Review: Bourjois Clubbing waterproof eyeliner – new shades

16 Jul

When it comes to eye liner pencils you can’t really go wrong with Bourjois, exclusive to Clicks. They make some of the best I’ve ever used, serve up a nice selection of colours and, at just R99,95 a pop, are super good value for money. In fact, I’ve got a few Bourjois eye liners in my make-up bag that beat more ‘luxurious’, expensive brands hands down. (Side note: If you’re a fair-skinned blue-eyed blonde, you have to try Regard Effet Metallise Brun Inoxydable – it’ll rock your world.)

But ja, let’s focus people. Focus! I want to tell you about the brand’s new limited edition Countour Clubbing waterproof liners. They’re so crazily creamy, you barely have to touch them to your skin to get a nice, rich colour pay off (they’re ‘enriched with vinyl’, apparently) and once they’re on they really do stay put.

I was given these guys to play with – clicking on the piccie will enlarge it.

Boujois clubbing liner

The swatches on my arm from left to right are Dynamint, Ultra Black Glitter, Pink About You and Blue It Together.

Of all of them, I most like Blue It Together. I like to use it to line the top of my eyes and have been teaming it with my beloved MAC eye shadow in ‘Tempting’. The teensy dash of blue makes my blue eyes pop and yep, the colour doesn’t budge, regardless of whether I use a primer or not.

These babies will be in Clicks in about a week from now so next time you’re in store give them, along with Bourjois other awesome eyeliners, a look. The brand also has their own South African Facebook page and they’re always running cool competitions.

Love, love


Here’s what went down at the Hayden Quinn South Africa premiere

15 Jul

Last night saw the premier of Hayden Quinn South Africa, a new show about the Aussie foodie in which he cooks, eats and adventures his way across SA while learning more about various sustainability projects and a greener way to live.

I know, I know… this post’s a bit of a departure from mascara reviews and nail polish swatches but I totally had to ‘humble’ brag all about it as I wrote the voice over for the show *hair flick, head toss*. Seriously though, this is something I’m super proud of. While I’ve written TV commercials in the past, this is my very first full length show – even though I only created the voice over – the bits where Hayden chats to the audience off camera.

Hayden Quinn South Africa

Hayden Quinn South Africa – Mondays, 9:30 on SABC 3.

Anyway, to celebrate the flight of episode one, a bunch of us got together at Expresso’s studios to watch it along with Hayden himself. While Thirst provided nutritious fruit and veg cocktails, Hayden himself served up a yummy bobotie – the same one he learns to cook in the Bo-Kaap in episode one – served out of a giant pumpkin. The best bit, however, was the ‘sustainable, SASSI-approved marshmallow fish braai.


That frozen margarita was made with freshly squeezed orange juice and tasted delish.  As for the bobotie bowls, they were totally edible and tasted a bit like Digestive biscuit.

Peeps-wise, the crowd included a mix of those who’d worked on the show, local personalities and media including these guys:


Going clockwise you’ve got Hayden and I; Expresso’s Graeme Richards, foodie blogger Dax Villaneuva, local Masterchef winner Kamini Pather and Good Hope FM’s Sean O; Expresso’s Michelle Sansom and Leigh-Anne Williams; Expresso’s Mark Bland and Dax once more and food and travel writer Dawn Jorgensen, one of the nicest chica’s on twitter. 

The radness that is Tayla Goldberg from Nifty 250 was there too, providing guests with Instagram print outs of both the event itself as well as shots taken against a photo wall with cutesy props.

See, mom? I told you I eat my veggies!

Terry Richardson, eat your heart out.

To learn more about the show get clicky clicky over here. You can also enter a series of competitions to stay in the fancy pants guest houses Hayden visits throughout the show as well as the big kahuna – a trip to Sydney where you’ll get to hang out with Hayden himself.

Love, love


Review: Clarins HydraQuench tinted moisturiser SPF 15

14 Jul

I’ve never been a BB Cream or tinted moisturiser girl – I either want the coverage of a foundation or to go ‘barefaced’ with just a bit of concealer and a sweep of powder. There was never an in between… until now. (Being in your 30s in the middle of dry, depressing winter ain’t fun, y’all!) My face is at a point where it really needs a little helping hand every bloody day, but I’m not always in the mood to wear foundation and this is why I’m really enjoying using Clarins HydraQuench tinted moisturiser SPF 15 (R395).

Clarins HydraQuench tinted moisturiser SPF 15

Clarins HydraQuench tinted moisturiser SPF 15

Benefits-wise, it’s action-packed so I’ll run through them quickly: hyaluronic acid and katafray bark extract hydrate without feeling heavy, vitamin E acts an antioxidant, an SPF of 15 protects and yet doesn’t feel greasy in the slightest and it adds a radiance to your complexion in not one but two ways – via super subtle coppery pink pearl pigments and sorbier bud extracts that boost microcirculation in your skin.

As far as application goes, I slap this on with a sponge and like that I can wear it with a serum or all by itself without feeling like I need another moisturiser underneath it. (You’d be surprised by how many tinted moisturises simply don’t supply the moisture!) But in the same vein, it doesn’t aggravate my combination to oily skin at all. For me, it just feels ‘right’.

Shade-wise, I’m using a colour called Blond which is the teensiest, tiniest shade darker than my wintery NC20 complexion.

Clarins HydraQuench tinted moisturiser SPF 15 in Blond

Clarins HydraQuench tinted moisturiser SPF 15 in Blond

It’s sheer enough for me to get away with going a little bit darker which helps make me look like a happy, healthy human as opposed to a flesh-eating zombie (which is honestly how pale and ghostly-looking I tend to be, sans make-up or self-tan in July.)

Anyway, if you’re looking for a lovely, light tinted moisturiser that does more than just ‘tint’, Clarins has got your back. They’ve also added a few new shades to the line-up so now you can pick from Porcelain, Sand, Peach, Honey, Blond, Gold and Bronze.

Love, love


Lancome’s new Hypnose volumising mascara in Extra Black hits the shelves – and yep, it’s totally awesome

11 Jul

I did a little happy dance the other day when I was sent a shiny, new tube of Lancome Hypnose volumising mascara in a brand new shade called Extra Black. (This was to celebrate the fact that the original is celebrating its ten-year anniversary which makes me feel super, duper old ‘cos I remember it launching just the other day.) Extra Black makes use of a new mineral pigment with a ‘light-trapping structure’ to look as black as carbon black.

Life feels very, very good (and glam) when this baby's in your make-up bag.

Lancome Hypnose volumising mascara: Life feels very, very good (and glam) when this baby’s in your make-up bag.

Anyway, Hypnose has always been one of my favourite mascaras. In fact, my little sister, mom and American cousins are crazy fans too. At R335, it doesn’t come cheap, but it’s one of the items I always snap up when my bank account is flush and I never regret a single penny I spend on it.

So, what makes this baby so awesome? It just ticks every blimmin’ box. Volume, length, definition and no clumps – all with just a few quick sweeps. I also like that the brush isn’t riddled with gimmicky bullshizz and isn’t too big or too small so you have to ‘adjust’ your technique to using it.

Naked eye on the left, Lancome Hypnose volumising mascara on the right.

Naked eye on the left, Lancome Hypnose volumising mascara on the right.

It also doesn’t seem to dry out so you can really get your money’s worth. (I’ve never been a ‘toss your mascara every three months’ kind of girl. I like to use them for as long as they keep going. Sorry judgey eyes – that’s just how I roll.)

Love, love


La-Tweez Pro Illuminating tweezers review

10 Jul

You get tweezers and then you get the Rolls Royce of pluckage and that can only be La-Tweez Pro Illuminating tweezers, hands down.


La-Tweez Pro Illuminating tweezers, R279, selected salons and

These babies come with a built in light so you can see what you’re doing and that flicks on by pressing a regte, egte crystalised Swarovski element. This makes tweezing your brows at night (which is the only time I ever really get the time) a total dream. I also like that they come with their own little case (it’s got a little mirror in it!) so they’re not going to go all stomp and bleh from rolling around in your make-up bag, as was the fate of my old tweezers.

See the little mirror in the case?

See the little mirror in the case?


It doesn't look it here but trust me this light is bright. You can literally see every hair, even at night.

It doesn’t look it here but trust me this light is bright. You can literally see every hair.

The only negative I can think of is that the actual case feels a little flimsy and is probably going to crack at some point, but the actual Tweezers themselves are rock solid.If you’re looking for a fab gift for the poppie who has alles already, this is it.

Love, love


P.S. Sorry to have been scarce this week. I’m currently travelling between Port Elizabeth (the P of E) and Graaf-Reiniet with the fam. The latter is crazy beautiful and you follow me on Instagram (@lipglossgirlx0x0) you’ll have seen a few of my pics.


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