, a new South African pro hair care online store, is up and running.

23 Apr

So there’s a new online hair care store in town;

They were kind enough to send me a Flower Pot Tangle Teezer which was awesome as I could then pass it on to my mom and spread the gospel of Tangle Teezer far and wide. I already own three variations of the Teezer and my mom, who has fine, super tangly hair like mine, had been living in a dark forest made up of round bristle brushes. Being able to show her the light via a kick ass Tangle Teezer was very, very satisfying.

Use the pot to store your hair bands, clips and whatever. The Teezer acts as the 'lid'. Super cute for le kiddies.

Use the pot to store your hair bands, clips and whatever. The Teezer acts as the ‘lid’. Super cute for le kiddies.

But ja, enough about TT’s; let chat about Retail Box. The store serves up a nice selection of pro hair care brands – think Kerestase, Jioco, Redken and what not – along with lots of beauty tools (Oh hello there, pastel-coloured ghd) and a few beauty brands, namely Morgan Taylor (nail polish) and Xen-Tan (self-tan).

Now this is the part where I was going to tell you about the site’s clever li’l ‘egg hunt’ competition but I’ve just spotted that it closed yesterday. Eek! (Sorry Retail Box; your goodies arrived just before I went on leave and I only got back yesterday.)

So, you might not be able to win a hamper to the value of R1000 but, if you haven’t blown your whole salary on overpriced Easter eggs* you can at least shop there. And if you blow over R500, delivery is free.

My top two picks?

A Tangle Teezer (duh!), R260.

Bling bling bitches!

Bling bling bitches!

I have this zexy gold ‘Goddess’ one and every time I whip it out my bag my friends go ‘Jesus Leigh, do you have to brush your hair in public. That’s sooo kommon…’ followed by ‘Oooh… pretty!’

Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense for thick, dry hair, R405 (and worth every blerrie cent).

Love you long time!

Love you long time!

I don’t need this product now, thank God, but every time I’ve had a hair damage disaster this baby has been the only thing that’s brought my hair back from the dead. For example, a few years back my ex hair dresser was so coked up he forgot me in a bleach bath (long story! fun times!) and BOOM my hair was sticky, unbrushable candy floss. A good chop and Kerastase’s mask, however, managed to change that. My top tip? Buy the one for THICK, DRY hair even if your hair is super fine like mine. You’ll then only need to use a tiny dollop that goes a long way as opposed to half the tub.

Love, love


*Can you believe a box of marshmallow eggs was R79 this year? Wasn’t it just R40 the other day?! Sooo ridiculous. *foot stomp foot stomp foot stomp*

P.S. Have you ever had a body rockin’ hair disaster of note? Feel free to vent in the comments section below and tell me which miracle hair product helped drag your hair back from terrifying Troll doll territory. This is a safe place to share darlings. Come now, get it all out… I’ll make us some tea.

The Body Shop introduces a new limited edition Early-Harvest Raspberry collection and Vineyard Peach is back, yo!

22 Apr

I’m a total sucker for ‘new’ anything so I just love it when The Body Shop brings out limited edition collections and their two latest offerings – Early-Harvest Raspberry and Vineyard Peach haven’t disappointed. In fact, Vineyard Peach was on the shelves a little while ago but when it disappeared y’all kicked up such a fuss that The Body Shop felt obliged to bring it back.

I'm back bitches! Cue 'It's been a long, we shouldna left you, without a dope beat to step to..'

I’m baaa-ack, bitches! Cue ‘It’s been a long time… we shouldna left you… without a dope beat to step to…’ (Ja, I have no idea where that came from either.)

Available as a body butter (R99), scrub (R90) and shower gel (R60), each line makes use of Community Fair Trade ingredients and boasts a very ‘realistic’ fragrance. No sickly sweet, plasticky fruit flavours here. Oh no! I only have to sniff the Vineyard Peach shower gel and immediately feel like I’ve pressed my nose into a ripe, fuzzy peach. Yumness!

Early-Harvest Raspberry is lovely too.


Every girl needs a pretty pink body cream in their stash, right?

I was given the body butter (thanks Shelley!) and can literally smell the juicy sweetness, a bit of cream and even a little nuttiness of regte egte raspberries. This doesn’t interfere with your perfume, however. You’d have to get your nose really close to your skin to pick up the scent after application.

Which is my favourite of the two? God, I don’t know. I’m sitting here as I type, alternating the peachy shower gel and raspberry body butter under my nose and just can’t decide which one I like best. Okay, wait I can. It’s raspberry for the win. It’s actually now started to smell a bit like raspberry-flavoured double thick yogurt which isn’t a bad thing. And now all I want is bloody double thick yogurt and raspberries. Damnit!

Want to give the new scents a sniff yourself? Get thee to your nearest The Body Shop fast. And while you’re there snap up your favourite The Body Shop fragrance as they’re now all less 20% until the 11th of May.

Love, love


Accessorize has teamed up with Stylista (and their autumn/winter 2014 collection is hot, hot, hot!)

22 Apr

Heard about Stylista? It’s an online social community that’s all about ‘street style’. A spot where you can upload shots of you rocking a look while promoting your blog or website and have other visitors ‘like’ your style. In turn, you can draw a li’l inspirasie by flicking through hundreds of user-generated looks and ‘follow’ the peeps who float your boat.

Fullscreen capture 2014-04-22 101549 AM

Anyway, Accessorize did a li’l colab with Stylista the other day and sent me a very mooi necklace for me to snap and slap up on the site.

Pretty, pretty! (And FYI, the lippie I'm wearing is an Arden shade called Electric Pink).

Pretty, pretty! (And FYI, the lippie I’m wearing is an Arden shade called Electric Pink).

Alas, I’m not too sure if you can run out and get this boy in store as I’ve been a total slacker in regards to getting this post out. (Sorry Charli, forgiveness! It was one helluva month. And I did get piccies taken soon after. I just absolutely hated them. Not the jewellery. I mean me. The way I was smiling was so darn… Arrrgh!!! Let me just make it up to you by showing off some more of your very pretty things, okay?)

Having had a flick through Accessorize’s autumn/winter 2014 look book I can pick up three distinct trends, one being vintage glamour.


Girl, I want your dresser. And your nose and cheek bones. Plus that zexy hot pink lippie. Oh wait, at least I’ve got the latter going on for me.

‘Tough luxe’ is also a biggie. Think lots of warm-looking layers and textures enhanced by bold, statement-making accessories.


Pleather, tartan and an ‘ugly’ knit. These girls are rocking the winter trend trifecta.

Last but not least, monochrome is still here to stay and you’ll find Accessorize has a host of hot black and white bags along with silver and black jewellery to ice your look.


Houndstooth on stripes. Be brave girls, you can do it.

To view the rest of Accessorize’s new look book pop on over to their site over here. I also find a nice selection of their winter goodies sitting pretty on Stylista and these babies are my favourite of the lot.


Going clockwise: Jewelled teardrop earrings R169, brushed heart necklace R899, animal lined Mari tote R899 and diagonal zip bag R399.

See anything you like?

Love, love


I scream, you scream, we all scream for Essence’s new Me & My Ice Cream collection

17 Apr

So the ice cream truck’s rolled into town to deliver Essence’s much anticipated Me & My Ice Cream collection to Clicks. And what makes it so darn special? It’s absolutely adorable-looking.

Ag cute man!

Ag cuuuute man!

I got up close and personal with this at a Cosmetix launch about a year back (yep, it’s been available oorsee for a while now) and walked away with Icylicious, the marbled eye shadow on the far right. It blends beautifully to create a pale shimmering silver-pink; a lovely brow bone highlighter that I reach for almost every day. If I wasn’t so hung I’d crawl to my room, dig it out my suitcase and take a swatch shot for you.

The star of the collection, however, is most definitely the shimmer pearls. They’re a lovely ‘low end’ answer to Guerlain’s horrifyingly expensive meteorites powder pearls. If you’ve ever been curious to try the former, then you definitely need to snap up the latter. Just keep in mind that this is a highlighting powder and not a blush. If you sweep this over any part of your face where the pores are enlarged, it’s going to draw attention to them in a major way. Rather whisk it across the very top of your cheek bone and keep things close to your ear. Or perhaps dust it along the top of your collarbone.

This pretty pot's called I-C-You.

This pretty pot’s called I-Cy-U. Can we all just agree that’s a rubbish name for something so mooi-looking? 

As far the nail polish and nail stickers go I can’t comment there as I haven’t tried them. I remember noting that the lip balms feel like Labello, go on clear and feature sweet, yummy scents and that the hand wipes smell like strawberries and cream. I was disappointed by the blush, but only because I’m a cool-toned peep so it’s brick-like colour made me look ‘ruddy’. Like the alco-mom who stashes her vodka in the toilet’s cistern and wanders around Game in pyjama pants and a banana clip. Still, I saw on twitter that my beloved Chantelle from Not Another Poppie thinks it’s the bee’s fuckin’ knees. And she’s a hot, sexy cool-toned bitch like me so maybe I just remembered it wrong. Whatevs.

Anyway, I’m working from a laptop in PE using my parent’s kak wi-fi and having serious connection dramz so I’m not going to cruise my inboxes looking for prices. Just know that this collection is cheap as chips, limited edition and going to sell out faster than tickets to a U2 concert. So if there’s something you want, best you haul ass.

Love, love


Review: What’s new at Catrice including their awesome Glamour Doll mascara. Trust me when I say you’re going to love it.

15 Apr

I was sent of few of Catrice’s new goodies and thought I’d show off some of my favourites. Ready to get stuck in?

Catrice Glamour Doll Curl & Volume mascara, price TBA.

This arrived when my friend Ina was visiting from Germany. She picked it up, slicked on and went ‘Wow!’ I followed suit and said the same thing; ‘Wow!’

Glamour Doll up top, no Glamour Doll down below. I'm actually annoyed with this pic as my application was rushed and didn't do it justice.

One slick of Glamour Doll up top, no Glamour Doll (on my other eye) down below. I’m actually annoyed with this pic as my application was rushed and didn’t do it justice.

This baby promises to curl and volumise and delivers on both, particularly the curl bit, with the added benefit of not being a clump-monster. For a cheapie, this is a serious gem of a mascara.

Catrice Made to Stay Smoothing Lip Polish, price TBA.

If you’re a fan of YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture but hate the price tag you’ll appreciate this dude. Much like the former, it serves up the pigmentation of a lipstick with the shine of a gloss but, after it wears off, your lips are left with a stain.

This shade's called Katherine's Fuchsia.

This shade’s called ‘Megan Fuchsia’.

Obviously it’s packaging isn’t half as luxe-looking as YSL’s offering, but I actually prefer the shape of its applicator. It’s less wide so I can get it into the corner of my mouth with ease. Feel-wise, the actual product itself is quite similar but not 100% the same. Still, it’s close enough and good enough in its own right to get a two thumbs up.

Other goodies worth a mention? Catrice’s Lash Couture single lashes (price TBA) look like a nice alternative to pricier brands but I haven’t tried them myself. Could be cool, could be kak. But at least you know they’re there.

There's a little glue tucked in behind the cardboard.

There’s a little tube of glue tucked in behind the cardboard.

Another goodie? Catrice Prime and Fine mattifying powder (price TBA). It’s pretty much a total ‘waterproof’, vitamin A and E-infused dupe for MAC’s Prep + Prime translucent finishing powder.

I love that the compact contains a mirror.

I love that the compact contains a mirror.

Once you’ve finished your make-up, use a kabuki brush to sweep it across your face to mattify and minimise the look of fine lines and pores. Personally, I won’t use this product, be it Catrice or MAC, as I find that, even though it’s ‘translucent’, it ‘pales me out’ a little. Still, there are a million girls who think I’m being pathetic and swear by MAC’s version. And if that’s you, you’ll want to give this dude a bash.

Now run off to Dis-Chem (Catrice is exclusive to them) and buy that wow-inducing Glamour Doll mascara. It’s Awesome with a capital A.

Love, love



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