Review: A Swedish massage at GojiSpa in Willowbridge Lifestyle Centre

12 Aug

Last week I was invited to enjoy a massage at GojiSpa, a ‘natural day spa and hair salon’ in the Willowbridge Lifestyle Centre in Bellville.

Being a moron, I didn’t realise the spa was out in the north which isn’t my usual hood as I’d confused Willowbridge with Lifestyles on Kloof in town (I know, I know… only me…) This meant I left a little late and then got lost on top of it so by the time I arrived I was a writhing ball of stress. Fortunately, the treatment rooms have a nice, tranquil feel and my therapist, Jade, gives a really good massage.


I was treated to a Swedish back massage (R280 for 30 mins, R400 for 45, R480 for 60 and R600 for 75) using LT International’s Back 

I appreciated that she used medium pressure throughout which is exactly what I’d asked for. (I hate it when a therapist starts out solid and then loses steam half way through.) She was also intuitive in regards to finding the knotty bits and did a great job of not getting a single drop of oil in my hair – my pet massage hate if I’m not able to shower afterwards.

After my massage, I was brought a glass of water and a bowl of goji berries to nibbled on (nice touch) and then moved into the hair salon area. This doesn’t benefit from the elegant décor of the spa but does the trick in providing a space for a full-service salon that won’t hurt your wallet. For example, a half-head of highlights for medium hair is just R450 and a ladies cut and blow dry ranges from R240 to R330 depending on the length of your hair.

I didn’t have a cut or colour but was offered a flat iron session and opted for waves that stylist Lizle created using a ghd, taking her all of ten minutes.

GojiSpa uses

GojiSpa uses Organic Colour Systems, an organic hair care range that’s silicone-free save for their shine serum. I actually didn’t realise you got heat protection sprays that didn’t have silicone in them so this was a nice find.

A dankie to Jackie for inviting me for a review, a midweek massage will always be a treat.

Love, love


Goji Spa currently have several specials on the go, the most exciting being a 60 minute aromatherapy massage for R420 (R100 off the usual price) and a wash, cut and blow dry with an express mani or pedi going for just R300.


Reviews: Bobbi Brown nail polish in Navy, John Frieda Frizz-Ease Daily Miracle treatment and Max Factor Facefinity All Day primer

11 Aug

Happy Monday girls! Are you ready to get stuck in?

Bobbi Brown nail polish – new shades alert

Bobbi Brown recently launched a new nail polish collection consisting of ten shades that range from barely there nudes to eye-catching reds and berries as well as a rogue deep blue hue called Navy. As a whole, I think the collection’s quite ‘wintery’-looking but the individual shades are all pretty timeless.

Bobbi Brown's new nail polish collection

I reckon Cherry Tomato would look fab with gold sandals – or maybe those vile-looking pool slider thing if I change my mind about them.

I was given Navy to try and like that it’s quite striking and – weirdly – ‘expensive’ looking. It’s so heavily pigmented that you almost only need one coat to get the full colour pay off that dries to a nice, glossy-looking finish.

Shot sans flash on the left and flash on the right.

Shot sans flash on the left and with flash on the right.

I sealed this with my favourite Seche Vite top coat that saw my mani lasting a good four days before it started to chip.  Just know that it’s imperative you use a base coat with this shade or it will stain your nail beds blue. You also need a steady hand as it’s an incredibly dark navy that won’t be forgiving if you’re mani’s a slap dash mess.

Keen to check out the new colours? They’re on your local Bobbi Brown counter right now going for R165 each. I was going to comment that that’s a bit pricey for a nail polish but then realised that Essie colours are now around R110 (insert muffled scream here) so it’s actually not that much of indulgence, especially if you find a ‘dupeless’ hue you adore.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Daily Miracle treatment, R110, exclusive to Clicks.

John Frieda sent me a spoilicious li’l ‘me time’ hamper the other day that included their Frizz-Ease Daily Miracle treatment.


Daily Miracle is the spray-con on the left next to the marshmallows that survived all of three minutes after arrival.

I’m quite the fan of leave-in spray-on conditioners as I have baby fine hair that needs a little TLC from my conditioner as I colour it, but not so much that it gets weighed down. This is why I use the lightest conditioner I can get away with in the shower and then treat any difficult to detangle bits (usually the hair around my crown that’s long, microfine and abundant) with a good spritz-on product.

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed using Daily Miracle. It does a nice job of detangling yet doesn’t leave my hair feeling limp. In fact, I can merrily get it near my roots without having to worry it’ll leave it looking greasy as other spray-con’s have done in the past. I also like its clean, fresh scent. (That’s the best way I can describe it. It simply smells like ‘clean’, shower-fresh hair.)

Formulation-wise, Daily Miracle makes use of silicone for shine, frizz-control and heat protections; wheat proteins to fortify; glycerin to hydrate and a mix of antioxidant vitamins. Still, I’d be nervy to ditch my regte egte heat protection spray in favour of this guy. Being paranoid, I’d use this to detangle and then mist that on top of this before breaking out my curling tong. (FYI, John Frieda also have their own heat protection spray – it’s called Frizz-Ease Heat Defeat Styler.)

Max Factor Facefinity All Day primer SPF20, R185, exclusive to Clicks.

Max Factor’s new primer sets out to extend the wear of your foundation and, thanks to ‘micro absorbers’, helps with oil control too – good news for me as I’m very much your combo-to-oil kinda girl.

You're also getting another look at that nail polish again...

You’re also getting another look at that nail polish again…

Texture-wise, it kind of feels like a lotion, but ever so slightly thicker, but is very easy to spread. I like that I can feel there’s silicone in there and see it too due to its slight mattifying effect, but it doesn’t have that typical ultra-smooth ‘silicone’ texture so many other primers as well as ‘blurring’ products tend to have. For the most part, that type of ‘feel’ usually ends up mattifying in the short-term but then exacerbating my oilies in the long run.

Now to be honest, I don’t really have an issue with foundation sliding off my face or at least don’t own any that don’t stay put so it was difficult for me to test the whole ‘extend the wear of your foundation’ promise. But I can tell you this – I used it after my moisturiser and before my foundation (using several variants of each) and it played nicely with everyone in that it didn’t hinder spreadability or cause pilling (i.e. roll up into little bolletjies on my skin). And yes, I did notice that my forehead was little less oil than usual which is always a very good thing. In all, a very nice little primer best suited to those with combination to oily skin types.

Love, love


Reviews en masse: Bourjois So Lacque nail polish, Kiehl’s Calendula face wash and Milk Shake leave in conditioner and conditioning whipped cream

5 Aug

From a super shiny new nail polish to a hot new hair care brand that smells good enough to eat, it’s all right here bietse so let’s get crack-a-lacking…

Bourjois launch a new ultra shiny nail polish

How much do we love Bourjois nail polish? (And eye pencils… and their Healthy Mix foundation… there’s lots to love about Bourjois…) The French brand’s latest nail polish line is called So Lacque Ultra Shine (R96, selected Clicks stores). It’s enriched with double the amount of vinyl and contains a fancy reflective resin complex for a super shiny mani. They’re also free of all the usual ‘nasties’ – toulene, formaldehyde and whatnot.

I was given a super pretty coral shade called Prepp Hibiscus. I thought it was really flattering in that it worked well with my cool skin tone and made me feel like spring might just be around the corner. But ja. Does it live it up to its super shiny promise? Hells yeah.


Pretty, pretty and shot while bone dry with zero top coat.

The finish is so lustrous I kept thinking my nails were still wet and has a real ‘so I’ve just applied a top coat’ look, having not done so at all. Still, you really do have to use one. A top coat, that is. While the shine factor is most definitely there, without a good top coat, my colour started chipping on day two. But, with a slick of Seche Vite dry fast top coat, I was all set for a good five – a miracle for someone who’s always typing.

Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing foaming face wash hits the shelves

In the past, I’ve really enjoyed using Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser (it cleanses my combo-oily skin to perfection and one tube should last you a good six months) so I was excited to try the brand’s new Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face wash for normal to oily skin (R395, selected Edgars stores).

Kiehl's Calendula

Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing foaming face wash

From a packaging point of view, Calendula beats Ultra hands down. While Ultra came in a tube that got tricky to use towards the end, Calendula boasts a pump that ensures easy dispension (is that even a word?!) right down to the last drop. I like that it foams up to create a light soap-free lather that blitzes oil, dirt and make-up and afterwards, my skin feels perfectly clean and fresh as opposed to ‘tight’. In fact, now that I really think about it, Ultra did kind of leave me a leetle on the squeaky side of things. Perhaps now if I had to endure a Bachelorette-style face wash show down I’d tell Ultra how much I appreciate him as a friend before handing my rose over to zexy Mr C.

Scent-wise, I didn’t love how this face wash smelled exactly like Calendula cream when sniffed straight from the bottle. However, there’s also a bit of citrus in the mix and once you lather it up those notes come through loud and clear. In fact, it’s lovely lemony fresh scent is one of the things I like best about using it.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a nice, lightly foaming face wash for a trouble-free combination complexion or simply own Kiehl’s magnificent alcohol-free Calendula toner and want to get all matchy matchy, chances are you and Kiehl’s’ newbie are going to get along just fine.

Milk Shake hair products now available in SA

Milk Shake is an Italian salon hair care brand that’s quite popular in the UK. Their big selling point is that they use milk proteins and fruit extracts to help out your hair.

To be honest, I’m not too clued up on milk protein when applied to your tresses but the press release says it ‘conditions and restructures your hair’s cortex and cuticle’. This is possibly the same effects you’d get from using wheat protein-infused products, the more popular hair fortifier, or a little different. I have no clue. But I can tell you this – I’m really enjoying using the two products I got to try – the leave in conditioner (R238) and conditioning whipped cream (R246).

Milk Shake leave in conditioner on the left and moist

These bottles look teeny tiny as they’re the 50ml mini versions. Don’t worry, if you’re paying the full prices I’ve listed here, you’re getting a nice, big, full-size product.

Both products do as they claim and feature a warm, yummy scent that I initially mistook for vanilla but later it dawned on me – they smells exactly like white hot chocolate! With so many millions and zillions of hair care options, many of them being just as good as the other, something as silly as one having a seriously delish scent can totally sway me (which is probably 90% of the reason I love that bubblegummy Aussie range so much.)

Anyway, as far as results go, I liked that the leave in conditioner did a good job of detangling my hair while blitzing any remaining frizz after blow drying without weighing my hair down in the least. Notable ingredients include the strengthening milk proteins, hydrating honey and avocado oil, smoothing silicones and vitamin-rich strawberry, blueberry and papaya extracts.

As for the conditioning whipped cream, this comes out the can like a rich, creamy mousse but if you rub it around on your skin it feels super hydrating and is quickly absorbed. It doesn’t dry to a sticky finish like a styling mousse (which would make sense, as that’s exactly what it’s not) and I could totally see someone merrily using it as a body lotion in a pinch. Initially, I was worried this might weigh my superfine, pin straight hair down, especially since I’d already used a stock standard conditioner in the shower, so I nervously applied a golf ball-sized amount to my lengths before breaking out my blow drier and – surprise, surprise – the result was smooth, sleek locks. This is lovely stuff for anyone wanting a dash more hydration than what they’re getting in the shower.

To find a stockist in your area call (021) 552 2369.

Love, love


Dermalogica opens in the V&A, Arden’s Green Tea Yuzu EDT’s almost here and L’Oreal’s Nude Magique Blur Cream hits the shelves

4 Aug

I’ve got a nice little beauty snippet round-up for you this morning. Are you ready to dive in?

Dermalogica opens a new concept store in the V&A Waterfront

Clicking on this piccie will make it bigger.

Clicking on this piccie will make it bigger.

A nice spot to snap up your products or indulge in a treatment, Dermalogica’s new concept store is just opposite Country Road and close to the Frank Fowden hair salon on the upper level of the V&A. As far as treatments go, there are two types on offer, the first being a ‘quickie’ 20 minute MicroZone treatment in which just one problem issue is addressed, things like fine lines, dryness or congested pores. This takes place in the chair (featured in my collage up top) and is walled off from the rest of the store so you won’t have shoppers gawking while you get your beauty on.

The other, more intensive treatments take place in a regte, egte treatment room at the back. I can’t show you piccies, alas, as it was a little too dark to photograph, but it’s a nifty little space and I love that you can customise your ‘mood lighting’ with a choice of several colours. (Turns out I’m a magenta girl…)

By the way, as an opening special, Dermalogica V&A are offering the following: Book three BioSurface peels and receive 50% off your third or book six and get the last one free.  Nice!

Elizabeth Arden’s about to introduce Green Tea Yuzu EDT

It’s no secret I’m a huge Arden Green Tea fan. I’ve been wearing that scent in the summer during high school and it’ll always be my ‘go to’ fragrance for when I just want to smell clean and fresh. Having worn it for so long, I have lots of happy summer memories attached to it, so, for me, it’s definitely a ‘pick me up’, mood-lifting type of scent.

I really wanted to style a shot with a pretty cup of tea in the background but I've only got tres ungirls black coffee cups at the mo.

I really wanted to style a shot with a pretty cup of tea in the background but I only own tres ungirly black coffee cups. Apologies.

Anyway, Green Tea is always reinventing itself and, to date, there are at least ten variations – Iced, Spiced, Camellia, Cherry Blossom, Lotus, Lavender… there are seemingly endless ways to consume your favourite cuppa. The latest, however, is especially lovey – Green Tea Yuzu, a sparkling citrusy, herbaceous blend that just screams summer.

Upon first spritz, my nose immediately picks up grapefruit, something green, an aquatic note and then it dries down to become a ‘sunnier’, less sharp version of the original Green Tea I love and know so well.

Officially, however, the notes are listed as including yuzu (kind of like a grapefruit, typical to the East), bergamot, lemon, green tea, thyme, mint and neroli that rest on a bed of musk, birch and ambrette. Personally, I don’t pick up on any of the base notes and this suits me just fine – I want my ‘summer juice’ to smell fresh.

If you’re a fan of the original scent or looking for a light, lovely, ‘everyday’ scent – something along the lines of Issey Miyake, Armani’s Acqua di Gioia or L’Occitane The Vert – then Green Tea Yuzu is going to make your day. Keep an eye out for it as of 11 August. A giant 100ml bottle costs a mere R365 making it seriously good value.

L’Oreal Nude Magique Blur Cream hits the shelves

I’ve had a flurry of skin perfecting, primer type products cross my desk in the last little while but this one’s especially nice. Hoekom? Well, for one thing, it’s got a slight tint to it as opposed to being the standard white (which can make darker skin tones look ashy) and available in two shades – Light to Medium and Medium to Dark.

Light on the left, dark on the right.

Light on the left, dark on the right.

Another plus is that the prince point – R199,95 – is pretty decent when you consider how long the tube is going to last you – you only need to use the teensiest drop. I found that both the lighter and darker shades worked well on my skin as they’re actually pretty similar in colour (see below). While I’d have preferred to have taken shots of the product on my face, I’ve just had a Dermapen treatment and am at the dry, flaky stage (don’t stress – that only lasts 48 hours or so) so my hands will have to do.


Up top: Light on the left and dark on the right. Down below: No Nude Magic on the left and with Nude Magic on the right. 

While you can apply it under or over make-up, I like to use it on top as wiping foundation over it removes some of it which diminishes it’s effect somewhat. Being oily-skinned, I find many silicone-based primers mattify at first but then encourage a wild case of the oilies later on. This one, not as much. Then, when my face inevitably does grease up as the day goes on, I can simply apply my beloved MAC Blot powder without having it ‘catch’ or go muddy in the areas where I’ve used the primer. Yayness all round!

Love, love


The results of my final Edgars shopping spree and how you can win one too!

31 Jul

So this week saw me back in Edgars, merrily blowing the final gift card their PR company was kind enough to spoil me with. The very first item I snapped up was a pair of black skinny leg jeans from their Free2BU section – a total steal for less than R189,95!

Tam said my butt looked small in this pic

Please forgive how blown out these shots look. It was seriously cloudy today with lots of reflect.

I really like how they fit nice and snugly around your butt but don’t dig in at the waist. They also have the exact amount of stretch – not so little that they feel stiff or hard and not too much so that they end up sagging around your crotch as the day goes on – never a good look.

I then picked out yet another Free2BU ‘photo print’ top (R179,95) and yes, I know, I know… it’s a bit similar to other one I bought last time but I’m going through a serious photo print top phase, okay? Also, it is different in that it’s not as baggy, doesn’t sport batwing sleeves and is a more spring-y white as opposed to cream. The perfect top to help you transition from the cold to warm but not yet summery temperatures.

Speaking of ‘transition’ items, how much do we lurrrve this black Kelso cardi (R349,95)?

Love this

It’s super light and, being 3/4 sleeves, its also a total must-have for ‘in between’ type of weather. I then layered my look further with the addition of a scarf.

My final item? A cute li’l Kelso polka dot shirt (R299,95). Spots are having a bit of a mo right now and I think it looks great with the jeans. It’s the kind of thing I’d happily wear out to a lunch time launch and has inspired me to keep an eye out for a cute bow headband to complete the look.


Cute yet still chic thanks to the addition of grown-up patent peep toes and a bit o’ bling.

Anyway, enough about me, let’s talk about you and how you can win a R1000 Edgars gift card of your own.

There are two ways to enter and the first is for all the tweeters. All you have to do is follow Edgars on and twitter @EdgarsFashion and drop me a tweet that reads as follows: Hey @lipglossgirl! I’ve just entered your comp to win a R1000 Edgars gift card. RT and follow @EdgarsFashion to enter.

I realise a lot of you don’t have twitter, so in that case, entry method number two is for you: Simply drop me a mail on with the subject line ‘That Edgars gift card is mine!’

I’ll be drawing a candidate from both pools just after 5pm on 1 August and then have whoever’s around me at the time ‘pick a hand’ that’ll reveal the winner who’ll be notified that same day.

Sound good? Keen to go for it? This is me wishing you all the best of luck.

Love, love


Update: A big congrats to Jess Gamble who won the gift card. I hope she enjoys her prize. To everyone else, better luck next time. This won’t be the last competition I run on my blog.


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