Dentyne introduce two new flavours; Spearmint and Strawberry Passion

13 Oct

Ag soet man! Dentyne sent me the cutest little press pack to announce the launch of their two new flavours; Spearmint and Strawberry Passion:


Aside from the two new chewing gum flavours, it included two choc-covered strawberries and faux mint leaves created from apple slices and dark-mint choccie crumble. (There were actually two of those but I lost it and stuffed one in my mouth within seconds of opening the pack. I just couldn’t wait until morning when I could get better light for a shot; mint-choc anything is my Kryptonite.)

Dentyne’s new ‘slab pack’ Spearmint and Strawberry Passion gum, R12 each.

Of the two new flavours, I definitely like fresh, cool Spearmint best. While Strawberry Passion is nice too, I’m not a big fan but only because it’s got a strawberry yoghurt/milkshake-type taste that reminds me too much of my protein shake which I’m kinda sick to death of.

Otherwise, dankie Dentyne; I always appreciate a surprise in my fridge when I get home. Unless it’s a dead body. Or perhaps sushi made with brown rice. I actually don’t know which is worse…

Love, love


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One Response to “Dentyne introduce two new flavours; Spearmint and Strawberry Passion”

  1. makeupmistress October 14, 2012 at 5:45 pm #

    yummilicious! definitely gonna get fresh with the spearmint flavoured Dentyne!

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