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What’s cooking with Good Housekeeping

30 Nov

Did everyone else enjoy the first issue of Good Housekeeping SA as much as I did? If so, you’ll be glad to know the new issue, in my opinion, is even better.

Hot mama Angie Harmon is the December issue's cover girl.

Earlier today myself and a few other bloggers joined some of the GH editorial team to take a look at their latest issue. We met at The Food Corp in Black River Park and, being an idiot, I got totally lost and ended up climbing seven flights of wrought iron steppery to nowhere – in stilletto pumps! Fun times… but at least that sorted me out for cardio…

Anyhoo, via a nice informal chat, Sally, the ed, told us that the mag’s doing well and working hard to fill the big gap between a very young Cosmo-type audience and those that read mags geared at much older women. (Personally, I love that its full of all sorts of useful shizz for people who’ve now got their own spot and enjoy looking after it, but aren’t exactly ready to read about the top ten retirement villages…) The mag also aims to help readers ‘simplify’ their lives as opposed to preach some uttainable, fussy Stepford-y existence.

Having had a quick flick, the first thing that caught my eye was a huge six page special on sexy summer shoes that won’t put you in the poor house right before kersfees…

Can't believe that hot-looking giant rooi one is from Ackermans...

Oooh! And look at these totes gorgeous scatter cushions (yip, I’m at that stage of my life right now)…

The pretty vintage-y looking botanical print one is only R99,99 from Mr. P!

I was also thrilled to see that Wellness Warehouse doesn’t have the monopoly on my beloved Yankee Candles; you can also find them at Smiley’s at Home. Yay! (Their Cape Town store is in Plumstead main road, just so you know…)

Please forgive the utter kakness of this shot, I'm going to have a visual issue or two until my sis couriers the trusty Canon I left behind in France.

Oh! And this is v.v. random, but I just haaad to share; check out this ad for Bobtail’s new iced dog biscuits:

How good do those look? If you bought these for your doggie I bet you'd try one out. Just a little piece... come on... I dare ya...

After le chat, we all put on our GH aprons and got lead through to the kitchen to whip up two recipes featured in the mag; a goats cheese and pepper tart and orange and chocolate mince pies.

Love my cutesy li'l GH apron?

I was lucky enough to get teamed with the mag’s Lifestyle editor, Vicky Sleet. Chica really does know her way and the kitchen and is particularly savvy in regards to the whims of puff pasty, something I’d never worked with before. I was quite proud of our little goats cheese and pepper wrap, despite the fact that my less than perfect plaits got referred to as ‘rustic-looking’. Cringe…

Don't you think he looks like a merry little sarcophagus? And yes, he's a he. His name's Basil...

Here he is all oven-fresh and ready to eat. In fact, you’ll see I’d already lopped his head off:

Tres yum and so quick and easy to make.

Next, we moved on to creating the mince pies which I totes despise, so after cutting out a few pastry rounds, I abandoned poor Vicky to go take piccies. (I know, I know… I’m, like, the ‘best’ kitchen buddy ever…) Anyway, here’s Lize from Associated Mags and Bianca from lifestyle blog The Tailored Life. In the background on the left you’ll spot Sam from foodie blog Drizzle and Dip.

Hey girls!

And here’s Thuli from South African food blog Mzansi Style Cuisine, Jaco Louis, also from Associated, and Good Housekeeping ed Sally, looking v. ‘chef-ish’.

Still love your shirt Jaco. And when I said 'Ocean Basket-inspired', I meant it in a really really good way... promise! Irk! Please don't hate me...

By the time I got back to Vicky, she’d created a dozen perfect-looking mince pies. I didn’t get to try them, however, as she accidently ‘powdered’ them with salt instead of sugar. Heheheh… 

Nice one Vicky, real nice...

Want to make them yourself at home? Pick up a copy of the mag and check out the recipe section on page 145. Sally says all their recipes have been triple-tested to ensure they’re pretty much flop-proof.

Thanks Good Housekeeping – this was super-fun, totally delicious little hook up.

Love, love


X x x


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