Mooi mense in their onderklere at Cosmo and Marie Claire’s The Lingerie Issue fashion show

2 Oct

This year Associated Media held its ‘The Lingerie Issue’ fashion show in the centre court at Canal Walk. Invited guest got to grab a complimentary SKYY vodka cocktail and sit nice and close to the ramp while shoppers hung over the balconies to get an eyeful of hot model action.

That's Jimmy Nevis top right.

That’s Jimmy Nevis top right.

Underwear brands featured in the show included Jockey, Ackermans (who’ve seriously raised their game), Guess, Edgars, After Eden, Elle McPherson Intimates, Triumph and La Senza. As my camera’s a bit rubbish at shooting moving objects I nicked some shots off Cosmo’s Facebook page.


That chica on the left is sooo chanelling Naomi Campbell. And that could be Adriana Lima on the right if you look real quick.

Of all the mooi onderklere I saw, I most liked the leopard print La Senza bra as I’m a total slet for animal print.

The headgear, not so much.

My blogger bestie Karisa was totally feeling the lacy pink set on the right. You can pretty much rest assured that she’ll be wearing to MCQP later this year.

Oh! And did I mention there were hot boys too?

This poor oke. You should've HEARD the meisies scream when he walked down the ramp.

This poor oke. You should’ve HEARD the meisies skreeeeee when he walked down the ramp. Roof raising shizz right there.

As a finale, local muso Jimmy Nevis took to the stage and the crowd went totally mal once more when he performed Heart Boxing. Dude’s got an amazing voice and I remember how the first time I heard that song on the radio I totally thought it was Bruno Mars.

Myself, Karisa, Darryn and Chelle (wearing the toitest, tiniest satin pants which I'm sure she snapped up in a kiddies section somewhere.)

Myself and friendly friends Karisa, Darryn and Chelle inadvertently recreating a 90210 ensemble cast shot. Chelle’s impressive ‘bitch face’ (and uber toit satin pants) leaves nobody wondering who’s the ‘Brenda’…

Want to see more hotties in their undies? Look out for The Lingerie Issue on shelves now being sold along with the October issues of Marie Claire and Cosmo. You can also visit The Lingerie Issue website for profiles on the models and behind the scenes footage as well as enter an Always Ultra competition where your photo featuring you and a loved one sharing ‘a moment of closeness’ could win R10 000.

Love, love


Let’s get swatchy with Elizabeth Arden’s new limited edition New York in Bloom spring make-up collection

30 Sep

Elizabeth Arden’s new spring colour collection, New York in Bloom, recently hit the shelves and its definitely one of their prettiest yet. As the name suggests, it was inspired by the big apple in spring time and features bloom-covered packaging and pretty powders embossed with petals.

Item-wise, you’re looking an Eye Shadow Trio in Violet Bloom (shimmering taupe, bubblegum pink and plum) (R295), a Pure Finish Radiant bronzer (R280), a Bold Eye Pencil in a chocolate shade called Terra (R185) and a Nail Lacquer Duo in Purple Orchid which consists of a creamy, almost mauve-type of shade on one end and clear top coat on the other (R245).

Pretty pretty!

Everything’s limited edition so if you fall in love with anything, best you buy in bulk.

Of everything in the collection, the bronzer’s most definitely the diva and almost too pretty to use. Just bare in mind that, in SA, it’s only available in one shade – Dark – so it’s only going to suit those with warmer skin tones.

Pretty, pretty! (No flash up top, flash down below.)

Pretty, pretty! (On the RHS I’ve used no flash up top and a flash down below.)

My favourite item, however, is definitely the eye pencil. Its chubby shape and long tip make it super easy to use. So much so that, in the last few months, I’ve tossed almost all of my traditionally skinny eye pencils in favour of chubbier sticks.

Love this!

Love this!

As I’m blonde, the colour works really well on days when I’m not drenched in self-tan and find black looks a bit too harsh against my skin. Another plus? The pencil comes with its own sharpener so you don’t have to stress about losing the shape.

On the right I'm wearing a mixture of the taupe and pink shadows along with the eye pencil.

On the right I’m wearing a mixture of the taupe and pink shadows on my lid and just the pink on my brow bone along with the eye pencil.

See anything you like? The collection’s sitting at the Arden counter as I type. If you’re a blondie like me and buy just one thing, make it that eye pencil. It’s seriously awesome.

Love, love


Come Wine With Us: The Beauty, Bubbly and Baking edition

29 Sep

Come Wine With Us (CWWU) is a series of fun, themed get togethers that always involve vino and run by PR Sybil Doms. Last month’s event was called Beauty, Bubbly and Baking and took place in the V&A market on the wharf. Sybil was kind enough to invite myself and blogger bestie Karisa to join in the fun but had we bought tickets it would’ve cost R280 per person.

To kick off the morning, I was given a glass of Van Loveren bubbly (always a good start) and got to listen to Alexa Pretorius, the brand’s sales and operations controller, tell us a little bit about how it was made.

(For those of you who haven’t tried it, Vanlovern’s Papillon Blush is delish with fresh berries and candyfloss notes. Yum!)

See Van Loveren’s Papillon Demi-Sec top left? It’s got yummy Turkish delight aromas and light floral tones making it perfect for a fun, girlie event.

We then got to watch a cake baking demo by Beate Strydom and Anel Hoogenhout from The Birdcage, a gift shop, tea bar and speciality cake company in Stellenbosch. They used a lot of NOMU products and I was impressed with the Decadent Hot Chocolate and Vanilla Paste. The chocolate comes in chip form, so you can use it to create a super indulgent hot drink or bake chocolate chip cookies among other things. The vanilla paste tastes out of this world thanks to real vanilla seeds and can be used in pretty much anything – from crème brulee and panna cotta to biscuits and icing.


Once you’ve tried the vanilla paste regular old vanilla essence looks like a total ball of crap. It’s now my go-to gift for anyone who loves to bake.

After the ‘bubbly’ and ‘baking’ element, we moved to a different room where we got to sit at flower-bedecked tables laden with an array of delish tea time treats. This included red velvet cake and these yumtastical little sesame seed cheese puff things that nobody else in my area got to try ‘cos I devoured every one of them. We also had our bubbly topped up throughout which was great. I liked that the event wasn’t a ‘here’s your welcome glass and then we’ll switch you over to water’ kinda deal.

Anyway, while enjoying the spread, we got to take in the ‘beauty’ bit; a demo on how to create three key make-up looks from Shiseido. I’m a huge fan of the brands make-up, particularly their lip colours and foundations and review their lovely new Light and Perfect foundation just last week. (FYI, ex-Fairlady beauty ed Candice from In My Bag is crazy about it.)

The swatches on the right are Shiseido's Lacquer Rouge liquid lip colours.

The swatches on the right are Shiseido’s Lacquer Rouge liquid lip colours which I adore.

At this point I kind of thought everything was done and dusted, but nope, there was one more speaker, Dr Nox Makunga from Phenology boutique florist, who’d arranged the flowers on the day. I hate to say this, but inwardly, I groaned. (A talk on flowers? God. I can barely keep a cactus alive. How on earth is this going to be interesting? Can someone top up my glass please…) But get this; chica turned out to be the most vibrant and charismatic speaker I’d heard in ages. Her passion for all things flora was utterly infectious and the way she delivered her knowledge was so ‘punchy’ that Karisa and I ended up hanging on to her every word. (‘Do you know what this?! *shaking a spray of blooms* This is a sex organ!’)

The top tip

One of Dr. M’s top tips was to add a little vodka, sugar and bleach to your vase water to ensure your flowers go the distance.

After the event, guests got to take home a goodie bag that included a bottle of Christina Van Loveren MCC, a cupcake from The Birdcage, some very generous Shiseido samples and a voucher for a complimentary Shisiedo make-over and a bottle of that awesome NOMU Vanilla Paste. In all, this was a fun, spoilicious morning out.

Win! Win! Win!
CWWU is giving away a small Shiseido hamper. To win it, simply like CWWU’s Facebook page and follow them on twitter @CWWU1 then drop me a mail on with ‘CWWU comp’ as the subject. The competition closes at COB on Wednesday and I’ll announce a winner on Thursday. Good luck girls!

For more info on CWWU, visit Sybil and co on Facebook. The next event taking place later this month hasn’t been officially announced yet but I see it’s going to be an evening one and, as always, will involve lots and lots of wine.

Love, love


P.S. My camera didn’t play the game that day in that a lot of my piccies came out blurry thanks to a smudge of icing on my lens. (I know, I know, I’m a moron.) Thus, many of the piccies in my collages were ripped from CWWU’s Facebook album and were shot by photographer Bernard Bruwer.

Shiseido Sheer and Perfect foundation review

26 Sep

Shiseido have added a new foundation to their line up called Sheer and Perfect, R430.

Shisiedo Sheer and Perfect foundation

Shisiedo Sheer and Perfect foundation

The brand’s lightest foundation yet, Sheer and Perfect feels fabulously weightless on your skin and offers the kind of coverage you could easily refer to as ‘natural’ or ‘your skin but better’. It’s also got a few CC Cream-like tricks up its sleeve in that it’s been formulated with ‘optical powders’ that help colour correct. Green to balance redness, blue for dark marks and white to blur the look of pores and fine lines. Oh! And let’s not forget about the fact that it’s got a nice, high-ish SPF 18. Very, very nice.

Texture-wise, it’s a ‘runny’ fluid that’s easy to spread around your face and, in a way, it reminds me a lot of Chanel’s Vitalumiere as well as Garnier’s new BB Cream for oily-skinned people which should launch later this month if it’s not on the shelves already. (I’ll be putting a review up on the latter soon, so keep an eye out.)

I used it all of last week and found it did a great job of evening out my skin tone. As the name suggest, however, the coverage is very sheer; like a gauzy veil that still allows your skin to peek out from underneath it. Fabulous for those who only need a light wash foundation to improve their complexions somewhat while acting as a base for make-up but not so fabulous for anyone struggling with things like pigmentation and cystic acne.

Shiseido Sheer Perfect foundation swatch I20

This is a shade called I20 and was shot with flash. See the piccie on the right? The foundation is only spread on one side of my hand and doesn’t extend past my index finger. You can actually see how, where it’s applied, it gives my skin a lovely  glow.

Wear-wise, I’m an oily skinned peep and many foundations, especially those that are super light, tend to slide off my face in the heat. This one, which is oil-free, managed to go the distance and didn’t encourage the oilies in my T-zone to act up in the least. On the flipside, it didn’t make my skin feel dry or tight either. I also like that, despite serving up a little light diffusion, it doesn’t look ‘shiny’ on your skin or in photographs. Your skin just looks like your skin, but a better version thereof.

Still, the only time I ever really wear foundation is when I feel I need it which is why my favourite Shiseido foundation is still my beloved Radiant Lifting. (It offers mid-level coverage and also has light-diffusing properties.) In saying that though, anyone who doesn’t need a little extra help and prefers their foundation on the lighter side of things is probably going to fall in love with Light and Perfect. As far as lightweight foundations go, it’s one of the best I’ve ever used.

Love, love


Civvio’s new wooden watches are pretty darn awesome

25 Sep

For a while now, I’ve been rocking a giant rose gold faux Michael Kors that I picked up at Cotton On. While I love it to bits, it’s starting to show a bit of wear of tear and rose gold is soon going to be a bit of a dunzo trend (if it isn’t already) so I’d been thinking about what I’d end up replacing it with.

Fortunately, the universe stepped in (along with Brigid from DMQ Trading) and I now own a zexy Civvio carbonised bamboo wooden watch (R599).

Super cute, right?

Super cute, right?

I love that I can wear it with all my jewellery and it totally doesn’t clash. Like denim, wood is one of those universal materials that matches everything.

Wooden watches have been around for a while now and have been spotted on celebs like Daryl Hannah, Colin Firth, Mekhi Phifer Paris Hilton and those dudes from the Black Eyed Peas. If you want one too you can pick up a Civvio wooden watch from all Due South stores or buy one online from

Just be warned, the carbonised bamboo/maple blend model (below) is fabulous-looking online so it was my initial choice. Thing is, seriously big in the ‘flesh’, so much so that the sides of its face extended past my wrist.

Civvio carbonised bamboo/maple blend watch

Civvio carbonised bamboo/maple blend watch, R699.

I’d recommend you leave it to the boys and choose from the carbonised bamboo round-faced model like mine or this square version:

Civvio carbonised bamboo square watch

Civvio carbonised bamboo square watch, R649.

I also really like this lighter unisex one made from maple wood:

civvio maple wood watch

Civvio maple wood unisex watch, R699.

Thanks Civvio, I love anything that gets me lots of compliments so my new wooden watch has gone down a total treat.

Love, love



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