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Dr Miracle’s Curl Care hair care range review

30 Jul

According to ethnic hair care brand Dr Miracle’s, there’s a new trend in the ethnic hair care market in that women are skipping out on the chemical straighteners and embracing their curls. As a result, they’ve created a new line called Curl Care which is formulated to treat and maintain your curls.

Dr Miracle’s Curl Care range, exclusive to Clicks. To enlarge this pic and see the product names, simply click on it.

Aside from being very reasonably priced (between R70 and R80 per product), none of the Curl Care goodies contain sodium sulfates, parabens and pthalates. They do, however, make use of a honey and vitamin complex that promises to ‘hold’ curls for up to 12 hours. Other key ingredients include scalp-stimulating menthol, strengthening proteins and nourishing oils like jojoba, coconut and safflower.

As my hair’s pin straight and I spend what feels like half my life trying to put a little wave into it, I passed the range onto my curly-haired friend Leanne.

Leanne and I used to work on Clicks ClubCard magazine back in the day. She’s a v kiff chick, just so you know.

She’s spent the last few days giving the products a bash and was kind enough to share her thoughts:

Dr Miracle’s Curl Care weightless moisturizing crème
I used this on my dry hair. I was a bit hesitant, but it immediately made my hair look less dry and the curls more defined. It saved me from what would have been a ‘hat day’ for a bad-hair day.

Dr Miracle’s Curl Care rehydrating shampoo and nourishing conditioner
This was very menthol-y and it was quite alarming the first time I used it. I was told that it had menthol in it, so I expected it. However, my eyes burned a little and my scalp felt VERY tingly even after I rinsed thoroughly. But it wasn’t a bad feeling, just unusual. My hair felt very soft and manageable afterwards.

Dr Miracle’s Curl Care soft hold creme
Loved this! It made my curls smooth and voluminous after it dried.

Dr Miracle’s Curl Care boosting and defining leave-in conditioner
 I preferred the consistency of the soft hold crème on my wet hair, but I think I may have added too much product. My curls turned out quite nice after it dried, though.

Dr Miracle’s Curl Care frizz control serum
 I know from experience that serum doesn’t work for my hair, but I tried this anyway. It obviously went on much lighter than the other products, and I like that. I also like the way it makes my hair feel softer. However, my curls are not very defined with the serum, with lots of dry bits sticking out.

So there you have it curly girls! If you’d like to try anything for yourself, you’ll find it’s exclusive to Clicks.

Love, love


Glamour GQ Cape Town Fashion week Craig Port after party at The Reserve

30 Jul

Yes, yes; Cape Town Fashion Week (CTFW) is super fabulous and all that but the real action goes down at the after parties. And while there are always several to choose from, everyone knows that the party to be seen at is the Glamour GQ CTFW parties at The Reserve. Thus, I popped into the Thursday night bash after the Craig Port show.

Clouds, Karis Piss and myself being totes en vogue and not at all embarrassing.

The night was a blend of free-flowing Jameson’s cocktails…

Don’t mind if I do…

…plus f88 (Fashion TV’s ‘luxury energy drink’) and super hot boys; Bar One Manhunt boys to be exact.

Bar One Manhunt season two winner Lushwill Roussouw with the fTV girls.

As it turns out, personal trainer/model Lushwill is a super nice, salt of the earth-type of boy that you’d be very happy to take home to your mom and dad. The fact that he’s got washboard abs is just a nice li’l bonus, don’t you think?

Another gorgeous-looking creature out and about? Cosmo calendar hottie Bjorn Steinbach, who also happens to be a ridiculously talented actor. And I’m so not just saying that ‘cos he’s dating my beloved Karis Piss who might stab me in the neck with a broken champagne glass if I didn’t…

KP and Bjorntjie

Oh! And here’s another Bar One hottie for you; Dene Botha:

Dene and Alex.

If you want to see more of Dene sans suit, pay a quick visit to the Men’s Health Cover Guy competition on Facebook and give the dude your vote.

Now, do you see the pretty Natalie Portman clone next to Dean? That’s Alex McGregor. She and Bjorn have just finished filming Confinement, a German flick shot in Cape Town. He introduced her to me as ‘Alex who’s got a disgusting potty mouth just like you so you’re going to get on fabulously’ before adding that she’d also been in Spud.

Me: Ooh, I haven’t seen that yet. Who did you play?
Alex: (brightly) Oh me? I was the ugly slut.
Me: Oh, sorry, this music’s so loud, I thought you said ‘ugly slut’.
Alex: (happy as a clam) Yeah! I was the ugly slut!
Me to Bjorn: I dig your friend, she’s kiff…

Anyway, last night I gave her a quick google-stalk and found this:

Molo fish!

So ja… I’m now rather keen to check out Spud if only to find out how she pulled off the ‘ugly’ bit…

Anyway, let’s get back to the hot boys via actor/comic Siv Ngesi who was also out and about.

Siv et moi. (How scary does my hand look on his shoulder? Like some kind of possessive freaky Franken-claw…)

Siv’s got a new flick coming out called Copposites. It’s one of those Freaky Friday body-swap comedies where he plays a burglar dude that switches bodies with a regte Afrikaaner ex-cop/security guard (Rob van Vuuren). To check the trailer out, pop on over here.

Oh! And Jen Su was also out and about, rocking the cutest little ‘Olympic-inspired’ clutch:

Geri Halliwell would be proud…

Another fab l’il outfit was the zexy ‘leather’ dress from Mr P teamed with leopard Louboutin pumps worn by fashion blogger Ritza van Rensburg:

Ritza and Elrico Bellingan from Luxo

For the record, the little silver vest I wore beneath my blazer was a Mr P item too. I was there just last week and rather impressed with some of the new summer stuff they’ve gotten in. Even more impressive, have you SEEN their new online shop? Good God, it’s awesome! They’ve pretty much got the same ‘template’ as Forever 21 (the Mr P of the states). The catalogue includes pretty much EVERYTHING you’d find in the shop. It’s seriously game-changing stuff and I love that it sets the bar so ridiculously high for other local fashion chains. It’s about time SA got it’s game on. To check it out, pop on over here. And, if you’re interested, you’ll find my silver vest over here going for a mere R49,99.

Anyway, this was a great night out as are pretty much all events organised by glamtastic Jozi-based PR Jill Groger (Zebra Square).

Love, love


P.S. Clouds and I were also thrilled to discover out new summer drink; essentially whatever was in those Jameson’s cocktails. It was like a sweet but not too sweet refreshing blend with a hint of orange type thing. Clouds says she wormed the recipe out of one of the bar men and will include it in her blog post so I’ll be looking out for that.

SA Health Blog hosts a ‘fabulosity’ party

29 Jul

If you’re on the Cape Town party circuit you’ll know Emma King AKA The Tooth Fairy. Chica’s whitened up the smiles of half of Cape Town (including mine) and has now started her own health blog, SA Health Blog.

Emma with celeb PR Clayton Morar. Emma’s wearing her Saving Private Rhino dress made from re-usable shopping bags that won her an award at the J&B Met earlier this year.

To create awareness for her new site, she threw a little ‘Fabulosity’ party the other day at the DeWaterkant health & dentisty centre* where she works. It was a nice opportunity for a few of the site’s advertisers and sponsors to mix and mingle while showing off some of their wares, like Link Pharmacy for example:

You know you’re in for a partytjie when they offer you free liver supplements at the door…

Guests got to sip on Louisvale wine’s Stone Road range and I was quite impressed with their Merlot which is very much an easy drinking red.

Ripe, plummy and medium bodied, this 2011 tasted more mature than it’s vintage.

Roxy Louw was a guest and, as it turns out she’s a bit of a wine fundi. She impressed the shizz out of me by asking all sorts of super-technical questions.

What do mean it’s got ‘firm tannins?’ Is that like a new self-tan that won’t rub off?!

Of all the health brands I got to interact with, I was most impressed by Link Pharmacy. They’ve recently launched a new ‘own brand‘ line that includes supplements, first aid must-haves and basic beauty essentials like cotton pads and aqueous cream all at prices that won’t break the bank.

This tissue oil, for example, was around the R30 mark.

I was also thrilled to see The Body Shop girls were out and about and spent a bit of time indulging in their body butter display.

Mmm Satsuma… this one always reminds me of Karis Piss, it’s her favourite.

The store will also be running a new campaign that ‘gives back’ as of the 20th of August with the sale of a new vitamin C-enriched Dragon Fruit lip butter.

The Body Shop Dragon Fruit lip butter.

They’ve listed nine different organisations in three different categories that reflect their key values and you can vote for your favourite in each category on their Facebook page. The three that get the most votes will receive a portion of the proceeds of the lip butter.

Another beauty brand I got to ‘play’ with? Veaudry hair styling tools. They’re a line of salon-quality hair stylers (think straighteners and curlers) use Tourmaline technology to produce negative ions that seal your hairs cuticle super-tight to ensure a shiny-looking finish. I was quite taken with this baby:

Veaudry’s MyCurl curling rod, R1790

To learn more about it, visit their site over here. I see that you can buy their products online and delivery, if you spend over R600, is free!

Oh! And while we’re on the subject of hair; how awesome is Jasna’s AKA Fashion Jazz’s new do?

Thick, full, long… tres mooi.

To look at her, you’d never guess that she was wearing clip-in hair extensions from Clipinhair! She says she’s v impressed and will be putting a full review up on her site in the next few days.

After filling up on waaay too many Nando’s chippetjies, Clouds and I said our good byes as we had to run off to the GQ Glamour Craig Port Cape Town Fashion Week after party (Sjoe! How’s that for a mouthful?! More about that little bash in the next post…)

Thanks Emma, we had fun!

Love, love


*For the record, DeWaterkant Health is the glammest practice I’ve ever visited and looks more like an aesthetic spa than a doctor’s office. I always just assumed their prices would be terrifying yet recently discovered that their darling dentist, Dr Mark Bowes, is almost half the price of the one I’ve been throwing money at for the last four years! Thus, I’ll be getting an Invisalign-style treatment there over the next few months to sort out my overbite dramz and will be sure to tell you all about it in another post later on this month.

Keen on a Dermalogica Pamper Party? They’re totally awesome!

27 Jul

If you’re one of the many rabid Dermalogica fans or keen to learn a bit more about the brand, a Dermalogica Pamper Party might be right up your alley. It involves hooking up with the Dermalogica girls at their Concept Space in Wembley Square so you and your friends (up to 12 of you in total) can receive your very own 20 minute ‘face mapping’ skin analysis session before getting up close and personal with the recommended products during a DIY Dermalogica facial tutorial.

The best bit? You’ll get to indulge in champers, gourmet canapés and sushi throughout and then walk away with a complimentary Dermalogica sample pack. But not before digging into dessert

Darling Leozette from Red Carpet Concepts was nice enough to invite myself and a few other bloggers to a session the other day so we could see what it was all about.

From L to R: Leo, me, Clouds from And Lollipops, Karis Piss from Love Affair with Cape Town and Allyson from Skinny Bitches in the Making.

On arrival, we got to tuck into champers (Simonsig Pinot Noir Rose, tres yum!) as well as Scheckter’s, a natural energy drink.

Champagne o’ clock!

I was thrilled to see the latter ‘cos I’m a huge fan (it tastes just like fizzy blackberry fruit pastilles!) and was feeling completely verlep after a super long day. Still, I managed to pay attention to my face mapping session ‘cos my therapist Carla, was very clued up.

What do you MEAN I’ve got a B in my section 2?!

I loved how she could tell me exactly which active ingredients (and what they did) were used in all the products I asked about. She also didn’t mind when hijacked her skin magnifying headset and pretended to be Lady Gaga.

You can’t skin map my poker face, bitch ass!

When it came to facial time, I played the diva bitch card and refused to take off my make-up as I’d had it done at a YOU photo shoot earlier in the day (I know, squeal, squeal! More deets on that later) and wanted to go home and show my boyfriend my new ‘I’m Totes a Soap Actress/related to Patricia Lewis’ look. Thing is, the day was so bloody long it had totally dissolved by the time I headed off so I now regret layering the products on my hands and opposed to my face ‘cos Clouds and Karis Piss clearly had so much fun:

Hands up if you’re a Dermalogica girl…

We also got to learn the secret to Allyson ‘Papa Smurf’ Scotsman’s baby soft skin…

Nothing comes between her and her Schick…

Of all the products we got to play with, I most like this boy:

Dermalogica Sheer Tint Moisture SPF 15 tinted moisturiser, R495.

I was given a little sample and have been using it on my ‘random running around days'; when I’m leaving the house and want a bit of coverage but don’t feel obliged to put on a full face of make-up. I like that I can literally squeeze it onto my fingertips then sommer massage it into my face like a moisturiser. No serious blending required. Also, I made a point of picking ‘medium’ as opposed to ‘light’ so it adds a slight healthy-looking glow to my skin.

Clouds and Karis, however, both fell in love with the Age Smart Antioxidant hydramist, R485:

It’s an instant pick me up in that it has ‘flash-firming properties’ and hydrates while fighting off cell damaging free-radicals.

When it was time to go, I’d scoffed so much delish sushi that I didn’t have room for dessert but Clouds got all crazy eyes and shoved a bit of crème brulee in my face, muttering something along the lines of ‘these people made an effort so you’ll fucking eat this, you Rude! Little! Bitch!

Good girls eat their Creme Brulee. Or else!

(As a side bar, you should know that this, in a nutshell, is why my ass is slowly creeping into Jessica Simpson territory. My world is awash with free dessert and everyone knows you don’t say no to free dessert.)

Anyway, upon leaving we all got a little Dermalogica goodie bag filled with generous samples. Yayness!

Want a pampering session for yourself? Get in touch with Dermalogica’s Concept Space in Wembley Square on (021) 465 5662 to book. It usually goes down on a Wednesday or Thursday night between 6 and 9 and costs R100 a head. This, however, is redeemable against a Dermalogica purchase on the day. And remember; do NOT fill up on the canapés… you Don’t. Say. No. To. Free. Dessert! Like ever…

A big dankie to Leo and the Dermalogica girls, this was super fun!

Love, love


P.S. Dermalogica are running a few nice specials at the moment; if you buy a Multivitamin Power Recovery masque for R585, you’ll get a mini MultiVitamin Thermafoliant exfoliator (it heats up on your skin!) and MultiVitamin hand & nail treatment for free:

Love freebies!

To check out more current Dermalogica specials, pop on over here.

X x x

Flutter, flutter darlings; I’m super excited to be reviewing RapidLash eyelash renewal serum

27 Jul

When it comes to eye lash growth serums, many woman seem skeptical of whether they actually work or not. In my opinion, they definitely do as I’ve seen the results for myself; however, they can only make your lashes grow to their full potential. Because of this, some women will get better results than others. Still, the only way to know whether you’ve got a killer set of lashes in you is to give a growth serum a bash.

A few months back I successfully used PRIORI’s Lash Recovery serum, R950, to close up a hole I had in my eyebrow. (I have no clue why the hair didn’t grow in that one spot, it just didn’t!) Once it was sorted out, I passed the serum on to my little sis, not realising that if you want to maintain your new-found ‘fullness’, you need to keep on using the product. Oops! Thus, my right brow is now back to looking a little more patchy than the other. Admittedly, however, it’s yet to go back to being as bad as it was before.

Anyway, happily, another lash lovely has crossed my path; RapidLash eyelash renewal serum, R750:

RapidLash promises fuller, longer lashes in just 4 to 8 weeks.

I’m excited to try this one because I’ve only heard rave reviews and it won a Fairlady best of beauty award. And, if it works just as well as PRIORI’s serum, I’ll be thrilled as it costs a good R200 less. (Score!)

Anyway, I’m going to be using it on my sparse little brow as well as the lashes on just my left eyelid and will be sure to let you know how it goes. I’ll also be sure to include before and after piccies so you can see I’m not talking kak.

Otherwise, have any of you gone the lash serum route before? Whichever product you used and regardless of your results, share them with your fellow chicas in the comments section. I’m interested to hear about your thoughts/results, regardless of whether they’re good or bad.

In the meantime, if you’ve got a hundred questions regarding RapidLash; things like ‘what does it contain?’ (peptides, proteins, vitamins and hydrators) and ‘how do you use it?’ (just once a day, no more, no less) etc, pop on over to their local website for all the in-depth answers. Want to buy the product? Their site also has a link to a list of stockists which are selected spas and beauty salons nationwide.

Love, love



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