A peek at Luxottica’s spring/summer 2014/2015 eyewear collection

Last week I braved seriously wet n’ weather to pop into a Luxottica media event to take a peek at their zexy new summer eyewear. Luxottica, if you didn’t know, isn’t a store – they’re a producer and distributor for some of the glammest eyewear brands in the world and, if the new stock is anything to go by, coloured frames and even lenses are big, big news.

Vogue up top and Dolce & Gabanna down below.

Vogue up top and Dolce & Gabbana down below.


Ray-Ban up top and Oakley down below. So sad those mirrored Ray-Ban's don't suit my face shape.

Ray-Ban up top and Oakley down below. So sad those mirrored Ray-Ban’s don’t suit my face shape.

I also saw a lot of tortoiseshell – more so than usual – and noticed embellished arms are still around but aren’t nearly as popular as last year.

Persol up top and Burberry down below.

Persol up top and Burberry down below.


This might be D&G - I've forgotten - but will update with the correct brand name soon.

This might be D&G – I’ve forgotten – but will update with the correct brand name soon.

Of all the sunnies I saw, I most liked these animal print Dolce & Gabbanas.

Pretty, pretty!

Pretty, pretty!

I thought these fabric covered Emporio Armani’s are interesting too – although I couldn’t wear them as they’re literally the same textile as my couch – and liked these retro-looking frames (also Armani) but they totally didn’t suit my face.

Armani all up in here.

Getting all Emporio Armani all up in here…

So, did you see anything you like? Most of these babies should be in stores like Sunglass Hut or on their way in.

Love, love


So who wants to win an organic Vita Liberata spray tan?

Vita Liberata, for those who haven’t heard of it, is a luxury self-tanning brand that, in 2011, became the world’s first ‘non-toxic tan’. The company prides itself on using certified organic and Ecocert ingredients, not having a horrible developing smell and being a favourite with celebs like Kim Kardashian.

Vita Liberata

Vita Liberata

A while back, I got to try their pHenomenal 2 – 3 week tan mousse in medium and really, really liked it. Still, at R965 it’s not the kind of thing I could afford to douse my body with, so I ended up using it on my face and got a lot of use out of it. In terms of colour result, ‘eveness’ and lack of developing smell, it reminded me a helluva lot of St Tropez, but obviously the latter doesn’t have the added benefits of being organic and containing hydrating ingredients like aloe leaf water and antioxidants like pomegranate extract.

Anyway, following that positive experience I was happy to receive a Vita Liberata spray tan in dark (usually about R4oo at salons) at the company’s head office courtesy of Darryn, their sales executive/spray tanner extraordinaire. He did a great job of making me feel super comfortable (being spray-tanned by a boy, regardless of whether he’s not interested in vaginas could’ve felt a little weird) and paid attention to all the little things – like putting a barrier cream on bits like elbows and knees, where your skin is thicker and thirstier so it can suck up more tan and end up looking darker.

Once I was all done, thanks to the dark colour guide, I looked fabulously bronze. This dried really fast, wasn’t sticky or smelly and I could happily slip into my little dress and head out the door to perform the rest of the day’s errands. The ‘tan’ looked so good I was more than happy to hit up Garden’s Centre and delighted in running into friends who marvelled at how healthy and glowy I looked without a stitch of make-up on. Sooo much fun for me ‘cos, in my natural state sans tan, I’m pretty much a flesh-eating zombie.

No make-up selfies are always awesome when you're tan.

I snapped this in my car straight after getting spritzed as I had to pullover and download and enormous email attachment o’ death. Can we all agree that no make-up selfies look sooo much better when you’re tan?

Anyway, the next day, the top coat ran down the drain in my shower and I was left with a golden glow that was a few shades lighter but incredibly flattering and very, very natural-looking. The peeps in my office where all impressed and I ran around sucking up compliments like a greedy little sponge. It’s now four days since I got spritzed and I’m pleased to say the colour’s lightened up a teensy bit more but I still look glowy, tan and mooi. Better yet, the colour fade is incredibly even.

This is me being a zombie last week and the following day after my tan #nofilter

On the left you’ve got me rocking my natural pallor and on the right I’m showing off my tan the day after washing off the top coat. For the record there’s no Valencia going on there – it’s an unfiltered shot so you can see the glowiness for yourself.

So, are you keen to nab a Vita Liberata spray tan for yourself? You’ll find selected salons around the country. Or… you could win one, provided you live in Cape Town.

To enter, simply tweet me the following, completing the sentence: ‘Hey @lipglossgirl, I’d love to win a @VitaLiberataSA spray tan!’ and include the link to this post. Alternatively, drop me a mail on glosscomps@gmail.com with the subject line ‘I need a Vita Liberata spray tan STAT’.

This competition closes at 5pm on Tuesday and the winner will be picked using a random number generator.

Good luck girls!


UPDATE: Good news girls! Anyone entering the competition will get R100 off their next Vita Liberata spray tan, provided they’re in Cape Town and go to the head office in Gardens in to get it. This means you’ll only pay R300 for your gorgeous bronze glow!

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Tracey Branfield on winning a Vita Liberata spray-tan. 

There’s a Gosh Cosmetics promo at Edgars and Red Square that sees you scoring a back pack o’ cosmetic mooiness

So, let’s talk GOSH cosmetics! Have you girls got up close and personal with their stuff yet? The Danish brand’s exclusive to Edgars and Red Square and totally underrated in that they offer some seriously cool things at very good prices, namely their Kiss Me lip balms (a lot like Clinique’s Chubby Stick), Light N’ Shine Lipgloss (there’s a light in the cap so you can see what’s you’re doing in da club) and brow kit.

Currently, the brand’s running a promo - if you spend R399 or more on GOSH products, you’ll get a free mini back pack containing their Boombastic mascara, lip lacquer, Forever eyeshadow stick and a sachet of Good Morning cream.  


Would captioning this ‘Oh my gosh!’ be a total cop out?

Between you and me, the back pack aint my vibe but it went down well with the boys at the office.

Back packs and blue steel in yo face!

Ooh baby baby! 

Of all the bag’s freebies, my favourite item’s the shadow stick. It literally glides onto your skin like satin and the pigmentation’s amazing. You can then use your finger to blend it out, just as you would a cream shadow. Then, once set, it really does stay put, however, if you use it with a eye lid primer you can basically tattoo it your lid.

Gorgeous, right?

Gorgeous, right?

I’m wearing it today but as a super sheer ‘office friendly’ wash which I achieved by creating a thick streep across my upper lash line. I then used my finger to blend it out and then blended it even further by using a MAC 217 brush to ‘wind screen wiper’ a little of The Body Shop Color Crush eye shadow in Champagne Kiss in my crease.


Easy peasy! For the record, that’s the Boombastic mascara on my eyes. Great length and definition, not a lot of volume. 

As for the Lip Lacquer, the shade is called Hot Lips, a mooi cherry kiss of a colour that goes on sheer, making it a lovely ‘day rooi‘ or ‘starter rooi‘. Texture-wise, it’s not tacky at all, so this means you’re going to spend a lot of time reapplying. If that’s something that doesn’t both you, the two of you might be friends.

While it looks tomato red on my skin, the 'blue' of my lips gives it more a cherry vibe.

While it looks tomato red on my skin, the ‘blue’ of my lips gives it more a cherry vibe.

Anyway, if you want le sak for yourself, you’re going to hit up the mall this weekend as the offer ends on the 16th.

Love, love



Keen to make your own Havaianas?

Last night I popped into the V&A Waterfront to visit Havaiana’s new pop-up shop in the barrow market court. (It’s literally just outside the Havaiana’s shop, just below the Numetro theatres.) They’re exploring a pretty cool concept where you get to make your own customised pair of flip-flops.

Snapping the Havaiana wheel of fortune while it was upside was regretable.

Snapping the Havaianas wheel of fortune while it was upside was regrettable.

How does it work? You simple pick out a sole, choose a pair of straps and can then add a cutesy li’l charm. It then takes less than two minutes for a friendly staff member to slap it all together and BOOM, you’ve got a custom pair of Havis. For the record, that’s the ‘boy wheel’ pictured up top. There’s a ‘girl wheel’ too and even more colours to pick from at the bar.

Decisions, decisions...

Decisions, decisions…

If you’re keen, you’ll find the pop-up slop bar (God, that sounds funny!) running until Monday the 17th. Price-wise, you’re looking at from R250 per pair so it’s a super affordable li’l treat.

These are the Havis I created. Do we like?

These are the Havis I created. Do we like? They’re going to serve me well in Thailand next month.

Love, love


Review: Filorga Skin-Absolute night cream

Filorga’s new Skin-Absolute night cream promises to blitz wrinkles and pigmentation while improving your skin’s firmness and radiance while you sleep. It’s also jet freakin’ black but the pigment disappears as its rubbed into your skin. Filorga says it gets its colour from the meteorite powder it contains but I think it’s more likely from the copious amounts of charcoal powder I found sitting high up in the ingredients list. (Not a bad thing. Much like clay, charcoal’s good at drawing out impurities.)

Filorga Skin-Absolute

Filorga Skin-Absolute night cream

Gimmicky blackness aside, this cream still has merit in that it contains loads of vitamin C in a form called 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic acid. This is a good thing as it’s an especially stable kind that won’t break down when exposed to air and light as per regular vitamin C. Still, the fact that it’s packaged in a jar irks me as many of the other ingredients aren’t stabilized. Thus, I’ll soon decant this dude into an airless pump bottle and, if you choose to buy this, I’d suggest you do the same.

But ja. Let’s get back to vitamin C. If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that, after retinol and AHAs, vitamin C is one of my favourite anti-aging ingredients. Hoekom? It encourages collagen and can lighten up the look of pigmentation by inhibiting the flow of excess pigment lurking deep in your skin to the surface. It’s because of the latter that brands love to attach the word ‘radiance’ to anything containing vitamin C.

Going, going, gone!

Going, going, gone!

As far as the meteorite extract goes, Filorga reckons it contains silicon which assists in the production of collagen. To be honest, I’m only aware of studies where silicon’s improved skin when it’s taken orally, not topically, but I’m not going to worry about digging further as the vitamin C’s already got you covered in that department.

Other notable ingredients in decent concentration include good hydrators like glycerin and hyaluronic acid, a type of collagen-encouraging kelp and Sy-nake, a Botox-like peptide that’s supposed to relax your face muscles to temporarily smooth out the look of fine lines and wrinkles. I’m still not sure how I feel about Sy-nake, but you can read my thoughts over here in another Filorga review. On the upside though, if you’re a fan, you’re getting decent bang for your buck as it’s listed in the middle of the ingredients list. By way of comparison, Nip + Fab’s Viper Venom makes use of it too, but lists it stone called last, after the preservatives.

Anyway, if you’re a Filorga fan and appreciate vitamin C-rich skin care, Skin-Absolute Night Cream is worth a look and you’ll find it in selected Edgars and Red Square stores going for R1 700. Don’t have deep pockets but still want a good dose of vitamin C? Paula’s Choice Super Antioxidant Concentrate serum (R490) is a goodie but then bear in mind it you’re skipping out on meteorite powder and Sy-nake.

Love, love


P.S. For the record, I took these shots using my new fancy pants HTC One (M8). The picture quality is incredible and, since getting it, I haven’t really used my actual ‘camera-camera’ at all. Seriously impressive stuff.

Review: Ciate London Flower Manicure kit

Ciate (pronounced See-art-tay, in case you were wondering) is a British ‘nail fashion’ brand created by celebrity manicurist Charlotte Knight. The brand’s big claim to fame was creating the caviar mani. All their adorable-looking bow-bedecked polishes are 3-free and now available at selected Clicks stores going for R149,95 a pop.

Cute li'l bow, right? This purple glitter shade is called Helter Skelter.

Cute li’l bow, right? This purple glitter shade – Helter Skelter – is one of the brand’s best sellers.

Currently, Clicks is selling the Ciate Flower Manicure set for R349,95. It contains everything you’ll need to create a super cute paper flower-infused nail look that pretty much screams ‘Oh my God, Spring is here and I’m soooo freaking excited about it!’

Nails (1)

Ciate Flower Manicure kit

Things you should know:

The included tweezers is actually pretty good.
When you run out of flowers, you’ll be left with a mini nail colour called Candy Floss, a pretty pink you can happily wear sans blooms and a big ass bottle of award-winning Speed Coat Pro fast dry top coat and it’s a real goodie. Think touch dry nails in 60 seconds!

Creating my flower mani was super duper easy. Simply slick on two coats of Candy Floss followed by the top coat. You’re then to pop on a flower or two using the tweezers and then seal it up with another layer of topcoat. Any bits of flowers that stick out beyond your nail tip can buffed off with the included nail file.

Groovy baby, yeah!

Groovy baby, yeah!

Anyway, if you’re keen to get up close and personal with Ciate, keep an eye out next time you’re in Clicks.

Love, love