What went down at the Veuve Clicquot Masters polo at Val de Vie: The 2014 edition

The much anticipated Veuve Clicquot Masters Polo event held at Val de Vie estate in Paarl has come and gone and yes, it did live up to all hype. I mean, who couldn’t enjoy a beautiful sunshiney day in the winelands filled with good friends, great food, fab fashion and, of course, a free-flowing fountain of Veuve Clicquot bubbly.

Myself and polo blogger buddy Karisa Nicholls.

Myself and polo blogger buddy Karisa Nicholls.

While my beloved cheese table was sadly amiss, there was an  abundance of other yummy canapes doing the rounds including delish-tasting mini steak rolls and orange macaroons.

See how the calamari (bottom middle) has a little horsie on a stick in it? Love that!

See how the calamari (bottom middle) has a little horsie on a stick in it? Love that!

If, like me, you were lucky enough to be in the beautifully decorated VIP area, all this could be washed down with a glass (or seven) of Veuve Clicquot Brut or Rose.

Elizabeth Arden's Alice Carderelli and Victoria Jackson say 'Cheers'.

Elizabeth Arden’s Alice Carderelli and Victoria Jackson on the left and myself on the right. ‘Cheers’ girls!

So who else was out and about? Fashion blogger Ritza van Rensburg and stylist Elrico Bellingan as well as former Miss SA Cindy Nell and hubby Clive Roberts where just two stylish couples on the scene.

Fashion blogger Ritza van Rensburg and stylist Elrico Bellingan and Cindy Nell and hubby Clive Roberts

Cindy was wearing the most gorgeous arm candy while Ritza rocked a killer pair of gold studded heels.

Anina Malherbe looked striking in a print screen Elie Terhari dress from D’Ore alongside designer Jacques Lagrange and fashion blogger Clouds Drummond who was wearing one of his lacy lilac creations. Actress Natalie Becker also opted for for a lace number.


Anina, Jacques and Clouds on the left and Ms Becker on the right.

Socialite Sue Duminy, actress Carishma Basday and model Thandi Kupe made a very pretty trio while Jeannie D looked fabulous in a cap sleeve printed Vanessa G London skater dress from D’Ore.


Clearly prints are having a serious moment right now.

D’Ore is an exclusive Jozi-based fashion boutique with an online store that ships worldwide. They partnered with Veuve Clicquot for this event and at one point a D’Ore fashion show went down. I’m in the process of getting a few piccies of this and will update the post ASAP.

Personally, my most memorable moment of the day had to be borrowing lip gloss from Victoria ‘Vo’ Jackson, but only ‘cos it’s seared into my brain via debilitating white hot pain. She’s a fan of Too Faced Lip Injection, a special plumping gloss from the States, and lord know’s what’s in there but Oh! My! God! does it burn like the blaze of a thousand fiery suns. 

While Vo is totally immune to it and ‘barely feels a thing’, myself, Karisa and Alice wanted to rip our lips off. There’s only so much pain I’ll willing to endure for beauty.

While Vo is totally immune to it and ‘barely feels a thing’, myself, Karisa and Alice wanted to rip our lips off. There’s only so much pain I’ll willing to endure for beauty.

In all, this year’s VCMP flew by in the blink of an eye which is what happens when you’re having lots of fun. My last few moments at the event where spent watching people semi-pack up around my friends and I while we snapped blurry, embarrassing selfies with socialite Jen Su, designer Craig Jacobs and Fairlady magazine’s Roxanne Cloete.

Edited VCM6-001

I took great delight in scream-telling Craig that my dress was from Mr Price and he gave it the fashion god nod which makes up for the fact he solemnly agreed when I told him I had fat ankles. Hate you Craig! Love you Craig!

Anyway, a big thank you to Lameez from Vivid Luxury and Lucy from Bletchley Park for inviting me. This was an indulgent, elegant-looking affair; one you’ll never want to miss. My friends and I also really appreciated being offered the courtesy of a driver who safely chauffeured us back to Cape Town. Also, another big dankie dankie to Fadia Williams from Tiger & Lily consulting who did my hair and make-up. I felt super pretty and will be putting up a post on that experience alone later on this week. 

Love, love


So let’s talk about my gorgeous Empress Infinity wrap dress from Walk In Closet

Remember that gorgeous dress I wore to the J&B Met last month? Let’s take a quick flash back:

I got so many compliments on this dress that day. Felt like a total princess.

I got so many compliments on this dress that day. Felt like a total princess. 

That mooi rokkie came from Walk In Closet in Bergvliet, an infinity dress boutique from which you can either buy dresses from the rails, rent them for an event or have your own one custom made, choosing from an array of materials and colours.

Walk In Closet

A peek inside Walk In Closet…

Now I know what you’re thinking. Why would I want to splash out on a WIC rokkie when I can snap up a cheapie on Gumtree? Thing is, Walk In Closet’s dresses are very, very different. For one, they come in sizes. Owner Brigid Kemp doesn’t believe in any of that one-size-fits-all kak. The hips, bust and waist of a size 6 is very different to a size 14, okay? Brigid also isn’t going to let anyone set foot out her shop without ensuring their hemline is perfect. Then there’s the fabric quality. All WIC dresses are made using top quality fabric that isn’t going to pill. (For those who don’t know, ‘pilling’ is that thing that cheap n’ nasty poly-cotton blends tends to do; get teensy little bolletjies all over them.) You can also add a printed or plain chiffon overlay!

The bottom bit is chiffon if the piccie isn't clear.

Pretty, pretty.

Oh! And your colour options are pretty much endless.


And this is just *some* not all of them. If you want a colour Brigid doesn’t have in stock you can order it.

Please just trust me when I tell you it’s not like the cheaper, tackier infinity dresses made by some tannie with nasty acrylic fingernails sitting in a hippie-infested market. Brigid, a former Miss SA first runner up, has modelled internationally for 12 years, and made a host of hot fashion contacts which she uses to this day to ensure her dresses look hot as opposed to homemade. They’re something her celeb friends are all more than happy to wear to anything from a super star SA cricket player’s wedding to a black tie charity event hosted by Edith freakin’ Venter. In short, she know’s her shizz, okay?

Here we have Brigid bringing the hotness in one of her own dresses.

Here we have Brigid bringing the hotness in one of her own dresses.

Anyway, while I wore my dress in a halter neck to the Met, there are a zillion other ways to wear it and I thought I’d show that off via a little photoshoot that took place in Brigid’s garden. She was a very patient photographer and handled me repeatedly snapping ‘Don’t make my arm looks fat!’ after every three or so shots.


These are just a few of the many options.

You can also change up the back of the dress and again these are just three of the seemingly endless options.

Brigid says the 'roll' style on the right is super popular.

For the record, that’s not cellulite on my back but the marks from my strapless bra that I’m currently too hungover to blitz with the ‘retouch’ tool.

Want even more infinity dress inspiration? There are loads of YouTube tutorials online but this is one of Brigid’s favourites:

Anyway, if you’re looking for a gorgeous-looking uber-versatile dress that’s going to fit, flatter and not turn into a klomp kak after just one wash, Walk In Closet is where it’s at. Also, if you order your dress (for purchase) before 31 March, like WIC on Facebook and quote ‘Lipgloss is my Life’, you’ll get a whopping 20% off.

Love, love


Walk In Closet dresses can be rented (R375 for short, R450 for long), bought (R860 for short, R950 for long; R1110 for short chiffon overlays, R1250 for long chiffon overlays) or made to order if Brigid’s given a seven day lead time and has the fabric you want in stock. If you order three or more dresses, you’ll receive a 10% discount. Rental dresses are never rented out more than two or three times so you can be sure the dress you’re wearing looks as good as new.

Viewings are by appointment only so give Brigid a ring on 082 898 3438 or email her on info@walkincloset.co.za. 

Hey Gorgeous’ Apple Crumble surface cleaner is rocking my OCD-riddled world

If you know me well you’ll know I’m a little bit OCD. Like, when I first moved to Cape Town ten thousand years ago I remember knowing it was important that I be here, but feeling terrified at the same time. I then proceeded to drive my flatmates crazy by painting (and re-painting) my bedroom walls a whopping six times because it just didn’t look ‘even’ or ‘perfect’ enough. While I felt like I couldn’t control what was going on around me, I could sure as hell micro-manage the shit out of my bedroom walls and that went a long way to making me feel better. That and buying/testing almost every single foundation on the shelves in an obsessive bid to find ‘the best’. (For the record, it was L’Oreal’s Translucide which is now sadly discontinued.)

Anyway, I’ve definitely got a better grip on all that as I’m now acutely aware of when I start ‘transferring’ my feelings. The moment I start lining up my shoes with a spirit level, wipe down every shelf in my kitchen cupboards or feel my throat tighten up ‘cos I’m staying over at a friend who has four different shampoos open and at various levels of use as opposed to just one (‘How do people live like this?!!’) I know I’m under too much stress and need to make a plan.

Still, in saying that, you have noooo idea how much I appreciate a good cleaning product. Discovering stainless steel wipes felt sooo good! Being able to buy Febreze from the UK online is amazing. And now, I’m having a li’l love affair with Hey Gorgeous’ Apple Crumble surface cleaner.

My owl sugar bowl's from Typo, in case you were wondering.

My super cute owl sugar bowl’s from Typo, in case you were wondering.

For those of you who don’t know it, Hey Gorgeous is a local bath and body brand that offers all natural products using organic ingredients wherever possible and specialising in yummy scents like creme brulee, candy floss and caramel fudge.

Aside from body butters, scrubs and the like, they also make a delish-smelling Apple Crumble surface cleaner (R45 for 375ml).  Ingredients-wise, it’s all natural vinegar, apple juice and essential oils and does a bang up job of cleansing surfaces and polishing mirrors and glass and yes, it smells exactly like an oven fresh apple crumble tart. Obsessively cleaning my flat over and over to the tune of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball while crying my eyes out never smelled so good! Kidding, kidding… I’m in a good place right now and am blitzing surfaces with a smile on my face. Except for that one time when I licked my mirrored microwave in a bid to see if Hey Gorgeous’ cleanser tasted as good as it smelled. (It doesn’t.)

Anyway, if you want to get your clean on but are totally over the blahness of ocean breezes, lemons and pine, pop on over to Hey Gorgeous’ Facebook page. I see the surface cleaner is being promoted there but isn’t available on their website just yet.

Happy cleaning girls! And if, like me, you’re somewhat secretly action packed with semi-obsessive control issues, please feel free to spill your guts in the comments section if only to make me feel better.

Love, love


Instant cool in your pocket: Ray-Ban Clubmaster Folding sunglasses

So last week I was disgusting spoiled by the lovelies at Luxottica who gifted me with a new pair of Natalie Portman-approved Ray-Ban Clubmaster Folding sunnies.

This chick looks good in anything.

This chick looks good in anything.

*Obvs* I just had to give Ms Black Swan a run for her money with a sepia(ish) filter of my own…

...and all my friends agreed my shots were waaay hotter (and that's got *nothing* to do with me threatening to burn myself with a lighter if they said otherwise).

…and all my friends agreed my shots were waaay hotter (and that’s got *nothing* to do with me threatening to burn myself with a lighter if they said otherwise).

Instant street cred aside, I love that they fold up into a teensy little square that easily fits into a pocket, hamster-sided cubby hole or clutch.



I’ve got the Veuve Clicquot Masters Polo coming up and you don’t want to be the girl in the gorgeous dress with a pair of sunnies sitting on your head. Tres unchic, darlings. Tres unchic.

Anyway, if you want to nab a pair yourself you’ll find them at Sunglass Hut stores nationwide going for R3 290 a pop.

Thanks Luxottica, you rock!

Love, love


Time to get your tickets for the Veuve Clicquot Masters polo at Val de Vie from Computicket

Can you believe that, once again, it’s almost time for the Veuve Clicquot Masters polo?

Let's party like it's twenty thousand and thirteen...

A quick flash back to 2013’s event.

And because I’m now feeling nostalgic, let’s dip a toe into 2012’s event too…

Guess there's no chance of me getting away with wearing that dress again.

Guess there’s no chance of me attempting to get away with wearing that dress again.

While just  last year’s event feels like a life time ago my mouth is already watering at the thought of all the cheese. While many go for the fabulous fashion, zexy polo players and celeb spotting, I’m shamelessly all about the cheese.

FYI, this is what my version of heaven looks like. You might as well Photoshop louds into this shot and slap some angel wings on my back.

FYI, this is what my version of heaven looks like. You might as well Photoshop some clouds into this shot and slap some angel wings on my back.

Anyway, this year’s event takes place on Saturday the 1st of March and, as per usual, it’s out at the beautiful Val de Vie in Paarl. This time it’s partnered with exclusive multi-brand fashion house D’Ore who’ll be putting on an extravagant fashion show so Pavillion guests can sip flutes of bubbly while watching models strut the catwalk donning Escada, Cavalli, Armani and more.

A little taste of D'Ore.

A little taste of D’Ore.

If you’d like to attend, make sure you buy your tickets from Computicket ASAP as they sell out super fast. If you opt for Polo Picnic access (R150) you’ll have access to the food trucks and will get to take in the fashion show but if I were you I’d totally spring for Pavilion tickets (R850).

You can then expect an indulgent canapé style lunch, a glass of wine and a perfectly chilled glass of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label champagne. I’m also willing to bet that Elizabeth Arden will be there once more with a make-up touch up station offering a host of samples (so perhaps taking your teensiest clutch isn’t a good idea).

Now tell me girls, am I going to see any of you there?

Love, love


This Wrappz.co.za personalised cell phone case is going to make my sister’s day

If you’re the kind of person who likes to customise the shizz out of their stuff or you’re looking for a gift for the person who has everything, you might be interested in popping on over to Wrappz.co.za. They offer custom cases and skins for pretty much everything. Think cell phones, laptops, iPads, Kindles and more. Aside from being able to pick from a host of designs, you can get a li’l fancy and design your own. 

Wrappz was kind enough to offer me a cell phone case (R329) so I created a custom one for my little sis as part of a very belated Christmas gift. Girl is completely mentalistic about her super cute doggies, two disgustingly cute Rhodesian ridgebacks, so it was obviously as to what type of piccie I was going to use.  


‘Adorable’ comes in pairs.

Putting it all together took me less than ten minutes and I was slightly drunk having come home late from a launch so let that attest to how simple the design process is. Then, a week later, all I had to do was sent to go collect the cover at my local post office. It had been sent via a registered letter with tracking for R35 but you can select a Fast Mail option for a mere R15 too.

In all, whipping up the case was child’s play, the service was slick and I love the final product. (I mean, how could I not? I designed the darn thing!) I was also impressed that, even though the pic I used was a low-res shot my sis had sent me via What’s App, it still looks really good.

Want to create your own custom covers too? Pop on over to Wrappz and get clicky clicky.

Love, love


More beauty booty to love: Xen-Tan Ins-Tan-Taneous daily tan, Max Factor CC Cream and Uriage Hyseac K18

Ready for a mash up of beauty loot I’m currently love, love, loving? Let’s jump right in and talk about Xen-Tan Ins-Tan-Taneous daily tan (R480, selected salons and spas).

Typing this product's name is suuuch a killer.

Xen-Tan Ins-Tan- Taneous! (Could a product’s name be any more awkwies to type?)

As my natural hue is a delicious shade of corpse, I pretty much live and die in self-tan. I also insist on a life in which white linen is a feature which is probably why I’m so stressed out all the time but hey, the heart wants what the heart wants. But ja, to get to my point; I don’t always have time to marinate in Famous Dave’s bronzing mousse so sometimes I need a tan STAT. For this, I’ve been relying on a squirt of Rimmel’s bronzing fluid mixed with a bit of body lotion which I then blend into my bod with a self-tanning mitt. Thing is, Rimmel’s bronzing fluid is a discontinued product and my massive doomsday-esque stock pile is dwindling fast which is exactly why I’m so chuffed to discover Xen-Tan’s Ins-Tan-Taneous daily tan.

A bronze-coloured gel with a realistic-looking olive undertone, Ins-Tan-Taneous delivers an instant ‘tan’ that simply washes off with soap and water. There’s no DHA in the mix at all, just good ole’ non-committal colour and a host of skin-lovin’ ingredients like aloe leaf juice, argan oil and a zillion other herbal extracts. Still, it doesn’t smell herbaceous in the least; if anything it’s got a delish coconutty, Iced Zoo biscuit-type scent, but don’t worry, its super subtle and won’t clash with your perfume.

I like that, if used with the mitt, Ins-Tan-Taneous is ‘spready’ enough that you don’t need to mix it with a body lotion to get it all over your limbs. It also doesn’t come off on your clothes. Yayness all round, y’all! Oh! And for the record, I’ve been using Xen-Tan Luminous Gold Gel weekly self-tan in medium on my face and am love, love, loving it.

Mac Factor CC cream (R145,95, exclusive to Clicks).

The colour I've been using is called BLAH.

The colour I’ve been using is called Medium.

When I first tried this on my hand I wasn’t impressed. It just looked a bit matte and one dimensional, especially since I’ve been using foundations that have a bit of a luminous, line-blurring finish to them to assist in hiding the fact that I’m haggard and old. ‘This isn’t going to work for me…’ I thought.

After trying it on my face, however, I changed my mind. It does a great job of unifying my complexion and offers fab medium level coverage that’s almost comparable to Estee Lauder’s Doublewear Light. When used on top of a moisturiser, it doesn’t look ‘flat’ in the least. Another plus? It’s fabulously long-wearing and does a good job of keeping my oily T-panel in check. I definitely need to reach for my beloved MAC Blot powder a lot less throughout the day when this baby’s on my face. It also made for a great canvas in that my eye shadow and blush totally went the extra mile.

As far as treatment/colour-correcting benefits go, Max Factor’s CC cream offers an SP of 10 and makes use of hydrating glycerine and cucumber water to ensure you simply look matte as opposed to dry. Still, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone with a very dry skin type.

Another interesting ingredient in the mix is sea buckthorn extract. I don’t know too much about it but a quick google revealed that it’s also hydrating and soothing. Also, lab tests have shown that it helped speed up the healing of a burn wounds.

In short, if you’re looking for a nice matte foundation, Max Factor’s CC Cream’s a goodie.

Uriage Hyseac K 18 (R169,95, Clicks, Dis-Chem and selected pharmacies).


Uriage Hyseac K18

When it comes to skin care, I’m always looking out for products containing what I (and most dermatologists) consider the anti-aging big guns; retinol (not piss willy retinyl) and AHAs. This is why I was impressed with Uriage Hyseac K 18% AHA. It’s geared for those with acne prone skin, which isn’t exactly me, but I’ll be sure to use this tube to the bitter end thanks to its super high AHA concentration (lactic and glycolic acid, if you were wondering.) Why are AHAs the shizzness? They exfoliate like a bomb to reveal fresher, more radiant skin while encouraging the production of skin firming collagen.

There’s also another li’l acid in the mix; salicylic acid, also known as BHA. BHA is found in most skin care products aimed at anyone with spot-prone skin as it exfoliates deep inside the pore as opposed to just the surface like AHA making it the gold standard for blackhead busting.

So, to get back to Hyseac K18; if you have oily, blackhead prone skin, this is must-have as it kicks the ass of 99% of the drugstore ‘for spot prone skin’ offerings as most have a drying texture and contain a mere smattering of BHA. However, if, like me, you’re a  combination skin type and just love the brightening/firming benefits of a good AHA cream, this is still a total gem. I like its lovely light crème-gel texture and that it plays nicely with any foundation I use on top of it. I’m currently using it every second or third day, alternating it with a RoC retinol serum. Very, very nice.

Now tell me, did you see anything you think you’d like? Let’s yak it up in the comments section below.

Love, love