Factorie (yep, the fashion chain) now have their own cosmetics line, Make Up Make Out

Aussie fashion chain Factorie has joined the likes of Cotton On and Top Shop and whipped out their own cosmetics line, Make Up, Make Out. As with most chain store make-up collections, some of its cool, some of it’s kak, but a few of their items really impressed me, the first being the quality of their fabulously pigmented, butter-textured eye shadow that glides on like a dream.

I was given a palette called Vegas Nights.

I was given a palette called Vegas Nights (R149).


Toss that hideous brush the moment you spot it and get yourself MAC's 217.

The cheap and nasty brush broke the moment I touched it. My advice is to toss it straight away and invest in a MAC’s 217. You’ll thank me later.

The one Factorie brush I did like, however, was their bronzer brush (R149). It’s actually pretty good quality but now I can’t for the life of me find it to take a pic. Oops!

These aren't colours I'd wear but the great quality's got me interested in seeing what other palettes they have next time I'm in the mall.

These aren’t colours I’d wear but the great quality’s got me interested in seeing what other palettes they have next time I’m in the mall.

Then there’s the gorgeous macaroon lip balm (R99).

It's a strawberry scented, flavoured balm that isn't anything to write home about the packaging is adorable so it gets a thumbs up as a fab stocking filler.

It’s a strawberry scented, flavoured balm that isn’t anything to write home about the packaging is adorable so it gets a thumbs up as a stocking filler.

Nicer yet was the Chunky Crayon (R79) for lips.

Like the shadow, the pigmentation is great and totally comparable to Revlon's lip crayons.

Like the shadow, the pigmentation is great and totally comparable to Revlon’s lip crayons.


This shade's called Scarlett Berry and it feels nice and hydrating on your lips.

This shade’s called Scarlett Berry and it feels nice and hydrating on your lips.

Next time you’re in store, know that Factorie’s new cosmetic line up is definitely worth a look. Price-wise, nothing’s going to break the bank. As it is, their big kahuna, a 6-shade contour kit is just R249 and their nail polishes start at R49.

Love, love


Win a double set of tickets to Beauty Insider in Jozi with new Colab dry shampoo exclusive to Clicks

If you know your beauty vloggers you’ll know Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends. A regte beauty fanatic and international model, Ruth uses her website as a platform to share all the insider tips she’s picked up during her decade long career.

You go girl!

You go girl!

Now, she’s teamed up with a bunch of experts to create a dry shampoo called Colab that’s just hit the shelves at selected Clicks stores.

Pretty, right?

Pretty, right?

Ruth reckons Colab sits apart from the rest as it’s incredibly sheer to the point of being invisible (no more powdery-feeling roots) and her five variants boast scents that are sophisticated as opposed to cutesy.

Each of the fragrances is named after a fashion capital and the word on the street is that London, a mix of bergamot, musk and magnolia, is sexy as hell while Rio, a tropical mix of pineapple, papaya and cassis, smells good enough to eat. (Full disclosure – I’ve yet to true Colab so I can’t serve up any kind of review just yet but watch this space.)

Win! Win! Win!

To celebrate the launch of Colab the brand is going to be at the Beauty Insider expo at Katy’s Palace Bar in Jozi on Tuesday the 10th of November and is giving away two sets of tickets and, if the sponsors are anything to go by, this goodie bag’s going to be good.

Clicking on this will enlarge it.

Clicking on this will enlarge it.

Beauty Insider is an avie and eve of all things glam that includes workshops, samples and discounted shopping as well as pop-up stands for make-up touch ups, blow dries and manis. You also get to snap up a free three-month subscription to either Marie Claire, Cosmo, Good Housekeeping or Goeie Huishouding magazines.

To enter, simply leave a comment below telling me which Colab dry shampoo scent you’d most like to sniff and be sure to like the brand on Facebook over here.

To score a second entry, hit me up on twitter with the following: ‘Hey @lipglossgirl! I’d love to win tix to Beauty Insider thanks to #ColabSA’ and include the link to this post. Again, don’t forget to like them on Facebook.

This competition closes on Monday at 120pm. A winner will be drawn via random number generator. Colab SA isn’t paying to transport anyone to Jozi so it’s best you enter if you live there, can get there or have a Jozi bestie you can gift them to.

Good luck girls!

Love, love


So I got a full, voluminous set of eyelash extension from The Lash & Beauty Room

A little while back I was offered a set of lash extensions at The Lash & Beauty Room in Wynberg but before I chat about the experience please know that this post is primarily aimed at those who’ve had eyelash extensions before. I’ve already covered the basics as to how it’s done and how to care for them best in several posts ages back.

The last time I had extensions put in I was in Paris where my sister paid for a set that literally cost half my rent, but I hated them with a passion. I had to lie on a cold, clinical little bed for over two hours while a sadistic little French woman pretty much ignored my pleas that she re-tape my one eye as it continued to water and prick and sting for almost the entire duration of the process. As for the end result, it just looked pretty kak but now I can’t remember exactly why. (Sorry Mands, I love you! I just hated those blerrie lashes.)

Fortunately, The Lash & Beauty is a different story that starts with their warm, ultra comfy bed.

This is the kind of spot you could totally fall asleep.

This is the kind of spot you could totally fall asleep.

My therapist was super friendly, easy-going Kirsten who worked like lightning to attach each lash (made from softer, more supple synthetic mink) and managed to give me a tint as well as a full set in about an hour and a half. Many therapists would only be able to do the same thing in two hours or more so this is pretty impressive. She also worked really gently and I didn’t tear up once, save for a the one time I opened my eyes while glue was drying. For the extensions newbies out there – it’s not the ‘having a tweezers in your lashes’ bit or even the glue that causes tears, it’s the fumes from the glue as it dries that can sting – but only if you open your eyes.

More Lash & Beauty Room prettiness

More Lash & Beauty Room prettiness

Initially, I really liked the end result – full and super long – but still wasn’t 100% sold. I felt like it might’ve been a bit too dramatic and heavy-looking towards the outer corners but thought I’d give it some time before I made up my mind in the same way you sometimes have to get used to a hair cut. I’m glad I did because over the next two days a few lashes would fall out (which is normal) and I adjusted to looking in the mirror and being hit with a double sha-ZAM o’ glamour.


Mascara on the left, lash extensions on the right.

Mascara on the left, lash extensions on the right. Click on this image to enlarge it and improve the resolution.


And shut.

And shut.

I then roamed around saying nothing to people to see if anyone would comment and some of the time nobody noticed (‘See anything different about me?!) which was great but for the vast majority of the time the compliments just rolled on in. (‘Oh wow! Your lashes look great!’)

As time went on, my lashes looked better and better, probably due to the aforementioned reasons, and I’m now at that point where I think I’ll definitely do it again and sommer pay for it which is interesting because before going in I was like ‘sure, I’ll rock a few extensions for a while, but it’ll never become a thing…’ I’d just probably ask for a half set instead of full and find out if there’s a shade option. Having jet black lashes looks great when I have eyeshadow on, but I need a softer colour to look good when I’m not.

Here’s a full face shot taken three days after they were put in just to show you how natural it looks.

Gotta love gridlock, right?

Gotta love gridlock traffic, right?

Anyway, my hesitations as to why I wouldn’t be an extension girl were as follows:

They’re a new unneccessary expense while I’m tying to buy a house
Having to be careful when you wash your face is crap

The sole reason that’s cancelled those two out?
They look flippin’ fabulous!

I guess you could also add ‘Not having to put on mascara or take it off before bed is awesome’ to the list. And maybe ‘Your white linens are so freakin’ grateful’.

Oh! Another linen (and lash) saver you should know about is this boy:



My sister introduced us and I call him ‘the face bra’ but he’s actually an eye mask specially designed for lash extensions. If you’ve had them, you’ll know wearing a normal eye mask at night (if you do) flattens your lashes and causes them to feel itchy, poky and sore. The special eye mask, however, is cup-shaped so it’ll leave you in the dark but won’t put any pressure on your extensions. How much do we love?!

I couldn’t find this exact same one online that could be shipped to South Africa but found a company called Pro Lash Tech selling something similar for $10 with $20 shipping.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for someone to help you get your lashes on, know that Kirsten from The Lash & Beauty Room in Wynberg is a gem.

Love, love


Make your appointment at The Lash & Beauty Room by calling (021) 761 2181. To view their price list, click here

Beauty reviews: Physician’s Formula Argan Wear blush, L’Oreal’s La Vie en Rose lipstick collection and REN Wake Wonderful night-time facial

Physician’s Formula recently launched a new argan oil-infused range called Argan Wear and, for me, the star of the show is most definitely this guy:

Physician's Formula Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing argan oil blush (PRICE).

Physician’s Formula Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing argan oil blush, R199,95, Dis-Chem.

How much do we love Physician’s Formula blushes? They’re always so gorgeous-looking! Please forgive the quality of the above pic. It was ripped from my Instagram account as I lost the original when my phone was stolen last week. While this blush, with it’s pretty floral scent, is almost too pretty to use, I jumped right in anyway. A few sweeps and the gold dust is removed leaving you with a pretty matte pink shade that’s actually a bit more mauve than it appears up top, but something  that’ll suit many different skin tones. It’s very ‘autumn’,  builds nicely and, when worn with foundation, sticks around from day to night without needing a ‘top up’.

This is the truest shot of the shade I have called Rose. There's another one available called Natural, a tawnier hue.

This is the truest shot of the shade I have called Rose. There’s another one available called Natural, a tawnier hue.

Moving on, do you remember that time L’Oreal created a range of red lippies and matched each one to their mooi celeb spokesmodels? Well they’ve done it again with pink! La Vie en Rose ‘a symphony of tailor-made delicate pinks’.

Yep, that's John Legend.

Yep, that’s John Legend.

Each shade was created in a way that avoided ‘chalky’ or ‘ashy’ via the infusion of mother of pearl particles and velvety pigments to create a radiant-looking pink.

I was given three of the shades to play with – J Lo, Blake and Julianne.


From left to right: J Lo, Blake and Julianne.

Of all the shades, I thought J Lo would suit me the least as it appears so dark in the tube but its a lot sheerer than I thought and turns into a nice orchid colour on your lips. I can’t wear Julianne, however, as it washes me out and Blake reminds me too much of a Tinkerbelle lip colour I wore way too much of as a ten year old. So ja, J Lo it is!

You'll see the texture is kind of like a satin-matte, if that's a thing.

You’ll see the texture is pretty ‘satin’ which is ‘beauty speak’ for semi-matte.

Keep an eye out for L’Oreal’s La Vie en Rose lipstick collection in stores. Each lippie is going for R154,95 a pop.

Last, but not least, let’s chat about REN’s new Wake Wonderful night-time facial (R620, Woolworths).

REN Wake Wonderful night-time facial

Rise and shine, honey lambs!

This boy contains a bunch of naturally derived acids that gently exfoliate while you’re dreaming about Tom Hardy mowing your lawn and surprising you with a puppy at Christmas.

It also contains soothing, antioxidant-rich omega oils, tocotrienols (a super potent form of collagen-encouraging vitamin E) and fab hydrators like Shea butter and rice bran oil as well as a yeast fermentation extract that can help draw moisture into your skin to leave it looking plump.

From a texture point of view this felt like a light gel-creme lotion and had a soft, tropical scent that, to me, smelled like granadilla which makes sense as it’s one of the fruit acids in the mix.


It had the slightest tackiness to it, but hardly felt sticky which is great.

I’ve worn it for a few nights now and yes, my skin did look more refined in the morning and didn’t look red or feel sensitive in the least. (Still, for the record, my face is used to stronger AHA treatments at night, my favourite being Dr Dermal Texture Correction pads, but this is something I’d only recommend to those with a high tolerance.) Another plus? Yep, my combination skin did look supple and plump.

So yes, this lovely product does live up to its promises. I’d happily recommend it to anyone looking for a very gentle chemical exfoliation. REN says you can use it two to three times a week but it’s so mild I think many could use it more often, you’ll just have to gauge your tolerance level as you go along.

Love, love


New fragrance reviews: Bouchern Quatre, Elizabeth Arden Untold eau Fraiche, Kenzo Flower L’Elixir, Oscar de la Renta Oscar Flor and Bvlgari Goldea

I’d never heard of a Boucheron Quatre ring before but since seeing them online, I want, want, want.

And now you want one too, right?

And now you want one too, right?

Inspired by the architecture of Paris, the diamonds are the city lights and the while the darker stones are the cobblestones at the Place de Vendome while the ribbed bits reflect the city’s energy and spirit. As a Quatre ring starts at about R90K (yep, I looked it up) I’m probably not going to be rocking one anytime soon. Still, I can live out my dreams of Parisian splendour via Boucheron’s glorious new Quatre fragrance.


Boucheron Quatre eau de parfum, R695 for 30ml, R895 for 50ml and R1 195 for 100ml, selected Stuttafords and Dis-Chem stores.

A sheer fruity floral on a woody base that was created to attract a younger crowd to the brand, Quatre is a delicate, easy-to-wear fragrance that reminds me a lot of Eli Saab’s lighter creations, but sooo much nicer.

Officially, the notes are bitter orange, red currant, green tangerine, lemon and grapefruit up top, Sambac jasmine, rose,  wild strawberry, peach and apple in the middle and a base of  golden woods, cedar, cashmere, musk, vanilla and caramel. While it sounds complicated, to my nose, I simply get uplifting citrusy top notes followed by luminous jasmine warmed by a woody musk. No overly sweet strawberry or caramel at all. It’s the kind of scent you could spritz on generously and still smell clean and fresh. It’s almost as though all the ingredients got mixed in with a little soda water to make a fantastic spritzer version of what might’ve been too strong a drink.

Currently, my little sister is visiting (from France, coincidently) and ensuring she doesn’t make off with this fragrance in her bag is going to be an issue. A truly beautiful every day scent yet probably the one I’ll wear on my wedding day if I had to choose from the myriad of fragrances I currently own. I’m now really hoping they create a more intense version of this to wear at night.

Next up, we’ve got Elizabeth Arden Untold eau Fraiche.

Elizabeth Arden Untold eau Fraiche eau de toilette

Elizabeth Arden Untold eau Fraiche eau de toilette, R795 for 100ml.

This came as a big surprise as I’m not a fan of the original Untold as I personally find it a bit too floral with an overripe, super strong pear note that had the overall effect of creating a scent that was very ‘yellow’, if that makes sense. This new juice, however, is wonderfully ‘green’, fresh and spring-y thanks to an injection of sparkling citrus, soothing tea and cool vetiver notes.

In fact, to break it down, eau Fraiche’s top notes still contain pear, but this time it’s very subtle to the point where I don’t even notice it. All I get is a lovely mix of green tea and mandarin orange. When the heart notes appear, it’s no longer a screech of white floral, now its delicate freesia, lily and orange blossom. As for the base notes, it’s now cashmere wood, musk and vetiver – a lovely soft place to land whereas the original Untold featured patchouli and musk mingled with a warm amber note so big it kind of swamped everything else. While the original is ‘sweating in the sun’, eau Fraiche is ‘napping in the shade’. Does that make sense or have I gone to fragrance review crazy town over here?

Anyway, now eau Fraiche reminds me a bit of a more complex version of Arden’s Green Tea, my favourite of all their fragrances as well as one of my favourite scents in general. In fact, it’s so far removed from the original Untold I would never even guess that they were friends, let alone sisters. It’s now found a permanent place in my fragrance line up as it’s the ideal fragrance to wear on a hot summer’s day when you’re wanting something that’s a little more smart-casual than good ole spritz-and-go Green Tea.

Moving on, let’s chat about Kenzo Flower L’Elixer.

Kenzo Flower eau de parfum, PRICE.

Kenzo Flower L’Elixir eau de parfum, R800 for 30ml and R1 115 for 50ml.

There have been a lot of interpretations of Flower over the years that have taken the scent in various directions but most of them have remained powdery like the original and this new version is much the same but also very fruity and sweet.

A real gourmand journey, it opens with a burst of mandarin that soon becomes a powder bomb followed by sugary, red, raspberry lollipop. Soon a warm, sticky caramel (listed as praline) crops up, does a dance with the lollipop and while you think it might get a bit sickly, the powder manages to temper it somehow. I then start to smell powdery, papery rose but with a caramel whirl that prevents it from heading into old ladyville and things eventually calm down when the milkier base notes come through. You’re then kind of left with a warm, sweet, powdery scent that you’re either going to love or loath.

Currently, I know this scent isn’t for me, but there’s definitely something interesting and attractive about it. On the right person, I think it’s got the potential to be real dynamite in that it manages to be both bold yet demure… sexy yet reserved… youthful yet sophisticated. It’s the kind of scent that would well on a cold winter’s day or an evening out in any season.

Now let’s talk about Oscar de la Renta’s new fragrance, Oscar Flor.

Oscar de la Renta Oscar Flor eau de toilette, PRICE.

Oscar de la Renta Oscar Flor eau de toilette, R595 for 30ml and R995 for 100ml, selected Stuttafords and Truworths.

Much like Boucheron, this is another brand that’s reaching out to the younger set and Flor is a nice way to get talking.

I recently sniffed the original ‘Oscar’, a classic floral made up of every flower on God’s green earth, and you can tell it was dreamed up in 1977. To me, it just smelled stuffy and ‘old’. (Sorry Barbara! *ducks*) New Oscar Flor, however, is a completely different scent in that it’s young, fresh and playful. While Oscar wears a mink stole and talks about how she survived the titanic, Oscar Flor is a long-legged debutante in pink chiffon who may or may not look like Taylor Swift, one of the late designer’s younger celebrity fans.

Notes-wise, it’s pretty simple – neroli, lychee and ivy up top, a heart of jasmine, peony and mango and a base of vanilla, musk and cassis (blackcurrant). On me, however, I get sparkling lemon that lasts for ages followed by lychee and peony and then finally a soft, sheer musk that makes me think of The Body Shop’s White Musk.

In all, Oscar Flor is a very pretty, easy to wear day time scent for a younger girl who appreciates youthful florals. It makes me think of three now discontinued li’l darlings – Gucci Envy Me (remember that?!), Clarins Par Amour Tu Jours and Dior Addict 2 Summer Litchi.

Last, but not least let’s talk about new Bvlgari Goldea eau de parfum, launching later this month.

Bvlgari Goldea eau de parfum, PRICE.

Bvlgari Goldea eau de parfum, R690 for 30ml, R1 375 for 50ml and R1 890 for 100ml.

A musky floriental, Goldea is inspired by gold and light and heralds the beginning of a new pillar within Bvlgari’s enormous fragrance universe. While the luxuriously heavy bottle’s a total work of art that’ll look beautiful on any dresser, the brand considers the juice a tribute to the confident woman who’s happy to express her allure with a ‘golden symphony of musk’.

Officially, the notes are crystal musk, orange blossom, raspberry, bergamot, golden musk, ylang-ylang, jasmine, velvety musk (yep, a third musk note), amber, patchouli and Egyptian papyrus.

Having read that, you’d think this was a heavy, musky scent but it’s not. It’s actually pretty subtle thanks to the freshness of the bergamot top note that gives it a citrusy opening that’s sweetened by raspberry mixed with a very sheer musk. This delicate musk never really goes away and any other musk notes that are supposed to follow all smell the same to me.

To my nose, the evolution is kind of like ‘sweet citrus’ followed by ‘ylang-ylang and jasmine with caramel’ (even though the latter’s not officially listed) and finally ‘very warm amber and yet more phantom caramel’ with that luminous musk acting as a veil that covers each of the three phases.

If you’re looking for an understated warm, ‘yellow’-smelling fragrance and appreciate white florals, subtle, lingering musk and lots and lots of amber, Goldea is an elegant choice. I could see it being worn in the day but it would work at night too, provided you applied it with a heavy hand.

Love, love


Guess who got to go to Fashion Week SA as a guest of Rimmel London?

Anyone attend SA Fashion in Week in Jozi the other day? I got to attend as a guest of Rimmel London (thanks Roxanne!) and it was quite the jol. Rimmel spoiled us with tickets to every show on the Thursday and one of them was a front row seat. They’d also set up these super cute glamour booths that looked like London’s iconic red telephone boxes.

Cute, right?

Cute, right?

And let’s not forget about the mani station!

Those aren't my hands, just so you know. I was wearing Rimmel Glaston-Berry.

Those aren’t my hands, just so you know. I was wearing Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine by Rita Ora nail colour in Glaston-Berry, a zexy coral.

I’d love to have shown you a pic of it but my phone got nicked a few days later. Arrrrgh! (Thank God, I took a bunch of Instagram shots as I still have access to those.)

In between the shows, we got to hang out in a specially cordoned off VIP area where the vodka and cranberry juice was pretty much on tap. (Obviously, because I take the health of my bladder very seriously, it was vital that I drank a lot of it.)



Of all the shows I saw, I most enjoyed Somerset Jane from the upcoming young designers show and Colleen Eitzen as the clothes were the most ready to wear.

A little Somertset Jane A/W 2016 for you.

A little Somertset Jane A/W 2016 for you.

Then there was this magic moment when Sies!Isabelle (nope, that’s not a typo) sent her models down the runway holding #feesmustfall posters and the crowd went absolutely mal.

Love, love, love!

Love, love, love!

I was thrilled that this particular show was the one in which I got to ‘Anna Wintour’ it up front and scored a Rimmel goodie bag too. Towards the end, I also got to slip backstage where the girls were getting done up for the Urban Zulu show and good Lord was the hair on fleek!

This chick is like, The Definition of FIERCE.

This gorgeous creature is, like, The Definition of FIERCE.

I also loved this long, Frozen-style braid.

Let it goooo!

Let it goooo!

All the make-up artists I chatted to reckoned Rimmel’s Scandaleyes jumbo liquid liner was the hardest working product of the night.


It looks like a giant felt tip pen but creates a bold jet black line that sits tight.

Other goodies?


All the artists agreed Day2Night was the best mascara of the bunch and that Colour Rush balms were pigment packed and made for a great lippie and blush.

Rimmel have also launched a new primer with an SPF of 25 – Fix & Protect – that I’m yet to try but it’s on my list so watch this space.

A big thank you Rimmel for a fun, fashion-alicious night out!

Love, love


Let’s talk about that week Carolina Herrera visited Johannesburg

A few weeks back Carolina Herrera (yep, THE Carolina Herrera) and her daughter, who’s also called Carolina but has the addition of de Baez attached to her name, jetted into Jozi. The mother daughter duo were here to create awareness for CH PINK, their global campaign to fight breast cancer by providing patients with palliative care as well as visit The Breast Health foundation. The Herrera’s simple yet powerful message is ‘Don’t give up. You are not alone’.

Carolina and Carolina are on the left.

Carolina and Carolina are on the left.

I got to stay in Jozi for four days and attend several events (thanks ASCO!), one of the nicest being a fragrance session Carolina’s ‘nose’, the woman who helps her create her myriad of scents.

Carolina Herrera de Baez (who's so pretty and delicate and lovely) explaining

Carolina Herrera de Baez (who’s so pretty and delicate and lovely) explaining the notes in CH, her favourite being ‘intoxicating jasmine’.

This scent-sniffing session was held in Shepstone Gardens, one of my favourite venues in Johannesburg.

Incredible, right?

Incredible, right?


My goal is to one day having a wedding here.

In a perfect world, I’d totally have my wedding here.


And you may now kiss the bride!

And you may now kiss the bride!

But ja, let’s snap back to CH, shall we? After the event I was gifted with the most gorgeous book that was signed by both Herreras themselves.

Can we get a squeal over here, please?!

Yep, I totally squealed when I opened it.

It came with Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Rose, a fresh-smelling fruity floral with sparkling champagne top notes? How much do we love that? The heart is all peach blossom and the dry down is amber, wood and musk. Overall, it’s a soft, feminine scent that, surprisingly, ends up smelling like clean hair fresh from the shower.

The next day, we got to attend a fashion party at Le Chatelat, another gorgeous venue, where the bubbles flowed via (super cute) waiters who made a show of taking your arm and ‘escorting’ you into the mansion. I reckon this is probably as close as I’ll ever get to discovering what it’s like to be a contestant on The Bachelor.

Is it time for a rose ceremony?

Is it time for a rose ceremony yet?

The crowd was filled with media, local celebs and models (one of which was Thando Hopa who’s as sweet as pie) as well as the Carolina’s themselves. Later, we all got treated to a fashion show that saw Herrera-clad models weaving through the crowd. It was kind of nice to not be stuck in a seat so you could get a real close up of everything.

This is the last pic I snapped before my camera died.

The red (faux) croc skin top and wide leg trouser combo that the Kendall Jenner look-a-like is wearing was my favourite.

In all, this was a super fun trip to assist in ending a horrible disease that every woman should be concerned with klapping. It might not be directly affecting you, but it affects as all as a whole and if we’re to overcome it we all have to participate in the fight.

So, what can you do to help? First, ensure you screen yourself regularly for breast cancer. (My sister’s step son’s is 25 and his even younger girlfriend is currently undergoing chemo for advanced breast cancer, so please don’t underestimate the reach.) Also, know that a percentage of CH fragrance sales go towards supporting CH Pink but there’s nothing stopping you from making a direct donation to CANSA over here.

Love, love