Essie’s gorgeous autumn collection, Dressed to Kilt, is ready for your lovin’

‘Live dangerously. Dress Flawlessly’. That’s the anthem of Essie’s autumn collection, Dressed to Kilt, a zexy little line up inspired by ‘espionage and the thrill of the chase’.

Sooo much of the pretty!

Sooo much of the pretty!

For me, ‘cos I pretty much live and die in red polish when the chilly season sets in, Dress to Kilt is the hero of the bunch.


Dressed to Kilt

I pretty much live and die in red polish when the chilly season sets in so, for me, Dress to Kilt is the clear hero of the bunch. It’s this gorgeous, super shiny maraschino cherry red that only needs two coats to hit full impact.

Another winner is this boy…

The Perfect Cover Up

The Perfect Cover Up

This is a hard colour to describe – kind of like a teal mixed up with grey – but I really, really like it. Again, it’s nicely pigmented and super shiny, but the real pull factor here is that it’s just so ‘different’ and chic-looking. My mom thought so too which is why it’s now living in her room in Port Elizabeth.

I couldn’t wear Fall in Line (too camo) or Take it Outside (it washed me out)  but quite liked these two darker hues…


Partner in Crime


Style Cartel

Style Cartel

The only downer here is that they’re hard work. You really need a steady hand ‘cos every mistake becomes super visible. Also, if you get Style Cartel on any skin, zipping it off with a q-tip isn’t especially easy as it’s a bit stainalicious. For those reasons, I’m going to be slicking on Dress to Kilt until I hit the bottle’s end. I’d then happily buy more of it (the biggest compliment a blogger who gets too many things for free can give) but will then move on to Essie’s winter collection that just so happens to contain not one but two reds. Ooh la la, darlings!

Keep an eye on the blog as I’ll be sure to cover that too when they launch in July. In the meantime, if you’ve spotted a gem in the autumn collection that’s calling your name best you get on down to Dis-Chem, Clicks or Foschini as well as selected beauty salons. Each shade’s going for R125 a pop.

Love, love


Join me for a chat about skin care on Clicks’ Facebook page tomorrow

So tomorrow I’ll be live on Clicks’ Facebook page at 2pm for an hour to answer all your burning skin care questions.

Let’s not pretend that lippie colour will ever match my skin tone…

Feel free to add them at the time or stick ’em up right now. I can see that many of the questions are asking the same thing so if you don’t get a direct answer from me (but I’ll try my best) please scroll through the other replies to find some good advice.

Love, love


Reviews: Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick, Elizabeth Arden Perfectly Satin foundation and Davines Well-Being conditioner

Rimmel’s Moisture Renew lipstick (R99) serves up intense, hydrating colour enriched with collagen-encouraging vitamins A, C and E. Better yet, it boasts an SPF of 20.

Recognize me?

Recognize me?

While the line’s been around for a while, it’s extended to roll out four new nude hues and a bright zexy fuchsia.


Going clockwise you’re looking at Back To Fuchsia, To Nude or Not to Nude, Let’s Get Naked, Saved By the Bell and Coral Britannia.

I like that each shade feels nice and light on your lips, has a creamy ‘rub ’em together texture’ but the staying power’s still decent provided you don’t eat or drink anything.

Starting from the top you've got NAMES.

Starting from the top you’ve got Back To Fuchsia, To Nude or Not to Nude, Let’s Get Naked, Saved By the Bell and Coral Britannia.

As I’m a super pale peep, the only colour I can really get away with is the fuchsia one.

Me in Back to the Fuchsia doing something weird with my mouth.

Oh look! It’s me in Back to the Fuchsia doing something weird with my mouth.

Moving on, Arden have launched yet another foundation with a crazily long name…

Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Perfectly Satin 24HR SPF 15 makeup, R365 and in store now.

A medium to heavy weight foundation, it promises a full day of immovable, perfectly matte-looking wear that doesn’t look ‘flat’ thanks to ‘soft focus’ pigments. Anyone who struggles with an oily T-section might be a fan as it also makes use of time-released oil absorbing spheres as well as mattifying plankton extract and bamboo silk. While it’s available in 18 shades, I couldn’t find one to match my skin. Sunbeige was too yellow and light while Golden Sands was too dark. (In all fairness, however, it was a special ‘skin matching machine’ that picked out my hues so maybe if I go into store and play around at the counter I’d meet my match. You never know.)

This is Sand. I accidentally deleted my Sunbeige shot and I'm too moeg to import it once more.

This is Golden Sands. I accidentally deleted my Sunbeige shot. Sorry!

Anyway, at the launch which was held at gorgeous Beau Constantia, I tried Sunbeige, lighter hue, thinking it would be the less evil as I had several other events to run off to that day. Alas, it didn’t do it for me as I felt it emphasised my every line and pore. Eek! On the upside, they had macaroons…

Ooh la la!

Yes, please!

And the view was killer too!

Doesn't this remind you of the back of Ceres juice box?

Doesn’t this remind you of the back of Ceres juice box?

After that, I kind of mentally tucked Perfectly Satin away until, a few days ago, I tried blending the two shades together on the advice of the lekkerness that is Liezel from 9Lives who also turned out to be an in between shades skin colour. I then got a good colour match and could totally see why so many of the other beauty editors are fans. It really does stay put the entire day; I felt like I had to break out my MAC Blot Powder a teensy bit less and, thanks to the colour being correct, the aforementioned line emphasising drama was a total non-issue.

This is my custom creation blended in so you can see what kind of coverage we're talking about.

This is my custom creation blended in and applied with a sponge and you’ll see it’s looking good. I’m actually wearing it in that ‘Back to the Fuchsia’ shot up top.

While I still prefer Arden’s Perfectly Nude make-up as I like a sheer, light-reflecting finish, anyone looking for something to rival Revlon’s ColorStay and Lauder’s Double Wear in the longevity stakes should consider Perfectly Satin a good contender. Last but not least, I recently got to try Davines Natural Tech Well-Being conditioner (R195 for 150mls).


Thanks Davines SA, you’re a honey lamb!

It’s geared towards happy, healthy hair that doesn’t need much TLC – just something to hydrate and untangle and in that regard it does an awesome job. I have fine hair, you see, and while it is colour treated, it doesn’t always require a hydrating or damage repair shampoo – sometimes these are just a tad too heavy and something offering ‘volume’ just isn’t conditioning enough. So in my case, I find it to be the perfect ‘every day’ shampoo. Bonus points? It’s formulated with vitamin C-enriched echinacea extract (a great antioxidant, so slap it on your scalp) and features a super subtle, clean-floral scent that won’t interfere with your perfume. The only down side is that it’s not exactly super affordable if you’re a freelance writer with long hair and currently saving for a house. However, if I happened to revert back to the constrains of an in-house ad agency copywriting gig, I’d happily toss this in my trolley and use it as the silver lining for the fact that I’d spend my days flogging rubbish cell phone contracts via dancing, singing livestock. Love, love Leigh

Pigalle restuarant’s autumn special serves up the best value in Cape Town

Ah, Pigalle.  One of Cape Town’s more infamous restaurants, everyone know’s it’s the spot to hit up for a delicious dinner with a dash of Portuguese flavour followed by a little whirl around their dance floor. They also boast a classic cigar lounge and private dining room that’s pretty much always booked out. In fact, the restaurant’s genuinely charming co-owner Victor Goncalves told me they often used as a wedding venue.

Fancy, fancy!

Fancy, fancy!


For when you've got the moves like Jagger.

For when you’ve got the moves like Jagger.

Anyway, I was recently invited by the restaurant to pop in and try their new autumn/winter menu and didn’t hesitate to say yes. The last time I’d been there I had one of the Best Steak’s Ever so it translated into the easiest gig in the world. Go to a place I already know to be awesome so I can continue to tell people how awesome it is? Yes, please!

This bar was made for whiskey drinking.

The bar where you knock back enough doubles to give you the moves like Jagger.

I’d only ever been to Pigalle at night where I was wowed by high ceilings, twinkling chandeliers and lush carpeting and wondered if it would still have its charm in the day. Happily, it sooo does and is possibly even more impressive in that you can see how truly enormous the space is. Light streams in through the windows overlooking Green Point main road, cutlery twinkles on white table tops and everything’s as neat as a pin.

Oh hello Audrey! Fancy meeting you here...

Oh hello Audrey! Fancy meeting you here…

As far as food goes, every single thing that passed myself and my ‘date’s’ lips (dear old Karisa) was utterly delicious, from the pillow-soft bread (served with real butter and a seriously good peri-peri sauce) to our shared warm malva pudding served with a chocolate spoon. (In our case, it came with two spoons to avoid a fight to the death but Karisa ended up eating both of them regardless because she’s a horrible person and we hate her now.) But ja, I’m rambling here… let me lay out what you really need to know.

A) Pigalle’s food is amazing and you want, want, want it.

B) They’re running an incredible special so you can get, get, get it at a price that won’t cause your credit card to wince as you swipe it. Ready for it?

Any 2 courses for R210 and R250 with wines Any 3 courses for R240 and R290 with wines!

To kick off our taste adventure, we ordered the oysters and calamari from the special menu and then threw in a beef trinchado from the a la carte menu as Karisa had tried it before and was a major fan.

I don't have to tell you which is which, right?

I don’t have to tell you which is which, right?

I loved that the oysters were utterly enormous and the calamari just melted in your mouth. As for the ultra tender trinchado… ooooh boy, was that a winner. I totally wished that I hadn’t wolfed down all my bread on arrival ‘cos it came with a creamy, spicy sauce that I’d totally have licked off the plate if I wasn’t in such a classy venue. (Okay, okay, so I totally licked the plate. But nobody saw me. I hope.)

Moving on to mains – Karisa’s Balsamic beef fillet arrived and it was huge. She mumbled something about how she’d never be able to finish it and then ‘poof!’ it was gone. Luckily, I’d managed to get in a few bites before she obliterated it so I can tell you the meat could be cut with a butter knife and went down like a bomb on a fork full of velvety mustard mash, wilted spinach and dark, sticky Balsamic beef jus – enough to enhance every mouthful!

Both of these went down beautifully with a glass of Rupert & Rothchild Classique.

Both of these went down beautifully with a glass of Rupert & Rothschild Classique, a berrilicous blend of cab sav and merlot with notes of raspberry, plum blossom, ripe fig and cassis.

As for me, I ordered up the lamp cutlets and mustard mash as I’ve been on a crazy lamb spree ever since rediscovering it at Taste of Cape Town. (Can we all just agree that Cosecha’s lamb barbacoa was the best thing there?) Pigalle’s chops were big and plump and juicy with lots of soft, tasty lean meat to satisfy a girl like me who pops out the centres and leaves the fat behind. I took great glee in dumping them in the mint jelly (the only way to eat them) and quickly decided they’re best-tasting chops I’ve had in years and years and years. And know that this comes from the granddaughter of a Karoo sheep farmer who grew up dining on the finest lamb and game the way other children eat chicken nuggets.

Afterwards, as Karisa and I rolled out to the car, our convo included ‘Thank God we wore eating pants!’, ‘Hot damn, their meat is good!’, ‘How on earth are they making money off of that special?’ and ‘I totally have to come back with x, y and z. They’re going to love, love, love it!’

Oooh, I love to love you, baby!

Oooh, I love to love you, baby!

Pigalle, thank you so much for a truly decadent lunch. I really did try hard to find something – anything –  that I could critique you on just to ensure readers know I’m not the type to slavishly deliver compliments to whoever’s feeding me. But the fact is every aspect of your meal rocked my world and you can bet your fancy li’l chocolate spoons that I’ll be back.

Love, love


So let’s talk about AHAs, particularly Dermalogica Skin Renewal Booster and Environ Dermalac

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I luuurve me some AHAs. (That’s alpha hydroxy acids to the uninitiated.) In fact, if I had to rely on just three ingredients to slap on my skin it might be retinol, AHA and vitamin C, but we all know you can’t create a masterpiece with just three crayons. Much like how your body needs a varied, vitamins and mineral-packed diet to function, your skin needs various ingredients too – which is why I hate it when brand’s hail one particular ingredient as the solution to turning back time.

You need a village, mense!

You need a village, mense!

Still, in saying that, one of the town’s big boys is a good AHA like lactic or glycolic acid. Essentially, they do a great job of exfoliating your skin to reveal a smoother, fresher-looking complexion while speeding up cellular turnover so it heals and repairs itself faster. For example, if I’ve got a dark mark left behind from a killer pimple, slathering it with AHA will ensure it disappears much faster than if it was left to it’s own devices.

For the record, BHA (also known as salicylic acid) isn’t an AHA. While AHA works on the surface of your skin, BHA gets deep inside the pore and exfoliates it from the inside out to help keep them clean and clear. If you’ve got acne-prone skin or struggle with blackheads, using a BHA lotion is an essential and Paula’s Choice make some very good ones.

But ja, getting back to AHAs… I always have an AHA cream in my life and right now I’m using and enjoying Dermalogica’s Skin Renewal Booster. I like that it contains soothing aloe juice as well as both lactic acid (an AHA) as well as a smidge of salicylic acid (BHA) and collagen-boosting retinol. I don’t, however, rely on this as my retinol source. For that, I use a serum as I’m hard guns about turning back the hands of time.

Dermalogica Skin Booster

Dermalogica Skin Renewal Booster

I really like that the AHA components sits nice and high at the top of the ingredients list so you’re really getting it in a decent concentration. I also love that the product has a lovely and light, easily absorbed fluid texture so you can wear it under your moisturiser (if you need more hydration) and a sunscreen.

At R780 for 30mls, this isn’t an affordable option for every reader but, unlike so many other expensive products that cross my desk, it is a goodie that can make a visible difference to your skin. In saying that though, you don’t have to break the bank to buy an AHA product. Uriage Hyseac K18 and Environ’s Intensive Alpha Hydroxy Gel are all serious winners and under R200 a pop. Just bare in mind that Uriage’s lotion doesn’t have the same feather-weight texture as Dermalogica’s booster and neither product contains the ‘extras’ – things like BHA and retinol.

Anyway, now that we’ve mentioned Environ, you should know they’re one of my favourite brands and one of few who really get AHAs right. They’re also one of the few I can ever think of when I’m asked about AHAs for body in that their Derma-Lac lotion (just over R200 for 200ml) is the shizzle’s nizzle of exfoliating body treatments.

Environ Derma-Lac lotion

Environ Derma-Lac lotion

Infused with exfoliating lactic acid, hydrating glycerine and skin softening urea, Derma-Lac does an excellent job of blitzing keto pilaris (those little bumps allergy prone people often get on the back of their arms) and ingrown hairs. I always apply it to my legs after I shave them and will slap it on my bod the night before I’m due to scrub off a fading self-tan as it helps to loosen things up a little.

The only downer? Derma-Lac’s texture is the teensiest, tiniest bit sticky (and I really do mean teeny tiny) but not enough to put me off. Especially since I’ve yet to find anything else that does it’s job better in a way that I can afford.

Keen to try it yourself? You’ll find Environ goodies at selected salons including the Sorbet group, making it nice and easy to get a hold of.

Love, love


Beaute Pacifique Corpus Paradoxe body oil review

Okay, first things first – this product’s name is terrifying. Corpus Paradoxe? Isn’t that just a flesh-eating zombie movie just waiting to happen? Errrrmiiigodddd! That aside, Beaute’ Pacifique’s body oil’s a lovely product, as are most of the brand’s items. It’s part of the new Corpus Paradoxe line that makes use of natural actives procyanidin and resveratrol extracted from Chilean grape seeds where they play a role in helping to protect the fruit from the most damaging rays of the sun.


Beaute’ Pacifique Corpus Paradoxe body oil, R1 250.

As far as human benefits go, both P and R (there’s no way I’m writing those long names out each time) are serious little power houses in that they’re 20 times more potent an antioxidant than vitamin C with P being the principal polyphenol in red wine that links it to a reduced risk of heart disease.  R is also linked to heart health and a few early studies performed on mice suggest it might even assist with diabetes and obesity in humans. When it comes to skin care, both P and R play an important role in preserving your collagen and elastin while protecting your skin from the damaging effects of free-radicals. R is also a great anti-inflammatory and prolonged, subtle inflammation is one of the key factors in premature ageing. Anyhoo, now that we know that P and R are beneficial actives you want, know that the Corpus Paradoxe line includes them in a serum, day cream and the aforementioned body oil. The oil makes use of the grape seed extract that’s been blended with squalane, a natural moisturiser, which is listed as the first ingredient on the product’s list, followed by grape seed oil, two types of vitamin E and a fragrance. This makes it difficult to ascertain how much P and R is actually in the mix as they aren’t listed individually and no concentration is given. Still, Beaute Pacifique claim it’s ‘extremely high’ and I’ve appreciated that other products of theirs that I’ve used in the past haven’t skimped on actives. As far as the ‘experience’ goes, it’s a good one. The oil is lovely and lightweight so it absorbs into your skin in a flash, leaving it feeling soft and supple. While it does make use a perfume, I honestly couldn’t tell you what it is or what it smells it. To me, it’s a non-scented product and I like that – it’s not going to fight with my perfume. Keen to learn more? Visit Beaute Pacifique’s local website for more details as well as contact details to find out which salons in your area is a stockist. Love, love Leigh

Hands up! Who wants to win a Placecol gift card? And… puppies!

I don’t know about you but that four-day ‘weekend’ was exactly what the doctor ordered. I spent mine slothing it up at my folks’ place in Port Elizabeth where I got to abuse their Nespresso machine, paint my nails a thousand times with Essie’s new fall collection (more on that later) and spent countless hours Photoshopping the puncture marks from my hands ‘cos we’ve got a new addition to the fam.


Forgive the kak picture quality. This was taken on my mom’s rubbish iPhone. She’s yet to embrace the wonder that is HTC.

A mixed-breed baby barracuda with fur, Mickey’s a li’l rescue dog that arrived with a broken leg but is now up and running. If he had a Facebook profile he’d list his favourite things as chewing everything, peeing on the carpet a hundred times a day and torturing our other rescue dog, Sindile. Technically, there’s zero reason as to why anyone would ever tolerate him… but then you’ve got that face!

Anyway, I’m totally rambling so let me get to the point: What’s more awesome than a random Friday puppy pic? The fact that Placecol have given me four gift cards to give away!

Each card is valued at R500 and you can use it to buy products or indulge in a treatment at any Placecol Skin Care Clinic. There are over 150 of these nationwide and they all offer a host of services that range from manis and massages to laser-enhanced facials and microdermabrasion.

The Placecol Skin Care Clinic is waiting for you...

The Placecol Skin Care Clinic is waiting for you…

If I had to blow my winnings on a product I’d pick the AHA Exfoliating Cream (R229). A blend of fruit acids that gently loosen up the bonds of dead skin, it peels and reveals a more radiant-looking complexion.


It says ‘dry/sensitive’ skin but anyone can benefit from this baby.

So! How are you going to enter? You have two options, the first being to drop me a comment below telling me what you’d blow your Placecol gift card on and why. (To see a full treatment menu, get clicky clicky over here. You can also shop and view Placecol products via Red Square.)

The other way to stand a chance to win? Follow Placecol on twitter and hit me up on twitter with the following: ‘Hi @lipglossgirl! I’d love to win a @PlacecolSA gift card worth R500′ and include the link to this post. (Bonus points if you include a cute puppy pic!)

It’s also important that you like Placecol on Facebook. If you win and it turns out you’re not a fan I’m going to hand your prize to someone else and we can all agree that’s just, like, ultra sucky. More rules? You can only enter via each method once and the comp closes at 5pm on Friday.

Wishing you the best of luck!