Will you be watching Neill Anthony – The Private Chef?

There’s a new show coming to town – Neill Anthony – The Private Chef.

Howzit, howzit!

Howzit, howzit!

Last year I worked as a scriptwriter on another locally produced cooking/travel show and spent all my nights in bed watching this Aussie dude have deep, meaningful convos with farmers, zip line through forests, babble on about sustainable fishing and occasionally whip up the odd sandwich.

After that, I didn’t think I’d ever want to watch another foodie show again (not that my show was horrible, just that I’d watched each episode at least six hundred million times) and felt a deep sense of tiredness when I was sent a press release regarding another one. But then the charming li’l press pack arrived and it was so carefully put together that it totally melted my overcooked little heart.


All the dry ingredients to create a decadent-looking cheese cake and a PnP voucher for the perishable ones. They even included the dish! Nice one, Jam Media!

Obviously I had every intention of creating this decadent dessert but life took an ugly turn and my internet connection died (right before all my deadlines), resulting in a stressful meltdown of epic proportions. Obviously this meant eating the entire slab of Milky Bar right away. Then, when my IT hero friend Darryn came round I couldn’t leave him high and dry while slaving over my router so naturally the chocolate biscuits had to come out.



Never mind, I told myself. I’d just buy more when I hit up the Pick n Pay with my voucher. But then my middle class, small town background kicked in and I blew it all on booze. Oops!

Them PE roots die hard, I tell ya!

Them PE roots die hard, I tell ya!

Anyway, let’s get back to Neill…

I love this shot as it's so fabulously awkward. Like Neill peed in his pants and is trying to hide it.

I love this shot as it’s so fabulously awkward.

A talented young chef who’s cut his teeth in the kitchen of Gordon Ramsay, Niell’s cooked for the likes of Elton John and Victoria Beckham while working abroad and now he’s back on South African soil to whip up meals for our local elite (i.e. super sterre and very rich mense). This is essentially the focus of his show – what it’s really like to be a hardworking private chef – and the first episode, which I got to preview, sees Neill creating a decadent three-course dinner party for former bok captain Francois Pienaar in his ultra mooi Camps Bay villa.

While Neill does not have a sparkling ‘made for TV’ personality I’m not going to write him off just yet. He may need a little time to warm up to the camera. Also, there’s something kind of soothing about Neill’s monotone voice and, luckily, his food is interesting enough to hold your attention on its own. Another plus, if you’re more into cooking shows for – you know – the actual cooking, is that Neill’s creative and interesting food is the focus. Also, the way Neill carefully demonstrates things makes you feel that making a crispy pork belly might not actually be too much a stretch from the chicken ‘toaster waffles’ you’ve already eaten twice this week.

Keen to catch the first episode? It airs weekly on SABC 3 on Sunday from 15 March at 4:30pm with a repeat on Fridays at 3pm. Epi one sees Neill making several dishes including a surprisingly yummy-looking mushroom, lentil and goats cheese salad and a hot chocolate soup!

Love, love


A closer look at Rubi Cosmetics, now exclusive to Cotton On

Cotton On’s empire is expanding further in that the Aussie brand’s Rubi line, best known for it’s shoes, now includes cosmetics. The line isn’t enormous but there’s lots to pick from, specifically lipstick and gloss, eye shadow, blush, bronzer, nail colours, make-up remover wipes and a roll-on EDT.

I got to play with just about everything (thanks Butterknife PR!) and was most impressed with the blush in Coral Gold.

Love this!

Love this!

Apparently there’s another pink shade available called Rose. What I love about Coral Gold, however, is that’s it’s pretty close to Nars’ Torrid, a slightly darker, peachier-red version of their iconic Orgasm. Pigmentation-wise, Rubi’s blush is fabulous so be sure to apply it with a light hand. Once you get that right it could be a new best friend. (For me, this is a definite make-up bag keeper.)

Rubi’s eye shadow palette is fantastic too in that the shadows share the same satiny, butter-soft texture and great pigmentation as the blush. In a way, they remind me a lot of Clinique’s ultra blendable shadows, but are a snip of the price.


Mooi, ne?

Then there are the lippies. Some great colours going on there and, at just R79 a pop, they’re super affordable. Apparently some are ‘matte’ and some are ‘creme’ textured but all of them look kind of satiny too me. They also feel comfy on your lips and don’t have any particular scent which many will appreciate. The only downer is, as they’re so ‘hydrating’, they don’t really stay on your lips very long, save for the very dark ones that have a slight staining effect.


Sadly, I have no idea as what the name of these shades are. I pulled the clear plastic wrap off each one and tossed them before realising the names where there as opposed to on the tube.

As for the EDT, I was given Desert Daze, and didn’t especially like this dude. He was waaay too sweet for me – like vanilla essence mixed in with pachouli and musk – but fragrances are totally subjective so I feel bad even saying that. There are also two others to pick from, Downtown Dreams and Summer Nights, but I can’t find a descriptor with any of their notes online.


Rubi Make-up Wipes (I haven’t tried these yet), roll-on perfume in Desert Daze and Lip Gloss in Flamingo Pink.

I don’t feel bad, however, in letting you know the lip gloss is a real let down. Everything from the packaging to texture and petrol-like scent feels a bit ‘Ralo Cosmetics’. But we’ll forgive dear old Rubi ‘cos, my God, that blush and eye shadow are both serious gems.

Next time you’re in store, go check ’em out and you’ll see what I mean. Incredibly good quality for very little cash. Just the way I like it.

Love, love


I don’t have all the prices for this range just yet, but when I do, I’ll be sure to fill them in.

Review: Rimmel Provocolips 16HR Kissproof lip colour

Rimmel’s new two-step lip colours (R99,95) involve a long-wearing liquid lippie and a hydrating balm that promise to stay put for a good 16 hours.


These come in eight shades and these are three of them –  Kiss Fatal (deep plum), Little Minx (hot pink) and Play with Fire (red).

While the colour is a straight liquid lippie, the lollipop-scented/flavoured top coat, that can be applied throughout the day without disturbing your colour, is a liquid too that kind of feels like a non-sticky hydrating lip gloss.


My only gripe is that I know I’ll run out of top coat before I do colour.

Ready to get swatchy?


From the top: Kiss Fatal, Little Minx and Play with Fire.

I wore the pink shade the other day and oh boy am I in love! It really does cling to your lips (with the power of a thousand pitt bull’s all suffering from lock jaw) and, thanks to the top coat, doesn’t feel dry in the least, something that can be a bit of an ‘ish’ with long-wearing lip colours in general. Also, it really doesn’t feel like you have anything on. The colour sits very closely to your skin, if that makes sense, almost like a ‘stain tattoo’ or something.

<I’ll be adding a shot of this on my face in the next two hours or so. Right now, I’m running out the door to a meeting.>

But ja, getting back to the wear… Pink was applied after lunch and survived me drinking Coke Zero all avie (from a glass.) I then moved on to dinner with friends six hours later and things were still looking freshly applied. I only noticed that the colour had worn away a bit in the centre of my lips after I’d eaten a salad that had an oil-based dressing which makes perfect sense as that’s what you need to take this baby off – an oil-based make-up remover. Anyway, I touched up, came home drunk (in an Uber) and fell into bed with all my make-up on (I know, I know…) and woke up with scarily perfect-looking lips. *Air punch!*

Any, if you’re looking for a fab long-wearing lip colour, Rimmel’s Provocalips is an awesome pick.

Love, love



A look at Errol Arendz Du Sud’s new winter collection

Last week I attended the launch of Errol Arendz Du Sud’s new winter collection hosted by one of the brand’s designers and held at the Cape Quarter store. To kick things off guests were treated to Cruz vodka-infused dirty martinis while browsing the store.

My kinda show...

My kinda show…

There were a couple of seriously nice clothing pieces, especially gorgeous animal printed kaftans but snapping these on the rails didn’t do them any justice. Thus, the majority of my piccies are of what Du Sud does best – shoes, shoes, shoes!


Pretty, right? Those tan and gold wedges are currently R1 190 on Zando. I didn’t get the prices of the others.

I also really liked these two bags…


The clutch (R699) has a tassel attached to it that’s out the shot as my poor friend Tracey’s desperately combing it to prevent me from having an OCD melt down. Once sorted it still didn’t look ‘neat’ enough and thus you get this shot and not the hive-inducing tassel shot. And you think YOU have problems.

After a bit of a schmingle with these mooi mense


From left to right: Clouds (AndLollipops), Tracy (The Fashion Fox), me, Tarryn (Fashion Trash), Sheri-Lee (SA Fashion Girl) and (Fashion Jazz)…

…we got to sit down and take in a fashion show and was surprised by how many items didn’t jump out at me from the rails but looked absolutely killer on the models. (Alas, I don’t have any pics of my favourite things as I was sitting at an angle that made it difficult to snap a ‘girl from the front’ view but the event photographer did manage to grab a few ‘on the ramp’ shots.

Photo credit goes to

Photo credit goes to Henry Hopkins.

Off ramp, I really liked these boys:

This dress struck me as being pretty Versace, which I like, and I loved the luxe, almost ‘shearling’ texture of the throw.

Upon leaving, I got my very own koek (yes please!) and got to pick between double chocolate and red velvet. Obviously I went for the latter ‘cos red velvet is like the only cake where the kilojoules totally don’t count.

Glad I came!

Glad I came!

Dankie dankie to Katie Coetzee and Brigitte Willers from Panache Communication who put the bash together, I had a lovely time. To view more of Du Sud’s winter collection pop into the store and keep an eye on Zando. Currently the new items aren’t up yet but I’m told they’re going live soon.

Love, love


Want another chance to win an HTC One?

As it turns out, being an ambassador for HTC has been one of the easiest gigs I’ve had in ages. I get the coolest cell phone I’ve ever used and all I have to do is tell people how awesome it is – something that’s coming to me as naturally as breathing. Seriously. My convo’s totally run like this.

Person: Oh! Why don’t you have an iPhone? (People seriously say that. Like a lot.)
Me: What? Oh, I used to. But I was given this to test drive and – surprise – it kicks the iPhone’s ass in that the battery life is sick and the camera could take piccies for freakin’ National Geographic, yo! I’m, like, never going back. Nevvvvvvverrrr!!!
Person: Whoah, you’re pretty into your phone.
Me: Yes. Yes I am. (Cue slightly psychotic head tilt.)

Anyway, I recently helped add a little content to a comp they’re currently running, along with my fellow ambassadors, on All4Women.co.za. (Hey Sheri! Hey Jazz!) It sees you standing the chance to win an HTC One mini worth R8K so if you want, want, want one (and I know you do), best you head on over there.


Oooh, I love to love you, baby.

Love, love


Download L’Oreal Makeup Genius right now and be totally amazed so I can enjoy a big fat I told you so

Brand’s across the planet have all been told that apps are cool and everyone, like, just haaaaas to have one which is why I lot of really stupid ones exist. I can’t tell you how often I’ve gone to a launch and listened to the PR talk about this ‘phenomenal’ new tool that lets you type in the name of any of the brand’s products and WHAM, it immediately gives you a review on how awesome it is. (I’m like, um, hello, I can already do that with Google, you big moron. And this pulls from a pool that isn’t fetid with bias, nogal. Also, it then doesn’t have to live on my phone taking up valuable gigs that could be used on something super important – like piccies of my dog skateboarding.

So ja. I’m a big ole cow and couldn’t help but roll my eyes the teensiest, weensiest bit when L’Oreal told us about their new free app – Makeup Genius. In fact, every beauty editor in the room kind of gave each other a little side eye. The kind you do when your friend’s kid brings out this super horrible drawing that looks like chicken scratch and goes ‘Look mama! Me be Picasso!’ and your friend’s like ‘Jiiiirre Jannie! Jy’s mos die beste by alles!’

Anyway, enough being a total biets. I have to tell you about this app. Like for real. You have no idea how quickly we all straightened up our crooked, jaded little backs and paid attention with wide, curious eyes moment we saw this thing in action. In short, it is proof that aliens do walk among us and occasionally gift us with a bit of tech us mere human’s could never have created alone. So, are you ready for this?


Just try it! Try it, try it, try it!

Makeup Genius scans your face in a few quick seconds. Once that’s done, you can choose from an array of pre-designed L’Oreal make-up looks and then super impose them on your face. I know, I know. You’ve heard that all before. But this is in REAL TIME. Like you can then smile and grin and move your head all over the place and your new Kim Kardashian lashes and scarily perfect cat eye stays put and moves along with you. It! Is! Ridic!

Don’t you think there has to be a way to integrate this thing into Skype. Can you imagine waking up looking like a hungover trainwreck but immediately being able to slap on a fuchsia lip and mega lashes the moment your boyfriend calls from Dubai?

Anyway, L’Oreal is using some seriously next level tech here. This is an app that’s going to fascinate you for ages and you will end up running around the office going ‘OMG, look at this!’ So download away and let me know what you think. Currently it’s available for iPhone and iPad users (I reckon it looks best on an iPad) but an Android version is rolling out soon. As I use (and love, love love) an HTC, it’s for this reason that I don’t have screen caps to show you just yet. But I’ll get my mitts on a friend’s iPhone later today and be sure to update the post.

Now go try this app. It’s going to blow your mind!

Love, love



New post coming soon

Hi girls

I’m dealing with crazy slow internet again today and am attempting to sort that out. By the time that’s fixed (I hope) I’ll have to run off to an appointment so check back later this avie for a new post.

Otherwise, a big congrats to Hayley Bond from Cape Town on winning that gorgeous diamond heart pendant from why jewellery!


Pretty, pretty!

Love, love