Reviews: Cafe du Bain Sweet Vanilla Madeleine shower crème, OGX Coconut Water shampoo and conditioner and Ordinary Skincare Co night cream

A week or so back, I popped into Freebees PR’s spring media day and left with a bulging sack o’ goodies from all their clients. It’s going to take me a while to work through it but I’ll be sure to mention any favourite things that stick out on the blog. The brand that’s impressed me the most first off the bat, however, has to be Cafe de Bain.

A bath and body range inspired by French patisserie treats, Cafe de Bain’s lines include Raspberry & Rose Creme Tart, Coconut Macaroon and Sweet Vanilla Madeleine. While I like vanilla as much as the next person I’m not an obsessive fan, but the moment I sniffed Sweet Vanilla Madeleine I got big time crazy eyes and was instantly hooked! It’s honestly the warmest, butteriest, yummiest, most lick-my-arm vanilla fragrance I’ve ever encountered.

Cafe de Bain Sweet Vanilla Madeleine Softening Shower Creme

Cafe de Bain Sweet Vanilla Madeleine Softening Shower Creme

I wanted the Indulgent Bath Creme sooo bad so I could literally marinate in the scent but I don’t have a bath, so I ended up walking off with the Softening Shower Creme. It’s got the same delicious scent, lathers up to a dreamy, creamy foam and leaves my skin feeling clean and delicately fragranced after drying off.

The moment it runs out, I’ll be headed off to Pick n Pay where it’s sold to stock pile and will probably buy from the other lines too. I can’t remember the price, but it was super reasonable – around the R50 mark – and it’s going to be my ‘go to’ stocking filler come Christmas ‘cos I can’t imagine anyone sniffing it and not turning into an instant addict soos ek.

Now let’s talk about OGX. I’d spotted their products around but it took me a while to realise they were an international brand as opposed to a local one as there’s a supermarket (I think it’s Pick n Pay, actually) that has a line up of ‘in house’ body products that have very simlilar branding. But ja, as it turns out, OGX is a cruelty-free American haircare line that’s SLS- (sodium laurel sulphate) and paraben-free.

Their lines include Brazilian Keratin Therapy, Macadamia Nut, Argan Oil of Morocco and several others but I decided to give the Coconut Water sham and con (R149,95 each, Dis-Chem and Foschini) a bash as they seemed like the least heavy of the bunch offered by the PR. While I’ve got colour-treated and heat-styled hair, it’s baby fine and I wash every day so I need something that gets the balance right between hydration without heaviness.

OGX Coconut Water shampoo and conditioner

OGX Coconut Water shampoo and conditioner

Formulation-wise, both the sham and con contain electrolyte-enriched hydrolised coconut water and hydrating coconut oil. The conditioner has smoothing silicone in it, but not loads which is great for anyone who’s worried about product build up.

Having used the duo for over a week I can tell you they hit the spot in regards to the ‘balance’ I’m after. I liked that the shampoo foamed up well and left my hair feeling really clean but not squeakily so and I only needed a bit of the conditioner to cover my entire head. Detangling my hair while wet was easy and, after blow drying, my hair felt bouncy yet sleek. It smelled great too – like coconut – but very gently so. These guys aren’t going to interfere with your perfume.

Last, but not least, we’ve got Ordinary Skincare Co, a new proudly South African doctor-developed basic skincare line free of petrochemicals and colourants. I like that they don’t test on animals; they don’t make any crazy, far-fetched claims and their ingredients are simple and proven – no ridiculous platinum truffle essence from the inner rim of a blerrie volcano.

I tried the night cream (R306) the other day and appreciated that it’s packaged in an airless pump. (Regular readers will know how I feel about unhygienic and unstable jar packaging.) It’s got a light to medium-weight texture that reminded me a bit of a light body butter that should suit most skin types, especially since you’re applying it at night where you shouldn’t worry about any shine on your T-panel.

Ordinary Skincare Co. night cream

Ordinary Skincare Co. night cream

Ingredients-wise, it’s an uncomplicated mix of emollients like olive and grapeseed oils; mango and avo butter and soothing aloe ferox leaf extract that also happens to be an awesome antioxidant. In fact, there are several nice antioxidants in the mix including green rooibos, vitamin E and Q10, the last two being proven to help improve your skin’s collagen production. Not as well as retinol, of course, but they should make some difference for the better.

While this isn’t a potent anti-ageing treatment (and nor does it claim to be), it’s a nice night time pick for anyone looking for a super simple night cream to hydrate, soothe and protect their skin from the damaging effects of free-radicals.

To shop the brand online with free delivery anywhere in SA visit their website.

Love, love


I’ve finished my money-saving 22seven GY$T challenge and it’s going to save me R9000 in a year. Can we get a ‘yay’?!

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I agreed to take on 22seven’s money-saving GY$T challenge a few weeks early. You can learn more about the app (amazing!) and more about the challenge over here, but if you’re already in the loop keep reading.

Get around for less

The first task of my seven part challenge was to see if I can bring down my travel costs and a suggestion was to find out if, when you take Cape Town’s horrific street parking costs into consideration, it wasn’t perhaps cheaper to grab an Uber instead of use my car. As it turns out it, it wasn’t. I worked this out by driving to the point I was running on fumes. I then bought one hundred rand’s worth of petrol (it got me 7,8 litres, that’s R12,83 per litre) and set my odometre to zero. Once I’d driven it all out I saw I’d managed to drive 84km on it, meaning using my car costs me a mere R1,19 per km.

Keen on yet more math? If I drive to the Waterfront from my flat in Observatory Uber wants to charge me R66,88, so a return trip would be R133,76.

Times that by two and suddenly it isn't all that economically.

Times that sucker by two, God willing there isn’t a flash fair increase when you return, and suddenly it isn’t all that economical.

If I took my car, it would cost me R26,60 return (11,2km x R1,19 = R13,32 x 2) + R30 (3 hours worth of parking) which equals just R56,60.

So, the bottom line is to keep driving, but share lifts wherever possible and be more aware of how I plan my week by planning errands in clusters to avoid multiple trips.

Estimate saving in a year: None. Keep on drivin’ chica!

Bust my bank fees

Despite having a very basic savings account with ABSA, my banking fees are crazy high. Before getting 22seven I’d never noticed as I’d look at my statement and would just see the odd R8 taken off there, the inexplicable R35 there. It didn’t feel like it could add up to anything shocking but thanks to the app I can see I’m paying an average of R230 per month. That’s R2 760 per year! What?!

That’s all I needed to hear to change banks.

While ABSA offered to relook at things for me after seeing my tweet, they could only offer me a new account that caps my fees at R99 but this means I still have to get a new bank account number and go through the las of changing my debits and what not. So if I’m going to sikkel with all that, I might as well move all the way to Capitec. According to their calculator, I’ll probably pay just R53,40 per month, maybe even less.

Now we're talking!

Now we’re talking!

Estimate saving in a year: R2119,20.

Put the sure into insurance

I’m currently using King Price as my insurers and I’m really happy with them. I pay R447 to cover my Kia and MacBook Air and couldn’t find a place that could beat it to my satisfaction so happiness all round there. For the record, every interaction I’ve ever had with King Price has been a good one, including the two times I’ve called on their roadside assistance.

Getting the royal treatment, darlings.

I’m getting the royal treatment, darlings.

Estimate saving in a year: None. I made a good choice here.

Do a little subscription subtraction

I took a long hard look at my ‘subscriptions’, the things I regularly paid for each month, and found them to be my internet package (Afrihost), gym membership (Virgin Active), cellphone contract (Cell C) medical aid (Discovery Coastal Core).

I’m currently locked into a nightmarish relationship with Cell C from which there’s no escape so let’s not go there. I did a few online comparisons and found my medical aid and internet package where still serving up the best prices for what I wanted. Gym however, is an issue. I’ve been with blerrie Virgin for yonks and haven’t set food inside their gym for two years as I have one within my apartment complex.

Welcome to my Red Room 'o Pain

Welcome to my Red Room ‘o Pain

Belonging to Virgin, the club I never go to, sets me back R350 a month so I should just cancel it, right? The reason I don’t, however, is because I’m always telling myself I might want to pop in for a class. But I never do. So what am I doing? Arrrgh! I’ve yet to do it as I’ve been swamped but I plan to call the club and find out what kind of new fees I’d be looking at if I cancelled and then rejoined at a later stage. I’m worried that, as a ‘new joiner’ I’ll be asked to cough up R500 a month or something stupid. So ja, let’s watch this space.

Estimate saving in a year: R4 200 (if I man up and do it). 

Deload my lunch

I spend a disgusting amount on eating out. Disgusting. A lot of this has been minimised by finding ‘something free to entertain myself’ (see below) but I’ve managed to cut my grocery spend dramatically too by shopping like an American dooms day survivalist. How? I cruise Checkers’ voucher app as well as Woolies’ and Fruit & Veg City’s specials pages and when I spot something that freezes well or can last forever in a cupboard I buy it in bulk.

I'm not kidding. Woolworths' recent 'buy one get one free' soup special feed me for weeks.

I’m not kidding. Woolworths’ recent ‘buy one get one free’ soup special feed me for weeks.

I now also cook more meals at home, divvie them up and freeze them. My beloved Pioneer Woman’s banting-friendly chilli recipe is a particular fave and whipping it up costs around R120 which works out to R12 a meal as you’ll easily get 10 servings. Also, when I spotted Woolworths’ family-sized lasagna marked down to just R75 I bought ten million, cut them into four and then revelled in my R18,75-per-meal cleverness for months.

Also, rather than perpetually stock up on fresh goods that just rot in my fridge because I’m almost never home, I’ve become more aware of buying fresh every couple of days as opposed to every week. I also like using Supercook to search for recipes by the ingredients you already have in your fridge so you can use everything up economically before hitting the shops once more.

Last but not least, I’ve managed to kick my KFC cappuccino addiction. I live right next door to Colonel Saunders’ deep fried shack o’ evil and got into a groove where I’d buy a R14,90 coffee five days a week to the merry tune of R298 a month. I’ve now switched to Nescafe instant cappuccino sachets (R49,95 for 10) which means I’m now only parting with R99,99 a month and saving almost R200 in the process.

Estimate saving in a year: Kicking my KFC cuppa habit alone has saved me R2 400.

Find something free to entertain myself

Ah, this was easy. Now that I’m hiking outdoors and running on the prom with friends I consider this exercise and entertainment. Also, now when friends want to hook up for dinner, I suggest they rather join me for a walk outdoors. Alternatively, I eat dinner at home and then join them for a drink. This latter teensy shift has made a huuuge difference to what I spend on eating out. A restaurant lunch or dinner is no-longer my default ‘let’s hook up’.

Just a barrel o' Bloody Mary for me, please!

Just a barrel o’ Bloody Mary for me, please!

Still, if I do eat out, I’m now quick to suggest a restaurant from the list of those on my Entertainer app. It costs R395 (but I got it for around R300 when they had a special) and then you can eat at a host of restaurants (up to three times each) and use a voucher that sees you buy one main and get another to the value or less for free. It’s not technically ‘doing something for free’ but this year’s seen me use 21 vouchers and if we assume a main is R100, it’s saved me a solid  R1 050.

Estimate saving in a year: Let’s not even go there. My brain can’t handle this kind of math. That’s why I have that fabulous 22seven app. 

Cash it to cap it

Cash it to cap it essentially means drawing a set amount of cash and sticking to it as opposed to running around with your ‘bottomless’ card. When you’ve got your card in your wallet, saying yes to dessert is easy, even though you promised yourself you’d only have a starter and a main before you left the house. I’m also the person who usually insists on getting the whole bill when it comes round. ‘No, no! It’s on me! You can get the next one’. (But I despise it when other people pay for me, so that time pretty much never, ever comes.)

I took a pick of a cash fan and it came out blurry so you'll just have to endure another special I enjoyed abusing.

I took a pick of a cash fan and it came out blurry so you’ll just have to endure another special I enjoyed abusing.

So, did capping it work? Yep, it did. It really did. I’d still take my credit card along with me as I’m uncomfortable without it (What aliens land and want to whisk me off to an intergalactic ball? Surely I’d need to buy an emergency Star Princess dress en route? Life throws you curve balls, ok?!) but physically having a certain amount of rands in my pocket was a solid budget reminder. It’s now something I’m applying to other things. For example, I’ll draw a certain amount in cash to be spent on groceries, divvie it up per week and then keep it in an envelope in my wallet. Watching the pile thin out as the days go by as opposed to mindlessly swiping really does make you more aware of your spend.

Estimate saving in a year: Again, I have no clue how to calculate my exact savings here. But it’s a lot. I’ve been known to get blind drunk and hand out my card screaming ‘the next bottles on me! All my friends know my PIN number. I’m very lucky I pick them well.

So, having made these small changes and if I toss my stupid Virgin Active membership, I can save a total of  R8,719 in a year. Did you hear that mense? Almost nine freakin’ thousand rand! And this is excluding what I’m saving now that I’m getting a grip on my penchant for eating out. That’s two grand shy of a package holiday involving an eight night stay in Phuket. (I know this ‘cos I’ve just checked.)

At least in Thai Thai I can afford to drink KFC cappuccino every day of life.

At least in Thai Thai I can afford to drink KFC cappuccino every day of life. (And the view isn’t too kak either.)

If you’re keen to get your $hit together the way I have, download the 22seven app and wise up about exactly where your moolah’s going. For me, it’s been a life (and serious cash) saver.

Love, love


Diesel gave me a super stretchy, ultra comfy pair of jogg jeans and I flippin’ love ’em

The other day Diesel got hold of me to offer a pair of their new jogg jeans. Initially I was hesitant as I imagined them to look like those weird skinny leg, drawstring tracksuit pants with the saggy crotch and, as I’m a normal girl with a normal girl body I knew they wouldn’t flatter me. But, a quick google later, I discovered Diesel’s idea of joggers are rad, butt-flattering jeans that serve up ‘the stretch of jersey and the look of denim’.

Seriously. While they look like regular denim fabric they’re as stretchy as hell to the point where you could happily wear them to a cross fit class, provided you didn’t mind people starting at you. You big, ole embarrassing weirdo, you.

Jeanetically engineered, ek se!

Jeanetically modified, ek se!

Anyway, on the topic of embarrassing things, let’s get stuck into my Diesel jogg jeans photoshoot, shall we? This involved dragging my long suffering cousin Pete into the blazing, mid day sun on winter’s hottest day to find a cool, ‘streety’ spot that wasn’t in direct sunlight so as to not make me look like a squinty jelly fish and scream at him take shots from angles that made me look skinny and young.

So, let’s kick things off with a shot where Pete shot me from above to inadvertently make me look super short.

Good luck finding someone to split Spur's Monday special with you now, cuz!

Good luck finding someone to split Spur’s Monday special with you now, cuz!

Now let’s zoom in for that detail shot!

I love the leather detail on the pocket.

I love the leather detail on the pocket.

And that the super subtle badge on my butt isn’t totally in your face.

Except when I'm getting my cousin Pete to take shots of my butt. That wasn't awkward.

Except when I’m getting Pete to take shots of my ass. That wasn’t awkward.

Now, last but not least, lets finish up with two ‘action’ shots, showing you just how ‘flexi’ my new threads are. Only problem is I’m not. This is literally as high as I can lift my leg without screaming. Also, WHAT am I pointing at? Can someone just break out the hook and drag me away, please?

Only problem is I'm not. This is literally as high as I can lift my leg without screaming.

On the plus size, we’d finally found a flattering flash setting.

I’m also rather fond of this, albeit strange, wall push-up shot we did in a bid to show off the side seam, but mostly because my tricep actually look thin.

Hideous crack o' dawn hikes and prom walks are starting to pay off.

Hideous crack o’ dawn hikes and prom walks are starting to pay off. Oh yeah!

Want a pair yourself? You’ll find them in all Diesel stores around the country with prices starting at R3 200. Also, these are a few things you need to know.

  • Each pair feels like brushed cotton. Be prepared to be the creepster who strokes her thighs all day.
  • They go up in size by two sizes at a time. I.e. you get a 26 and 28 but not a 27.
  • Buy a size smaller than you’d usually take. I never thought a 26 would fit me (I’m a 27 on a good day) but they do!
  • They look great the day they come out of the wash but by the end of day two they can start to look a little too stretched out. Never to the point where your butt looks saggy, but they just stretch out a bit.
  • Once you wash them, they immediately snap back to ‘day one’.

Love, love


New fragrance reviews: Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb Extreme, Moschino Stars, Karl Lagerfeld Private Klub, Elizabeth Arden Always Red and Gucci Bamboo

I first sniffed new Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb Extreme EDP (price TBA) at a launch where I’d been exposed to ten thousand million other fragrances so it didn’t make a big impression as my nose was addled by so many other things. When I opened up it at home, however, my first thoughts were ‘Damn, that’s sexy!’

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Extreme

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Extreme

This particular scent has actually been kicking it overseas since 2013, but is new to SA shores and thank God for that. For me, it’s a total keeper. Even my miserable, House MD-like cousin who pretty much hates everything and is impressed by nothing said it was ‘nice’ which is basically his version of handing out a gold star.

As far as notes goes, it opens with bergamot and tea and has a heart full of flowers (orange blossom, Sambac jasmine, freesia rose and orchid) but the base is what you notice right away and what lingers – patchouli, benzoin, vanilla, musk and amber. To me, it smells like a creamy, sweet (but not too sweet) mix of vanilla, musk and patchouli that reminds me a bit of Lancome’s La Vie est Belle. It’s definitely a night time or cold weather scent for when you’re feeling feminine, glamorous and a little playful.

Next up, we’ve got Moschino Stars EDP (price TBA), a white floral with citrus, rose and peony top notes that reveal a lily of the valley, orange blossom and jasmine heart on a base of ambery wood and vetiver.

Moschino Stars

Moschino Stars

On me, after a fresh burst of citrus, I can almost only pick up the lily note. In fact, I can’t think of another multi-note scent where I’ve ever smelled the lily so strongly. It reminds me a helluva lot of the lily of the valley line that Woolies used to do back in the day. (My mom used to be a fan of their magnolia-scented line up back in the day and my sister and I would give her goodies from it every single Mother’s Day and birthday and she’d always pretend to be surprised.)

Once the lily note settles, the orange blossom starts to peek through and then I just get clean-smelling white soap.

Anyone who’s into seriously white florals might appreciate this new Moschino. The bottle, with its big, gold meteorite shower-inspired cap gives the impression that it’s a bold, youthful, possibly even quirky scent, but it’s actually very subtle and mature.

Moving on, let’s talk about Uncle Karl…

Last month my parents got visit my little sis and her billionaire hubby at their spot in St Tropez and hit up all the VIP rooms where they popped champagne bottles with Karl Lagerfeld and co. While that was going on, I was script writing in a tatty tee with a womb that’s slowly drying up, wondering if I should just tie the knot with the next creepy DHL guy who tells me I’ve got a pretty smile. The next day, while my mom sent me what’s apps of Karl and his infamous white ponytail (plus my dad getting a lap dance from a bikini-clad girl in a feathered headdress), I received a bottle of Uncle Karl’s new perfume, Private Klub For Women (R495 for 25ml, R695 for 45ml and R995 for 85ml). Is that an ironic contrast or what?

Karl Lagerfeld Private Klub

Karl Lagerfeld Private Klub

Anyway, I’m not a big fan of the bottle. To me its too big and knuckle dustery. Like the kind of bottle you’d spot in BA Baracas’ bathroom cabinet. But the scent itself is a pretty, feminine, sweet and musky mix that totally belies it’s thug life bottle.

Notes-wise, you’re looking at fresh citrus and pink pepper up top, a heart of rose, violet and creamy magnolia on a bed of almond, musk and cashmere. Something about it reminds me of The Body Shop’s Sweet Lemon line (which I love) blended with sugared almonds or petit fours. It’s the kind of scent that, when I wear it and hug people, they go ‘Oh! You smell nice’.

In all, I reckon it’s a great day time scent for spring, when the weather’s not too hot. (Personally, I don’t like to wear anything sweet when the temperatures start to soar.)

Next up, we’ve got Elizabeth Arden Always Red EDT (R495 for 50ml and R795 for 100ml).

Elizabeth Arden Always Red

Elizabeth Arden Always Red

This was launched at a super fun event in Jozi that involved waaay too many Frangelico shots served in chocolate shot glasses (oh my God!). This way, you could go home crying with a headache from hell as well as sort of hate yourself for consuming five days worth of kilojoules in just two hours. (It was definitely worth it though.)

As for the scent, it’s a sweet, musky floriental that opens with juicy plum, blood orange and passion fruit, has a heart full of sambac jasmine, freesia and rose and then dries down to a sweet, warm base of amber, wood and praline.

I’m sure Arden will hate me for saying this, but pretty much every beauty ed there thought it smelled incredibly similar to Giorgio Armani’s Si – a very good thing, considering Si is a beautiful fragrance.

A sensual, ‘notice me’ type of scent, Always Red is perfect for a night out or a cold, winter’s day. After my beloved summer staple that is Green Tea, this is the other Elizabeth Arden scent I’d be happily wear. I really like that it’s grown up, but still youthful.

Last, but not least, I give unto thee Gucci Bamboo EDP (R835 for 30ml, R1 165 for 50ml and R1 490 for 100ml).

Gucci Bamboo

Gucci Bamboo

A citrusy white floral (but a delicate white), Bamboo is like a sheer piece of white silk being drawn across your skin. It opens with burst of freshness – zesty citrus top notes that serves as an instant pick-me-up. Next, the floral heart emerges, a sensual mix of ylang-ylang, lily (just a dash) and orange blossom and then you’re left with a dry down that’s all about sandalwood, vanilla and amber. There’s the teensiest dash of sweetness here that makes me think of Gucci’s Flora. Or maybe the tiniest hint of Gucci Rush. But it’s miniscule and that keeps me wanting to sniff my arm like a bee wanting to find an elusive crumb of sugar that’s yet to dissolve in a glass of lovely, lemonadey freshness.

In short, this is a scent I want to drown in.

The only thing I don’t adore is the bottle’s colouring. I feel like the lid should’ve been gold and the glass could’ve gotten a pale green tint as opposed to grey. But hey, we’re splitting hair here people. This is a seriously lustable scent!

Seen anything you’d like to sniff yourself? Everything is in store now so get your ass to the shops.

Love, love


Beauty bites: Eucerin Anti-Redness Concealing Day Cream, Johnson’s Even Tone and Oil Control lines and Schwarzkopf’s Serum Deep-Repair collection

Eucerin’s new Anti-Redness Concealing Day Cream (R230) boasts a green tint in a bid to minimise the look of redness as well as an SPF of 25.


Eucerin Anti-Redness Concealing Day Cream

I don’t feel qualified to ‘review’ this properly as I don’t suffer from rosacea or redness but I do want you guys to know it exists as an option.  One of the formula’s ‘fabs’ is that it’s free of shizzle that could irritate sensitive, redness prone skin – things like fragrance, alcohol and preservatives. It also contains an ingredients called SymSitive to help instantly calm your skin. The way it works is kind of complicated, but you can read up on it over here. I like the fact that it’s been lab tested by Germans who don’t take kak from things that aren’t effective.  I only von’t to hear von kliek, people!

There’s also a bit of licorice extract in the mix that’s also a good calmative and, incidentally, can help diminish the appearance of pigmentation.


You can see I don’t have redness to conceal but the purpose of the rubbed in shot on the right is to show you it doesn’t leave a caste.

This morning I dragged my bleary self off for a prom walk but might still have had last night’s excessive amount of margaritas in me ‘cos I totally forgot to apply sunscreen. This has resulted in cheeks that are a bit pinker than usual (my face always burns fast as I’m fair as hell) and it’s hardly made me a good test monkey for a fair trial but at least I could slap this on and judge the redness minimising factor and, to be honest, it’s taken the glow off, but it’s hardly concealed it. If anything, it’s a hint of an Instagram filter, if that makes sense, so I’d suggest you use it as a wash then apply a green-tinted concealer to any seriously red bits.

From a texture point of view, it feels very much like a very hydrating, slightly oil-textured high SPF sunscreen that would make it suited to drier skin types. Oily-skinned peeps, this one’s not for you.

Next up, Johnson’s have extended their basic skin care range to include options for pigmentation-prone and oily-skinned peeps.

The Oil Control line is has green accents while the Even Tone one features pink.

Pretty, pretty!

The Even Complexion line promises to assist in busting dark marks in four weeks using a soy extract but has a rather low SPF (15) so I’d only consider this if I didn’t have serious problems. A big thumbs up for it being packaged in a tube, however, as opposed to a jar.

As for the Oil Control line, this contains oil-absorbers to help keep you looking matte as the day goes on as well as grapefruit extract that, Johnson’s reckon, works as an astringent. Of the two lines this is the one I like best as its light lotion-texture formulated with a sprinkle of corn starch really does work towards keeping the oilies at bay. Just be sure to team it with an SPF.

Of everything in the Oil Control line I most like the facial wash.

Face wash

Johnson’s Oil Control facial wash

It’s got the most delish grapefruit scent that reminds me a helluva lot of Neutrogena’s yummilicious Pink Grapefruit wash but without the price tag. I wouldn’t call it a dupe, however, as it doesn’t contain the pore-exfoliating salicylic acid that Neutrogena’s does. So, if you’re not spot prone, but love a fresh grapefruit scent, you’ll rate this a winner.

I’m also enjoying the Oil Control cleansing bar (R13,95).

Johnson's Oil Control cleansing bar

Johnson’s Oil Control cleansing bar

I’m not using it to cleanse my face. Instead, I’m considering it a lovely, cost-effective grapefruit-scented shower soap for body. It doesn’t contain mattifyers – just the grapefruit extract – and has enough glycerine and palm kernel oil extract in it to not dry out your skin.

Last, but not least, Schwarzkopf Gliss (more German shizzle!) have a new line aimed at those with very stressed out, damaged hair called Serum Deep-Repair. Again, I’m not the target market so I’ll be handing this to someone who is and getting feedback. So watch this space!

Schwarzkopf Gliss

Prices range from R52,99 to R99,99.

In the meantime, know that it’s in store right now so you can snap it up at Clicks. For the record, I’m a big fan of their Total Repair line (the orange and cream-coloured one) and find it’s the perfect amount of hydration and protein for my fine, colour-treated hair, especially after it’s just been freshly highlighted. The spray-con from that line up is a special friend in that it’s my favourite drug store detangler and if they ever stopped making it I might feel a little lost.

Love, love


It’s finally time to review my new HTC One M9

As you know, I’m a proud HTC girl and was happily using the wondrous M8 before recently upgrading to the new One M9 32 GB. I’ve had a while to play with it and and gotta tell you, I’m definitely an android girl for life now.

Having fun at the launch

Being a dorkasaurus at the launch*

Just about all the things I loved about the M8 are present in the M9 and some have been taken even further. For starters, it’s still got that sexy brushed aluminium body, an enormous 5 inch display (which I adore!) and, weighing in at 157g, it feels even lighter in your hand.

The all new htc The One m9

The all new MTC One M9

Again, the sound quality is perfection. I can fill my entire apartment with crystal clear music to the point where a friend thought I was playing through add-on speakers, not the phone itself.

Camera-wise – it’s front-facing camera (the one you use to take selfies) is now 4 megapixels and the ‘regular’ camera is a whopping 20 megapixels. If you follow me on Instagram (@lipglossgirlxoxo) you should know all my shots are taken using the M9. Also, 99% of the pics you’ll have seen on my blog have been taking using the phone.

The detail is even better than what you're seeing as photo's lose quality when you upload them to WordPress.

The detail is even better than what you’re seeing as photo’s lose quality when you upload them to WordPress.


No filter, just mooiness.

No filter, just excessive mooiness.

I find that the M9’s camera isn’t as good in low lighting as the M8s, but you can somewhat compensate for this by raising the ISO setting. This improves it, but I think the resultant shots still look better on the M8, so if using your cell to take pictures at night is very important to you this is something you should know.

Where the M9 really shines is the customisation department. There are what feels like a zillion ways to tweak it to do exactly what you’d like and it also serves up a huge, ever increasing amount of themes.

Origami for when I feel like a grown up and The Little Mermaid for when I don't.

Origami for when I feel like a grown up and The Little Mermaid for when I don’t.

You can now also customise the navigation bar and take things even further by download apps like HTC Sense Home. The latter learns which apps you most use in different locations and can set up your phone to suit you best depending on where you are. For example, when you hit the office, all your boring work-related apps will appear first and foremost and then, when you head home, all the fun stuff pops up. (Because obviously you never cruise Facebook or Instagram when you’re on your bosses time, right?)

More launch funsies.

More launch funsies.

The M8’s great battery life seriously blew me away and the M9’s is almost as awesome. I can use it flat out all day and it only needs recharging by the time I go to bed. It’s also got a built-in battering saving mode that auto triggers when your phone drops to 15% but can be manually flicked on at any time. There’s also an ultra power saving mode that allows me to keep my phone on, albeit in a super basic mode, for more than ten hours on just 5% battery! Long gone are the iPhone days where I used to carry my charger with me and juice it up half way through the day.

To learn more about HTC and keep up to date with what they’re doing, pop on over to their local Facebook page. They’re currently promoting a comp with Marie Claire that could see you winning a limited edition Jourdan Dunn HTC M9.

Am I old and embarrassing to not know who Jourdan Dunn is?

Jourdan’s phone is available in silver as well as gold (but we all know the latter’s the coolest.)

Love, love


*Yep, I’m aware that pic is of a crappy quality. Please note it wasn’t taken using an HTC. 

Morgan Taylor’s about to launch their ‘Hello Pretty’ Tokyo-inspired collection

Winter’s not quite done with us but it’s on it’s way out and that means it’s time to lay off the dark ‘I’m a gloomy hipster sippin’ Sxollie cider in The Village Idiot’ nail colour shades (and by that I mean anything grey, oxblood, navy or black) and make the move towards pretty pastels and look-at-me brights.

One of the first spring collections to cross my desk has been Morgan Taylor’s Tokyo-street fashion inspired Hello Pretty collection.

A3 hello pretty- MORGAN TAYLOR-850x1200

Katy Perry circa 2012 would be thrilled.

I’ve searched online for a press pic that shows all the bottles together and while there are several none of them portray the colours in a way that’s true to life. Even the shot above isn’t bringing the neon aspect through strong enough. Still, there are lots of fab swatches on blogs out there though so to see the rest of the colours I’d suggest you get googling. Obviously I can’t nick another blogger’s shot and feature it here. Still, I do have two of my own to show you.

Pop-Arazzi Pose on the left and Do You Harajuku on the right.

Pop-Arazzi Pose on the left and Do You Harajuku on the right.

Do You Harajuku seriously doesn’t work for me. It makes me think of Tippex with a hint of green which makes it almost as difficult to paint with as white or black in that every ‘mistake’ is super visible. Also, it totally washes me out so I’ll rather leave it to someone with a darker skin tone and perfect painting skills to do it justice. Pop-Arazzi Pose, however, is a goodie.


Morgan Taylor Pop-Arazzi Pose

I liked that you only needed two coats to get full opacity. It’s the kind of striking, almost neon watermelon pink that’ll look great on toes come summer.

The collection, along with matching Gelish colours (woop, woop!) will be available in salons and stores including Sorbet and Dis-Chem as of early next month so keep an eye out if you’re keen. Each polish is R123 a pop.

Love, love