Shiseido Radiant Lifting foundation review

11 Sep

Shiseido are known for their fab foundation and the newest addition to the line, Radiant Lifting foundation, is no different in that it’s also totally awesome:

Shiseido Radiant Lifting foundation with SPF 15, R515

Like most light reflecting foundations, it’s able to diffuse the look of imperfections but goes about it in a unique way, taking a three-pronged approach. Aside from the obligatory ‘photo smoothing pearl’ pigments, it also uses something called ‘radiant glow oil’. I have no clue what this is on the ingredients list, but hey, whatever it is, it helps make my skin look ‘luminous’ as opposed to ‘shiny’, so I’m a happy girl. (Having an oily T-panel, the moment I hear the word ‘oil’ I tend to get nervy…) As for the third luminizer, Shiseido call it a ‘radiant reflecting powder’, inspired by the way reflector boards work on photo shoots.

Anyway, after hearing all that, you’d imagine that looking a product swatch might blind you, what with it being so reflectively lush and all that… Fortunately, it does have a lovely luminous-looking finish but one that’s so subtle it didn’t pick up on my camera (This ‘subtlety’s’ a good thing ‘cos cheaper, nastier light-reflecting foundations go the glitter pigment route which, ironically, end up emphasising your flaws instead.):

I20 on the left and B20 on the right. Both work on me, depending on how self-tanned I am that day.

The first time I wore this baby out, I was impressed in that it offered natural-looking, slightly ‘dewy’, medium weight coverage that made my skin look utterly flawless; as though I’d been Photoshopped. Still, it felt ever so slightly ‘heavy’ and came off a bit on the side of my phone. I mentioned this to a make-up artist friend and she advised I apply it using a wet sponge instead. I did just that and voila! I still got that flawless-look but with a slightly more sheer-looking finish. (At events and launches, however, when I know I’m going to be photographed I don’t bother to sheer it out, I just apply a little less.)

On the days that I’ve worn this, people have actually commented on my skin, saying it looks ‘lovely’ before asking me if I was wearing a foundation and what it was. This doesn’t happen to me all the time and in terms of endorsement I don’t think it gets better than that. It’s because of this alone that Shiseido’s newbie’s getting a permanent home in my personal make-up bag.

Oh! And before I forget… it also makes use of a ‘super-hydro producing complex’ to help moisturise your skin and plump it up over time. I’m not sure what’s in it (the complex) but suspect they’re talking about hyaluronic acid which can do just.

Love, love


Shiseido Radiant Lifting foundation is on counter as of the 10th of this month and replaces the old Lifting Foundation range. They’ve also added shades for darker skin tones to the following lines; Perfect Refining foundation, Advanced Hydro-Liquid Compact and Sheer Matifying compact powder foundation. I’ve given these to my darling Clouds, she of And Lollipops, and will post her review later on in the month.

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