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Oh! And there I am again…

25 Oct

The other day I was asked to write a debate column for Marie Claire, defending the amount of cash we chicas spend on our looks. Personally, I thought it was a super-easy sell ‘cos, really, preserving/amplifying your hotness is a total investment in your self-esteem. Still, I was pitted against a pretty scary/awesome counter-debater; Sam Wilson, my beloved ex-boss from back in the day when I used to beauty edit for Women24. (On top of this, she also just so happens to be a lawyer. Eek!) Still, I reckon we both make a pretty good argument and I liked how our pieces bounced off the other’s nicely, despite the fact that we hadn’t seen the others’.

Want to check it out? Snap up the November issue of the mag on the shelves right now.

No, no honey... I'm not ON the magazine... I'm INSIDE. That's Candice Swanepoel on the cover. But I could TOTALLY see how you'd get us muddled up...

The issue’s particular awesome ‘cos a) I’m in it (hair flick, hair flick) and b) it comes with an impressive amount of free shizzness! Think 1 x Estee Lauder foundation sample, 2 x perfume samples (Thierry Mugler’s Womanity, Versace Bright Crystal, both frags I’d actually wear) and a trio of Eucerin DermoPurifier samples. (The latter is for spot-prone skin and I quite like the night cream).

Love, love


P.S. In my piece I saw that I know how it feels to be on the other side of the fence as I was ‘an awkward teen’, but what I meant to say was TWEEN. As in an awkward headgear wearing 11 year old, NOT highschooler. For this, I blame my MS Word’s spell check. Drat…

Clayon Morar’s birthday bash

25 Oct

I felt like an uber-crappy friend for missing fellow blogger and ex-PE peep Clayton Morar‘s star-studded birthday bash. (It was held over the weekend at The Reserve in town and over the weekend.) I lay in bed feeling particularly hideous and followed the event on twitter; it sounded like everyone had a good time.

Happy Birthday Clay!

Wanna see what I missed? I found a l’il write up with lots of piccies over here.

X x x

Afternoon Tea at Myatt in the V&A

24 Oct
Okay, so the whole Bikini Bod diet isn’t working out so well and I’ve only got myself to blame… well me and le evil Leozette of Greater Than PR. Chica heard about Karisa and my Professional Dessert Tasting service and invited us to a sinfully delish high tea at Myatt Cafe & Chocolatier.

Tea for three!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the spot, Myatt is literally to the left of Woolies on the second level at the V&A. They specialise in gourmet sandwiches, pastries and cakes as well as ultra-fancy little choccies. Myatt also has a nice long list of teas for you to choose from, everything from Earl Grey to Hi Ali Mountain Blend. In fact, the list was so long I couldn’t decide for myself and ended up having our waitress bring me her favourite; strawberry and vanilla-flavoured green rooibos which was absolutely delish.

I usually can't drink tea without milk and sugar, but this was so yummy I merrily sank an entire pot all by myself.

But enough about the tea, let me tell you about the goodies it came with it… If you indulge in Afternoon Tea at the Myatt, you get to build your own three-tiered treat tower for R150 per person. It include a selection of finger sandwiches and mini croissants, a scone with all the trimmings, three macaroons and your choice of two pastries or cake. Just the kind of thing to treat your mother-in-law to after you confess to accidentally scraping her car with yours

Check out our spoilage:

Yum, yum and yum!

Of everything I got to try, I was most impressed with the mini parmesan and sun-dried tomato croissant which melted in my mouth and the yum-tastic banoffee mousse cake. It’s kind of like a moussey/cheese cakey banana-flavoured tart with caramelised banana on top.

Oh, so you thought you could wear sletterig li'l hot pants this summer? Think again missy... Muhwhahahaha...

I’ve tried to spot it on the menu and can’t find it, so if you’d like to try it I suggest you ask the kitchen about it. It’s so good that I’d like to go back and have it on its own one day, along with a big comforting pot of that tea. (This was Karisa’s favourite too and you can go read all about her take on things over here. I also liked the scone ‘cos, well, it’s a scone. There are days when a good scone (with loads of real butter, cream and jam) is all I need to believe that the universe really does love me and would prefer it if I wore a seatbelt and not have a dalliance with something like tik, if only to live a longer, happier scone-filled life.

Happiness is...

Once I’d made a good dent in the tower and thought I couldn’t eat another bite, I popped a chocolate croissant into a take-away box for my boyfriend, Mike. Still, my waistline wasn’t getting off that easy – as we were about to walk out the door, Douw, the manager tempted us back inside with the cafe’s piece de resistance, a luxurious hand-crafted choccie.

Oh yeah... now we're talking...

Myatt’s chocolates are called MARY Chocolates and are imported all the way from Belgium. They have almost FORTY different types to choose from and as KP and I stood before the counter, transfixed, I had a total flash back. All of a sudden I was seven or eight years old and standing in our local cafe with a fancy new two rand coin. I felt like the king of the world and was faced with the awesome dilema of not knowing which ‘sweeties’ to choose. (Still, I’ll bet my loot would’ve included Perky Nana choccies, marshmallow fish, Count Dracula sherbet, fire balls and apricot sweets.) But ja, getting back to MARY… I eventually opted for a ‘Truffe Tiramisu’, a white chocolate truffle with a coffee butter filling. In a word? Heaven!

No, no... I couldn't... Oh, you insist? Well, in that case... don't mind me while I fill up my wheelbarrow...

Thank you Leo, Greater Than and Myatt – this was a truly decadent mid-week treat.

Love, love


P.S. Mike, who’s never impressed with anything, was particularly taken with his chocolate croissant. He ate it with his eyes closed and swayed a bit in his chair, while making embarrassing ‘sex noises’. Clearly we have a winner…

Enough about you, lets talk about me…

23 Oct

Lisa chanelling Sofia earrings I haven't worn since college and a scrap of purple satin I bought from a fabric store an hour before the shoot.

Last month I did a li’l beauty editing for YOU and Drum magazine, putting together a celeb-inspired make-over story as well as a piece on how to copy Keri Hilson’s look, regardless of your budget. Of the two pieces, I’m most proud of the celeb make-over – showing peeps how to get glam like Sofia Vergara – ‘cos I used my gorgeous spray-tan pro, Lisa, as the model. Check it out:

Please forgive the shitness of the piccie. Lisa had to send me a snap of it as I’d completely forgotten that the mag came out last week so I don’t have a copy to scan. (The downside of writing for so many different mags; you can never keep up with what’s coming out when…)

Still, don’t you think she looks gorgeous? In fact, the ed commented that they might have an issue with using her ‘cos she didn’t look crap enough in her ‘before’ shot, thus making the transformation ever so slightly less dramatic. Heheheh…

Big thanks Lisa for being the most fabulous ‘Sofia’, Eloise Dreyer for doing the make-up and photographer Peet (who also happens to be a male model – bonus!) for making the shoot all too easy.

X x x

The Queen’s Plate is coming

23 Oct

Good heavens, is it really that time again? Just been sent a little reminder to save the date from a PR co for the L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate.

What do you mean it's 'not appropriate'? It's blue! It's got frills...

Next year it’s on the 7th of January so be sure to mark your calendar, keep an eye out for a zexy (yet classy) blue or white rokkie and don’t pack on five kgs over Christmas… (especially if you’re me and are going to have to smile and grin for the cameras next to hotties like Lieschen Botes…)

See you there?

X x x


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