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Forever New’s new winter clothes are hot, hot, hot!

30 Apr

Last week Forever New launched their 2012 winter collection at the crack of dawn at their V&A store. Fortunately they hot barman dudes serving even hotter cappuccinos and the girls from Sorbet to treat guests to mini manis.

The also had a bevy of models to show off a few of the new collections’ key pieces:According to Kerrin, Forever New’s PR peep, one of their biggest ‘looks’ right now is Tribal Muse, an eclectic mix of textures and prints that draws inspiration from around the globe.

I never thought I'd be so crazy in lust with a jersey that resembles the type of scatter cushion you'd find at a Spur...

The collection also includes this gorgeous faux fur coat:

Every self-respecting diva biets needs one of these babies in her closet.

Another big look is Northern Lights; a whirl of glacial-coloured diaphonous fabrics teamed with fur trimmings, soft knits and vintage-style accessories fit for an ice princess.

What do you mean 'aren't I getting cold?' I freeze for my fashion darling...

Despite it’s cool R999 price tag, I battled to put down this divine silky-feeling ‘Northern Lights’ rokkie:

The amount of self-tan I'd need to pull this baby off would be insane, but totes worth it.

I also fell in love with this zexy mock croc clutch, R349:

Sadly, it's a leetle too big to shoplift. Drat...

If you’ve spotted anything you like yourself you’ll be glad to know it’s all in store right now. Just get there fast ‘cos as the good stuff is flying off the rails as I type.

Love, love


Woolworths’ ‘youth fragrances'; fun, easy-to-wear scents that won’t break the bank

28 Apr

Have you spotted these guys in Woolies yet? 

Woolies' 'Youth Fragrances' come in 50ml bottles and are only R150 a pop. (Enlarge this piccie by clicking on it.)

Many department stores have their own range of non-designer ‘easy to wear’ fragrances but they all seem to tie into their various bath and body lines making them the kind of thing only your gran would appreciate. Thing is, loads of young girls (and guys) want an inexpensive ‘every day’-type of scent but aren’t into boring single note florals. So big up to Woolies for stocking prettily-packaged in-house fragrances that will appeal to a much younger audience.

I was given Chit Chat to play with:

Chit Chat and all the other female fragrances have a matching body spray (R45) while the male colognes have a matching shower gel, also R45.

Being a very fruity-floral, Chit Chat isn’t really my kinda scent. Still, this has a lot to do with the fact that I’m a lot older than it’s intended target market. I reckon had I sniffed it back in the good old days (when bouncers still wanted to see my ID), it may well have been a real hit. 

Notes-wise, I can only really identify passion fruit which initially struck me as being too sweet. Fortunately this soon gives way to a soft vanilla-musk type of dry down that kind of grows on you. If you’re a fan of Escada’s tropical fruit-inspired scents (think Island Kiss, Marine Groove, Rockin’ Rio etc), chances are you’ll also appreciate Chit Chat.  

Have you tried any of these? Also, are there any other ‘cheapie’ fragrances that you’ve found and liked? Let me know in the comments section.

X x x

Chereen from ‘For The Beauty Of It’ pokes around my nightstand

27 Apr

My fellow beauty peep, Chereen Gibson, is the beauty editor at O magazine South Africa. Girl knows her stuff and has also started her own beauty blog; For The Beauty Of It

Nope, that's not a model in the shot, that's Chereen. Don't you think she looks like Jessie J?

She runs a regular feature called On My Nightstand where she gets hold of different beauty bloggers and asks them to reveal what beauty goodies they’ve got sitting right next to their bed. I was super-flattered to be last week’s chica.

I have OCD issues so yes, it really is that neat...

If you want check it out, pop on over here

Thanks Chereen, you rock!

X x x

Dolce & Gabbana The One Sport EDT review

27 Apr

D&G have a new male fragrance on the shelves; Dolce & Gabbana The One Sport.

dolce gabbana the one sport

The D&G peeps describe it as a ‘fresh, clean fragrance with light and energetic top notes accompanied by an unmistakable Mediterranean aroma of rosemary, the freshness of water and saltiness of the sea’. Other notes include sequoia wood, cardamom, patchouli and musk. 

Dolce & Gabbana The One Sport

My boyfriend’s a big fan of Dolce & Gabbana’s original ‘The One’ for men; it’s one of his fave ‘evening scents’ along with Terre d’Hermes. Still, as he’s a regte egte sports freak, his ‘everyday’ colognes tend be lighter and fresher so D&G’s sporty new edition is right up his street. In fact, he likes it so much he pretty much forbid me to do my usual thing. You know… the thing where I run around spritzing random people to get their opinions on a scent. That wasn’t going to happen. He pretty much ripped the bottle from my grasp and stuck it pride of place on his toiletry shelf.  

Still, being a sneaky cow, I managed to sneak it out to a dinner and got as far as pulling it out of my handbag before he saw what I was doing and gave me The Face. You know… the one that looks like this:   

Needless to say, I put it down real fast.

But ja, like I said, I can’t give you a volley of opinions as Mike’s pretty much infatuated with it. And I really like it too. It really is a fresh yet sexy male scent. I also love that the bottle’s nice and ‘clean’-looking but super-heavy so it feels like an expensive lustable object. And on the subject of lustable objects please do yourself a favour and check out the ridiculously hot model boy, Adam Senn, in the TV commercial:

You’re welcome!

Want to give it a sniff yourself? You’ll find it in store as we ‘speak’. A 50ml bottle of the EDT will set you back R660 and alas, le buff model dude is not included…

Love, love


I’m an Aussie girl… are you?

25 Apr

You may have already spotted my gesig in an Aussie advertorial in the May issues of MarieClaire, Elle and Sarie but if not I thought I’d plak it up here: 

Clicking on the ad will make it nice and big so you can read it if you want.

Karis Piss doesn’t like that shot of herself but I look fabulous and that’s all that counts I don’t know what she’s on about. Seriously though, I’m so proud to be associated with a brand I really REALLY love. Like I said in a previous post, I discovered it back in 2000 during a gap year in London and have had various UK-based mates smuggle it out to me ever since.

If you’ve yet to try Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle treatments you’ve GOT to give it them bash. I’m big into the Reconstructor as I’m crazy about the way it smells (like bubblegum, but in a good way) and love that it leaves my colour-treated fine hair feeling beautifully soft without weighing it down.
Keep an eye out for Aussie in Clicks. The shampoos and conditioners are R64,99 each while the treatments are R84,99 a pop.

Love, love



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