Schwarzkopf Color Mask; a super easy new way to colour your hair

7 Oct

Schwarzkopf have always been an innovative brand so it’s no surprise that their new hair colour, Color Mask, is the first hair mask hair colour.

Scwarzkopf Color Mask in Dark Brown (400), R129,99.

Scwarzkopf Color Mask in Dark Brown (400), R129,99.

Available in 10 shades, using it is a piece of cake. All you have to do is add the tube of colour to the jar of developer cream and shake it up. You’re then to slip on the gloves provided in the pack and use your fingers to slap the colour onto your hair while it’s dry. After 30 minutes, you can wash it out and BOOM, you’re hair’s got even, natural-looking permanent colour that blitzes greys and offers up to 30% more shine than other hair colours.

The pack also includes a post-colouring deep conditioning vitamin oil-enriched hair mask (a plain old mega-moisturising hair mask, not a dye depositing one) to ensure your hair feels super silky and well cared for.

A look inside the box.

A look inside the box.

I was given a few boxes of the Dark Brown shade (400) at the launch and doled them out to two friends. Both of them said they found the mask fabulously easy to use. As the cream is nice and thick, it didn’t drip. Also, any colour that got onto their skin was easy to wipe away and didn’t leave a stain.

As for the results, they agreed that yes, their hair did look evenly-coloured with a healthy-looking shine and that shade was indeed true to what was pictured on the box. One also said that, while the colour did have a pleasant floral scent, you could still pick up on typical hair dye smell, but it wasn’t nearly as pungent as other colours they’d used in the past.

If you’re looking for a super easy to use new hair colour, this is a goodie and should be on the shelves at Clicks as I type going for R129,99. If it’s not at your local store, however, it should arrive within the next two weeks.

Love, love


Disclaimer: Please note that I couldn’t find anyone brave enough to test the Pearl Blonde shade (910) so I can’t testify as to how that turns out.

Constantia Glen’s Tasting Room is a little slice of heaven on earth

4 Oct

Earlier this week Karisa and I were invited to experience a wine tasting at Constantia Glen’s Tasting Room.


Tranquility at its best.

Despite being just 20 minutes out of town, Constantia Glen feels like another world. A very, very pretty one. It’s here, overlooking a lush-looking valley full of vines, that you can sip on the farm’s delish-tasting vino while nibbling on one of the best charcuterie and cheese platters I’ve had in ages.

Happiness is...

Happiness is a big ass board o’ meat and cheese.

While you can order wine by the glass, Karisa and I were there to indulge in a tasting. It’s a mere R40  and you get to journey through a good six wines; two whites, a rose and three reds.

To start, we tried the farm’s  fancier white, Constantia Glen Sauvignon Blanc 2012, and then moved onto a more ‘easy drinking’ blend called Constantia Saddle white 2012. While both were lovely, I adored the latter. It’s crisp and green and just the thing to enjoy on a warm summer’s day. This was followed by another favourite; Constantia Saddle rose which has yummy berry and candyfloss notes. We then finished off with three reds; Constantia Saddle red, Constantia Glen 3 and Constantia Glen 5.

Karisa was most impressed by Constantia Glen 5, the farm’s award-winning penultimate red. A blend of five different Bordeaux variants, it’s smoky, spicy and rich; like a spoonful of decadent Christmas pudding. As for me, I preferred Saddle red and Constantia Glen 3. They’re not as decadent and the kind of thing you could pull out at a braai due to their well-balanced, easy going characters which is exactly what I liked about them.


That platter totally deserves another close up.

Wines aside, for us, the real hero of the day was the platter which is only R100; if you’re sharing, that’s R50 a pop. It included a warm, freshly baked crusty loaf, butter that had been smoked over rooibos (so evil! so good!), olives, capers, gherkins and a mix of meat and cheese that included the creamiest, yummiest blue. Oooh! And let’s not forget about the jam. Homemade jam which was the perfect complement to a butter-addled slice of bread topped with cheese and wrapped in a sheath of prosciutto. Heaven in your mouth girls!

In all, this was one of the nicest afternoons I’ve had in ages. The ambiance is tres laid back, the service is super friendly, the food and wine is perfection and getting to indulge in all that on a stoep overlooking a sunny, rustig valley full of vines was like a foot massage for my soul. Driving back, both Karisa and I agreed that we’d most definitely be back with friends. A glassie in the sun at Constantia Glen is now most definitely one of my new favourite things.


Cheers girls!

Want to pop in yourself? They’re open weekdays from 10 to 5pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 4pm. You can check out their website over here or give them a ring on (021) 795 5639.

Love, love


MAC’s new Rihanna collection, Riri Hearts MAC, launches in all stores today

3 Oct

This year, one of MAC’s most anticipated collections has to be Riri Hearts MAC, a collaboration with pop goddess Rihanna. The line up’s pretty big and includes four lippies (R200 each), a Lipglass (R195), two eye shadow quads (R450 each) and more.

How much do we love the mooi rose gold packaging?

How much do we love the mooi rose gold packaging? That eye shadow quad is called MAC Her Cocoa and I think I have a crush on it.

I haven’t gotten to see or play with anything just yet so I don’t have any swatches for you and have no clue what’s it like but I can tell you right now that the collection’s retro matte red lippie, Riri Woo, is probably already sold out.

I know you want me.

Want me? Come and get me bietse.

To see the full collection online, visit MAC’s international website. To really get up close and personal, get thee to a MAC store ASAP and prepare yourself for a possible cat fight.

Love, love


The Beauty Box: Trust me you want it. You want it bad.

2 Oct

Right! So lets talk about one of the coolest things everrrr; The Beauty Box, a super sexy clear Acrylic ‘chest of drawers’ to help you store all your beauty goodies while looking pretty on your dresser or in your bathroom.

This is the 'deluxe' 5-draw box and costs R1195. There are other sizes at different price points.

Don’t you dare tell me the ‘OMG, I want, I want’ part of your brain is lightening up like a Christmas tree right now.

This is the ‘deluxe’ 5-drawer The Beauty Box which costs R1 199. (You can, however, get a smaller 3-drawer box too for R899.) As I’m a girl who likes pretty things, owns ten zillion beauty products and am tres OCD when it comes to neatness and organisation, the big ass box was pretty much tailor made for me.  Oh! And those Kardashian bietse have something similar so if you’re attempting to keep up with them (heheh) this is something you simply have to own.

Gosh, which of my ten thousand Armani Luminous Silk foundation should I wear today?

‘Which of my ten thousand Armani Luminous Silk foundation should I wear today?’

When my Beauty Box arrived I was worried it might be tricky to assemble but as it turns out it comes ready to rumble. All you have to do is attach the crystal draw knobs and these don’t require a screw driver or anything; you simply twist them on with your fingers.

The top three draws come with a divider each so you can create two compartments in each. The bottom draw is the ‘tallest’ and divvied up four ways via an ‘X’ but you can remove the insert to create just one big single draw if you wish.

Bottom right is a side view of the box. Bottom left is the big bottom drawer with its removable 'X' divider.

Bottom right is a side view of the box. Bottom left is the big bottom drawer with its removable ‘X’ divider.

Once set up, I wasted no time in stashing some of my stuff:

Action packed, darlings.

Action packed, darlings.


Up top

Top left is the top draw that flips open. I’ve pulled out three other drawers in these shots but bear in mind there are five in total so you’ve got a crazy amount of storage space.

Anyway, this is definitely one of the coolest local beauty-aimed innovations I’ve seen in ages. If you’re looking for a gorgeous-looking, easy way to store your stuff, you totally want a Beauty Box. Also, if you know a cosmetic’s lovin’ girl who isn’t easily impressed and already has ‘everything’; this is your go to gift.

To check out the other smaller The Beauty Box as well as the other items they do (lipstick and nail polish holders) visit their site over here. Prices start from as little as R99 and they deliver all over South Africa. You can also find The Beauty Box products at The Spa Shop as well as Skin Tone Beauty & Laser Studio in Durban. (To get hold of it via the latter, call Ferzana Gany on 084 378 6120.)

Love, love


Mooi mense in their onderklere at Cosmo and Marie Claire’s The Lingerie Issue fashion show

2 Oct

This year Associated Media held its ‘The Lingerie Issue’ fashion show in the centre court at Canal Walk. Invited guest got to grab a complimentary SKYY vodka cocktail and sit nice and close to the ramp while shoppers hung over the balconies to get an eyeful of hot model action.

That's Jimmy Nevis top right.

That’s Jimmy Nevis top right.

Underwear brands featured in the show included Jockey, Ackermans (who’ve seriously raised their game), Guess, Edgars, After Eden, Elle McPherson Intimates, Triumph and La Senza. As my camera’s a bit rubbish at shooting moving objects I nicked some shots off Cosmo’s Facebook page.


That chica on the left is sooo chanelling Naomi Campbell. And that could be Adriana Lima on the right if you look real quick.

Of all the mooi onderklere I saw, I most liked the leopard print La Senza bra as I’m a total slet for animal print.

The headgear, not so much.

My blogger bestie Karisa was totally feeling the lacy pink set on the right. You can pretty much rest assured that she’ll be wearing to MCQP later this year.

Oh! And did I mention there were hot boys too?

This poor oke. You should've HEARD the meisies scream when he walked down the ramp.

This poor oke. You should’ve HEARD the meisies skreeeeee when he walked down the ramp. Roof raising shizz right there.

As a finale, local muso Jimmy Nevis took to the stage and the crowd went totally mal once more when he performed Heart Boxing. Dude’s got an amazing voice and I remember how the first time I heard that song on the radio I totally thought it was Bruno Mars.

Myself, Karisa, Darryn and Chelle (wearing the toitest, tiniest satin pants which I'm sure she snapped up in a kiddies section somewhere.)

Myself and friendly friends Karisa, Darryn and Chelle inadvertently recreating a 90210 ensemble cast shot. Chelle’s impressive ‘bitch face’ (and uber toit satin pants) leaves nobody wondering who’s the ‘Brenda’…

Want to see more hotties in their undies? Look out for The Lingerie Issue on shelves now being sold along with the October issues of Marie Claire and Cosmo. You can also visit The Lingerie Issue website for profiles on the models and behind the scenes footage as well as enter an Always Ultra competition where your photo featuring you and a loved one sharing ‘a moment of closeness’ could win R10 000.

Love, love



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