Myog makes the best frozen yoghurt in Cape Town

If you live in Cape Town and haven’t treated yourself to a tub of Myog frozen yoghurt, you haven’t lived. Hear me? HAVE. NOT. LIVED. Aside from offering killer good frozen yog, the place is run by two super cute uber-friendly foreign dudes, so you’re getting two types of kiffness for your cash:

Co-owner Joris waiting to help expand my waistline... (Darling Frenchie, Jean-Luc, was in the back when I took the shot.)

The shop’s in 103 Kloof Street and they’re currently serving up two flavours; vanilla (my fave) and chocolate. You can also go wild with an array of toppings that range from fresh fruit to mini Smarties and Tumbles.

Stupidly, I don’t have a shot of the yoghurt itself ‘cos once its handed to me I kind of lose myself. My vision goes all blurry and my whole world just shrinks down to this teensy little bubble where its just me and my beloved tub of fro-yo… we run and frolick through fields of gold (kinda like that Sting song) and all the clouds are shaped like My Little Ponies. It’s THAT good.

In fact, if you’ve tasted Pink Berry overseas and been crushed about not being able to get it back home, know that Myog is the closet you’re going to get. It’s got that same sweet ‘n creamy yet slightly sour taste that I’m now completely and utterly addicted to. Like seriously. Next time you see me, I may well be looking like this:

Don’t be judging me now… as long as I’ve got a tub of Myog in my hand I’m in my happy place…

Love, love


7 thoughts on “Myog makes the best frozen yoghurt in Cape Town

  1. This is for sure the best frozen yogurt in cape town. MYOG is the truth.
    Beleive me wakaberry is for kids compare to Myog, waka is not that healthy (coloring and flavouring) and you are never know who used the machine and topping bar before you!

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