Reviews: The Body Shop hand cream, Schwarzkopf Gliss’ Million Gloss line and Sorbet nail polish remover

21 Aug

Ready to go?

The Body Shop launch the cutest little hand creams

Good news for The Body Shop fans – the brand’s now making cutesy li’l 30ml hand cream tubes – the perfect size for your purse – for just R50 a pop! Scent-wise, you’ve got eight to choose from – Strawberry, Moringa, Honeymania, Mango, Shea, Coconut, Pink Grapefruit and Satsuma. (I don’t know about you, but I’m a Moringa, Mango and Pink Grapefruit girl.)

Spot your favourite?

Spot your favourite?

Each cream is a lovely light, gel-cream formula that absorbs super fast, leaving your hands with a subtle hint of a scent. Ingredients of note include hydrating glycerine, cold-pressed oils that vary by variant and Shea butter.

Packaging-wise, I quite like that the tube looks like it’s made from metal (fancy, fancy) but is actually plastic – so it’s not going to get all dented and nasty-looking from rolling around in your purse.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair launch Million Gloss line

Okay, so this collection snuck in rather quietly and finding info (in English) about it online is almost impossible so I’m going to struggle to give you a detailed explanation as to how it works but here’s the promise – if you have dull-looking hair, Million Gloss using ‘shine-lamination’ technology to add a healthy-looking sheen.

Again, I'm updating this pic and have no clue if the masque is available in SA.

I’ll update this pic soon – just struggling to find the shot I took before popping them in my shower.

While I have no idea what ‘shine-lamination’ technology is, I can see the formula in both the sham and con (R69,95 each) contains loads of silicone that’ll coat each hair, smoothing down the cuticle to the point where it becomes reflective. I mean, that’s how all silicones work, right? It also makes use hydrating apricot oil as well as  hydrolized protein and two keratins to help fortify your locks.

I’ve been using Million Gloss for about six days now and really enjoying it. I like that my hair’s much easier to brush while wet and I’ve yet to reach the point where I feel like I need to break out a clarifying shampoo as the silicone build up’s become too much. (For the record, I have very fine, limp hair, so if there’s too much heavy-weight silicone in the mix, I’ll feel it fast. I also couldn’t use Schwarzkopf’s Ultimate Oil Elixer range – it was simply too heavy.) The only downer here is that I can’t really testify about the shine bit as my hair, which is pin straight as thus more reflective, has always been very shiny on it’s own.

While Million Gloss isn’t my favourite of the Schwarzkopf Gliss line (I’m a huge fan of their Total Repair line) this is a very nice addition to a seriously great brand. 

Sorbet’s got a new nail polish remover line

Body lotions, face masks, (and incredibly good) BB cream… the Sorbet salons’ product empire is ever expanding and they’re now offering nail polish remover too. What makes this exciting, however, is their super cool salon-style packaging. You know… the type where all you gotta do is place the pad over the neck of the bottle and pump downwards for the liquid to squirt up on it? Love that!


Sorbet Nourish nail polish remover – acetone free.

I was given an acetone-free version to try (thanks Clicks!) infused with vitamin E-enriched wheatgerm oil and and fragranced with rosemary essential oil. While it works a treat, I’m more of a hard guns girl so the moment this bottle runs dry I’m definitely going to pop the acetone-riddled version (it’s in a pink bottle and called ‘Harden’) into my shopping basket. At just R40 per 250ml bottle its incredible value and I just lurrrve the ‘fanciness’ of pumping to soak*.

Deffo my new favourite nail polish remover outside of those awesome but disgustingly overpriced ‘stick your finger into the sponge and twirl’ numbers. Now if Sorbet wants to try their hand at creating a ‘nice price’ version of those I’ll be a very happy camper.

Love, love


*I initially wrote ‘pumping to soak my pad’ before bursting into a snort-laugh and backspacing like a mofo. Is it just me or does that sound absolutely terrible?! Ha.


Review: Aura by Swarovski eau de parfum

20 Aug

A few weeks back the most beautiful press pack arrived – a bottle of pink Pongraz bubbly along with Aura by Swarovski eau de parfum and four little minis of the scent’s many variants – Miss Aura, Collection Mariage, Love Collection and the EDT.

Pretty, pretty!

Pretty, pretty!

I opened the box just as I was about to hop on a plane to Port Elizabeth, headed to our family farm in Graaff-Reinet to bury my grandfather, one of the best men to ever walk the earth. (A real life hero, he returned from the World War II, the lone survivor of his fighter pilot fleet and got down to the business of running our family sheep farm like a well-oiled machine.)

Anyway, the bubbles got popped almost the moment I hit the ground and served as a lovely toast to the best grandpa a girl could ever wish for. I then immediately pocketed the EDP (because I’m a selfish cow) and then doled out the minis to my mom, Aunt Edie, Aunt Charmaine (who’s married to my dad’s brother) and her mother, Merle.

A dash o' farm mooiness courtesy of my Instagram feed. (I'm lipglossgirlxoxo)

A dash o’ family farm mooiness courtesy of my Instagram feed. (I’m lipglossgirlxoxo).

I loved being able to gift each woman with a scent they all adored and that even though each was a little different, they were all a bit the same – a good way to describe ‘van den Berg’ women in general. I also kind of adore the idea that now, even though we’ve all parted ways and have returned to different places – Graaff-Reinet, PE, Cape Town and Seattle – this soft, pretty, ultra feminine scent can somehow link us all and might always remind us of that sad-beautiful-magical time in the Karoo where we all worked together as a team to send my grandpa off into the arms of my grandmother. I also love that Aura really does appeal to every generation; me in my 30s, my aunts in their 50s and 60s and even Merle in her 70s. There’s something beautiful about that and you sure as hell couldn’t do it with Britney Spears Fantasy. Did you know that scent has a whopping nine flankers?

But ja – let’s focus on Aura by Swarovski EDP (R595 for a refillable 30ml) which I’m wearing as I type.

Aura by Swarovski EDP

Aura by Swarovski EDP

Much like the EDT, it’s a sheer fruity-floral with a cushiony base of musk, amber and pink pepper. However, while the EDT opens with litchi (and has tuberose, rose and jasmine serve as supporting acts) the EDP’s top note is most definitely a lush ‘young’ rose followed by pink pepper and litchi. It’s the kind of fragrance you could easily wear both day and night – whenever you wanted to smell pretty but not silly… elegant but not ‘old’. Something about it reminds me just a dash of Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle as well as the now discontinued Clarins Par Amour Tujour. Next time I go on a date, this is the scent I’m going to wear.

My second favourite fragrance of the bunch is Miss Aura (R495 for a refillable 30ml), an EDT that my mom nabbed.

Aura by Swarovski Miss Aura EDT

Miss Aura by Swarovski EDT

The ‘youngest’ interpretation of the lot, you can definitely tell it’s a ‘sister’ of all the other scents but its made a little sparklier thanks to a grapefruit top note as well as a teensy bit sweeter due to a patchouli basenote that’s tempered by a dash of vetiver.

In short, if you’re looking for a feminine fruity-floral with a soft sensual dry down that feels like a baby pink cashmere wrap, be sure to give Aura by Swarovski EDP (and all her sisters) a sniff next time you’re in store.

Love, love


Reviews: The Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus, L’Oreal Infallible Gel nail colours and Clicks Tissue Oil spray

19 Aug

And we’re off…

The Body Shop launches its Fijian Water Lotus line

If cool, aquatic scents like Davidoff Cool Water Woman, Armani Acqua Di Gioia and Issey Miyake are your jam, you’re going to luuurve The Body Shop’s new Fijian Water Lotus line. It’s also a fresh, watery scent made up of aquatic, water lotus and frangipani accords that immediately gets you in a summer holiday kind of mood regardless of how many times one of your douche bag editors sends you a badly written brief and then throws a full on fit ‘cos you didn’t give them what they magically expected you to know that they wanted. (Not that that’s a real example or anything. Ahem.)

Fijian Water

The Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus body lotion.

But ja. This line up is summer in a bottle and, lucky for you, includes several bottles – a shower gel, body lotion, body butter, body mist and EDT. I was given the body lotion (R125) and appreciate that it hydrates well yet absorbs fast, leaving a hint of the aquatic-floral scent in its wake – enough so that you can still smell it if you put your nose to your skin, but it’s not going to upstage your perfume.

Ingredients-wise, the lotion’s infused with hydrating glycerin, Shea butter, Brazil nut oil and sesame seed oil as well as the teensiest dash of Fijian water lotus extract itself. In short, this is lovely stuff.

L’Oreal now offer Infallible Gel nail colours

Exclusive to Dis-Chem, L’Oreal’s Infallible Gel nail colours (R99,95) promise to challenge the shine and strength of a gel nail mani. And do they? Er. No. Not at all. On me, a gel mani lasts up two weeks on my hands and seemingly forever on my toes and L’Oreal’s newbies don’t survive any longer than a regular mani.


Forever Burgundy up top and Fuschia For Life down below.

Still, I do like them. Very, very much. For one, the fact that the colour includes a very nice top coat is great. I love topcoats and go through them like a 2L All Gold tomato cocktail after a big night out. Shade-wise, I was given three to try and am having a love affair with Fuschia For Life. It’s not fuchsia in the least but more of a pinky-coral type of hue that really flatters my skin tone and is a fab ‘it’s almost spring time’ transition from my usual wintery red.

I also really like Forever Burgundy. It’s a sexy and sophisticated colour and the top coat makes it gleam in a way that, yes, it could be mistaken for a gel-style mani.

Clicks has its own Tissue Oil Spray and I love it!

I’m having quite the love affair with body oils at the mo – I love how they seem to ‘plump’ more than body lotions and give my haggard, semi-old person skin a regte glow – and Clicks’ new Tissue Oil spray (price TBA) is one of the nicest I’ve used in ages. Hoekom? Well for starters, it smells absolutely delish, almost like patchouli, even though this isn’t listed in the ingredients list.

Clicks Tissue Oil spray

Clicks Tissue Oil spray

Oils that are in the mix, however, include lavender, rosemary and calendula as well as a bit of chamomile extract and retinly palmitate (a super mild version of collagen-boosting retinol). This product claims to help with scarring, uneven skin tone and stretch marks. Personally, I’ve never used a tissue oil that’s had a visible effect on any of those so I can’t comment there, but it does a bang up job of hydrating and the fact that it’s in a spritzer bottle as opposed to globby one makes it super easy to apply. If you see me out and about in a skirt later on this summer, chances are I’ll be wearing this boy on my legs.

Love, love


Reviews: Dermalogica AGE Smart dynamic skin recovery, Clarins 3-dot liner and L’Oreal L’Extraordinaire by Color Riche lip colours

18 Aug

Who’s got time to create a random intro? Let’s get cracking… 

Dermalogica AGE Smart dynamic skin recovery SPF 50

Finding a high SPF sunscreen that doesn’t grease up my face or leave it with a nasty white-ish cast used to be an ‘ish’ for me but, thankfully, formulations have come along fabulously and Dermalogica’s new dynamic skin recovery SPF 50.


Love the pump bottle. Much niftier than a tube.

Aside from offering a nice, high SPF, this crème-gel formula also makes use of antioxidant white tea extract, a polypeptide complex that helps stimulate collagen as well as prevent its gylcation (when it goes all hard and loses its stretch). There’s also a little yeast extract and phytoestrogens in the mix to help keep your skin firmer for longer.

Multi-tasking cleverness aside, I like how this feels on my skin in that it hydrates well but doesn’t leave me feeling greasy and, thanks to microscopic reflective particles, it gives my skin a bit of a glow. Still, I reckon those with a medium to slightly drier skin type will like it best. Oh! And while I know this is fickle and pathetic, I really, really like the way this smells but can’t really describe it. Maybe ylang ylang-lavender-rose?

Either way, there’s lots to love about this anti-aging sunscreen so, if you’ve got a bit more disposable income than the rest of us (at R990, it’s not the cheapest on the shelf), you might want to consider it.

Clarins 3-dot liner, R230.

Pencil, liquid, felt-tip, gel… just when you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to eyeliner, Clarins go and introduce their new 3-dot liner. What makes this li’l darling so different? Well for one, it’s a felt tip-style liner but with three little prongs!

To apply it, you’re to simply ‘stamp’ it along your upper lash line until all the dots connect which makes creating a single line a lot easier if this is something you struggle with. You also don’t have to connect the dots at all – just having them there, nice and close to the base of your eyelashes creates the illusion of a fuller-looking lash line.



L’Oreal L’Extraordinaire by Color Riche lip colours, R169,95, each.

At first, I was tempted to draw comparisons between L’Oreal’s new liquid lipstick and YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture glossy stains but, while L’Oreal’s packaging echo’s YSL’s a little, the similarities stop there. L’Oreal’s lip colours don’t leave a stain in their wake and are also a lot more glossy – like a nicely pigmented lipgloss as opposed to a liquid lipstick. I also much prefer L’Oreal’s applicator – it’s not as wide and less tapered than YSL’s very diamond-shaped one.

Texture-wise, these babies aren’t sticky at all and feel incredibly light on your lips with a silicone-y-like texture. I can also spot Argan oil in the ingredients list (about mid way) and can’t ever imagine them drying anyone out. The only downer here is that the colour doesn’t ‘hold’ too long. Luckily, reapplying is a treat in that the gloss has a sweet, fruity flavour.


Non-flash and flash swatches from top to bottom are Rose Melody, Rose Finale and Rouge Opera.

While Rose Finale and Melody are very pretty, they tend to do what many milky or pale colours do, which is create teensy little vertical lines on your lips and that drives me crazy. This isn’t the case with Ruby Opera, however. I love how this flattering blue-based rooi creates the illusion of whiter teeth and that its intensity can be built, from sheer to intense, depending on how many slicks you apply.

Love, love


Who wants to win an Emoji MicroPedi worth R399? I have 3 of them to give away!

14 Aug

As you know, I was absolutely thrilled with the MicroPedi, a seriously impressive motorised foot file that blitzes rough, dry heels in a few seconds flat. Missed my review? You’ll find it over here.

Anyway, I’ve been given three of these little beauties to give away and winning is all too easy and there are two ways to enter.

Enter to win!

Trust me, you want one of these…

The first entry method is via e-mail – drop me a mail at with the number of revolutions per second that the sandpaper roller spins at as the subject. (Hint – you’ll find the answer in my review.)

The second way to enter? Simply tweet the following: ‘Hey @lipglossgirl! Here’s hoping I win your micro-pedi competition  .

This competition closes at 5pm on Friday. The three winners will be chosen via a random number generator and notified on the weekend. 

Good luck girls!



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