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Looks like I’ve got a dress for the 5 for Change charity ball…

17 Jan

Right, so after much angst regarding what you can and cannot wear to a black tie ball, I found this ball-focused (ha!) website that helped clear things up. As I’m too verlep from this bloody Cape Town heatweave to paraphrase, I’m now going to lazily cut and paste all that I gleaned from

Traditionally long is more formal than short, but these distinctions are fast disappearing . . .  The choice today is largely based on what suits the wearer, her legs and her relative age.  Long is the preferred comfortable option of older women, while young girls invariably feel more suited to short.  However, a long dress or skirt remains the safest option for all, as it is always special, and appropriate to any black tie event grander than a cocktail party.  Best jewels, with plenty of sparklers, can be worn, but obviously tiaras are inappropriate. 

Drat. So there goes that tiara I was counting on to add a drop o’ PE expat ‘kiffness’… But at least I can totes get away with a short cocktail dress, provided its a classy little thing, not some hoerlike rokkie from YDE. I’ve actually got a really nice one; a sweet little chiffon off the shoulder number from Forever 21 that my sis spoiled me with over the holidays. It’s (gasp) animal print, but I can assure you its not tacky-looking; its more the kind of silvery, navy melangy-type print that doesn’t strike you as being ‘leopard’ until after you’ve bought it. I’d snap a pic to show you, but I barely had enough energy to crawl to the fridge for Coke Light let alone stand up and dig through cupboards. Instead, rather check out this piccie I snapped over the weekend; I’ve artfully captioned it ‘me being vrot dronk with darling Bheki':

Gotta love those 'Hey, I don't remember taking that...' snaps. Always a nice surprise...

Bheks is the ‘chocolate’ part of IScream & the Chocolate Stix. They’ll be providing the entertainment at the ball so you know its going to be awesome. I’ve also just heard that that hot chick from Terminator 3, Kristianna Loken, is going to be hosting. If you haven’t already got your ticket, you can buy them over here for R200 a pop. Can’t wait…

Love, love


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