Apple drama? iFix in Cape Town are your digital saviour

It’s been a bad two weeks, yo! Well, for technical stuff, anyway. As you all know, I almost destroyed my camera among other things at the Calvin Klein launch and have been without an ADSL line at home now for ages*. (As I type, I’m resentfully working in a Jamaican-themed restaurant up the road from my apartment and suspect I might be doing this a lot, buying a plate of chilli poppers with each visit and undoing hours of treadmill time in a manner of three bites. Arrrgh!)

Anyway, there was one shining supernova in the technological black hole that is my universe and that was iFix. They graciously offered to replace the screen on my old iPhone 5s. I’d literally put it on my bed to snap a pic so I can flog it on Gumtree and within two seconds it had slid off my duvet and smashed it’s ‘face’ to smithereens on my tiled floor. The drop couldn’t have been more than half a metre but clearly iPhone’s are sensitive li’l souls.



But ja, getting back to iFix. They have three branches in Cape Town and I popped into their Buitensingel road branch, a stone’s throw from Gourmet Boerie on Kloof. The place is pretty impressive-looking in that iStore kind of way – all white, clean and minimal and very, very comfy in that they have a ‘help yourself for free’ mini bar (oh yeah!) and fancy pants coffee machine.

Don't mind if I do!

Don’t mind if I do!

I settled in for the long haul, wondering if Gourmet Boerie delivered, and then BOOM, my phone was ready, not even ten minutes later!

Oh yeah!

Love you sooo hard right now, iFix!

The fix, which cost R1499, was fantastic in that it looked good as new. This is because they didn’t merely replace the touch pad (glass screeny bit) – they also replaced the LCD which it’s attached to. While you can simply replace the touch pad, this isn’t recommended as it often causes drama – things like dead spots, colour fade etc – later on down the line. According to iFix, they get a lot of phones coming in that have been fixed the el cheapo way somewhere else requiring ‘corrective surgery’. A lot of the time, these phones have also had expensive parts pilfered by the dodgy fixer, so buyer beware.

Deets if you want 'em.

Deets, deets, deets.

Anyway, while I’ll be parting with my iPhone soon, I own several other Apple products and, should they ever get ‘sick’, I’m thrilled to know first hand that iFix is the shizzle’s nizzle in regards to playing doctor doctor.

Love, love


*The result of the ADSL dramz, you ask? Nada! Zip! There’s simply no solution. It’s a network problem in my area and Telkom might fix it in weeks. Or months. Or never. Whatevs. They’re not fussed. So this means I’ll be working downloading an average of 40GB a month for work (I’m currently scriptwriting for a TV show) via a 3G dongle indefinitely. Funsies! If anyone can point me in the direction of a better deal that Afrihost’s 20GBs per mo for R497 please get in touch. I’m offering a reward!

A sexy new Calvin Klein store has opened in the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town

Last week I attended the official opening of the Calvin Klein store in the V&A Waterfront. A regte celeb-studded affair, things got pretty crowded so I didn’t manage to snap too many clothing piccies but we’re talking Calvin Klein here, darlings. You can rest assured that everything is gorgeous in that typical Ck understated fashion.

Does this shirt dress make my face look Calvin?

Does this shirt dress make my face look Calvin?


Maps Maponyane being interviewed, fashion bloggers Sarah Jane from and Bailey Schnieder and Roxy Burger.

Going clockwise you’ve got TV presenter Maps Maponyane, fashion blogger Sarah Jane from and Bailey Schnieder from and Top Billing’s Roxy Burger.


Myself and Glamour's fashion director Bronwyn Day plus the prettiest bra I've seen in ages.

Myself and Glamour’s fashion director Bronwyn Day plus the prettiest bra I’ve seen in ages.

..'s Candice-Lee Kannemeyer and's Neil Doveton.’s Candice-Lee Kannemeyer and’s Neil Doveton.

After a bit of a schmingle, I realised all the goodie bags had gone to the early birds (i.e. my friends who waved them in my face going naaaaa-na!) and threw a mild strop because I’m not an especially nice person. Fortunately, one of the tres mooi model doormen, Shawn, was able to help me out.

Isn't it lovely when your night in shining armour happens to look like a cK underwear model?

Isn’t it lovely when your night in shining armour happens to look like a cK underwear model?

Anyway, that’s how I managed to nab possibly the very last goodie bag containing a bottle of cK one EDT and you have no idea how happy it’s made me. You see, back in my hometown of li’l ole Port Elizabeth in 1996, only the coolest girls in the world who had ‘rich’, older boyfriends wore cK one. Me? I wore a dupe that Woolies used to make that I saved up for with the pennies I made working in a clothing store every Saturday. And get this – it was a ‘rave scene’ clothing store. Oh yes. This li’l flash back couldn’t get anymore 90s even if the Spice Girls popped up. But ja. I’m now a spoiled, semi-jaded beauty editor who’s given more fragrances than is fair but I you have no idea how happy this scent is making me right now. It’s like my little spandex-wearing, moon boot-clad, glow stick-shaking 15 year old inner child has finally arrived.

Pretty, pretty!

Pretty, pretty!

After the event, a rocking after party took place at another venue but the only pic I have of that where I haven’t been shot from a fat angle is this one.

From left to right you've got me, Misty Louw, Roxy Burger and Roxy Louw. (That's a whole lotta Roxy on one couch.)

From left to right you’ve got me, Misty Louw, Roxy Burger and Roxy Louw. (That’s a whole lotta Roxy on one couch.)

Oh! Wait! And there’s this charming shot of me happy crying into the bash’s killer good risotto, having completed eight days of Atkins in a desperate bid to expose abs for an upcoming bikini holiday.

I love you and your high GI sooo freakin' much, Mr Calvin Klein risotto.

I love you and your high GI sooo freakin’ much, Mr Calvin Klein risotto.

But ja, that’s about it. Insert sad face here. This was the result of me being a total moron and almost destroying every electronic item I own in two seconds flat. I popped into the bathroom, you see… to reapply my lipgloss… and put my handbag in the (dry) sink not realising the tap above it was one of those automatic sensor ones. This resulted in Chiano Sky and Roxy Burger finding me scrabbling on the floor, gripped by madness, in an attempt to dry the contents which included a semi-brand new cellphone, camera and a disc of precious wedding pics*, the latter belonging to Expresso stylist and blogger bestie Elrico Bellingham. In fact, that last thing he said to me was ‘I’m having you collect them for me because I trust you with them‘. Arrrrghh! Fortunately, both Chiano and Roxy are good with paper towels and hysterical people. Thank you girls!

Anyway, after I could be sure my brand new HTC (which I love, love, love – review and comp coming shortly) hadn’t died a watery death, myself plus Roxy and Misty Louw decided to pop into Orphanage. Being an old ex-90’s teen who can sadly still recite all the words to every Britney Spears song in creation, I faded early, but went to sleep in a beautiful cloud of cK one, dreaming of a time when my thighs didn’t touch and, if your hair could do the ‘Rachel’, you were one lucky, lucky girl.

Love, love


*It’s fine, I promise! I love you lots! Don’t hate me!

What went down at the SA Style Awards 2014 and a peek inside Hyde Park’s YSL Maison

Last week YSL were kind enough to jet myself and a few other beauties up to Jozi to attend the SA Style Awards at Hyde Park, of which they’re a sponsor.

Collage one

Suzanne Heyn’s ‘Love’ palette-inspired dress up top, YSL’s Couture Palette in Afrique below (my favourite of the lot) and the boys from Kluk CGDT to the right.

Prior to the fashion gongs being handed out, guests got to watch a very special YSL-themed fashion show in which seven local designers got matched up to seven limited edition YSL Couture eye shadow palettes, each representing a collection or period of time in Yve’s life and had to use it as inspirasie for a dress. I only managed to get decent snaps of four of them as I was sitting on the side of the ramp and the blerrie models didn’t really turn to the side much. Clicking on my collage below will make it bigger.

Click on this piccie to make it bigger

From left to right you’ve got Tamara Cherie Dyson’s ‘Sharaienne’ dress, David Tlale’s ‘Avant Guarde’ dress, Avant Apparel’s ‘Ballet’s Russes’ dress and Craig Jacobs’ ‘Rive Gauche’ dress.

Our gorgeous MC was Lala Hirayama who’s ‘MWEB WiFi chameleon dress’ was also a bit of a show stopper in that it uses a GPS to figure out where it is and then displays an appropriate pattern. For example, the fancy pants Style Awards required sparkles but if it where in Durban it would immediately whip up a Zulu ‘print’.

Lalla's dress

MWEB’s Wifi dress – pretty and smart, much like Lalla herself.

Do you think that if I’d hugged her hard enough she could magic the Telkom peeps to come on over and sort out my ADSL line? I’m spending my life savings on a 3G dongle as I type and not being able to live stream the next epi of How to get Away with Murder is making my want to kill myself.

But ja, getting back to the glitz – celebs who won big in the style stakes included YOU’s Chu Suwaphanna (Most Innovative Style) who I’m totally biased towards ‘cos I love him to itty bitty pieces. Other big winners were Roxy Burger (Most Stylish Performing Artist in TV), Zuraida Jardine and Josh Lindberg (Most Stylish Couple).

Zuraida and Josh

Zuraida and Josh bringing the zexy in the centre, lovely Lalla and Roxy top right and Chu and friends down below.


Chiano Sky,

More fashion faces included a sultry-looking Chiano Sky, L’Oreal Group’s Nina Le Roux-Marais and Andrew James (he’s Lancome’s head honcho makeup artist) and mooi songbird Louise Carver.

After the awards wrapped up, we crossed over to the Hyde Park hotel which is also where we happened to be staying. This was great as it made stumbling ‘home’ in a champers-fuelled blur a total breeze and the next day’s hangover brekkie would involve delicately smoked salmon as opposed to face planting into a Wimpy toasted sandwich. But speaking of food, you have nooo idea how good the floating dinner was. We’re talking creamy, dreamy risotto, a prawn taco station and a smorgasbord of gold-flecked desserts.

Happy place!

Happy place!

Being on Atkins at the time – a slightly adapted version that doesn’t count champagne as carbs – I could only peer at the puddings with big puppy dog eyes but don’t feel too bad for me. I literally stationed myself right next to the prawn pan and proceeded to eat as many as I could ‘cos I’m totally klassy with a K. Nobody noticed though – they were too busy watching zexy biets Chiano break it down on the dance floor. You’ve got to admire a girl who can open a floor all on her own and then dance like nobodies watching – even though they are.

After ensuring only a select number of lucky guests would get a prawn in their taco, I headed off to bed, feeling smug that I’d kinda sorta stuck to my diet. And then this happened…

Damn ye YSL and your evil Toffifee-infused goodie bag. Damn ye to fashion hell (a special place where everyone has to wear clothes from Truworths and shoes from Bata.)

Damn ye YSL and your evil Toffifee-infused goodie bag. Damn ye to fashion hell (a special place where everyone has to wear clothes from Truworths… and shoes from Bata!)

Anyhoo, the next morning, after awaking from my diabetic coma, myself and the beauties headed back to Hyde Park to check out Maison YSL, a pop up museum/shop of sorts to celebrate ’50 Years of Edgy Beauty’. Here visitors could learn more about the fashion house thanks to info and piccies displayed on the walls and shop the brand’s lust-haves – things like YSL Touche Eclat and Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre lipsticks.

Life is tres mooi in the YSL Maison.

Life is always tres mooi in the YSL Maison.

Despite being spoiled with several YSL items and then some in the previous night’s goodie bag, we were given yet another YSL gift box. I opened mine to discovered it contained the Couture Palette in Ballet Russes (no. 11), inspired by the colouful, avant guarde Russian Ballet-themed collection Yves created in 1976. It’s the same palette that was given to Lauren Du Plessis of Avant Apparel, to act as the touchstone for her dress, and this meant I’d get to chat to her about it over a coffee.

Lauren from Avant Apparel's Ballets Russes inspired dress.

Lauren from Avant Apparel’s Ballets Russes-inspired dress.

As it turns out, Lauren is lovely as are her beautiful clothes but here’s the thing – she’s all about the dark stuff and we had a super awesome migraine-drug induced convo than ran something like this:

Lauren: This was very difficult for me. All the rooms in my house are black.

Me: Oh wow. Like everything? It’s all black?

Lauren: Yes. It’s just what I’m comfortable with.

Me: Is that why it was so hard? Is it, like, super dark inside?

Lauren: No. I mean, my rooms aren’t dark.

Me: They’re just black?

Lauren: No. I don’t have black rooms. I just like black.

Me: Oh. So you weren’t being literal.

Girl: No. I just said ‘My rooms are all black’ meaning in my (design) house, I use a lot of black.

Me: I see. (a pause). But to double-check – it’s like not your ‘real’ rooms? They’re not like all black…

Thankfully, once the caffeine kicked in, we moved on and Lauren used a lovely make-up metaphor to describe how she’d created the dress. To begin, she used the lighter, golden hues of the palette as the ‘foundation’ for her gown. She then added colour by dying a piece of lace using the brighter shades of Ballet Russe, blending them into one another to create an ombre effect, the same way you’d carefully blend your eye shadow.

Speaking of which, if you want your very own limited edition YSL Couture palette (R795), you’ll find them in selected Stuttafords and Edgars stores nationwide. Thank you L’Oreal Group SA for a lovely evening (and day) out.

Love, love


Snippety bits: The Foschini Group gets online, Sorbet’s empire expands and John Frieda’s Everlasting Blonde is totally worth the cash

Screw an intro, let’s jump right in!

The Foschini Group’s getting online, yo!

Okay, okay, so many of their stores, like Foschini itself, have always had a website, but now you’re going to be able to actually shop them.

To start, @home and a tech store I’d never heard of before called Hi are both ready for your credit card and more stores will be rolling out later on. I’ll be writing more about this in another post in which I review my @home shopping experience, but I just thought you should know that now, getting your mitts on a Nespresso machine just got that much easier.

This Nespresso Inissia is currently on @home's website for just R1 349. Go get 'em girls!

Nespresso’s Inissia machines currently on @home’s website for just R1 349. Go get ‘em girls!

Sorbet’s created a facial skin care line

Sorbet have created yet more beauty goodies that are now available in Clicks as well as their salons. This time round, it’s all about face with a skin care range that’s divvied up into three lines – Hydro for dehydrated peeps; Salon Skin for those wanting a ‘specialist solution’ and Age Effect for old(ish) bats like me.

Sorbet - a rising empire like 300, only prettier.

Sorbet – a rising empire like 300, only prettier.

The range made it’s debut at a ‘skin care fashion show’ at The Woodstock Exchange and in case you ever wondered what that would look like this should sort you out.

That AGE serum's going to nab it's own cover before you know it.

That Age Effect cream cleanser’s going to nab it’s own Vogue cover before you know it.

I was given a few of the products to try and thought the Hydro Skin Night Cream (R155) was nice enough provided you only expected it to hydrate and plump (which it does very nicely thanks to glycerin and Shea butter and a dash of hyaluronic acid) as opposed to too much else. (There are vitamins in there but the jar packaging isn’t your best bet for keeping them vris.)

The Salon Skin Daily Skin polish powder (R220), however, is magnificent. Damn near the closest dupe you’ll find for Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant for under two fifty buckaroos.

Love this stuff!

Love this stuff!

It promises to instantly ‘brighten’ with pore-exfoliating salicylic acid, enzymatic papain and scrubby dubby rice powder. I loved that it left my face feeling squeaky clean but not stripped to the bone and it smells great too – like lavender and grapefruit!

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Everlasting Blonde – an update

A while back I was given John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde Everlasting Blonde sham and con (R95 each) and while I loved the way they made my hair feel bouncy yet super soft after a few initially uses I decided to put them aside and wait until I got my hair coloured once more.

John Frieda Everlasting Blonde sham and con

John Frieda Everlasting Blonde sham and con

Each product uses a special unspecified tech to help prevent your freshly coloured blonde locks from turning dull by removing mineral deposits (found in water) and minimising the amount of water that penetrates your hair shaft.

I honestly didn’t know if I’d be perceptive enough to notice a visible difference or not but oh boy was it pretty evident. My hair truly kept its initially post-salon brightness for almost two weeks before finally succumbing to the inevitable tone down. This was very, very impressive. I also liked how I didn’t need to use loads of product and have about half a tube left which is impressive as I wash my hair every single day and go through conditioner like diet Coke. I’ve now squirreled the tubes away so I can pull them out again in a few weeks time when I hit up my hairdresser once more and enjoy just-stepped-outta-the-salon locks for longer.

Love, love



Who’s going to shop Clicks’ purple sticker promo this Christmas?

This Christmas Clicks are running a purple sticker promo that essentially works like this: Buy any three items with a purple present sticker on it and the third one is free!

I took a squizz at some of the goodies they have on offer and found a few favourites, the first being evil sweet things as I’m currently banting so obviously my eyes can only focus on words like Cadbury’s and Lindt (when they aren’t filling up with carb-free tears, that is.)

collage 1 clicks xmas

Christmas jelly pops R6,95 each, Lindt Santas or Bears R34,95 and Cadbury Biscuit collection R129,95.

How much do we love those jelly pop festive folk? I want to pop one on every plate at the Christmas table. Or maybe a Lindt Santa. I just can’t decide. But I do know I’d have to snap up those Cadbury’s chocolate biscuit tins in batches of three as a lone one wouldn’t last more than two days in my house.

As far as beauty goodies go, they have a zillion gift sets for you to choose from that range for l’il Oh So Heavenly stocking stuffers all the way through to those huge make-up kits but these boys caught my eye.


Oh So Heavenly Himalayan Pink Salts bath salts R24,95, Jean Paul Gualtier Classique gift set including 50ml EDT, R835 and Sorbet Chic Beautique purse and nail trio, R140.

I’d definitely wear both of those Sorbet nail colours and reckon the packaging of Oh So Heavenly’s bath salts is seriously clever. And speaking of which, I reckon the smartest way to shop the promo is to go big with fragrance gift sets. After all, the higher the value of the first two items, the higher the value of your potential savings. In fact, if you had to buy three Jean Paul Gaultier gift sets and only pay for two, each set would only cost you around R400!

Clicks is also running an awesome bunch of non-purple sticker specials. Just a few of the ones I plan on abusing include buy any three Aussie, Schwarzkopf Gliss or Veet product and only pay for two and Sorbet BB Cream (the best of all the BBs I’ve tried) now just R79,96 (that’s R19,95 off!).

And into my trolley you go...

And into my trolley you go!

Anyway, to see all the goodies that are part of the purple sticker campaign, hop on over to Clicks’ gift guide and check out their action packed specials page.

Love, love


Show me your Red Hot Party Look and win a R1000 Red Square gift voucher

It’s the party season – time to put your game face on and get on out their and meet rich, hot boys who won’t freak out should you steal a chip from their plate or moan that you only ever want to watch back to back episodes of Real Housewives of Vancouver.

While I can’t help you with the latter, I can show you how to create an easy ‘Red Hot Party Look’ thanks to Red Square who were kind enough to give me a gift card to help me put it together. And it gets better – I’ve got a R1000 gift card to give away too, but we’ll get to that in a bit. First we’re going to talk make-up.

Below is the Red Hot Party look I was given by Red Square to provide inspirasie for my own take on it. Naturally, I chose to tone it down a little ‘cos, while super graphic liner can look amazing when you’re in your twenties, I’m in my thirties now and busy pretending to be a grown up.

My Red Hot Party Look courtesy of GOSH Cosmetics

My Red Hot Party Look courtesy of GOSH Cosmetics.

As you can see, this look is all about glowy skin, statement eyes and nude mouth so these are the boys I ended up popping in my Red Square shopping basket.

This be the dream team right here, honey lambs.

This be the dream team right here, honey lambs.

Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15 in Cream Chamois (04), R375.
Yardley Radiant Glo Illuminator, R99.
Clarins Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour in Soft Peach, R360.
Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks eye shadow in Sand, R50.
GOSH Intense eyeliner pen in Blue, R93,75.
GOSH Velvet Touch eyeliner in Fashionista, R99.
Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Lash Enhancing mascara in Black, R210.
Clinique Superbalm Moisturising Gloss in Grapefruit, R245.

Ready to get swatchy?







...and colour!

…and colour!

To kick things off, I applied the foundation using a sponge and then used concealer under my eyes and on the odd spot. Next, I used my fingers to dab the highlighter to my cheek bones, moving upward towards my brow bone, essentially creating what make-up artists call a ‘C-shape’.

Top tip: If you’re an old crone like me, don’t get highlighter or shimmer products too close to the corners of your eyes or anywhere near where you have enlarged pores as this’ll only make them more visible.

As far as blusher goes, you’ll see the model used a peach shade but didn’t hit up the apples of her cheeks. She used her colour just below them, almost like a contouring powder. To recreate the look, I sucked in my cheeks and then swept the blush into the hollow. I then blended it upwards just a little ‘cos I do prefer to wear my colour a little higher up. That’s just how I roll, okay?

Now, lets talk about eyes – they’re the hero here. To create a similar look but without making a detour into crazy town, I started off with a wash of Revlon’s champagne-coloured shadow over my entire eyelid. Next, I slicked the GOSH blue eyeliner pen across my top lash line and flicked it out a little, starting with a thin line and then building more on top of that to create the appropriate ‘thickness’. I then used the GOSH eye pencil to line my waterline but kept it subtle. A very dark inner rim liner can enhance the look of dark under eye circles. To finish, all I had to do was add a few slicks of Arden’s mascara.

Pretty, pretty!

Pretty, pretty!

Top tip: If you want subtle-looking, smoky liner, apply it before your shadow. When you layer the shadow onto it afterwards you can blend and blur it a bit. Doing it this way is incredibly forgiving – you can totally get away with a line that’s initially a bit wonky. If, however, if you’re wanting to create a graphic line or are using a colour you want to pop, always apply it after your shadow and use a liquid liner that’ll pack a pigment punch as opposed to a pencil.

Finishing up the look was easy – all I had to do was apply a slick of Clinique’s gloss. It wasn’t as pigmented as I’d hoped it to be – I wanted a subtle peach sheen – but it still looked great. When you’ve got eyes that be a poppin’ you can totally get away with a super neutral mouth. But I didn’t have to tell you that, right? We all know that playing up one feature at a time is like the oldest ‘top make-up tip’ in the book.

Ready for the big reveal?

Ta da!

Ta da!


I snapped an eyes shut piccie too so you could see my linerwork.

I snapped an eyes shut piccie too so you could see my linerwork.

I also took a piccie with flash as that’s the best way to see what your shimmer’s up to, not to mention how you’ll look in your party pics.

The liner totally pops, ne?

The liner totally pops, ne?

So, what do you girls think? I really liked it and almost wished I had a party to go to, although I was quite happy to veg on the couch with a wasabi popcorn and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. (How good is the CGI in that movie? Did anyone else cry in the end when Caesar and the blonde dude part ways?)

Otherwise, here are some things you should know: I have many, many favourite mascaras and Arden’s Beautiful Colour Lash Enhancing mascara is one of them. I love that it does a good job of volumising without sparing definition. GOSH’s Intense eyeliner pen is fabulously pigmented and seriously stays put. It ain’t going to run on you in da club. Clinique’s Superbalm Moisturising Gloss really does feel fabulously hydrating and is just the right amount of ‘sticky’.

Right! Now let’s get to the part you’ve all been waiting for. Who wants to win that R1000 Red Square gift card?

To enter, visit Red Square’s website and sign up for their newsletter then drop me a tweet telling me which Red Square product is your party look hero. Just be sure to use the hashtag #RedHotPartyLook and feel free to add a mooi selfie for extra awesome.

To give you an example: ‘Hey @lipglossgirl! My @RedSquareBeauty #RedHotPartyLook always features Lancome’s Hypnose mascara’.

Easy peasy, right? And if you’re not on twitter, you can also enter by dropping me a mail on using the subject ‘Red Hot Party Look’. Just don’t forget to sign up to that newsletter.

This competition closes at 12pm on Wednesday the 3rd of December and the winner will be drawn using a random number generator.

Good luck girls!



Review: Mesoestetic Energy C intensive cream (Heads up, it’s a goodie!)

Mesoestetic is a Spanish medical skin care company that, aside from medical aesthetic devices and in-salon only products, also has a very nice ‘home maintenance’ line of anti-aging skin care products.

One of them is Energy C Intensive Cream (R818, selected salons), a brightening lotion formulated to zap the first signs of ageing being fine lines and uneven skin tone.


Mesoestetic Energy C intensive cream

I’ve been mentioning vitamin C a lot lately as several vitamin C-enriched products have crossed my path but to recap it’s essentially one of my favourite skin care ingredients along with retinol and AHA. I love that it’s an awesome antioxidant, encourages your skin to produce more collagen, lightens up the look of pigmentation and can reduce inflammation.

Anyway, the big plus points here regarding Mesoestetic’s formulation are the following – the form of vitamin C they’ve used – ascorbyl glucoside – is super stable, meaning it’s formulated in a way where it’s more resistant to breaking down in the presence of air, heat and light. Also, it and all the other ingredients are preserved further thanks to air tight and opaque tube packaging. Hallelujah! (FYI, if you’re currently using anti-aging products in a jar, you might as well start rubbing it on your feet. Also, if you’re placing your trust in a cosmetics company that sells several of its anti-aging products in jars you’re totally misplacing it.)

Aside from the vitamin C, the lotion also contains hydrating glycerin, soothing oat kernel extract and a bit of vitamin E, another good antioxidant.

As far as texture goes, Mesoestetic call this product a cream but it’s really more of a lotion that absorbs well and is perfectly suited to my combination skin type. Anyone with a slightly drier skin type might find they need a bit more hydration and could possibly team it with something like a mega-moisturising hyaluronic acid serum.

Lovely stuff!

Lovely stuff!

Anyway, here’s the bottom line – this is a pricy anti-aging lotion but no more so than those from other luxurious (mostly bullshit) beauty counter brands. The difference here, however, is that it’ll actually make a difference and for that it gets a two thumbs up.

To find a stockist in your area, visit the brand’s local website over here. One of them happens to be Pulse Dermatology and Laser in Durbanville where I recently received an impressive skin tightening laser facial. You can read all about that over here.

Love, love