let’s get back to Vogue, shall we? I had a tough time picking out a pair ‘cos they’ve got so many gorgeous styles and colours out at the mo but eventually settled on these boys (VO2889S).

They're from Vogue's Charlotte Ronson collection. (She's a British fashion designer, if you didn't know.)

They’re from Vogue’s Charlotte Ronson collection. (She’s a British fashion designer, if you didn’t know.)

They’re the same ones that Eva Mendes is rocking in their print ads which is kind of embarrassing for her ‘cos I’m clearly showing her up, bringing le summer hotness in spades. Shem. But don’t feel bad for the woman – biets can cry into Ryan Gosling’s shoulder about it.

Nice try, doll.

Nice try, doll.

By the way, Vogue is currently running a competition called Summer House Destination: Thailand.

Now this is a prize.

I’ll be visiting Thailand for the third time in December. It’s my favourite place in the world next to Cape Town.

Entering is kind of complicated in that you have to complete several tasks online – things like retweeting Vogue on twitter, commenting on their posts etc – in a bid to earn Style Miles. Eventually, once you have enough of them (Style Miles, that is), you become eligible to enter the competition with a prize that’s worth the schlep – an all expenses paid trip to Thailand for you and three friends!

To learn more and enter, get clicky clicky over here.

Otherwise, I’ve got another li’l comp for you. Bergasol gave me three hampers to give away (shot Mandy!). Each contains an aerosol SPF 10, an SPF 20 and aftersun valued at R600.

There are two ways to enter – one is to follow Bergasol on twitter and then send me a tweet that runs like this: ‘Hey @lipglossgirl! I’d love to win your @BergasolSA competition.’

The other is to drop me an email on with the subject ‘Bergasol comp’ as the subject.

This competition closes at COB on Wednesday. I’ll be using a random number generator to choose three winners and will get in touch sometime that evening or, at worst, Thursday morning, to let you know you won.

Good luck girls!

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Review: Lancome Grandiose ‘swan neck’ mascara

Lancome’s new Grandiose  ‘swan neck’ mascara (R399) boasts a curved wand that promises to create a wide-angle fan effect for your lashes.


The cap is see-thru with Lancome’s rose laser printed in the centre. Tres fancy pants.

Lancome reckon their ergonomic wand and elastomer-moulded short bristle brush head helps you coat more of your lashes with ease, even the very short ones. As for the formula itself, it makes use of Lancome’s Native Rose-Cell extract that ensures a ‘smooth’, buildable, high gloss, clump-free mascara. It’s also jet black and rather waxy so it doesn’t smear, run or smudge. One more plus? The swan neck kind of acts like a cake batter churner in that it mixes the mascara in the tube every time you twist to open, so the formula doesn’t dry out and remains fresher for longer.

To use it, Lancome says you’re to start with the outer lashes, holding the brush in such a way that the swan neck curves upwards. You’re then to rotate the brush so the neck faces downwards to get right into the inner lash line.

So, what did I think? Initially, I found using the brush a little awkward as I was so used to using a straight one and I’d get mascara all over my eyes but it’s crazy how quickly you adjust – kind of like when you drive someone else car. At first you’re all ‘Errrrmigod! Where’s the indicator on this bloody thing? We’re all going to die!’ but within 24 hours you’re merrily cruising down the highway blaring Taylor Swift.


Bare eye on the left and all swanned up on the right.

I really, really liked the colour of this mascara. It is jet black and really pops against your skin. As far as the effect goes, yep, it does create a nice wide-eyed, feathery look in that it does a great job of defining and extending each lash. If it’s serious volume you’re after, however, you might be disappointed – it’s really more of a ‘separator’ and ‘lengthener’, if that makes sense. Still, I love the way it looks and it’s totally found a happy home in my make-up bag.

Love, love


Review: My Burberry eau de parfum

Burberry fans, prick up your ears – the brand’s just launched a new fragrance called My Burberry, a fresh-smelling floral.

my burberry fragrance bottle

My Burberry eau de parfum

The packaging was inspired by the iconic Burberry trench coat so you’ll notice that the cap looks a lot like one of the buttons and the little bow around the neck is knotted the same way you’d tie your trench’s belt. In fact, it’s even made from the same fabric.

As far as the actual juice goes, that smells like a trench too, one that’s just been taken out of the wash after a good spin cycle with… Kidding! (Do you think the PRs heart skipped a beat for a second there?) My Burberry is actually a lush, white-ish floral that’s supposed to capture the scent of an English garden just after the rain, the kind of weather in which you’d wear your trench. (Although between you and me, England’s weather is so bloody horrendous I’ve ended up wearing a trench on Bournemouth beach in June.)

Notes-wise, you’re looking at a floral mix that includes bergamot, mandarin orange and geranium leaves for freshness with a ‘wet’ rose and freesia heart resting on bed of pachouli leaves and quince.

On my skin, I love the initially citrusy top notes. This soon gives way to the rose and then a slight mustiness comes in which I think is the way the perfumer’s trying to express the wetness, clouds and soil that where part of his inspiration. I’m not a big fan of any of that, but as it turns out, it doesn’t last long. In a way, it kind of mimics a typically moody English ‘summer’s day’ in that those particular notes are merely clouds that cross the sun and things soon clear up to become a light, easy-to-wear, day-time floral – but the sophisticated  kind that Jo Malone serves up. Trust me when I say that My Burberry is certainly not a Woolworthsy floral body spritzer kind of scent. When I sniff it, I think of words like ‘elegant’, ‘demure’, ‘professional’ and ‘expensive’.

my burberry edt

Anyone care for a cuppa? (English Breakfast, of course…)

As far as who’d end up wearing this goes, I do think My Burberry’s the kind of scent that would suit women of all ages, provided they really are ‘women’ and not girls. For example, someone in their late twenties could pull this off just as easily as someone in their 50s and Burberry’s ad campaign taps into that by featuring both Ms Moss and le new wundermodel Cara. It’s at this point that I’d like to request a moment of silence for my sad passing into middle age in that I’ve realised I totally identify more with the ‘older’ face and opposed to the young one. Can I get a hands up from anyone else who felt a similar pang when Jerry Hall’s daughter became the new face of Mugler’s Angel and they were all like ‘OMG, it felt like just the other day I was staring at Jerry’s ad on the back page of Cosmo…’?

Anyway, getting back to Burberry… if you like gentle, unassuming florals with a particular bias towards rose, you’re going to want to give My Burberry a sniff. And luckily for you it’s on shelves as I type and priced from R700 for 30mls.

Love, love


Review: My twisty-turny happy ending love affair with Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste

So let’s talk about toothpaste! (And please stay with me people – it gets pretty interesting, I promise.)

I was asked by Oral-B to trial their new Pro-Expert fluoride toothpaste (R35). It promises to protect your gums as well as your teeth and enamel against cavities, sensitivity, plaque and tartar. It also claims it’ll help whiten and freshen your breath.

Initially, I wasn’t especially excited about it. I mean, hey – the Aquafresh High Definition White I’ve been using costs almost half the price and promises to do much the same, right? Well, as it turns out, Oral-B is a little different in that it uses a stabilised form of fluoride – stannous fluoride – to work its magic. But more on that in a bit…

Each week Oral-B would check in to ask me questions. Did my teeth look whiter? Did they feel a bit let sensitive? Did my mouth feel cleaner? This was kind of awkward because I bleach the shizzle out of my teeth every few days or so with a Crest whitening strip and using their toothpaste never made me feel like I wanted to forgo that. Also, while my mouth did feel clean, it never felt any more so than I’d experience with any other brand. And I never really struggle with tooth sensitivity so ‘judging’ it’s efficacy was getting kind of awkward. On top of this, I didn’t have any way to measure if my teeth were any ‘stronger’. I mean, it’s not like I have a bone density scanner hanging out next to my toaster, you know?

FYI, it's got a mild minty taste (hence being called 'Mild Mint') and contains little microgranules that dissolve as you brush.

FYI, it’s got a mild minty taste (hence being called ‘Mild Mint’) and contains little microgranules that dissolve as you brush.

Anyway, I was later flown up to Jozi for the launch where I got to learn more about the toothpaste but nothing I learned realllly sold me on it and I left feeling a little nervy about what I was going to write. That is until I popped into a dodgy Jamaican-themed bar in Woodstock and ran into my friend Leah who’s neighbour, Yvonne, is one of Cape Town’s coolest dentist.

Leah: ‘Ask Yvonne about that toothpaste!’
Me: ‘Nooo, I’m sure she doesn’t want to talk about work shizz.
Leah: ‘Yvonne! Yyyyvonnnnne! Leigh’s testing this new Oral-B toothpaste. Have you heard about it?’

I totally expected Yvonne’s eyes to glaze over but instead they lit up. ‘Pro-Expert? Yes, that’s actually a very good one…’

She then went on to explain the following which I’ve paraphrased for your dental hygiene reading pleasure:

There are two types of fluoride – amine fluoride and stannous fluoride. Nobody used the stannous type because, while it was good for teeth, it had a habit of turning them black or brown. Nasty stuff. However, Oral-B has found a way to stabilise it so now you can get all the good and none of the bad.

Me: Oh! So, do all the other toothpastes on the shelf use the amine type? And if amine is working, why bother with stannous?

Yvonne: Nope. Just about every other toothpaste you’re using is shit. It’s basically soap for teeth so it cleanses but then all the good stuff washes off and none of it clings to your teeth to protect them. This is why I use Elmex as it uses amine fluoride.

It was at this point where I wondered aloud why everybody else wasn’t using Elmex but it turns out its super hard to find in South Africa so Yvonne ends up importing her ‘cos she takes brushing her teeth as serious as a bloody heart attack.

Me: Okay. So what you’re saying is that the new Oral-B is actually a bit of a dental marvel and kind of like chalk and cheese when you compare it to other brands?

Yvonne: Yep.

And that was that. I’ll now be tossing Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste into my trolley with a smile on my dial, price point be damned.

Love, love